Friday, March 30, 2012

Being Human Season Two, Episode 11: Don't Fear the Scott

Though Josh and Aidan learned first hand the cost of ignoring Sally, this week they were once again too involved in their own drama to pay much attention to her concerns.  For her part, Sally spent most of the time playing the television at a loud volume, with the hope of tuning out Scott, AKA the reaper.

Josh and Julia begin to get closer and start spending time together.  Julia makes it clear that they can't pretend that they don't have a past, and that they are just dating for the first time.  Josh is nervous about getting further involved, but his love for Julia keeps drawing them closer. When Aidan asks what the problem is because he believes the two have already slept together, Josh admits that his body was ghost jacked for the event.

Aiden and Suren are extremely happy, because Mother is on her way to Boston to check on the results of their work.  Now that the orphans have been killed and a system has been set in place to deal with the humans that vampires kill, everything is right on track.  They begin to dream of a future together - even a future away from Boston.  Aiden makes it clear that she needs to accept the way his life is now, and that includes his best friend Josh.  I think it is absolutely worth noting that he never actually refers to Sally as his best friend, though she has always been there for him.  This is yet another reminder that to Aiden, Sally is just a hanger on.

When Aiden and Josh discuss the potential shift, Aidan suggests that he and Suren get together with Josh and Julia for dinner.  Josh is nervous about this because Julia is not fond of Aidan due to the way he treated her, when he discovered that she is Josh's former fiancee. Josh is also concerned about the fact that Suren may not be keen on the fact that Aidan and Julia used to date.  Sally intervenes and tells Aiden to let Suren know in advance about the complicated relationship.

Josh tells Sally that the woman whose body she had been stealing is now in the psych ward.  Sally is riddled with guilt, and says that she has to find a way to help this woman.  Josh is not at all pleased with the idea and believes that if Sally interacts with her, that she will do more harm than good.

When Aiden and Suren show up for dinner, Josh is down right chipper, but by the time they get to the dinner table, the conversation is extremely awkward and stilted.  Sally sits on the couch and tries to encourage conversation.  It's only when Josh and Aidan leave the table that Suren and Julia begin to talk.  Suren makes it clear that she knows about Aidan's previous relationship with Julia, because she recognizes Julia's scent.  When she realizes what she is saying, Suren says that she recognizes Julia's distinctive perfume.  Julia makes it clear that it was over before he started dating Suren, to which Suren replies that she knows, otherwise their conversation would be very different. The two women further warm up to each other and the evening goes well.

When Josh sees Julia out the door, who should be waiting but Nora.  It seems that she has discovered that Bree has a insatiable appetite for violence, and that with her brother now deceased, there is nothing to keep her in check.  Nora tries to apologize, but Josh tells her that it is too late. Josh tells her that she could have called him at anytime, but Nora counters saying that she was confused, but that she loves him.

Sally goes to the hospital to see if she can find some way to help Janet when she runs into Nora, who was unsuccessfully trying to get her job back.  When Sally explains the situation, Nora agrees to help. They go to the psych ward and Nora explains to Janet that the memories she has aren't hers, and that they actually belong to Sally.  She tells Janet that Sally is a good person who didn't mean to hurt her, and that she is not actually mentally ill.  Janet at first believes that Nora is another patient at the hospital, and so she tests her by reciting a part of a poem Sally wrote when she was nine, and asks her to finish it. It takes Sally a while to remember the poem, but when she does, she completes it with Nora repeating her words.

As Nora and Sally are leaving the hospital, they run into Josh who is not pleased to see either of them. He thinks that they cannot possibly do any good and he most certainly does not trust Nora.  When they leave he sees Julia, whom he quickly tries to assure that she is the woman he wants.  Julia does not want to be left like she was earlier, and tells Josh that this is not the easy decision that he is making it out to be.  Julia suggests that Josh stop and think about what he really wants and then get back to her.

The vampire meeting begins and it seems at first as though Mother is really pleased with the work that Aidan and Suren have done to clean up Boston, until she makes it clear that there will be no promotion for Suren and that she is stay in Boston until she is told to move elsewhere.  Suren is not at all pleased with what Mother is saying and she becomes even more upset as Mother reminds her what a disappointment she has been. Mother then turns to Aidan and remarks that he has fulfilled his side of the bargain. Unfortunately, Mother's way of repaying Aidan for all he has done is to banish him completely from vampire society and state that any vampire caught aiding him or interacting with him will be subject to death.  Suren screams and Aidan rushes Mother to attack her.  What is it with male vampires believing that they can physically assault older female vampires?  Mother puts Aidan in a choke hold and reminds him of his lack of strength.  She calls the fact that she isn't killing him for his violence is a moment of mercy on her part.

When Aidan returns home and tells Josh, Josh is ecstatic believing that this is the answer to all of Aidan's vampire problems.   Aidan is extremely agitated and points out that should he slip up that this means there are no clean up crews for him, and also points out that this means that he and Suren cannot be together.  Josh reminds him that it was his goal to go straight before this all started, but Aidan counters saying regardless, Suren means too much to him.

Aidan arranges a meeting with Henry and remarks that he is surprised that Henry did not betray him.  Henry promises to do anything to help Aidan, and so Aidan asks him to deliver a message.  When Suren shows up they embrace.  Aidan asks her to run away with him so that they can be together and she agrees to leave.

Aidan rushes home to pack a bag.  He is upstairs when Josh comes in.  Josh apologies to Sally for the way that he treated her at the hospital and lets her know that Janet is going to be released.  Sally still looks sad, and when he asks what is going on, she tells him that Aidan is leaving.  Aidan comes downstairs with his bags packed, and tells them that he has to go because this is the only way he can be with Suren.  It seems that Suren makes him happy and he cannot imagine his life without her.  When Josh asks how they can keep in touch, Aidan tells him that they won't, because they will be able to trace any communication back to him.  Sally suggests a stolen e-mail, but Aidan merely shakes his head.  Finally, Josh says that he will always be there waiting for him, but Sally points out that Josh won't but she will.  Aidan tells them that he loves them and with tears in his eyes, he walks out the door.

Outside, Nora is again waiting for Josh.  She tells him that she has discovered the cure for the curse.  If Josh wants to be free he has to kill the one that turned him.  Josh tells her that he cannot because that would mean that the animal in him would win.  When he asks her why she doesn't free herself, Nora says that she is fine with what she is, it's what she has done that she has a problem with.  Nora points out that she loves him and would never hurt him before walking away into the night.

Josh walks to Julia's house and when she opens the door her tells her that he chooses her and they begin to kiss.  Don't believe for one moment that this love triangle is over.  If anything this scene represents and amping up in the angst, not a reduction.

Aidan and Suren are sitting in a cheap motel, and already Suren is disenchanted.  Apparently, this is not what she thought running away would look like.  Aidan explains that they have to stay in places like this if they hope to remain free.  Suren begins to whine about being hungry, but Aidan tries to convince her to wait until tomorrow, when they can get to a hospital for some bagged blood.  Suren will not be pacified and so Aidan is forced to go out to look for food.  Aidan doesn't even make it out of the parking lot when he is surrounded by Henry and two other vampires.  Henry says, "you didn't think we would actually let you escape did you?"  That's right, predictably, Henry who has always only been interested in Henry has betrayed Aidan.