Sunday, September 30, 2018

Fangs for the Fantasy: Changes

We had a couple of weeks of no posts while one of us was on holiday

Glorious, sunny Portugal

And one of us was not:

Ontario (Summer)

We are resuming posting from next week with some differences in our format. Fangs for the Fantasy is run by Paul and Renee (though from some of the emails we receive, a fair few people seem to think we have a team or staff. Alas, no) and in the face of health issues, we're adjusting some of our format. In particular, Renee cannot type for an extended period of time without considerable pain and discomfort. Since she needs to preserve her energy for fending off polar bears, some of our posts, reviews and recaps will now appear in audio/video format; containing the same recap and commentary we normally provide

We hope this may also lead to us resurrecting our old Youtube channel and podcast

Videos will appear on our channel and also on Fangs for the Fantasy with appropriate links (to, say, relevant Friday discussions) below the video