Sunday, September 3, 2017

Zoo, Season 3, Episode 10: Once Upon a Time in a Nest

So in Seoul we have a nest of hyrbid eggs which Logan can deal with because of the new miracle chemical - alas it doesn’t give you that long to kill all the eggs and an extra is obligatory killed for drama. They decide to sit on the whole bomb thing for a little while.

Sinister Guy who i don’t believe isn’t evil also decides to recruit Dariela. He convinces her though she’s all conflicted because she just spent the entire season telling Abe that she want to go home with Isaac and now she’s totally dropping him with a baby sitter to rejoin the fight working for the IDG, I am sure is evil

This isn’t hypocrisy. This is supremely shoddy character development

Abe is all for it because this is the end of the world and she has skills, which would have been nice to bring up at any single point this season. Also everything’s good between them now, yay. Abe is even looking to join the IDG who are totally evil

We also have a little recap - all the nests around the world will hatch anyway, but with Beacons they’ll hatch sooner and Abigail will be able to control them make things so much worse.

We also have Clem and sam - but Clem is all cured by Abe’s quick thinking and kept in her tank (it’s the newest model inconvenient-female-character-fridge) while Sam is dropped in a cage since he thinks Abigail is the bestest ever and everyone else is totally evil.

Time for everyone to have a Zoo moment and be completely ridiculous. Jackson decides they need Abigail alive to hear all her evil plans (unleash hybrids, kill everyone) so wants everyone to try and save her. And people go along with this. Sure Abe voices some objections to letting the evil terrorist live, but ultimately he gets on side.

Now there is a good reason to keep her alive, but Jackson doesn’t know this - this whole scene is ridiculous.

Double down - to save her they have to use all their spinal fluid they’ve gathered to cure sterility. Save the world or save Abigail?

Yup, the team goes with save Abigail. There are no words for how ridiculous this is. No-one can possibly make a worse decision than this:

Jamie: Hold My Beer

See, she’s kept Mitch as Duncan so he can kill Abigail, because Duncan is way more likely to kill his boss than Micth is his archenemy.

I’m not drunk enough for this

In exchange she promises Duncan he can be Duncan forever, no Mitch. And he believes this. Really.

Duncan does his thing and sabotages Abigail’s surgery (making Abe think he killed her) and she apparently dies. Now things get worse. She has a kill switch in her neck that starts activating Beacons - which will cause eggs to hatch and a whole load of chaos. Max and Abe frantically try to extract as much data from the chip to give to the IDG so they can find the Beacon and the apparently many nests they don’t know about which are hatching

While Logan and Jackson are busy extracting spinal fluid in the Seoul nest to rebuild the cure they wasted on Abigail. It looks like they’ll die when all the eggs hatch but Dariela saves the day with her leadership and all the eggs get blasted. It’s unknown how much of Seoul is covered in evil hybrid spores - but, hey, victory!

Max, Mitch/Duncan and Jaime do a lot of fighting over the mind control switch, the invisible snake egg Max brought gets involved as well, of course, until finally Max sets switch to Mitch and destroys it. Jaime is disappointed because she’s sure Duncan would have known evil knowledge of evilness they’d probably need. Can we not? This whole episode has been team good guy making things worse by keeping the monsters alive. Duncan does imply that when he said he was designed to “serve one person” it may not have been Abigail. Or not.

As Abigail resurrects because, of course she does. Evil villains don’t let a little thing like death take them out! She then promptly kills everyone. Abe, Max, Mitch, Jaime, Jackson. All dead.

We know they’re not dead. I’m not even going to pretend this is dramatic. They’re not dead. This is known. You don’t kill the whole cast, stop trying. No-one believes you.

People likely to be dead? Max because pointless. And Abe - Abe just had an emotional reunion with Dariela; that’s definitely a death moment. But I will see next episode before saying how Not Happy I am with this.

So instead I'm just going to roll my eyes at the amount of nonsense in this episode. Honestly Zoo relies way too much on abject stupidity to make the plot work.