Monday, May 29, 2017

Sense8, Season Two, Episode 11: You Want a War?

In many ways, Sun's story arch this season has been the most compelling. From her daring escape from jail, to her reunification with her dog and Sun's determination to get justice, she's really just been the one to watch.  Sun started off as detached and quite stone faced, it's clear however that her entire life she's fighting against the male members of her family who have sought continually to entrap her and to smash her spirit. Sun's strength as a fighter belies her soft underbelly and the fact she's extremely vulnerable and fragile. 

Sun shows up at the J Bak Summer gala in a pink wig ready to find a way to isolate her brother and have him admit the things that he's done. Joong-Ki shows up at the gala and gives a speech about his father and it's sickening given that he's guilty of patricide and has attempted to have Sun killed. Sun instantly sees red and gets ready to move into action but Detective Moon shows up to arrest Joong-Ki.  Proving that he's a coward, Joong-Ki grabs a gun and shoots Moon and then has the nerve to blame it on Sun. Joong-Ki takes off but he spies Sun in the crowd. The killing of Detective Moon, erases the last of the reservations Sun's cluster has and Kala declares, "get the motherfucker". Yeah, that's Wolfie coming out in Kala. 

Sun goes chasing after Joong-Ki, though she's not exactly dressed for battle. Sun hops on a motorcycle with Capheus and the chase is on through the city and it's freaking epic, so epic that Joon-Ki calls Sun a terminator.  Scenes like this are exactly why it took so long between the release of season one and season two. When Sun finally gets Joong-Ki to stop, she approaches him like a stalking tiger as he backs away and starts to beg. Despite everything that Joong-Ki has done and everything Sun has gone through to get to this moment, Sun cannot bring herself to kill her brother. She's a far better person than he will ever be.  Of course, the cops catch up with them and it's Sun who is arrested despite the fact that Joong-Ki shot detective Moon in a room full of witnesses.  Joong-Ki is escorted to a waiting limo like some kind of crowned prince.  

This would have been bad for Sun had it not been for the fact that she's not alone. Having spent time as a kid breaking out of his father's handcuffs, Will has no problem talking Sun through doing the same. Nomi, who is awesome in so many ways, breaks into the traffic system and causes an accident which flips the van upside down. Sun makes her way out of the van but she still needs to get out of the area. Thankfully, this is when Puck, who has heard what's going down thanks to the Archipelago shows up. Of course, he has to make a slimy remark about Riley, but he gives Sun a lift.

Now that Sun is on her way to safety, her cluster can finally relax.  Nomi decides to check in with Amanita to ensure that she's okay with everything that's been going on.  Amanita has had to live a life on the run, she's risked incarceration and her life has been completely altered in order to support Nomi.  It turns out that not only is Amanita okay with all of this, she wants to do this for the rest of her life.  Amanita rushes to grab a ring so that she can propose to Nomi and as it turns out, Nomi also has a ring because she was planning on proposing to Amanita. If you're not all up in your feelings at the moment you have no heart. I love that Sense8 has made these two the most stable and loving couple of the show.  They are absolutely beautiful together. 

It's time for Kala to come clean with Rajan about her plan to leave, except she doesn't get the chance to. It turns out that Rajan is involved in a scandal which includes Ajay, which is why he freaked the hell out when Ajay dropped off a wedding present for them. It turns out that the company is part of this scandal and he's decided for Kala's safety that she needs to leave the country. Rajan confesses that this might well be the end of their marriage but he wants Kala to stay safe and has therefore rented her an apartment in Paris. Kala may not have been able to confess her secrets but leaving India is exactly what she wanted. 

Sun has made it to the safety of the Love Motel and she watches the news with Riley. Together they learn that Detective Moon is going to make it. Thank goodness because I want to see a hell of a lot more of Detective Moon. Puck continues to be gross and has decided that for saving Sun he is deserving of sexual favours. I know that Puck is being played for comic relief and that Riley and Sun are forceful in both their rejection of him and his expectations but I cannot help but be disgusted. I will admit that I loved Sun breaking Puck's toes and ordering him to sit. Will wants to use this opportunity to get information from Puck regarding the Archipelago; however, Puck says that the cannibal is hunting. At this point, Puck makes it clear that they can either kill him or let him go because he's done talking.  

Kala and Wolfie begin to pack for their trip to Paris. It's playful at first with Kala commenting on Wolfie's gun and he her lingerie. The talk turns serious when Kala asks Wolfie if he loves her. “If I told you that you’re the last thought I have before I sleep,” Wolfgang says, “if I told you that you’re the first thought I have when I wake… if I told you how much I love you, will it have done any good?” If you don't at least sigh at this, you don't have a romantic bone in your body.
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And then because the writers cannot just let us enjoy this moment, it's ruined by none other than Lila. 
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Lila has sold out our beloved Wolfie to Whispers. I knew I didn't like that woman. Woflie is quickly overcome by a group of men using tasers.  Kala sees what's going on and she rushes to the members of her cluster for help in saving Wolfie. The first step in the plan is to make a shit ton of blockers.

When Whispers gets Wolfie in his clutches, he wastes no time in electro shocking him in order to see the members of Wolfie's cluster. Although Wolfie tries to fight it, Kala is quickly revealed. Each shock is felt by the members of the cluster and they double over in immense pain.  Will tries to appeal to Jonas but Jonas has sold his soul and suggests that Will can always do what Angelica did.  Cue me screaming, "fuck you", at the television. 

When it's Lito's turn, not only does he double over, he starts spitting up blood. This freaks Hernando the hell out and he calls out for Dani The Fetishist to call an ambulance. Lito begs them not to and instead suggests that they head to London. With that, all of the Sensates make plans to meet up in London. Oh the epic is coming. Sun even manages to get out of Seoul.

Whispers is full of himself now that he has Wolfie on his torture table and takes time out to meet with Will. What he doesn't realise is that Will isn't simply visiting, he's actually in the room. In my favourtie moment of the season, Will punches Whispers repeatedly. I haven't enjoyed a beat down this much since watching Ben get punched on Lost. Will reaches out to Jonas one last time for help but at this point, he's aligned himself so deeply with Whispers that he's unwilling to help.  What Jonas doesn't realise is that Sun, Amanita, Capheus and Nomi are just outside his door.  Sun, Amanita, Caphues and Nomi rush in and take Jonas captive. 

It's so on. Clearly, the sensates are tired of being hunted and now they've banded together to do something about it.  Now that they've got both Jonas and Whispers, it's clearly going to be a big blow to the corporation; however, this is clearly the first shot in what is going to be an epic battle.  It's further problematised by the fact that all of the sensates have things going on in their private lives and not all of their partners know what and who they are.  This is going to require an epic sacrifice on their part.  Will other clusters get drawn in and whose side will the end up on? It's a legimate question because as both Angelica and Jonas has proven, some will be more than willing to side with their oppressor rather than risk the fight for freedom or even death. 

At this point, Sense8 has not officially been renewed for a third season but with most of the actors signed for a third season, a renewal seems more than likely. Unfortunately, given the various locations and special effects, it's more than likely that we won't see a quick turn around. As a fan, I want more right now; however, I want it to retain the high standards that its set to date. 

Sense8 is going to get even more complicated now that we've been introduced to even more clusters and the Archipelago. Our cluster is growing more dependent upon each other and closer with each disaster they are forced to negotiate.  That's right, it's not all about great group sex scenes, no matter how awesome they all are. The characters are continuing to grow and evolve.

One of the largest issues for me this season is Sense8's treatment of addiction. I fully understand why it is that Will became an addict. In this situation Will had absolutely no choice if he was going to keep his cluster safe.  What I have a problem with is the fact that with the exception of the death of this father, Will seemed to easily kick the habit. The one time that he failed to come through for his cluster, they lectured him.  No one seemed to think about what Will had been through or how his body would/should be pushing him to acquire more drugs, particularly at a time of personal loss.  Long term use of street drugs, no matter the reason someone turns to them, comes with consequences and Kala showing up to advice that he needs sleep and vitamins is not a damn solution.  It's as though Sense8 just wanted to simply skip over Will's addiction like it was a minor annoyance instead of a huge problem.