Saturday, March 31, 2018

Supernatural, Season 13, Episode 16: Scoobynatural

Scoobynatural? Really? I thought the cartoon episode was desperate (if fun). Is that the sound of barrel scraping I hear? Are they really this out of ideas?

Though I do think this is proof that the actors for Supernatural cannot sing a note - because there’s no way you get this desperate without doing at least one musical episode.

And before going into this I’m going to give everyone a heads up. I hate Scooby Doo. I’ve always hated Scooby Doo. Even as a child I loathed Scooby Doo. From the fake laughter to the superfluous characters who just hung around doing nothing to the catch phrases to the same ending every time. I hated this show soooooooo much. Honestly, it was almost pathological

So I’m not approaching this in a good place

And I forgot how much Scooby’s voice annoyed me

So the lead in is that the Winchester brothers are fighting a giant plushie dinosaur, which leads to a store owner rewarding them and Sam being all gracious and self-effacing while Dean takes the large screen television. Because he’s Dean

He merrily sets up his mancave while dismissing Sam’s ongoing research into angry plushie dinosaurs. And I think at some point we need to poke the fact that Sam and Dean haven’t really grown up as this show has progressed and what was cute with two guys in their early twenties is a bit more dubious for men pushing 40.

When showing off the television they’re dragged into a show - and find themselves all cartoony (with the car as well because of course the car comes). And go driving looking for answers - and find a malt shop

Whatever one of those is.

Inside they find the Scooby gang and Dean is super thrilled and geeky. He’s always been a fan of Scooby Doo - for a rather poignant reason. While he grew up on the road, all he had as a constant was television. And Scooby Doo was always on (another reason why I dislike the show). It was a constant from his childhood. And he sees parallels with them solving mysteries and such. With Castiel as their talking dog.

And he has a crush on Daphne, while very much not liking Fred. Sam has no time for any of this nonsense.

So, by convoluted reasons (involving a newspaper with no writing because it’s a cartoon), the Scooby gang are going to a haunted mansion, of course, and Dean insists they tag along for fanpoodle reasons but also working on the theory that if they go along with the episode they will eventually return to where they should be.

Naturally this involves a convoluted reason to spend the night in a haunted house, required by a lawyer,  Cosgood creep (Sam snarks at the obvious villain name and Dean admits that yes, of course he’s the villain)

Dean has seen all of the episodes before and knows what’s going to happen so kicks back to watch the action and repeatedly try to hit on Daphne, foiled by her obliviousness and cartoon rules (including that men and women always sleep in separate rooms).

While Velma has a crush on Sam (which shows again how little Supernatural knows fandom or Velma would definitely be a lesbian) and his hulking hugeness.

The mansion is haunted and everyone expects some guy in a mask - Velma especially who adamantly doesn’t believe in ghosts, just (usually) crooked real estate developers. Sam points out how ridiculous this is

And then bodies show up. Actual bodies. Horrible stabbed, brutally murdered bodies. Which isn’t the usual thing in the plot of Scooby Doo, but the Scooby gang is rather ridiculously blase about the whole thing which Sam snarks a lot. It turns out they’ve got an actual ghost on the premises, a vengeful spirit, which Velma refuses to accept exists

Castiel joins them having been sucked into the television as well, and everyone decides to split up and look for clues (standard tactics, which Sam most disapproves of because they’re daft). Castiel is teamed with Shaggy and Scooby and not amused

After much searching, some chase scenes and a ridiculously convoluted trap which fails - as is expected - they manage to capture the spirit. And reveal that its the ghost of a child, from the real world, used and abused by a dodgy real estate developer to allow him to buy land cheaply.

Yep a Scooby Doo plot but I think a haunted television doesn’t really mesh with spirit powers to date

They manage to fake a standard “bad man pretending to be a ghost” storyline and convince the cast again that ghosts aren’t real since they’ve all pretty much had complete mental break downs in the face of actual ghosts and actual physical damage (Shaggy broke his arm and is duly horrified this can actually happen)

With the ghost free he takes them back to the real world to free the ghost and then confront the man using him and this weirdness ends

Ok… there was that? I’m not sure what that was or what the point was. Ok, I think I am - I’m supposed to be overcome with childhood nostalgia and get all gooey. Except for that whole childhood seething loathing thing.

Though I have to admit I was kind of amused by it - mainly the snark from the Winchesters more-real-world-view to the Scooby gang - someone’s dead! Show some respect! Do they always walk away from dead bodies?!. The snark amuses me muchly. So, points for that, I guess. It takes skill to make me enjoy moments that i would generally hate - but in the end this episode probably meant more to people who actually enjoyed Scooby Doo