Monday, July 9, 2012

True Blood Season Five, Episode Five: Let's Boot and Rally

Last week, many were upset when Sookie and Alcide started to make out because of her inebriated state, but it seems that they need not have worried, because it was quickly brought to an end by Sookie puking all over Alcide's feet.   This, along with Bill and Eric's presence quickly brought an end to any potential naughty times.  The men quickly started to bicker, which caused Sookie to laugh.  It seems that she sees them sort of like the mob - every time she tries to get out, they drag her back in. They head off to find Russell Edgington, with Sookie reading the mind of an associate of Alcide's, whom Russell compelled to help him.

In the meantime, Eric and Bill have run out of time.  The authority has decided to give them until sunrise before they activate their I-Stakes.  In the back of the truck, Bill and Eric are starting to bicker about who is responsible for alerting the authority about  Russell. When they arrive at what looks like an abandoned mental institution, they try to tell Sookie to stay outside but she won't hear of it.  Apparently, she believes that her little fairy power and the sunlight are all that hurts Russell and claims that it will be her protecting them. I couldn't help but wonder why they bothered to argue with her.  If they get lucky, maybe Russell will eat her.

At Fangtasia, Tara made an appearance in a purple bustier which she borrowed from Pam.  I gotta say that she looked hot. What wasn't so hot was her comment suggesting that if she wanted to look like a drag queen that she would borrow something from Lafayette's closet.  Really? So if a man is gay, he's suddenly a drag queen now?  The thing is, after everything True Blood has pulled, I cannot say that I am in the least bit surprised. I also didn't like Tara's slave reference to Pam, given the fact that True Blood has a history of playing fast and loose with African-American history.

It was however interesting to watch Tara and Jessica compare notes on being a vampire.  Though she may be upset about how it happened, it seems that Tara is coming to terms with it. Hoyt then showed up outside of Fangtasia in all of his fang banger regalia.  He offered himself to Tara who told him to go home to his mama and Hoyt got all upset stating, "What, my blood isn't good enough for you?"  We get it, Hoyt is having an identity crises, but why should we care?  In the bathroom, Tara is feeding on him but when he says no, Jessica bursts in and they start to fight.  If this ends up bringing Jessica and Hoyt back together or even into a friendship, I am going to be pissed.  As it is, the whole thing read like a White man helpless at the hands of a wild Black woman. Do they even think about the situations they put Tara in and what it means in the context of race and gender?

When we last saw Jason and Andy, they were being hustled out of the fae bar.  They arrive naked at their respective houses.  Before Jason wakes, he has a dream about being a kid again.  Am I the only one who loved the He-Man PJ's?  It's christmas time and his parents are waiting for him at the breakfast table.  When he goes over, he sees bite marks on their neck, suggesting that vampires are the reason that they died.  For his part, Andy wakes up naked at his grandmother's house, much to the horror of Arlene.  Yeah, I wouldn't want to see that first thing in the morning either.  

They head over to the house where the shifters Emory and Suzanne have died and Jason asks Andy if he knows what happened.  In classic True Blood style Andy responds, "Watch that homo talk Stackhouse, folks will sue you for all that shit."  Okay, so that's two anti-gay moments in one episode.  How exactly did Andy's comment even make the smallest bit of sense?  Jason tells him that everyone at that bar were fairies.  Andy decides that he is not going back because he is not going to mess up his relationship with Holly.  Funny how at the bar, he didn't even remember Holly's name when the opportunity to get laid was presented to him.

Andy heads off to interview Sam about the deaths.   Andy asks if there anything hinky going on, and Sam tells him that they were shifters.  Trapped in a tree, Jason finds a wooden bullet.  Sam says that they would hurt shifters but they are specifically made to target vampires.  Jason is upset because "All of this supernatural shit has been going on for years."  He points out that supes have been killing people and making it look all natural.  Haven't we already gone down this road with Jason? 

Sam heads over to Luna's to tell her about the deaths and they have a moment together.  When Emma makes a noise in the back, Luna tells Sam that it's time to go.  When he steps outside he is shot by a group of masked men yelling about shifters.  Luna hears the shots and steps outside and she is also shot.  When Emma comes outside, Sam tells her to run and she turns into a wolf and runs away, as Luna dies on the floor. Being a woman of colour, I should have known that Luna was on borrowed time. 

Lafayette is freaking out about Sookie's car accident.  Hey, didn't he just call her the motherfucking angel of death? What's with all the angst?  He starts to burn sage in the hopes of cleansing his house, but the images of Gods on his mantle start to shake. He asks God for help and Jesus' head appears but his lips have been sewn shut.  I was absolutely thrilled that they finally got back to this storyline and that Jesus appeared.  When he cannot get his message across to Lafayette, Jesus appears to Lafayette's mother and she says that she will tell Lafayette what he said.

Okay, far too much of this episode was taken up by Terry and what happened to him in Iraq.  It seems that before she died, an Iraqi woman cursed him, calling on an ifrit to bring her justice.  Terry and his fellow soldiers aren't upset by their murderous actions, but the potential of the Ifrit burning them alive.  Obviously, this is probably going to link by to Lafayette as he is the resident Brujo, but I cannot for the life of me drum up any damn interest in this storyline.  I think that it's a stretch and takes valuable time away from far more interesting characters like Roman and Salome.

Speaking of Roman, it seems that he doesn't believe in the ridiculous blood sharing ceremony or that Lilith is paying attention.  When Salome tells him that the sanguinistas are getting stronger he gets frustrated.  Roman once again asserts that they mus live as equals with humans to which the other members of the vampire authority swear to.  

Okay, that's about all that happened.  I found this entire episode to be kind of meh, with the exception of the appearance of Jesus. It feels very much like True Blood is floundering this season without any real direction.  It has taken until episode five to get to Russell and he still has not done anything significant on the show.  What are your thoughts?