Monday, March 26, 2012

Review of The Vampire Diaries, Season Three Episode 17: Break on Through

This episode opens with Alaric taking an MRI.  While in the machine, he sees his reflection grinning at him. It seems that Meredith might have a point about Alaric being out of touch with reality. As they are leaving the hospital, Damon promises to take care of him. Elena is not in the least bit pleased about Damons role in encouraging Stephan to feed on human blood, but Damon rightly informs her that Stephan is a vampire and this is what vampires do.  Elena reminds him that for a time, Stephan subsisted on a bit of her blood, but Damon tells her that is simply setting him up to fall off the wagon.  I have to say that I agree with Damon on this and Elena needs to accept the fact that this is what vampires do.  How can she even feign surprise after finding out that Stephan is the ripper?  It is also worth mentioning that Elena is 18 years old and just for once I would like her to acknowledge that maybe, just maybe, she does not know what is best.

When the scooby gang shows up for the re-dedication for the Wickery bridge, the Mayor Lockwood asks Alaric for the sign, but he shurgs and simply says that he has been busy. It is here that Damon runs into his former vampire mentor Sage.  It seems that Sage is back in mystic falls because she has learned that Fin is finally free of his coffin.  Sage has been waiting on Finn for almost a thousand years.  Rebekah is not pleased to see Sage and they engage in some catty ridiculous banter.  How can these women actually be as old as the writers claim they are.  I have seen 16 year old girls behave in a more mature manner.

Together Damon and Sage plot to get into Rebekah's head to find out why she is still in Mystic Falls.  Damon flirts with her and invites her to a party.  When she arrives at Damon's she is put off to discover only Sage and Damon.  As the two begins to dance, Rebekah wonders off to sulk and take a drink from the piano player.  Okay, small break to say, it's a good thing that Ian does not get paid for his dancing ability. When Damon finally approaches pouty Rebekah she asks about Sage, and he responds, "I don't want her, I want you."  Typical needy Rebekah falls for it and the two end up in bed together.

After Rebekah falls asleep, Sage sneaks into the room and reads Rebekah's thoughts and discovers that she is looking for the ash tree that survived. Damon gets up and looks through the records and surprise, surprise, the wood was used to build the Wickery bridge.  Would it have killed the writers to do something more inventive? Damon lets Sage in on his plan to kill the originals but Sage is not at all happy because the wood represents a threat to Finn.  Damon promises not to use the wood to kill Finn, only Rebekah.

When he returns to the room to get dressed, he discovers that Sage is gone.  He heads to The Wickery Bridge to find that she has set it on fire.  They argue and Damon threatens to suck her dry, but Sage points out that she is 900 year old vampire and that he does not have what it takes to kill her.  It turns out that she read Damon's mind and discovered that now that the originals are all linked, what happens to one, happens to them all.

At Abby's farm, she is having a very hard time adjusting to the fact that she has become a vampire. Jamie is refusing to enter the house because he is afraid of Abby but Caroline confronts him about this and reminds him that Abby did this so that she could be with him.  Caroline says that Abby needs his support now.  Would it be so hard if we stopped pretending that vampires are not a threat to humans?  Jamie has good reason to be afraid of Abby, and this is proved when she bites him while hugging him.

There is clearly some chemistry between Jamie and Caroline and Bonnie and Caroline.  I wonder who they are planning on setting him up with?  Caroline heals Jamie with a little vampire blood, while Abby talks to Bonnie about leaving because she sees herself as a danger.  Bonnie begs her mother to say and promises that they will find a way to work through this together.

When they enter the house, Elena is on the phone asking Bonnie to come and help Alaric.  Bonnie agrees to come and tells Elena that she needs something personal of Alaric's that he owned before he started wearing the ring.  Before Bonnie can hang up, Elena tells her quickly how sorry she is. Alaric tells Elena that his wedding ring is in his loft but when he volunteers to go and get it, Elena tells him to stay with Meredith.

While Elena is gone, Alaric passes out but when he wakes up his alternate personality is there.  He quickly empties the syringes and approaches Meredith asking her why she isn't ashamed for letting the vampires run wild instead of protecting the citizens of Mystic Falls. Meredith is forced to lock herself in Elena's bedroom, but as she sinks to the ground, she realizes that Alaric has managed to stab her with a knife.

When Elena and Stephan show up, Alaric is coming down the stairs.  He is forced to choke Alaric into unconsciousness. Stephan goes upstairs and vamps out when he sees Meredith's blood. He manages to hold back and feeds Meredith his blood and walks swiftly out of the room.

When Alaric awakes he is in bed with Damon watching over him. Downstairs, Bonnie hands Elena some herbs that were grown in Abby's garden.  For the rest of his life Alaric is going to have to drink this tea twice a day.  Bonnie hugs Elena and promises to return with more tea.

Back at Abby's farm, Abby is writing a good bye letter to Bonnie.  When Caroline walks in the room she realizes what Abby has planned and begs her to stay reminding her that she has already walked out on Bonnie once, but Abby will not be dissuaded.

Alone at the Salvatore place, Stephen is having an early drink.  He tells Damon that its too bad that he was out smarted, but Damon holds up the Wickery Bridge sign.  It seems that he has all of the wood he needs to kill the originals.  The plot thickens.

This episode was slightly more interesting than the last one but it still feels a lot like filler.  Damon is still raging over the originals but since they currently present no threat to him, I don't understand why there is so much urgency to kill them at this moment. I am also disgusted that Abby walked out on Bonnie. Would it have been that hard to give Bonnie a reoccurring connection on the show?  Finally, would it really have been that hard for Elena to catch a clue?