Monday, July 17, 2017

Orphan Black, Season Five, Episode Six: Manacled Slim Wrists

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I know that fans of Orphan Black were freaking out when Krystal appeared on their screen.  It's fair to say that outside of the original seistras that Krystal is the favourite clone of many. For me however, Krystal is an irritant at best who took away screen time for Felix Helena and Allison, who I am far more interested in. With so little time left in the series, it feels a shame to waste it on the clone for which I have the least patience and interest. 


Krystal hasn't changed much since we last saw her. She's presently hard at work with her roommate Bree on V Blog about the corruption in big cosmetics. Who's surprised that this is how Krystal had been occupying her time? 

Today's lesson involves using straws as curlers and as to be expected, it doesn't end well. When Bree starts to remove the straws, a heap of her hair comes with it. Yeah, I'm not impressed that the Black chick got her hair messed up while the ever so White Krystal stayed looking on point. Dear white people, stop messing with our hair. 

Krystal immediately assumes that Bree has been poisoned and decides that to invoke clone club. Krystal's assertions are blown off as nonsense by both Art and Sarah, until her interactions with Blue Zone Cosmetics , a company recently purchased by Dyad, is revealed. Effectively, the writers have retroactively made Krystal right about Neolution to jam her irrelevant, irritating character into the plot. 
Now they need to find out if Dyad is interested in Blue Zone Cosmetics because of  LIN28A. The plan is for Sarah to masquerade as Krystal to pump information from Blue Zone Cosmetics CEO Len.  At this point in the story, I started getting excited for another round of clone playing a clone but alas, it was not to be. 

Of course, Krystal being Krystal, just had to wreck a perfectly good plan by deciding that she didn't want anyone, "particularly that Australian girl" (read: Sarah) messing with her source. I suppose Art and Sarah should be thankful that Krystal set up surveillance for them to listen in and see what's happening when she meets with Len. 

The word subtle seems not to be in Krystal's vocabulary.  Despite being told not to make out with Len, she jumps on him passionately.  When Art and Sarah ask her to bring up Dyad, shes broaches the subject like an elephant entering a china shop. Len of course claims ignorance as to Dyad's true goals.

While Krystal has been busy being anything but subtle, Scott has been working with Bree to figure out why her hair has fallen out.  Scott has determined that Bree has not been poisoned and instead has suffered an allergic reaction. The culprit of Bree's hair loss is a cream that she stole from Len. Krystral is informed about the cream but before she can find it, Len does. Len confronts Krystal which results in him being kicked in the nuts and wrestled to the ground. Who knew Krystal had that in her? Krystal threatens to use Len's own cream on him unless he spills the beans. Len admits that the cream works on the cellular level and that it's essentially a dermal delivery system, which is why Dyad is interested in it. Though Len has coughed up the information, Krystal isn't done with him yet. Krystal decides to get revenge for Bree by smothering Len's own cream into his rather large beard before throwing him out. 


Despite being forced to witness Krystal at work, Sarah did get a little bit of attention this week.  Sarah has finally convinced Kira that maybe hanging out with Rachel isn't such a good idea. To that end, Sarah helps Kira to pretend to be sick when Frontenac arrives to pick her up.  The childish side of me loved that Kiera ended up puking on Frontenac's shoes. 

With Frontenac out of the way, Sarah decides to confront Siobahn about being in contact with Delphine. I'm totally with Sarah on this one because I don't believe that Delphine can be trusted (go ahead and judge me). They have another conversation about LIN28A (cause why not beat this to death). Siobahn also makes it clear that Delphine is not her only source and is not the one that gave her the location of Virginia. Okay, now Orphan Black has my attention again. Who the hell is Siobahn's source? 


When Rachel is first informed that Kira is ill, she's willing to let it go. It's only when Westmoreland calls to remind Rachel that the acquisition spree that Dyad has been on is all worthless without Kira, that Rachel decides ill or not, Kira has to come to Dyad. Siobahn and Sarah try to resist but Rachel is determined. Siobahn however does shoot one across the board by warning Rachel that a day will come when she is going to need them. 


Finally, to the meat of this week's episode. Westmoreland locked Cosima up in his jail.  Cosima's first glimmer of hope is when Mud pops in to drop off food. Cosima tries really hard to get Mud to see the truth about Westmoreland. Bug however is unwilling to listen because she has her own concerns. Cosima even explains the danger that Kira is in, but Bug's loyalty is still to Westmoreland. This should feel like shades of Yannis to Bug but she won't budge to allow Cosima to warn her family.

Susan is working her own game plan to deal with Westmoreland and it starts by calling him by his actual name - John and informing him that she still remembers who he is, even if he has managed to convince everyone that he is someone else. Just as he did in the past, it seems that John has figured out that the best way to keep Susan within specific parameters is to bring in Virginia. As expected, the arrival of Virginia gets a reaction from Susan, who is quick to point out her belief that Virginia is not in fact a scientist and is instead a murdering maniac. Westmoreland, being the smug bastard that we've come to know, orders the two women to work together.

Ira finally gets to meet Virginia for the first time and it's clear that he's feeling quite conflicted. Ira wants to know more about his brothers and of course his creator Virginia. Ira is forced to put his curiosity to the side when he notices that Virginia is drawing blood from Revival's kids. Damn this woman is evil. Ira heads straight to Susan to report what he has learned and Susan figures out that Westmoreland is hoping that the blood of the kids will extend his life. Yes that's some straight up Elizabeth Báthory shit.

What Westmoreland doesn't know is that he has a lot more to deal with than Susan going rogue. It turns out that Aisha has died, probably due to having her blood drained.  At this point, the villagers no longer believe in Westmoreland's fountain of youth or that he has the solution to the issues that plague them. Mud catches wind of what's going on and heads to see Cosima.

Ira arrives at Cosima's little jail cell right after Mud does. It seems that Susan has a plan but they are still going to need Bug's help.  Bug is resistant because if she betrays Westmoreland, she feels that she will have nowhere else to turn.  Back in Seattle, Bug was a drug addict and thus burned a lot of bridges. In the end, it's the draining of kids bloods that gets Bug on side.

When it's time for Westmoreland's dialysis, Bug acts as a distraction so that Susan can slip something into his IV line. It's crafty but so good. With Westmoreland distracted, Ira breaks Cosima out of jail and they plain to meet up at the boathouse. In case something goes wrong, Ira gives Cosima an envelope which contains proof that Westmoreland isn't as old as he claims to be.  Things begin to go off the rails then because Ira starts to glitch.

Cosima heads to the village to gather her treatment but she is accosted by the villagers, who see her as one of Westmoreland's people. Cosima pulls out a picture of a young Westmoreland standing next to a young Susan.  It's the proof that is needed that Westmoreland is not over 100 years old. Cosima announces that the fountain isn't real and that Westmoreland has been lying to them. This is enough for the rioting people to decide to let Cosima pass thank goodness. Cosima grabs Charlotte and the two of them head out of harms way.

Susan and Westmoreland are engaged in a game of cat and mouse which abruptly comes to an end when Virginia bursts in and yanks out the IV. It turns out Bug wasn't onside after all and she ratted out Susan, Ira and Cosima. Damn, just when I was beginning to like her.

Charlotte and Cosima make it safely to the boathouse. It's Charlotte who begins to wonder if Susan and Ira are going to make it. Ira findd Susan dead in her chair from the IV she tried to give to Westmoreland.  At this point, Ira is so ill that he is bleeding from both nostrils and he virtually collapses at Susan's feet. 

Westmoreland does his Nero thing and looks calmly out the window at the village which has been set on fire.  Mud is in the middle of it all when she finds the discarded photo of Westmoreland and Susan.  Now she has proof that Cosima and Ira were right all along.  Mud's decision is going to come back to haunt her. When it's clear that Ira and Susan are not going to show up, Cosima sets sail with Charlotte. 

Clearly Manacles Slim Wrists was all about setting things up for the next episode. We know that Kira is headed to Dyad and that if no one intervenes things won't end well for her. With Cosima and Charlotte off the island at last, you can be sure she's going to give Siobahn and Sarah the heads up about what is going on. 

With Cosima gone and Susan dead, I don't think that we'll see that much more of the island in this final season because it has served its purpose. This doesn't mean that the neolutionists are going to stop being a problem for the clones. Westmoreland and Virginia are going to continue to be a thorn in the side of the seistras.

I loved Siobahn warning Rachel this episode. I so dearly want to see Rachel get what's coming to her. Rachel has always been about herself and getting a chance to exercise power that she refuses to acknowledge that she's little more than a puppet on a string. Look how quickly Rachel went to go and pick up Kira when ordered to by Westmoreland, despite previously deciding that Kira should be left alone for now. 

At this point, I'm really hoping that we've seen the last of Krystal. Wouldn't it be fair to say that her usefulness is all done now? I really just want to find out what is going on with Felix and his sister.  I want more of Helena and Allison. Sure, Krystal can be funny sometimes but we have more important fish to fry.