Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Lucifer, Season 3, Episode 19: Orange is the New Maze

Maze is not a happy demon and is still kind of hanging around Chloe’s house. She runs into Lucifer finding her acting up and trashing the place looking for a knife. Not even a special one, a very boring knife… But when she sees Lucifer she insists on one thing - take her home. Take her back to Hell

And Lucifer refuses… because doing so may annoy god (wait, why? I mean putting Maze back into hell is presumably what god would want?) and risk Chloe

Maze is super furious, especially since Lucifer was willing to leap into hell for Pierce (before he became so scared for Chloe) and is now afraid of daddy when rebellion was supposed to be his thing. She makes ominous threats when  Chloe arrives… and Chloe tries to reach out to Maze, asking why she upset Trixie, assuming a misunderstanding and trying to get Maze to stay but Maze refuses all offers of peace and reconciliation.

And then Pierce arrives because he and Chloe are now dating which causes More Awkwardness from Lucifer and his jealousy and Pierce and his jealousy. And Ella trying to make everyone feel better

So what we need is a murder case, conveniently caught on CCTV, involving a winery. Which shows Maze removing her knife from the corpse. Which looks kind of damning to say the least. The murder weapon is also Maze’s knife

And here is where Lucifer annoys me even more than usual. Yes he’s self-centred, yes he’s obsessed with himself. Yes he thinks everything is about him. But pushing to have Maze arrested because he assumes she’s murdering people to try and manipulate him into taking to Hell is gross on two levels: 1 because he assumes everything Maze is doing and going through is completely about him and 2 because he doesn’t have her back, he’s not supporting or defending her at all: he’s even vindictively attacking her out of his own spite. Chloe does far more to defend Maze than Lucifer does. Yes he isn’t concerned about life in imprisonment for Maze since she lives for a very very long time but still, Maze deserves better from him. Even Ella has more faith in Maze than he does

Pierce isn’t ready to believe Maze is innocent and does think that maybe Chloe is letting her emotions take over. Dan’s also kind of not convinced that Maze is incapable of murder. Ultimately, she’s Maze.

And she adds fuel to the fire by turning up and confessing to murder. Chloe, again, goes all out to try and defend her, while Lucifer obviously does not.

While imprisoned, Chloe insists on questioning Maze and it’s quickly clear she doesn’t know enough about the murder to have been the perpetrator. But while in custody she uses a hug to steal Ella’s ID (should have been suspicious of Maze hugging) to track down some more information about the man she supposedly murdered, quickly figuring out she has been framed

She follows up with the people who paid for her bounty, interviewing him with her own unique style at a bowling alley (don’t condescend to Maze, it will end poorly) but loose ends are being tied up by the real killer as well.

Convinced of Maze’s innocence, Lucifer and Chloe are now united to try and help her - Lucifer’s issues with Maze lost in his desire not to see the innocent punished. Or the usually guilty but innocent in this instance anyway.

They interview many many people Maze has caught for bounties all of which still kind of like her because she was a decent person despite all the violence and the dead fish. But eventually they catch up with Maze back at the winery - she caught the rich owner’s son who died in prison and now the man’s mother has paid for a large hit on her life. Lucifer arrives in time to bend some gun barrels - and it has been far far far too long since we saw some demonic power from the devil and the enemy is easily defeated

But Maze is still angry. Her ranting about being evil feels more like how she’s genuinely hurting over being the bad one all the time, being the demon and she absolutely refuses to reconcile with anyone, again. Even when Chloe desperately reaches out to her.

Aside 1:
Charlotte goes to Linda to describe that Amenadiel caught up with her, again, and what he told her. (Including being Lucifer’s brother despite being Black and having an entirely different accent). Linda tries to steer her away but Charlotte is determined because what Amenadiel said felt true - albeit incomplete

Because Amenadiel hasn’t told her any of the supernatural stuff so it still doesn’t quite make sense to her

Linda confronts Amenadiel since “they” agreed not to tell her everything. But Amenadiel thinks Charlotte deserves the truth and “they” didn’t agree anything. She did (as she did about breaking up). Which Linda concedes without argument. So I’m going to argue for her: yes she decided to break up. Breaking up is not necessarily a mutual decision, merely a decision on side of the relationship needs to make. And yes she made the decision about Charlotte, being a psychiatrist and Charlotte’s psychiatrist specifically, she has far greater authority on what is healthy for her patient.

She does ask Amenadiel who she is doing this for - Charlotte or himself.

Charlotte has decided to confirm Amenadiel’s words by going to Lucifer who confirms Amenadiel is his brother. Lucifer also stumbles and calls her mum. Oops. So he tells her the truth

All of it. All of it. Including angels et al. I think he breaks her brain.

She asks Amenadiel about this and is clearly confused: she knows this is complete nonsense and can’t be true. But it feels true and would explain her experience of hell. But if she believes it to be true then she has lost her mind. Amenadiel tries to lie to her, it’s not convincing

So he and Lucifer go to see her at the bar where she is getting thoroughly drunk, worrying about her mental health and generally falling apart… and Lucifer shows her his wings

Yes it’s impressive

Yes it’s been a long time

And yes he needs to do this with Chloe

And finale: Pierce is clearly not thrilled with Chloe and Lucifer being close but Dan explains they’re pretty much a package deal now. He can’t split them up. Pierce disagrees. Which is ominous. Chloe herself is torn: alternating between trying to hide her relationship with Pierce and then only belatedly realising that her wearing the bullet jewellery Lucifer gave her may be sending the wrong message and bothering Pierce

Lucifer is much more accepting of Pierce and Chloe… but he worries that Pierce is up to no good. Which he clearly is. And I kind of hate that because there’s a lot of lessons here (like the fact Chloe can have different relationships and that’s not threatening)

Lucifer tries to make up with Maze, apologising to her and saying she can’t go to hell because he can’t be without her. Which is nice but it’s clear he feels this way because of Chloe and Pierce - Chloe is far more important to Lucifer than Maze is and this clearly hurts her

What I love about this whole scene is through her tears we see a lot more information on Maze: and how she just doesn’t know how to handle emotions and feelings. Because she never has to - in Hell she tortures people. She doesn’t get tortured by emotions which is why she wants to go home. Having friends, them hurting you, them prioritising other people over you, the hurt of Linda and Amenadiel and Lucifer and how none of these people make her a priority are things she just doesn’t know how to handle

I think this is really something huge we could have worked through with Maze because it’s a fascinating idea. As a demon actual emotional connection is alien to her and she doesn’t know how to handle it: hence her excessive reactions. She can’t handle these emotions

And Maze refusing to be second in Lucifer’s life and never his priority is a thing of beauty and definitely long since needed

But all of this is rather spoiled by Pierce then approaching her to recruit her for his nefarious schemes. Because it’s going to make that entire previous scene look… wrong? Or like Maze is setting off down the wrong path or just generally Doing It Wrong, when there was a lot of complexity to explore there and a whole lot of right things said