Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Vampire Diaries Season Three Episode 18: Murder of One

The episode begins with Elena delivering muffins and coffee to Alaric.  When she gets there, Damon stops her from seeing the inside of the loft, and after a few minutes of bickering, she walks out in a huff. What she does not know is that inside, Damon, Stephan, and Alaric, are chopping up the Wickery Bridge sign in order to make stakes to kill the originals.  Alaric attempts to bow out, saying that he is going to turn himself into the sheriff,  but Damon draws him in and tells him to put on his ring.  Alaric says that the ring is what turned him into a murderer, but Damon tells him that he is going to need it if he is going to go vampire hunting.

Klaus and Rebekha hunt down Fin, because they need a sample of his blood in order to end the spell cast by mommy dearest and Bonnie.  Finn does not want anything to do with them, and states that when their mother finds a way to bring an end to their lives that he is more than happy to help her.  Klaus chases him into an alley, where Rebekha surprises him. Finn is shocked that Rebekha is on Klaus' side, considering that he trapped them in coffins for centuries, but Rebekha responds, "at least he didn't try to kill us." Klaus throws Finn into a wall, knocking him unconscious

Damon calls a meeting of the scooby gang, but only Matt, Elena and Caroline show up.  Stephan hands out the stakes and reminds them that because of the link, they only have to kill one original.  They practice various scenarios to accomplish this goal, though Caroline does object to the fact that she is the one that they plan to use to bait Klaus.  Elena brings up the fact that Bonnie is missing and asks if anyone has seen her heard from her.  She even goes as far as to question whether or not she should be worried. No one really responds to her query.  Since when did Elena become the caring friend?

Back at the Michaelson mansion, Finn makes it clear that he will not help them, and so Klaus decides to  make it appealing to him by re-introducing him to his long lost love Sage.  Finn is amazed to see her after 900 years, and is suddenly far more agreeable to Klaus' plans.  Sage and Fin leave, giving Klaus and Rebekah a chance to have a little chat.  She is upset that it is taking so long for his witch to cast the spell, and says that she plans to pay a visit to Damon, rather than waiting in the house.

Klaus walks into the next room, to find Bonnie looking through a huge grimoire.  She tells him that she is not sure that she can do the spell he wants, but Klaus tells her that she had better find the confidence to do it.  To encourage her, he calls one of his hybrids, and has him show a live image of Jeremy.  Klaus makes it clear that unless Bonnie helps, he will kill Jeremy.

In the woods, Elena finally gets around to telling Caroline about Alaric.  For the first time, Caroline learns that Alaric is the reason that her father is dead.  She is upset, but Elena tells her that he is a victim of the supernatural, and that she cannot judge him.  She says that if she were to judge Alaric, then she would have to judge Stephan, and Bonnie's mom, and that would be wrong because neither of them chose to become a vampire.  Caroline realizes that she is in the same position.

They head into town where they see Finn and Sage on a little stroll.  Elena calls Stephan, who tells her not to approach them.  For he first time, Elena actually listened and didn't get all spunky.  Who would have thought that she had this in her.

At Alaric's loft, Rebekah shows up as promised.  She throws Alaric down the stairs incapacitating him and grabs Damon. She makes it clear that she is extremely angry about what he had Sage do, because she considers the forced reading of her mind a violation.  Damon makes a dig about her being needy because of being under Klaus' thumb, and asks sarcastically if she really believed that he was into her.

Rebekah takes him back to the Michaelson mansion and ties him up S&M style. Her plan is to cut him repeatedly to cause him pain, and to drain the vervain from his blood.  As she begins to torture him, Klaus makes an appearance and suggests that if she is going to bleed him that she should hang him by his heels.

Finn and Sage go to the bar and low and behold, who should be working there but Matt.  Stephan is sitting at the bar listening to them talk.  Sage and Finn order a shot of tequila, which turns out to be Finn's first shot ever.  She tells him that she never stopped loving him and he is surprised.  When he asks how she got by, Sage tells him that she turned someone when she first planned to come to Mystic Falls, because she did not trust his family. He is a little disappointed and says that he turned her out of weakness.  When their second drink arrives, they take one sip and quickly spit it out realizing that the drinks are filled with verain.  Stephan walks past them and they get up to pursue him.

At the Michealson mansion, Rebekah is playing with Damon's mind. She makes him believe that Elena has shown up to save him, but that he is so weak she is forced to offer him her blood.  At first he rejects her offer and tries to send her away, but when it is clear that she really means it, he feeds off of her.  They lean towards each other, seconds from a kiss, when Rebekah stops the fantasy.

In the other room, Klaus cuts his hand and Bonnie catches his blood in a cup.  Before she can do the spell, she hears Damon scream in torture, but Klaus tells her to ignore the sound.  He offers to find her mother for her, or to bring her mother back to her in pieces if that is what she wants.

In the alley behind the bar, a struggle ensues and Elena shoots Finn with the cross bow, but before he can recover, he is staked.  Sage falls to her knees beside him and watches as his body slowly crumbles and then ignites.  The gang leave believing that they by killing Finn, that they have killed all of the originals, but what they don't know is that Bonnie has already broken the spell.

Klaus releases Bonnie, but as she is walking out she sees Damon.  Klaus asks her if she wants to free the man that turned her mother, but Bonnie just shakes her head and walks out. When she is on the front lawn, Elena calls and Bonnie tells her in tears that she broke the spell.  Elena tries to get more information out of her, but Bonnie just cannot deal and hangs up.  It's about time that Bonnie take care of herself.  All she has ever been is a convenient tool for the supernatural creatures in mystic falls.  I still don't understand with all of the power that Bonnie has, why she was helpless against Klaus in the first place.

Back at the Salvatores, Elena tells Stephan that Klaus is still alive and so he grabs a stake with the intention of killing Klaus.  Elena tries to stop him, but he barrels through the front door, only to be stopped by Sage.  Sage is enraged due to the death of Finn, and she quickly casts Caroline aside.  Just as she kneels over Stephan to threaten him, her nose starts to bleed.  Pain starts to wrack her body and she calls out to her child for help, but he is also in pain.  Finally, she keels over obviously dead.

The scooby gang are stunned with this turn of events.  Caroline suggests that maybe Sage died because she loved Finn so much.  Finally, they figure out that Sage died, because she was Finn's child.  It seems that if you kill an original, you kill everyone in their line.

Stephan decides once again to go after Damon, and he takes the stakes with him.  Caroline goes to check up on Alaric where they have a touching talk about the death of her father.  Caroline tells him that when she was first turned she killed a man, and she knows that he could have been someone's father.  As far as she is concerned, they both have blood on their hands. Alaric may have killed council members but at least he didn't run around snacking on Black folk the way that Caroline did.

At the Micheaelson mansion, Stephan drops the stakes at Klaus' feet and asks for the release of Damon.  Klaus believes that Stephan is holding out on him and so he approaches Damon, who is finally weak enough to be compelled.  Damon admits that there are more stakes than Stephan has handed over.  This enrages Klaus and he tells Stephan that he should be thanking him, instead of trying to kill him because he gave his life purpose, by giving him someone to hate.  Rebekah is tired of the games and suggests that they let the brother go as an act of faith, but that they must hand over the stakes.  Klaus agrees but warns that he will wage war on the people that the brothers love if they don't turn over the stakes.

Damon and Stephan leave and Klaus accuses Rebekah of going soft.  She tells him that the Salvatores play dirty, but at least one cannot doubt that they would do anything for each other.  They are family and she does not believe that Klaus knows what that means.  Klaus responds that he wanted family, they just didn't want him.  He tells her that when he gets the stakes, he is going to take Elena with him and create more hybrids, and that will be all the family he needs.  Rebekah asks what he will do if she decides to stay, and he tells her that she is turning into Finn.

Stephan returns to the Salvatore mansion and tells Elena that everything is going to be fine once Damon gets Alaric's stake and turns it over.  He says that he has finally realized that Klaus is not worth all the hate he has invested, but that he knows he has still lost her.  Elena says that she still loves him, but he points out that now she also loves Damon as well.  Stephan asks her to admit it to him, and she says that she does not know how she feels.  I suppose an episode of The Vampire Diaries wouldn't be complete with out a little love triangle angst.

At Alaric's loft, Damon shows up to ask about the stake.  They head to the bookshelf only to discover that it is gone.  Damon believes at first that he simply misplaced it, but Alaric tells him that he is sure that this is where he stored it.  Damon then asks if Alaric told anyone, but Alaric says that he didn't.  That is when they realize that Alaric's vampire hunting alter ego must have hidden it.

oooooh big fade to black.