Monday, February 20, 2017

The Walking Dead, Season Seven, Episode Ten: New Best Friends

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This week's Walking Dead stomped all over some particularly damaging tropes that the Walking Dead has been exacerbating for a long time. Ultimately while we could talk about the tension between the Saviours and Ezekiel, Richard's attempt to use Carol, Rick gathering more supporters, Rosita and Tara snarling at each other, Daryl and Carol's reunion and him lying to her etc; the tropes, especially around Father Gabriel and his fawning creeping and crawling around Rick, that permeated this episode so much was just too much to swallow. Especially since we've been fed a steady diet of the same or similar tropes for several seasons now. We've written about it before and it's time to write about it again So faced with writing a more detailed recap and not properly address this (and it sticks in the craw to do so), we're going to tackle this in a Friday discussion this week. Watch this space for that