Thursday, January 5, 2012

Being Human U.K. Season Two Episode Seven: Damage

It's London 1941, and Ivan and Daisy are in the bomb shelter.  Daisy is talking about not being able to bond with her daughter Pearl.  She says, that she doesn't understand her and that it was like she was left on her doorstep. and that at any moment, the real parents are going to want her back.  Ivan wants to know if the worst thing about thinking like this is the guilt, or the lack of guilt. When Daisy asks if he believes that they are going to win the war, he tells her, "my people have never been interested in politics.  You see, I look at the cogs not the machine, they're easy to predict like you Daisy.  What will happen to Daisy? You will become small and provincial like everyone around you. That beautiful mouth will become mean and tight.   Every human life is just another story by the same author. Somehow staying here feels like more of a risk doesn't it?" He holds out his hand to her.

In the morning, George is sleeping and Molly is watching him.  Molly tells him that he needs to wake up cause nanny needs to ask him something.  At the house, Nina rings the doorbell and Annie answers.  Nina immediately asks how George is doing, and Annie tells her that he has met someone, and he has moved out.  Nina wants to know what he's like.  Sam is charging around the kitchen and she again says that it would really mean a lot to Molly if he could be there, but George says that he can't because of his toboggan thing with Mitchell.  This sets Sam off, because to her it feels like he is still there. "It's like your hedging your bets.  It's like you're giving me mixed signals. I know that this happened really quickly, but this is what you wanted. You set the speed not me. I'm nervous now George. I'm waiting for the other boot to drop", Sam says. When George looks at her without responding she says, "fuck it, I'll see you later" and walks out the room.

Nina says that she told him to get on with his life, and Annie tells her that it's been a bit weird since she left.  Nina tells Annie that she needs to talk to George before the full moon and Annie assures her that it won't be a problem because he is always there.  It seems half of his stuff is still in the house and he treats the place like a shed. Annie gets up and offers Nina tea and stuff.  As she gets up, Nina asks about Mitchell.

Mitchell enters the burnt out funeral parlor, and finds Daisy crying over the spot where Ivan died. She runs to embrace Mitchell, and asks how he got out and he tells her that Ivan saved him.   Mitchell believes that it is payback for killing the police constable, but Daisy tells him that she was on the road when it happened, and that she didn't see any police. "This was quick and brutal but it was amateurish, trust me, it wasn't the police", Daisy says.

In George's room, Nina sees George's cage.  When she hears noise downstairs, she walks into the kitchen where George is cleaning the sink. He is stunned to see her and she tells him that the cage is a great idea.  "Annie told me that you started seeing someone. She said that you're living together," Nina says.  When George responds that she told him to move on, Nina says that it's good and that she is glad that he is happy.  When he asks Nina why she is there, she responds that she is there to see him, and that she met some people who might have a cure.  Nina says that they know about them, and that Kemp was the first person to approach her.  George is instantly distrustful and says "that this is our first conversation. You disappear for weeks and we're talking about this".   Nina asks George if three years ago someone had told him about vampires and werewolves what he would have said, but George feels that the hope that Kemp is giving Nina is cruel because he does not believe in a cure. 

In a cafe, Mitchell and Daisy sit for a coffee.  She asks him that if he watches the news and he says no. "All around the world there are pockets of vampires doing just what we do here, and there have been a lot of accidents recently - humans, they're fighting back." Mitchell responds, "this is what Herrick was always talking about, the survival of the fittest. Look, there's always going to be someone with a bigger stick." Daisy yells that her husband died in there, and that she is going to track down everyone they knew and then torture them, until she finds out who did this. 

At the house, George tells Mitchell that Nina found some people who claims to be able to cure them.  When Mitchell dismisses it as nonsense, George tells him that one of them is a scientist. He says that the vicar is coming by at two, and Mitchell says that he is leaving. Annie is concerned that something will happen, but Mitchell says that just because someone knows what you are, does not mean that they are threat.  Before he leaves, Mitchell tells George that it was a mistake to tell Lucy about him being a werewolf.  

Kemp tells Lucy that he is going to meet George Sands and she offers to come along, but Kemp is fine with it.  Lucy then goes on to ask if Nina has said anything about how George has reacted to Mitchell's death.  Apparently, Lucy does not know that Mitchell survived. When Nina and Kemp arrive at the house, Annie cannot stop giggling. Kemp tells George that he is possessed and then George tells Kemp that this is a waste of time.  In an attempt to convince George, Kemp tells him that they have a decompression chamber into which they would put him or Nina, and that it would be pressurized to negate the tidal effect of the moon.  When George asks if it works, Kemp tells him that he would be the first and that it is not without its dangers.  "We believe that with every transformation the wolf gets stronger, and the creature effects your life between changes", Kemp says.  Nina points out that George calls the condition a curse, and that it should be easy for him to believe in possession.  Kemp calls George an idiot and says that evil exists.  

George walks out of the house, and Nina follows asking him why he is being such a dick. Alone with Kemp, Annie leaves a note beside him asking if he can help her.  Nina tells George that they are them offering back their lives.  Nina asks George to do it for Sam, then brings that he didn't tell her about his condition, and look how it worked out. 

George returns home and tells Sam that he is going to show up at Molly's teacher meeting, and he proposes to her.  Sam is ecstatic and immediately says yes. Nina returns to the house and tells Kemp that George is not coming back and apologies for wasting his time, but he says it was not a waste.

At the coroner's office, Daisy attacks Quinn.  Mitchell demands that Quinn tell him who was behind the bombing and that they will go there own way.  Mitchell tells Quinn that he needs to tell him what happened and Quinn starts laughing, saying that he is on the run, and that he wishes to God it was them because then he would have invited every father and mother of his victims, and they would have held hands as they listened to the screams. As Mitchell is leaving, Quinn tells him that Lucy stopped by the office and said that she knew he was working for vampires.  In response, Mitchell kills him saying that for years he wanted to be a part of humanity, and that this is how they react.  

At the house, Annie is crying about the stream of time in front of her when the doorbell rings and it's Kemp.  In the meanwhile, George is at the school meeting and Molly is outside watching the sky. Kemp comes in and asks Annie if she still wants to do this, and as Kemp goes to leave, Annie says, "yes, I want this". Kemp responds, "you just want to be set free don't you."  They begin to perform the exorcism and wait for a to  door appear. Annie asks the time, and realizes that George is not there.  

At the school meeting, George starts to shake and says it does not make sense, it's too early.  Sam tells him that the clocks went back an hour.  He tries to walk away, and falls to the ground screaming.  As he runs through the school his vision begins to tunnel.  In the hallway, Molly sees George who's fangs have descended and his have eyes changed and he screams at her to run.  He is on the playground when his claws begin to pop out.  George runs frantically through the streets trying to get some distance between  him and the general public as various people along the way ask him if he is okay.

Back at the house, Annie is getting frustrated as the process is still going on.  She tells Hennessey that there needs to be a door for her to pass over and he in turn tells Kemp what she said.  George just makes it into the house and he looks at Kemp who grabs his bible.  Annie stops George, grabs his face and tells him that he has to get into his cage.  She manages to lock him inside with barely any time left on the clock. 

In a rage, Mitchell and Daisy attack a commuter train killing everyone on board.  When Annie comes downstairs, Kemp asks if she wants to go on, and she tells him that she has to remain her for her friend.  Kemp answers that she has to remember the reason that she reached out to him, and that she should give his card to George, because he hopes to be of help to him one day as well. In the morning, George wakes up naked in his cage, and he calls Annie to help him open the cage. George rushes to get dressed because he needs to speak to Sam.

When George arrives as the house he shares with Sam, Sam tells him that she was embarrassed by his behaviour, and asks him if last night was all about his anger management thing.  Sam asks if he is a risk and George says that he has to manage his condition, and that he is normally better at it.  George promises that it won't happen again, and Sam tells him that he has to apologize to Molly.  Sam offers to buy something for the school and when he runs into Molly she screams. George looks at her with tears in his eyes.

Mitchell is in bed with Daisy, and he says that he never should have told Lucy about what happened.  Mitchell says that he is going to find Lucy, and that she told him once that she prayed at the hospital chapel. Mitchell promises Daisy that one by one they will kill everyone in the world until they find her. 

When Sam comes back in the room after calming Molly down, George tells her that he can't carry on.  He says that he was so eager to be normal and just like the rest.  He says, "this isn't something I get to have now.  This is something that happens to other people". He kisses Sam on the forehead and walks out of the house.

At the house, Mitchell tells Annie that he kissed her once, and that he thinks about her body under her clothes and  about her skin.  He asks her if she wants to kiss him.  When George comes down the stairs he tells Annie that he is going to the facility that Nina told him about. "He says we're monsters Annie, and the sooner we are away from other people the better."  Annie tells him that she is going with him and then says to George, that he needs to go and talk to Mitchell. George believes that Mitchell is drunk, but he goes ahead and tells him that he is going to the institute.  Mitchell tells George to take his keys and get out, and warns him that whatever he is when he leaves that place to stay out of the cities.  Outside of the house, Annie says, "we're not coming back here again are we?"  George responds, "of course we are Annie."

Mitchell approaches the chaplain and says that he is looking for a doctor from the hospital named Lucy.  The vicar is resistant and says that he can save him and that he does not hand out the contact details of his parishioners. The vicar asks what is it about you, that George thought was worth saving? Mitchell is blocked from entering the church and the vicar yells out,"whoever you are, you stay away from doctor Jaggert".  This means that Mitchell is now aware that George and Annie are walking into a trap.

George and Annie show up at the institute and Lucy says, "welcome to freedom, it's good to see you."