Saturday, November 24, 2018

Van Helsing, Season 3, Episode 7: Hunted Down

This episode of Van Helsing we follow all those people we probably don’t care about all that much and feel somewhat irrelevant.

I think we have a weird dichotomy of stories - we have the main epic storyline of Vanessa and Scarlett taking down the elders. It’s epic and focused and the centre of the storyline.

Then we have Denver which is… ok? And we have Scab and Ivory and it’s like… why? Why do we care about these people, these side characters in other people’s stories? Or Sam and Mohammed - why, where do these people fit?

To have a whole episode on these side plots without any real foundation to them is just distracting - on the plus side the writers seem to be finally bringing these plot lines together into something coherent and maybe, finally, making them relevant

Scab has decided to join the Sisterhood. He’s gone on a weird journey, since two episodes ago he didn’t see why he and Ivory needed the Sisters then was demanding they obey and serve him but now he decides he wants to be a memory and begs to join - even when that joining requires him being castrated. He’s now a loyal member of the Sisterhood and loyally following Ivory

Meanwhile Axel is leading the survivors from San Francisco to Denver and losing his shit in an epic temper tantrum when they’re attacked by day walking vampires and one of their members is bitten. He has a right to be annoyed since they blatantly ignored what he told them for their own safety but he still has an epic shitfit that probably won’t help anyone

Further up the road they find a van that has broken down full of people heading to San Francisco (and carrying weird blue rocks), including pregnant woman Kit. Axel wants to help despite Dre’s misgivings because Axel is now a nice guy and not super suspicious of anyone

The leader insists that there’s a ship in San Francisco taking them to Hawaii where no-one is infected with vampirism. Axel, having just come from vampire infested San Francisco thinks this is a super super bad idea and tries to talk them out of it and instead says they should go to Denver where there’s a safe community developing

Leader guy isn’t having it. At which point Axel becomes super high handed trying to overrule him which makes sense for the character because he’s always kind of being “I know best” since season 1, only Vanessa’s Honey badgerness managed to push it back - and he’s clearly feeling super protective of Kit. Leaderguy super over-reacts and actually points a gunt at Axel

This ends up with him dead and their group joining Axel’s group travelling to Denver

But that newly turned vampire Christina is a problem - she goes to Scarface - who seems to have become much much much more animalistic since the last we saw him - to tell him that there’s a settlement full of humans in Denver they can go and slaughter them all then starve to death because there’s no human blood any more!

These vampires are very poor long term planners, it has to be said. Ok I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it’s human civilisation they want to stop rebuilding - but there’s still the complete slaughter of all humans they find that is an issue. Dmitri may have been a hilariously comic villain but at least he had plans

He screams and it’s a super magic scream heard by everyone, gathering vampires to his side so he can go murder Denver. Ivory and the Sisterhood responds

And Ivory agrees that slaughtering humans is a great idea - but that Scarface is terribad and she’s not having him lead. She rips out his heart and her sisters slaughter some of his main followers, making the rest join in the castration fest and join her attacking Denver.

So them invading Denver sort of brings a number of storylines together but still kind of leaves them separate from the actual Van Helsings

Speaking of separate - Sam has his new happy toy Felix and it’s going well with the slaughter and killing when mysterious shadow lady appears - I guess she isn’t the B’ah. We do get to see her and I rather think her clothing is super impractical for an apocalypse. She’s cryptic and weird and says Sam needs to kill who he loves most. So he kills Felix - wow, it seems Felix was also just dragged back from the archives just to murder. Do better Van Helsing. Dredging through your archives for sacrifices isn’t a good look

But apparently Felix isn’t the one she means

So it’s to Mohammed who Sam left imprisoned in a bunker - and he starts hallucinating Cara, the girl Sam killed - and she guides him on how to rescue himself. And kill Sam

So that’s happening… how it’s relevant to the greater plot, whether Cara is actually a ghost and exactly what is haunting Sam remains to be seen