Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Being Human U.K. Season Two Episode Six: In the Morning

This episode opens with a flashback to explain Kemp's absolute revulsion and hatred when it comes to vampires.  It seems that he was a minister, and while he was standing on the pulpit delivering a sermon, a group of vampires broke into his home, and fed on his wife and daughter killing them.  He came home to find them in the act, and chased them away by brandishing a bible. 
In the morning, Mitchell wakes to find Lucy dressed and ready for work.  He asks her to come back to bed, and she says that has an early shift.  He goes on to say that he knows how confusing and overwhelming this can all be, and she simply says that they will talk about this later.  Okay, I know it's just a personal thing of mine, but who gets that close in the morning?  There is such a thing as morning breath, and no matter how attractive someone is, morning breath is still not a pleasant thing.

Instead of going to work as she said, Lucy heads to a church to pray for forgiveness, as Mitchell returns home. He walks into a fight between Annie an George, because Sam and George are viewing houses. When Mitchell does not immediately become upset, Annie says, "you two are just too gay for each other."  Really?  Right, gay as a negative descriptor on a show that has no regularly reoccurring gay characters, and the one episode that did have two gay men, one man killed his lover. Annie says she was fine with the idea when she didn't believe that it would go anywhere, but now that he is moving forward, she is incredibly upset. Mitchell finally concedes that he does not want George to anywhere either, but he says that they cannot keep him in a cage.  Mitchell realizes that this is like the end of an era, and that without them the house will return to just being a haunted house.

In frustration, Annie goes for a walk and ends up at Alan Cortez's psychic experience.  Cortez claims to be a master medium. He claims to have the gift of being able to contact and communicate with the afterlife. 

When Sam and George find an apartment, George says he finds it a bit far out, but Sam tells him that they are moving in together, and that things are going to change.  After they hug, you can see that he is still clearly overwhelmed by the prospect. He pushes forward despite his misgivings.

At the church, Lucy tells Kemp that she is sorry because she thought she could do it, but she can't kill another person.  Kemp says, "that he's not a person and that they're not people".  Lucy says that she is frightened of herself. Kemp attempts to placate her by saying, "it's understandable if you're confused, the devil was designed for temptation. He can be charming, clever and exciting and Mitchell can be those things too, because he was made in the devil's image, just as you were made in God's. But you must remain strong."  Lucy tells him that sometimes she wants to surrender to him, but Kemp continues on, speaking of Mitchell as the devil, and saying that if they don't act, they will be punished severely. Lucy ends up asking Kemp for help because she wants to fight it, and Kemp promises to help her, show her the way, and tell her what she must do.

Annie is in the audience listening and rolling her eyes.  It is quickly clear that the man is huckster and taking advantage.  Annie is loudly complaining, when she is approached by an usher, who tells her that she needs to keep it down.  She is astonished that the usher can see and hear her.  Finally, the usher asks her to follow her and when she walks through another person Annie exclaims, "you're a ghost," and the usher replies, "Of course I'm a ghost. What did you think I was?" The usher tells her that she was electrocuted and leads her to a room where a bunch of ghosts are watching the show.  She goes on to tell Annie, that Alan was really amazing, and then one day he just started ignoring them and stopped engaging with them. 

After the show, Annie is waiting for him in his dressing room. As Alan takes a sip of wine Annie asks, "What has happened to you Alan? Why aren't you listening to us? Why aren't you passing on our messages? Why are you up there on the stage lying to people?"  Alan asks what Annie wants, and she tells him that she wants him to start listening to these poor souls, and the door behind her opens revealing several ghosts.  It finally dawns on Annie that he can't hear the ghosts anymore.

Sam invites George to come to Molly's parent teacher conference, but unfortunately, it falls on the night of the full moon.  He tells Sam that he has thing for work which is preplanned, and that he has to attend, but she does not buy it because he is a hospital porter.  Then he tries to tell her that it's sports training and she again fails to believe him.  He finally tells her that he is on a toboggan sports team in Liverpool.

Alan tells Annie that he was doing a show, when he accidentally fell off the stage.  When he woke up in the hospital, he discovered that he had six stitches, short term memory loss, and had lost the ability to communicate with ghosts. Alan says that  back then, he used to pray that they would stop, and now that it has finally happened, he prays that they would come back.

Mitchell and Lucy sit down over coffee and Lucy starts the conversation by saying, "you have killed people." When Mitchell responds not anymore, Lucy says, "do you know how insufficient that sounds? You have killed people". Lucy tells Mitchell that it is in his every cell and that he won't be able to change. Mitchell responds that it will always be a struggle, but that he will leave the vampires.  He plans to call a meeting tomorrow at the funeral parlor.  As soon as Mitchell walks away, Lucy gets on the phone and tells Kemp that Mitchell is going to call a gathering at the funeral parlor. When Kemp attempts to ask how many are going to be there, Lucy hangs up on him.  It is clear that she is not convinced that she is doing the right thing.

Back at the house, George is packing up his things.  He tells Annie that they found a new house and that they are going to stay there tonight.  Annie starts to cry and tells George that "it's us against the world", but George says that he is ready to be scared, and can't let this thing own him anymore. Annie concedes that George just may have a point.

Back at the theater, Annie assembles all of the ghosts to talk to Alan. She tells them Alan has been suffering from sever psychic blockage. The first ghost he picks is Jimmy and he asks to speak to his wife.  Orla wants to know if Jimmy is okay with her being remarried, but he most certainly is not.  He thinks that her fiance is a big moocher and wants her to know that is aware that she was not faithful to him. 

Mitchell calls Ivan and tells him to call a meeting.  He does not think that it is going to be a problem because he has most of the vamps on twitter.  Gotta love technology.  The technician appears at the funeral home claiming to be from a utility company, and says that they have had reports of a gas leak and that he need everyone to clear the premises.  Ivan says, "I wouldn't bother, they're all dead in there," but lets the man in.

At the theater, Annie tells Alan to tell Orla that Jimmy really needs to hear her admit to the affair.  Orla admits to the affair and apologies and then Jimmy's door opens.  Jimmy says thank you and then walks through his door. The audience claps and Annie talks a bow.

At the new apartment, George is trying to assemble some furniture when he is approached by Molly. She tells George that when she went back to school she looked up some things on the computer.  Molly tricks him to admitting that he knows nothing about toboggans.

At the theater, Annie's mother walks in and Annie walks on stage to talk to her mother Carmen. Carmen says she does not know what she would want to hear, or what would help, because losing a child is a unique kind of pain.  She says that the pain is all that she has left of Annie, and that she deserves to feel that pain, because she should have known that Annie was in danger, and scared, because she is Annie's mother. 

Back at the apartment, Molly tells George that he should leave before he hurts her mother.  George responds that he has a secret and that he is worried that if Sam finds out, that she won't want him any more. Molly tells George that Sam loves him no matter what.

Carmen knocks on Alan's dressing room door and he tells her that Annie is waiting to talk to her.  When Carmen tries to leave, Alan reassures her that he is legitimate. Annie picks up a kleenex and makes a paper flower to convince her mother that she is indeed real. Annie tells her that she needs to let go and live her life. Annie encourages Carmen to go to the grave site and say goodbye. It seems that Carmen has never been, because she was always scared to do so, believing that if she visited that this would be her last memory of Annie.   At the grave site, Carmen promises to go on with her life. 

Kemp tells Lucy that that they should prepare themselves, as Mitchell leaves the house for his meeting with the vampires.  George and Sam are cuddling on the couch, when they are disturbed by Molly who says that she had a nightmare about George.  It seems that Molly dreamed that George was a monster.

Annie tells Alan that she cannot go on the road with him, because going on the road with him would be running away.  She asks what he will do without an interpreter, and he asks if Robin would be any good.  It seems that slowly but surely, he is beginning to hear voices again.  When Alan asks Annie what she plans to do, she responds that she thinks it's time to go. Does this mean that Annie is finally ready to embrace death and move on?

At the funeral parlor, the vampires are gathering and drinking red whine.  As Mitchell approaches, the technician gets on the phone to tell Kemp and Lucy.  Kemp tells Lucy that it's time, but Lucy says that it's early and that others may still arrive.  Mitchell tells Ivan that he wants to pass over the leadership and for someone else to take the reigns.  Ivan does not want to be the new Herrick, though he is 237 years old. Ivan tells Mitchell that at the moment, he is keeping his excesses in check as a favor to him, but that he is not fit to lead, and that he is going to have to find someone else. Mitchell begs because he believes that this could be his last chance, and that Lucy is all he has. 

Back at the church, Lucy attempts to stall again, but Kemp says that this is the will of the lord, and that she needs to say the words.  Finally, Lucy tells Kemp to do it. As Mitchell begins to speak, the technician sets off the bomb and Kemp simply says, "it is done," as Lucy kneels to pray.