Friday, January 6, 2012

Being Human U.K. Season Two Episode Eight: All God's Children

This episode opens at the institute with Kemp praying and the other priests getting up to join him in prayer.  Lucy wakes up to a vision of a young girl covered with blood who says, "it's coming."  The priest and Kemp leave the institute to preach on the streets about the agents of darkness being amongst humanity. When they return, George is getting a medical work up done. Annie tells George that the weird bible guys can't see her. Annie points out that they have found Mitchell's girlfriend, and George says "that it does not inspire confidence".  He goes on to say that he is not allowed dairy or meat because they are worried that they will strength the demon.  When Annie asks why he is doing this, he says that since he gave Nina the curse, she has asked him for nothing but this. Annie tells George that she is worried about Mitchell, and wonders what he has done.

In his office, Kemp is making a recording saying that anyone who over heard the conversation in the house would have believed that they were friends, and that their relationship was entirely human. Lucy knocks on the door and tells him that she saw Amy McBride this morning, and that she spoke to her.  Kemp says that Amy McBride came to them willingly and that she knew that her lover had died before her. Lucy points out that Amy changed her mind as they closed the door, but Kemp says that they are doing good work, and that the alternative is to allow the possession to continue.

Back in the room that Annie shares with Hennessey, Annie says that she is glad that she has him to talk to.  Hennessey asks if George knows why she is really there, and Annie says that he thinks that she is there to keep an eye on him, and that she wishes that they would hurry up, because she is sick of all this waiting. In the lab they have a collection of body bags for the type 3's and coffins.  The technician watches as Annie undresses and he begins to jerk off.  What no one realizes at this point, is that Mitchell is in the building because he doen't appear on camera.

In conversation with Lucy, George asks if they are in a bank, and Lucy says that she likes the symmetry because in the 20th century, banks became the religion, and now they are taking it back. "Faith was my dirty secret", Lucy said.  "I then outed myself by writing a book on intelligent design."  When George asks how this went down with the other scientists, Lucy tells him that they hid all of her stuff and drew a cock on the back of her lab coat.  George goes on to say that he knows about her and Mitchell.  Lucy responds, "the intention was to reach out to you. Now, given the exclusivity of your friendship, I thought that the best way to do that was through Mitchell. I fucked up, I lost sight of why I was there. It was unprofessional and adolescent".  George asks if she loved him, and Lucy shakes her head yes.  "Mitchell's gone now," George says. "You make me nervous, it's like all my senses are telling me that you're dangerous".  Lucy tells him that she is, because the creature is looking at her through George's eyes and that it knows what she's going to do. Lucy says that she wants to help and that she wants to do good work.

Back in his room, George says that he is nervous about Mitchell, but Nina points out that he is a mass murderer. Nina tells George that he has to commit to this, and when he says that he will be gone for a few days, she asks him why he even came here.  George says that he is frightened that it will work. "all that time I have been dreaming of life without this, and that might happen, and the thought of it is so exquisite, it's so terrifying."  Nina says "if this works that we will have nothing left to hide behind. It will just be you and me." George answers that she is worth a thousand of him, and that he will stay.  

George walks into the office to use the phone, but instead of dialing out, it seems to be ringing in the institute. George leaves a message on Mitchell's answering machine and says, "Where are you? What's happened to you Mitchell?  I keep dragging you from that world, and you keep sliding back.  I can't risk helping you anymore, there is Nina to think of and Annie, and I think that you should leave us alone."  George then listens to the messages on the machine and hears Annie's goodbye message, though she is still in the room that she shares with Hennessey.  "The man that came to the house to talk to George is helping me to complete my journey. For so long now, I've been tired and frightened. The prospect of this and this stream of time in front me is terrifying. Do you remember George, I was going to pass on and you asked me why if I didn't know what lay beyond? It's because this endless life, never aging, never kissing, never having a family, all of the things that make you human. Not having them is a worse hell than anything that they've got over there. Be good boys, I love you boys, because it was through you two that I've really truly lived."

The technician is in the bathroom when blood begins to pour in the sink. When he looks up there is a body stuck to the ceiling.  In the control room, Lucy tells Kemp that it's Mitchell but he answers that Mitchell was destroyed in the fire. She says that Amy McBride died four months ago but that didn't stop her from coming by her office this morning. She asserts again that Mitchell is coming. When they look at the monitor, the door opens but no one appears on camera.  They realize that Mitchell took the body bags.  Lucy says, "I don't understand, is he looking for them, or is he looking for us?" Kemp tells Lucy that he suspects that Mitchell is looking for her.  He then instructs them to move the "type 3's" to ensure that Mitchell has no contact with them. Kemp then tells Lucy to go to the observation room, and wait for him, but she insists that she wants to stay. He finally convinces her to leave, and then pulls Adam aside and tells him, "your work here is over. We cannot release George and Nina into society and allow their demon to steal more innocent souls. They are a threat to humanity, and it is our duty to neutralize it. When the time comes to carry it out, I shall need your help." Adam nods his head in agreement and walks away.

Adam is escorting George and Nina, and George stops and says that he has to speak to Annie.  George tells Annie that he got her suicide note.  George asks Hennessey if he knew, and he says yes.  George says that he already lost one best friend this week, and that he does not want to lose another.  Annie points out that he can get cured, and so she should be able to as well, but George says that his cure won't kill him.  Annie responds that it will kill her, because if he is human, then she won't be able to see her, and then nobody will be able to see her.  George says, "What if I stayed? Annie tells George that he has Nina now. In the hallway, Adam is reading his bible and shaking.  "Just one more day, one more day. I understand, I really do understand what you are saying, please don't do anything until we've spoken. I love you, you know," George says, and Annie tells him that she loves him too. Annie says that she feels very frightened, as Adam walks into the room and interrupts. 

On the video, they realize that Mitchell is on the elevator, as Lucy locks herself in a room.  Kemp waits for him with a bible and a stake.  In the room that Lucy is in, the lights begin to go on and off. When the elevator reaches the right floor, one man faints.  Alone in a room, George tells Nina that something is wrong, and that everyone is pumped full of adrenaline. Nina notices some writing on the wall, and so George crawls over to say and it says, "George all of the werewolves have died."  He tells Nina that she has to get up.

In a room, Mitchell confronts Lucy and asks where George and Annie are.  Lucy tells him "it's fine, they're still alive."  Mitchell asks if there is anything that she did that wasn't a lie. She says that, "the three of you erase everything, science, faith. My God, to study that, to understand a fraction of what you mean to the world."  Mitchell then goes on to ask why she blew everyone up, and Lucy tells her that there was a parade of bodies coming into the hospital.  Mitchell says "So you took it upon yourself to do a little bit of ethnic cleansing."  Lucy says that the werewolves are sick and that there is evil in them. "Everything that we have done has been to try and help them."  Mitchell asks, "Did it ever occur to you, that if you started pre-ordering body bags that it was time to stop?" Lucy says that she was terrified of the three of them living together like that, and that they didn't know what they were planning. Mitchell says that all they wanted was to be left alone, but Lucy yells, "you don't get to be left alone, you are poisonous. You are not human." Mitchell responds, "You have such a reductive point of view.  God made man in his own image. What if it included his rage, and his spite, and his cruelty and us to?  We're all his children you see. God's a bit of a bastard. Look at us both, covered in other people's blood and talking about morality.  But there is one difference between me and you. You had a choice."

Seeing Mitchell and Lucy arguing, Kemp grabs his religious tools and heads to Annie's room. He barges in and says that it is time to help her finish her journey, but Annie tells Hennessey that she has decided to stay for the time being. Hennessey relays to Kemp that Annie is not going anywhere until she says goodbye to her friends. Kemp kills Hennessey to open up a door for Annie to pass through, as George and Nina watch on the screen. Hennessey realizes that Kemp killed him just as the door begins to shake and open.  Annie backs away from the door, as Kemp says "spirit I demand that you leave here. The power of Christ compels you."  Annie is dragged through the door, as George and Nina watch. Nina grabs him by the hand and says George we need to go. 

In the bathroom, church bells begin to ring and Mitchell begins to experience pain.  Lucy asks what is happening, but he runs out of the bathroom. The technician is running around setting up bombs.  At the exit, George stops and says that Mitchell is still in there and he goes in to find him.  In the hallway, Kemp calls to Mitchell and tells him that he wants him "to know pain like the families of your victims. I want you to know pain like I did. I am ready to meet your maker, are you ready to meet yours?" George stops Mitchell by telling him that if he wants to kill that h cannot do it Annie's name, because she would not want that. George asks Mitchell to give him his hand, and they head toward the exit together. 

Three weeks later, Nina receives  one of Lucy's books in the mail.  George tells Nina that it wasn't her fault and she says that she brought Kemp to the house, and she encouraged George to go to the facility.  Mitchell is listening to the news and is completely fixated.  George says that for the rest of my life, bad plumbing will make me think of her.  Mitchell wants to know why George hasn't asked about what he did in the facility.  George says that he can't be his confessor, because he needs him to much. 

Mitchell goes for a walk and sees Lucy waiting for him at the end of the driveway. He asks her if she is there on her own, and she says that she is, and that Nina has been looking for her and has left a bit of a paper trail.  Lucy says that she went by the old house and that it was all boarded up. She goes on to say that they are free to go back, because they aren't in a position to hurt him, and that there is no longer a we.  Mitchell responds that they can't go back, because it was Annie's house and they lost her. Lucy tells him that the chamber was her idea and that four people died in there.  "Their faces are the first thing I see when I wake up, and the last thing before I sleep," she says.  Mitchell grabs her by the collar, and he asks if she is after forgiveness for what she has done. He asks if she has any idea of what she has done to him and finally says, "I have to live with what I have done, and I think you should too", before starting to walk away. Lucy stops him and says that she needs to see Nina and George and that she has nowhere else to go. 

Nina slams Lucy up against the wall.  When Lucy asks her what she wants, Nina responds, maybe I just want to have a little bit of a nip.  In a room by themselves, George asks Mitchell if he trusts Lucy.  Mitchell says she didn't kill Annie.  Nina is enraged and she says that one time they put her in a chamber, and that they persuaded her to bring the man that she loves to the institute.  George says that he hasn't forgiven Lucy, but that he does not think that they should kill her. Mitchell brings Lucy a blanket and a pillow and he says to her, "I guess if you want forgiveness, you have to give it first."  Lucy responds, "I betrayed my lover, I betrayed my faith and I don't know what I am anymore." Unable to sleep, Nina charges downstairs and finds that Lucy is gone, leaving the back door open. When she walks out back, Nina finds Lucy talking to man. Lucy turns quickly to face Nina and tells her to run, but before Nina can properly understand what is going on, Kemp stabs Lucy with a stake.

Upstairs in this room, George hears a scream and bolts up. He wakes Mitchell and when they both get outside, they find Lucy on the ground and Kemp holding the stake to Nina.  Mitchell goes to Lucy but he dies in his arms.  George approaches Kemp slowly and says if you want to kill someone, kill me.  Kemp responds, "Oh be assured, that tonight I will spill every drop of your black blood and I will start with her."  Kemp is distracted by a sound, and when he turns around a door appears.  Annie grabs Kemp by the chest and drags him through the door.  In the kitchen on a television that does not work Annie appears, and asks if they are safe now. From what Annie says, she is in some sort of limbo.  Annie says that they are very angry with her for grabbing Kemp and then leaves.  Mitchell tells George that they are going to get her back.

In a field during the winter, Cara and Daisy are hunched over a mound of dirt. They have both slit their wrists and the snow is covered in blood. When Daisy says that she does not think that she can loose anymore blood, Cara reminds her of the state that she was in when Daisy found her and says that blood heals.  Slowly a hand pokes through the snow, and then Ivan stands up naked and screams at the sky.