Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Teen Wolf, Season 6, Episode 15: Triggers

I hereby call this episode: For Fuck Sake Kill Them. KILL THEM

Team Good Guys get with the killing! Seriously this war would be over so quick if everyone would actually start murdering a bit more. Go more murders.

Rafael is in town but beyond making Nolan even more nervous. He doesn’t want to get the FBI involved for reasons… no don’t tell me about the FBI finding werewolves. Don’t tell me for a second the FBI are going to hear about an armed mob attacking a police station and decide that “werewolves” are what needs investigating here.

Things are still tense at school, with the students all getting more and more paranoid and everyone walking around with cut hands as proof they’re human and not supernatural since they’re not healing. Poor Edgar, the werecoyote, tries to avoid them and gets killed by the Twofaced monster guy who fills him with horrible spiders. Well, doesn’t quite kill him, but leaves him twitching until Tamorah gets minion #2 Gabe to throttle him to death. Yup, at this point Tamorah has gone beyond irredeemable. She also expects the twitchy Nolan to prove his murdery loyalty

Rafael also investigates Gerard and finds he has an armoury full of many many many many weapons - Rafael is worried and hurries to Melissa to demand to know where Scott is. Melissa perfectly snarks back - Rafael has known about the supernatural for 5 minutes, Scott and co have been saving all of them for years. Step back Rafael, trust Scott.

They do have a plan… a rather simple plan.

That involves Liam and Theo briefly using Mason to lure Nolan, and hopefully an army of hunters, to the abandoned zoo (chosen by Liam as part of his apparently nifty beta planning skills). It doesn’t quite work as the hunters don’t trust Nolan’s capacity so Theo and Liam make it sound real by fighting and screaming names. Mainly because they both hate each other. It does work and Theo and Liam should leave but don’t because Liam has Issues with Nolan and nearly kills him. Instead he breaks his hand rather than beating Nolan to death

I am unsure why beating Nolan to death would be so bad.

Theo eventually drags him out and points out that Liam has to be think more broadly if the zoo was going to trigger is rage. The fear monster is making Liam’s anger issues even worse: he needs to be better at that. I’m still kind of bored of the whole setting up Liam to be Scott’s successor.

Gerard was focused on Liam because he’s so special and a beta and super special to Scott because specialness. Yes special.

While the hunters are distracted, Chris, Lydia, Malia and Scott plan to raid the Armoury of weapons, with lots of ominous visions from Lydia of broken glass and bullets.

Scott and Malia break in - but it’s quickly clear that the whole armoury is a trap - with no guns, but an ominous map (why leave this in your trap? Whyyy?) and a lure of Jiang and Tierenen’s body parts to make sure Scott and Malia walk into it. The doors slam shut and lots of motion sensors buzz - if tripped they’ll remove all oxygen from the room. And yes, werewolves need oxygen.

Avoiding these laser beams involves lots and lots of Malia and Scott snuggling close together. Very close. Malia decides she has a plan and she’s got it - and Scott trusts her to do it…

Actually, I’m completely here for Scott and Malia together. Honestly they kind of work really well together. Unfortunately she does trigger the trap - and oxygen is sucked from the room

More hunters arrive but Chris brings them down without killing any of them. For Reasons. TEAM MURDER THEM ALREADY

And the bulletproof door trapping Scott and Malia may stand up to bullets but not Banshee screams… Of course Scott and Malia escape -and they bring the nifty trap map with them.

This very much annoys Tamorah who pokes Gerard about it - but he makes it clear he’s not putting up with that at all: I do hope she kills him

Oh note on tactics - while Gerard is willing to throw away Nolan’s life for the chance to kill a werewolf; risking Scott and Malia is obviously fraught for Team Murder Already

When they’re alone together later, they kiss. Yup, knew this was coming.

The gang re-gathers and they realise the ominous map is a map of nemeton around the world - supernatural hot spots. Gerard wants to kill all supernaturals everywhere

And step one of that plan is to give all his guns away to the people of Beacon Hills. The scared people of Beacon Hills. Which is when the house is riddled with bullets - only Lydia’s banshee visions giving them chance to duck.

Or most of them - someone is hit. If it’s Melissa I axe murder someone.

Or the gang could learn to axe murder. MORE MURDER ALREADY

Also, if Teen Wolf is going to have a spin off I vote for Chris and Melissa or Scott and Malia or just Lydia and anyone over Liam and the B Team