Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Wynonna Earp, Season 3, Episode 12: War Paint

Season finale time - and time for a whole lot of epic! And yes it certainly brings the epic.

Beginning with an epic speech from Wynonna to her army of Revenants. And it’s a really excellent speech acknowledging her murdering past how she’s loved killing them all, how she’s really good at it and how she’s really giving up a lot by putting down her gun. Without it she’s a woman with “stellar hair, loaded last name and tired liver”. And as they’ve shared a curse she’s willing to share her land - removing the wards on the homestead which kept them out. She constantly refers to “us”

It really is an excellent scene

This is when she also reunites with Waverley where they both blow each others’ minds with all the revelations of what has been happening. There’s a lot to digest. Angels, sleeping with Waverley’s dad, Doc eating Charlie, revenant armies et al.

Wynonna and Julian have a moment which is rather awkward - he tells how much he loved Michelle and how she was the one who lured him from Eden. He’d never left or even endered Eden before. He does explain that they choose Wyatt to be their champion and gave him the flaming sword

But Bulshar has his own plans -he needs to be mortal to get into Eden and for that he needs Wynonna’s blood. But first he sends out his minions to cause some damage

They attack Nicole and Kate - and Nicole is still there telling Kate she needs to dump Doc because these two could be such fun together. Especially with them gunning down lots of minions - which they do. But Nicole is injured. Mercedes shows up, is utterly blase about everything including the vampire living in her house, but she agrees to stay with the injured Kate while Nicole goes to Waverley

Except Nicole is much worse hurt than first appeared and instead passes out on the road - only to be saved by Doc and taken to the Homestead. Which is crowded and complicated. Bobo has briefly visited for a heart to heart with Waverley who is not amused by him and he and Julian have a tense moment. What is awesome is how both of them make clear that Waverley is a wonderful, awesome person who owes that to herself and her mother - not her angelness.

This episode just has lots of awesome moments like that.

Doc does have a sword he found in the greenhouse he gives to Julian - a special sword (Wyatt’s champion sword?) which Julian notes Doc couldn’t even touch if there wasn’t some hope for his sword. And Wynonna appeals to Julian to heal Nicole - the love of his daughter’s life. And yes, appealing to an angel to heal a woman on the bases of her same-sex romance is another awesome moment. Even if it does leave Julian so weak in the aftermath he gives up his ring to Waverley.

While this is happening Jeremy and Robin are being super cute together and trying to research which isn’t going so well - Jeremy also has one of his unexplained psychic buzzes that Doc is not ok.

They are attacked by the beekeeper minions and Nedry arrives with guns. Nedry is always awesome - and I even kind of like the biplay about Ru Paul’s drag race.

At the Homestead, Bulshar and his army attack. There is a lot of shooting, big guns, small guns, sacrificing revenants and lots and lots of shooting and fighting

And then wynonna is captured by Bobo and cut so her blood can be claimed by Bulsharr for his ritual. There then follows a queue of people to try and kill her - Julian saves her first but he’s too weak to face Bulshar and Bobo Kills him. Then Doc arrives to fight Bobo who reminds everyone that mortal weapons can’t kill him. So Waverley melts his brain. Killing her dad doesn’t make her a happy person but she faces him with epic disappointment more than anger which is somehow so much more painful

Who wants Waverley to be disappointed in them

Wynonna gathers her army to face Bulshar and be ready to defeat him with her curse breaking touch - but he beats her too it and breaks the curse. The Revenants disappear, their undead lives ended now they’re no longer cursed. Without the curse Bulshar is mortal and can enter Eden. Technically he can be killed - but he vanishes.

That leaves everyone super bleak and sad with Charlie dead, and no known way to stop Bulshar. Wynonna and Doc have a moment where it’s clear a) they still passionately love each other and b) that she doesn’t trust him: she traps him with holy water in the barn. Nicole and Waverley have a beautiful moment that has Waverley proposing to Nicole which is, of course, extremely sweet

Robin and Jeremy do show up with his woowoo and are cheerful and happy (and calls Waverley his best friend which is… odd? I mean has Jeremy and Waverley really spent that much time together?) - he’s managed to make a potion to hide them from the beekeepers.

So they gather for a battle plan and… Wynonna drugs everyone. She can’t accept losing any more of the people she cares about and doesn’t want anyone to come with her

Except Waverley. There were two angels defending Eden before and now there are two new champions. Sisters. And yes it’s yet another excellent moment in this excellent episode

They sneak past the guards to confront Bulshar who is getting more and more snaky as he becomes mortal and killable. Wynonna and Bulshar fight and it doesn’t go very well for her - but it does allow Wynonna to climb the Eden stairs (which Wynonna still can’t see) and manages to pull out a sword, a flaming sword

It is the role of an angel to declare a mortal champion and arm her. So Julian taught her. And Wynonna is named that champion.

And it’s flaming sword and a well stabbed Bulshar time - but as he dies he bites Wynonna, injecting her with his venom. She collapses and Waverley is stuck on the Eden stairs, a red shield stopping her leaving…. She can’t help Wynonna.

But Doc arrives and sucks out the venom. Doc and Wynonna’s relationship continues to be complicated.

And now we have another problem - Eden shoots out vines and roots that drag Waverley in. Because the garden of Eden is going to be next seasons big bad? The force field keeps Wynonna out but not Doc - who disarms himself and follows Waverley into Eden to protect her. Which is kind of a gut wrenching end to the season

Back in town everyone has vanished - we presume the Eden plants got them too. But There’s Nedry - Nedry who openly declares his trust and confidence in Wynonna and he asks her to tell him what to do.

And can there be any better development than Nedry following Wynonna

It’s the season finale so who knows what Eden will bring next season. I am confident we will get what is so special about this show - the excellent, awesome relationships between these many characters (including many women who are friends with each other, love each other and are no rivals). It has some of the best snark and hilarious lines of any show I watch and I just love it with every season that comes. These people just work so well together. I like how, even when they have issues with each other, there’s a level of respect

I am really glad to see Jeremy meet Robin and begin to develop a character. Begin to - I’m not giving it more than that and I think they really need to be careful with the gay comic relief trope they’re playing up more than a little. But it’s improving

And the relationship between Waverley and Nicole is just perfect. It’s loving, unfetishised, caring, deeply built on constant connections between them. Both have storylines and conflicts beyond being in a relationship - they’re not “Lesbian Sharks” by any means - but at the same time the idea that their lives aren’t all about their relationship doesn’t, in turn, mean the writers have downplayed or dismissed their relationship. It’s a constant, vital part of their lives. It doesn’t utterly define them but it IS a defining part of their daily existence. That’s the excellent balance so many shows need to hit! Having LGBTQ characters who aren’t blink-and-you-miss-it but also aren’t solely defined by being LGBTQ. And every episode we see this and every episode it’s beautiful.

I am still aren’t happy Dolls died but I do appreciate that the show made a distinctive concerted effort to mark that moment with emotion and meaning that was not convoluted or misplaced.

I am also pleasantly surprised that Kate is hanging around - now she needs a storyline beyond Doc very very much. I like that Nicole is working on that

It’s all just so much fun! But the wing effects were still lacklustre