Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season Three: Episode Ten: The New Deal

The hiatus just seemed to fly by didn't it?  When last we left Mystic Falls, Elena had finally decided to give up on The Ripper otherwise known as Stefan, after he fouled the plans of the scooby gang to kill Klaus.  For his part, Stefan finally got proactive and kidnapped Klaus' family, whom he had been carting around in coffins for centuries. Now that is a dysfunctional family.

 Once again Mystic Falls is a hotbed of action, because Klaus wants his family back, Elena wants to be safe and Stefan wants revenge.  In an effort to find Stefan, Klaus talks Tyler into hanging out with Jeremy.  This of course concerns Elena and she attempts to forbid them from spending time together.  Jeremy rightfully calls her a hypocrite and invites Tyler in.  I don't even know where Elena got off giving Jeremy that speech, when she spent the entire summer trying to save The Ripper - a man who kills so savagely that he tears their heads from their bodies and then writes down their names in order to have an accurate record of his kills.  I think Jeremy made a great point when he suggested that they should leave Mystic Falls.  When you think about it, there is no logical reason to stay. Bonnie is a witch and Caroline is a vampire, which means that they are more than capable of taking care of themselves. Elena is staying because she likes the excitement and wants to stay in the thick of things.

In other news, Elena decides to call Bonnie to talk to her about Stefan having the coffins.  Bonnie tells Elena that she should stay out of it, but two seconds later, she is ready to do Elena's bidding.  I would like to point out that this is twice in one episode at this point, that Elena has been given perfectly good advice that she has decided to ignore.  Once Elena gets to the house, she tries to reason with Stefan, and even goes as far as to say that Jeremy is in danger, but Stefan will not budge. Damon comes up with the plan of each taking the time to deal with their own sibling. 

We learn that Stefan ended their little plan to kill Klaus to save Damon.  When Damon wants in on the plan, Stefan rejects him.  This, believe it or not is actually a sensible decision.  The moment Damon got involved, he would only run to Elena, who would interject herself into whatever Stefan is trying accomplish, firm in the belief that she knows better than anyone else.  We all know that logical planning is not high on Elena's priority list.  It was only a few weeks ago she thought it was a good idea to approach a group of werewolves on the night of the full moon in an isolated location.

Tyler finally gets around to confronting his lord and master.  Would you believe that he actually expressed shock that Klaus would kill someone to get what he wants.  I get the whole blood bond thing, but his faith in Klaus at this point is ridiculous.  If he was so sure that Klaus wasn't really all that bad, then why did he knock out Caroline and have her physically removed from the party, at which they tried to kill Klaus?  I suppose consistency is too much to ask for on The Vampire Diaries. I don't understand what they are doing with Tyler's character at all?  They went from building so much empathy around him becoming a werewolf to turning him into an empty beast without the ability to think.

Now that Stefan has failed to fall for Elena's big brown eyes, she had to find some other outlet for her spunky agency tendencies.  Why hold onto the only leverage you have?  Elena hands Rebekah over to her brother, but warns Klaus that she now knows that he killed their mother.  Why would she warn him?  Let him pull that dagger out, and let nature take its course for crying out loud, if she actually wants him dead. Oooops, silly me, thinking and Elena do not go together. For his part, Klaus decides to leave the dagger in Rebekah firm in the knowledge that she will hate him now, with a tear rolling down his face.  I suppose this means that we have seen the last of the ancient vampire who wants to go to prom, be a cheerleader and be more popular that Caroline for now.  I can't say that I will miss that at all.

When Alaric comes back from the dead, after being run over instead of Jeremy, he discovers that all is not right with him.  Elena calls 911, only to be stopped by Klaus' pet hybrid.  Thankfully, Jeremy is outside with a cross bow.  He shoots the hybrid and marches into the kitchen to grab a cleaver, with Elena saying repeatedly what are you doing.  As he beheads the hybrid Elena screams Jeremy no, while I am screaming yes.  Damn right.  I mean, did she want to invite the hybrid in for high tea?  Beheading that hybrid was the most sensible thing that Jeremy has done in quite sometime. At the hospital Alaric meets Dr. Fell, who comments on his ability to quickly heal. 

Back at the house, Elena, Alaric and Damon show up at Jeremy's room to have a special chat with him.  Jeremy had to know what this meant, so I don't understand why he made eye contact with Damon.  They plant the suggestion that he should move to Denver, start a new school and do whatever he has to do to be happy. Damon throws in that he needs to meet a nice living girl.  This of course has me thinking of season two, when Elena promised never to do this to him again.  She did cry and need reassurance that she was a good sister, but it felt like making it all about her again.  What else could Elena do?  Jeremy at the age of 16 is just too young to deal with all of this stuff, whereas; at the ripe old age of 18, Elena is just so much more prepared. I actually found this quite laughable because I don't remember either of them ever acting like kids.  They come and go as they please, drink, hardly ever attend school unless it is to celebrate the blessed founders and go away for long weekends, but yeah - they need to spend more time being kids.

Outside of the house, Damon admits to Elena that Stefan stopped their plan to save his life and Elena is confused by this.  Does Stefan feel anything?  You can almost see the the wheels in her brain churning out, "does this mean he still lurves me?"  I was actually surprised Damon told her this, considering she had just told him how indispensable he is to her.  Damon of course feels that means that now he has to feel guilty about wanting something he cannot have - his brother's girl. Yep, bam, just like that, we are reminded of the dreaded love triangle.  Before Damon leaves, he decides that he wants something to be guilty about and kisses Elena, before walking away for the night, leaving her speechless.  As kisses go, this one didn't feel very passionate to me at all.  Considering that the two are dating in real life, the kiss really should have had more ooomph.  At this point, anytime Elena and Damon get close, it's starting to feel like forced fan service. 

Alright, those were my thoughts on the end of the hiatus.  What did you think of this episode?