Saturday, October 6, 2018

Fear the Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 15: I Lose People

At the end of last episode, Morgan had one of his massive emotional yo-yos and is all depressed on the top of the hospital roof. James continues to insist on blaming Morgan for him being bitten but no-one else really buys into that - with Wendell happily volunteering to murder him and save everyone the trouble

June still has a borderline disturbing faith in Morgan still. But at least she’s not waiting around for him to lead. Oh she’d like him to lead but is willing to take charge but he can help. Because Althea is still down in the building somewhere and probably in need of a rescue.

The rest of the group have met up - Victor and John being found by Alicia and Charlie. Because everyone here is emotionally see-sawing at the moment it’s not John’s turn to be super depressed and give up hope. While Victor has come round the other way. Even though they’re at opposite ends of the lake full of monster alligators, he’s seeing Alicia working with Charlie. And if Alicia can forgive Charlie after all the devil child has done to her than anything can happen and everyone can come together and be all shiny and hippy.

Especially when Alicia hears June on their walkie-talkie. Except Morgan is a little less shiny because Martha is listening to them and he’s still full of self-blame and guilt and moping. Alicia isn’t buying it. Yes she was all fragile and close to breaking and needing a win last episode - but she has got her win. She’s on top of the world

I can’t decide if the hyper emotional see-sawing of everyone on this show is exhausting or perhaps a well written indication of how very emotionally damaged everyone is. Maybe both.

Alicia plans her next step, how to get to Victor and John across the island when Martha attacks. She’s furious that they’re trying to help and, seeing her wounds, Alicia and Charlie offer to help her. Martha gets rather agitated about that. She continues her ongoing spiel about helping making people weak. And then collapses because she is injured

This does leave them free to grab Althea’s big machine gun van which is perfect for crossing the water and rescuing Victor and John

They also take Martha captive because good guys never kill their enemies. And they really really really really need to start. She’s angry of course about all the helping stuff and also because they broke her “chain” (she kills a helper, makes them into a zombie then uses that zombie to kill the next one and takes that zombie. Yes she’s not rational).

Back to the hospital and Morgan tries to get James helping them to rescue Althea. This doesn’t work because James is awful and it just adds to the Morgan Guilt. Sarah also asks him for his recipe for beer and I kind of have to agree with James being a bit shirty over this one but I also like how Sarah is totally not getting on board with his angst fest. Is it callous? Yes - but she’s not going to pretend he’s a nice guy or they’re friends or she agrees with his treatment of Morgan just because he’s dying

The gang does go through areas cleared of zombies and they find a note left by Althea (which includes referring to Martha as a c*nt which Sarah is unwilling to read aloud. I wonder at character motivations or censors) and a plea for them to preserve and copy her tapes. They don’t find her - but she did have a plan to escape via the freight elevator

They discover that the power is going to run out soon adding a time constraint -but also that zombies are swarming around the building. They can’t escape without a distraction - so Morgan steps up to sacrifice himself because he’s just desperate to martyr himself

He returns to the roof to throw zombies at cars to set off their car alarms (it’s a good thing these cars have working alarms still) for a classic noise distraction so everyone can escape in an ambulance. That leaves Morgan and James together and James to disagree with the idea that martyring yourself makes up for the bad shit you do. Basically he rather uncharacteristically makes a speech about how death and self-sacrifice is the easy way out - way easier than actually making amends

Which… is definitely not something we disagree with though it seems odd coming from James’s mouth.

Their big heart to heart is useful because everyone else returns - with the big Althea truck AND a cherry picker to rescue Morgan. Morgan fights this because he was really into this whole martyrdom but June is clear - they need him (Martha disagrees of course). He is the heart and leader of the group, Morgan doesn’t want to leave James - but James encourages him to go - he can do nothing for James

So we have some roof hopping, some improbably skillful shooting from John and, of course, James’s redemption arc. He has been moved to help and provide his own martyrdom distraction -throwing himself off the building to set off another conveniently working alarm… and he even tells Sarah his beer recipe.

As they leave they all talk nicely about James and his beer and give it a name that will annoy him which is just perfect.

Oh and Martha escapes (Charlie wants to look for her because she’s hurt and needs help. Yeah… no) and turns James into her new pet zombie.

She’s still bleeding after… what several hours? This is the zombie apocalypse and she’s covered in mud and spends most of her time in close proximity of rotting corpses. She is going to get infected and die. This really needs to be a thing more zombie apocalypses are concerned with.