Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Killjoys: Season 4, Episode 9: The Kids Are Alright

It’s time for Jaq to go into hiding - and Jaq rightly predicts that his dad is going to Snot Cry because he’s just so fluffy and emotional.

D’avin and Johnny track down Delle Sayah in her hidden base - turns out it’s one of Khlyen’s hidden safe houses. She’s there dragging up all the research he hid about the Hullen and green. She does intend to track down the Nine and take over - but only when she has Aneela by her side because she’s still very much in love. So much so she even moves Johnny to declare he’ll bring Aneela back. Despite him not being a fan of Delle Sayah after the whole murdered Pawter thing

They leave Jaq with her - she’s not thrilled with the new name and Delle Sayah is clear that Osman is his middle name - and Dutch urges him to learn from her as there are many ways of fighting

Dutch also reveals to Johnny about the weird scars appearing on her back - which Dutch assumes to be Aneela. Johnny isn’t thrilled at being left out of the loop here

The plan now is to take back the RAC - to free all the kids captured on board and to seize the pool of green. This means a big reunion with Turin and Fancy and Zeph and Pip (who is slightly nervous about Dutch after she headbutted him when he was first possessed by the brain spider but as Zeph reassures him that if Dutch wanted him dead he totally would be. She’s… not wrong).

Turin gives out his tactics for the attack - with Dutch snarking all the way until Turin has to take her aside to tell her off and threaten to demote her - and she rightly points out what bullshit this is, this isn’t about Killjoys and he has no rank.

Instead they settle into a kind of fun dynamic where Turin is the grumpy father figure and they’re all his wise-cracking kids who respect him and love him but don’t necessarily do as they’re told. Especially Pree and Dutch who are the Problem Children

The plan is to send Weej in first and while everyone has reservations, Turin is clear that this is NOT TO BE QUESTIONED and he trusts Weej )and points to Johnny for the “isn’t it hard when a younger cuter model comes along” snark at Fancy because that is definitely an A+ burn.

Unfortunately there’s a new Hullen forcefield around the RAC and Weej ends up splattered. Alas poor Weej, I thought you’d be an interesting character, what a shame.

To take down the shield Johnny says lots of science things but basically they need a magic box (Johnny is also fretting a little about being a third wheel now that Dutch and D’avin are back on but Lucy is always there for him) which involves Dutch and D’avin going undercover in a hippie cult (the horror! The horror!) before claiming the box and taking it to Johnny. Of course being Killjoys this means they only have a limited time before it causes seizures. Of course there’s a time limit.

Zeph also does some research on the scars on Dutch’s back which have been transmitted by Aneela: she visits the Scarback dominatrix who can confirm what they are and what the symbols mean individually - but not what they mean collectively as one symbol. And despite lots of thinky sex with Pip, Zeph can’t figure it out

But they do get to delve into Zeph’s history as part of a breeding farmer cult on Leithe and the shadows that has left on her and how she embraces who she was along side some powerful complicated thinking about how much trauma shapes you - and if it shapes you so much and for so long, who is the real you? It’s really powerful and struck a chord - nice to cover so much in so little time. Of course it also builds further on Pip and Zeph’s complicated relationship

Time to return to the RAC to free the kids and claim the green pool - Dutch allies with Pip (who is coming despite Zeph’s objections to give them an onboard geek and so he can prove himself heroic), D’avin and Fancy (who have a Legolas/Gimli bet on who can kill the most) and Pree and Garod. Lots of action, lots of dead Hullen, lots of snark, the kids are freed, the pool claimed….

And there’s a snag.

Because of various Sciencyness the system reboot. Which means the RAC restarts - only this time the Hullen will have access to all its weapon systems. Which are Big and scary and powerful and a major problem for Turin and the fleet which will be duly splattered. Unless they can take out the RAC - and the only way to do that is with a self destruct sequence. Which has to be done manually by someone who won’t be able to get out in time - a suicide mission

Naturally everyone volunteers because everyone is just That Damn Noble, but eventually it settles on Pip - who is dying from the Hullen brain spider anyway. They consider how Zeph will feel but Pip is insightful and depressingly clear: when he dies from the Hullen spider, Zeph will never forgive herself for failing to save him. She will be able to get past him sacrificing himself to save others.

It’s tragic and there’s much sadness but this is definitely a heroic death. Honestly there’s some sadness but not the kind of over the top sadness which is somewhat common in shows when, when it comes down to it, Dutch, D’avin and Johnny weren’t exactly his biggest fans or all that close. They’re sad, but not broken - and it means we do get odd fun scenes like D’avin shooting Fancy rather than paying up on the debt from their gambling.

They tell Zeph who is obviously devastated. She passes on her research to Dutch before leaving - she blames Dutch. Not because Dutch anything wrong - but because Dutch brings people home. It’s what she does, what miracles she performs - and she didn’t bring Pip home. Dutch seems to accept the blame.

Dutch, D’avin and Johnny all have the location of where Jaq is hiding removed from their memories so the Lady can’t find him. And Dutch thinks she’s figured out the key to the code which Aneela left - a key to freeing her from the green…

...and then she has a seizure. She falls with an image of Aneela - and when she gets up, Aneela is the one in the body and Dutch is in the green ready to fight

I like the balance this show managed to hit with Pip - they made his death meaningful and emotional without milking it. His character was already established enough they didn’t feel the need to pour on the schmaltz to make it more impactful creating the right emotional resonance for his loss

And I will never not love how everyone torments Turin