Monday, October 1, 2018

Wynonna Earp: Season 3, Episode 10 The Other Woman

Flashback! Basically to remind us that way back in the day (1887) when Bulshar was first defeated with an alliance of Juan Carlos (a priest and angel), Bobo and Constance. But there was also another woman present recording Juan Carlos’s memories. This will be relevant soon. They also refer to a Champion

In the present Bobo is imprisoned and so broken than even he doesn’t want to be released. He is barely making sense but bringing extra levels of bleakness for Wynonna who is very very very hopeless. And research isn’t Wynonna’s thing either so she leaves it to Jeremy and Waverley (who are despairing and recapping everything because it’s all getting a bit conmplicated) and takes her Quintiple shot latte to go spend some time with Charlie

Charlie’s kind of sad at being kind of sidelines and hot firemen are not used to being sidelined. While he has a point, Wynonna has way way more going on than Charlie’s feelings or their relationship. She pretty much tells him that they’ll pick this up in Spring and he slopes off in a huff. Look it’s not like he’s not informed here, he knows about the supernatural, he knows about the woo-woo, he knows what’s at stake - he needs some perspective here.

Anyway relationship drama aside, Wynonna has a visit from Kevin, a woman and heir to basically the Powers That Be who watch but don’t interfere. Except they totally interfere because THEY ALWAYS DO. This is a genre rule. People who can’t interfere constantly interfere but then have weirdly arbitrary limits so they can’t use their super powers to make things easy.

Oh and Kevin is played by Anna Silk. And one of her reasons for helping is that she’s sick of the powers that be boy’s club.

Not that Kevin is especially confident with Wynonna Earp and Wynonna isn’t arguing at all about being clueless, under trained or an alcoholic. But she has a lead on a weapon that can kill Bulshar - his arm. His arm which he lost when he was entombed in a dangerous rickety mine (he got a new one). So that’s Waverley and Wynonna off on a road trip.

They arrive at the mine to find a revenant that Waverley remembers from her research - he’s a one armed Revenant who was trapped in the mine long ago. But he also has both arms - because apparently Revenants and Bulshar can share body parts. So they need to take his arm back … except this mine is a uranium mine. And the Revenant is radioactive. When Wynonna touches him she’s burned and staggers back sick and ill

I’m no expert, but I assume anything that radioactive that it causes this much damage on a touch is probably not going to be great to stand in close proximity too anyway.

This also means that Waverley can’t touch the radioactive revenant with her super powerful ring. So they run and drop in on Mercedes

Yes, more Mercedes love from me because she’s so very very very awesome. She’s super happy to have her face back (which they recap, with lots of credit) and totally blase about Revenants following them because she’s Mercedes and this is Purgatory. The revenant arrives but thankfully Waverley discovers some new super powers from the ring - she can control his Bulshar arm and make him strangle himself. After which Wynonna can rip off his arm because he’s only radioactive when he’s alive? Apparently?

Anyway Kevin arrives to say the arm isn’t technically a weapon… and Wynonna announces she better be joking or she better have good health insurance - which is an excellent line. But it turns out this is a test for the Champion

And that Champion is Waverley. Because by using the ring - Julian’s ring, an angel’s ring - she’s proven she has the power to defeat Bulshar despite being only half angel (also supported by her healing Mercedes - a miracle).

But there’s a catch. While they do some research as a group and realise that Bulshar is actually the Snake from the Garden of Eden so a big bad awfulness. That sets the stakes now we hear the cost- because Kevin reveals to defeat Bulshar Waverley will turn to stone… something Wynonna isn’t here for. And nor is Waverley, she doesn’t want to die

Of course Kevin dumps a whole load of guilt on them but I quite like to see a character who doesn’t jump on the martyrdom train as soon as it arrives. Good on Waverley, not wanting to die isn’t selfish. Of course Waverley feels guilty especially since she’s pretty sure that Wynonna would sacrifice herself -but Wynonna is adamantly insistent that she is going to be selfish - Waverley will not sacrifice herself, they will find another way.

While this has been happening, they also get a clue about Maeve - the woman recording Julian, the Angel’s, memoirs and records. Following Bobo’s ramblings Nicole goes to see Doc Holiday who fills in the gaps about Maeve Purdy. But Doc is having problems: he’s got a blood shortage and is having trouble keeping control and not killing people: Nicole carries a gun with wooden bullets just in case which he appreciates. He directs them to the Purdy homestead which has been abandoned (the Purdies are another of the many families mentioned on this show) and fills Nicole in on Maeve’s history - she was burned as a witch for helping women. Nicole is duly disgusted

Inside isn’t entirely empty though - there’s the ghost of Maeve Prudy. And she does remember the book, she also has access to it. But she’s not a happy angry teenaged pyromaniac ghost. And she wants a body - and possesses Nicole to do so. She wants someone freshly killed and tries to provoke Doc into biting her. Doc calls Jeremy (who is eating lunch with Robin and reminds Doc that he’s pissed with him because of the whole biting Robin thing. Robin says hi)  to come join them. The possessed Nicole proves she does have the journal by regurgitating a page and she tries to possess Jeremy but only long enough to praise his muscle tone before fleeing back to Nicole because Jeremy is not human enough for her

More subtle hints about Jeremy being different and having woo-woo. Stop hinting Wynonna Earp!

They dodge around talking Maeve out of killing Nicole before finally finding the book - and ghostly Maeve responds by burning the house down which is a problem.

The firebrigade is called - including Charlie - and he rescues Doc… but the blood starved vampire who just escaped a fire snaps and bits Charlie

By the time Nicole and Jeremy get out they find Charlie is dead… and Nicole has a heart breaking scene where she is furious at Doc and how she was the last person to trust him - she drives him off at gun point

With the big drama of Doc fleeing and Waverley trying to live, the fact Robin and Bobo are bonding over Jazz (and the eternal question about whether Bobo is a good man or not) seems minor and absent. Though I do wonder how back to normal Robin is.

And Mercedes is kidnapped… she better live!