Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Alphas Season Two, Episode Two: The Quick and the Dead

This episode opens with an Alpha using his super speed to drag someone out of a restaurant.  What is interesting is that before he dragged him, he seemed to be able move around water.

It then moves to Cameron getting his grove on with Rosen's daughter.  It's only now that Rosen is back he is concerned about what Rosen will think.  At the office, Gary has a tantrum because someone has used his shelf and taken his pudding.  He throws things about and even shoves people.  It is worth noting that there seem to be a lot of new people in the office all of a sudden and this is probably overwhelming to him.

Clay says that the new people are there to keep an eye on the team.  Rosen is drawn to the train explosion and because there was no signature, he believes that the culprit is Stanton Parish.  Clay suggests that Parish is a delusion, but Rosen says he is very real and very dangerous.

The team gets called to the scene where the man was kidnapped and discover how quickly Eli was moving.  They trace his scent to a factory and when they open a freezer, they find the kidnapped victim. When the team gets back to the office, Bill is surprised to see that Rachel has not taken a break but Rosen breaks in to say that he believes Rachel can handle herself. It turns out that not only suspect Eli super fast, he is aging at an advanced rate.

Gary is busy guarding the fridge, when Nina and Cameron enter. It seems that despite the tension last week, the two are getting along, until Gary points out that Cameron has six unanswered text messages.  Nina quips that he never answers his texts and walks out.  Gary in the meantime has started to read Cameron's texts: "this morning was yummy."  Gary assumes that this is about him having something yummy like pancakes for breakfast.  When he reads that the message is from Dani, Cameron gets upset and promises to kill Gary if he tells anyone.  It seems that Gary expects others to respect his boundaries but has no qualms about ignoring the privacy of others. 

In her office, Nina is hanging an actual Van Gogh, when Rosen shows up to tell her that her life is out of control.  He asks if she plans on pushing the person who shows up there to reclaim the painting, and informs her that she has to show up to work on time, and avoid pushing people unless it's absolutely necessary, or he cannot have her on the team. Before Nina can respond, Rachel enters to say that Bill needs help interviewing the victim's wife.

Nina and Rosen enter, and Nina starts to push the woman asking if she is hiding anything and she starts to list things like her affair, the fact that she masturbates, a failure to pay taxes etc,. Nina and Rosen leave and he runs into Gary yelling at the FBI agents again.  It turns out that Gary has found another abduction and it happened eight minutes ago.  Rosen realises that the victim may still be alive. 

Eli is questioning Dr. Casey trying to force him to admit that he treated him, when Bill and Hicks show up.  Hicks shoots the knife out of Eli's hand and Eli takes off.  Bill amps up to chase Eli and just misses him.  Back at the office, they question Dr. Casey, who doesn't understand why Eli kept saying that he had treated him.  It turns out that the doctor was experimenting on children.  

Dani is helping a woman who is terminal with her pain, as Staton Parish watches on.  It turns out that the woman is Parish's last grandchild, though she only knew him as a distant cousin.  Parish turns the conversation to Rosen, and Dani uses her power to show him how Rosen is feeling.  Dani suggests that he reach out to Rosen and explain how things should be, but Parish says that Rosen has to get there on his own.  Parish then asks about Cameron and Dani says that he is a nice guy and Parish responds, "I hope that you two can remain friends. With your father back, you cannot afford to lose control of your emotions." 

Cameron and Dani meet on the street and she tells him that she likes him but because her father is back  that things are too complicated and they need to end their relationship.  Cameron asks where this is coming from and says that they have a connection.  She tells him that every guy she has ever been with has said the same thing and walks off leaving him standing in the rain.

Bill is adamant that Dr. Casey belongs in jail and though Rosen agrees, he knows they have to keep an eye on him, because Eli has targeted him. Bill is not impressed with the idea of using him as bait, but Rosen says he is betting on the response time of the team. Bill responds that there is no team and they are not ready.  Rosen of course is not in the least bit pleased that one of his Alphas would dare question him. Bill points out that he has been there for the last eight months and that Rosen has been back less than a week.  Rosen believes that Bill is anxious because he believes he is losing control of the team. Bill is offended that Rosen has essentially called him a control freak, and points out what happened is because of Rosen's ego.  Rosen went on national television and told he world about Alphas without sharing with his team what he planned to do. Bill tells Rosen that he pulled that stunt to stroke his ego, and this left the  Alphas  to clean up the mess. Rosen says that if Bill really feels that way, he should just go.

In Cameron's office, Nina says she understands why Hicks is angry and apologies for using her ability on him.  She says that she didn't even know that she was using her ability, and that she ruined what they have.  It seems that Nina wants to make things right and try again. Cameron tells her that he is seeing someone and Nina is shocked and wants to know who.  When Cameron refuses to answer, Nina pushes him to find out.  Nina then storms out of the office and when Rachel asks her what's wrong she says, "just pretend you don't know okay, cause you know everything." 

Bill and Hick's are on a roof watching Dr. Casey.  Though Hicks is looking through the scope of a rifle his attention is not there.  Gary quips that Hicks has girl problems and tells Bill that Cameron had breakfast with Dani Rosen.  Gary finally clues in and asks if Hicks had sex with Dani and is excited that he broke Cameron's sex code.  Hicks simply says that he is not having this conversation with either one of them. 

At the office, Rachel tells Rosen that Nina is not returning any of her calls and she is worried because she has never seen Nina like this.  Rosen continues meddling with boxes and says that Nina will be fine and that he has seen her like this before.  Rachel offers to help, but Rosen says he's fine and so Rachel decides to go the stake out because Eli is really fast.  As soon as Rachel leaves, Eli arrives and puts a knife to Rosen's neck saying that he is not there to kill him.  It seems that Eli wants this to stop and is upset by his advanced aging.  Rosen says that what happened to him was wrong and promises to help him if he trusts him. 

At the site, Rachel confronts Hicks about having sex with Dani. She wants to know who Hicks could break up with Nina for using her ability on him but enjoy it when Dani does.  Bill says that hot steamy sex is always different. Hicks says it's about the connection, though he admits that Dani says it's about her ability.  He asks everyone to just let it go. Rachel says it's wrong and Bill thinks she is talking about sex, but what she really means is Eli.

At the office Rosen is putting Eli through some tests and when Eli sees a picture of Staton Parish, Rosen is interested.  It seems that Eli saw Parish at the clinc.  Dani is at the office and sees Eli so she calls Hicks.  Eli finds Dani and gets upset, so Rosen begs him to leave Dani out of this and says that he might no where to find some answers. When the rest of the team arrives at the office, they find Dani tied up. 

Gary begins to track Rosen using CCTV.  They arrive at the place where the medical building used to be, but it turns out that it is now a church.  Eli is upset because he wants things to go back to the way it was. Rosen says that it won't happen and the best he can hope for is slowing down the process  The team arrives, and Eli takes Rosen into the church.  Eli says that he is going to die anyway but Rosen tells him that he has years left. Dani comes forward and so Eli holds a knife to he throat.  Dani uses her power on him and it calms him and slows him down.  Eli is then shot in the back.

The next day, Clay tells Rosen and Bill that an investigation is underway to discover who took the shot. Bill is incredulous because a simple chamber check should reveal the guilty party. Rosen cuts him off saying that he is sure Bill is not trying to imply anything and that the team is out of sync recently.  Clay agrees that they are jammed in pretty tight.  Rosen brings up that the entire third floor is available for rent.  Clay leaves and Rosen is livid because he told Eli that he could be trusted.  Rosen admits that he let down the team and hopes to make it up to them.

At the hospital Dani tells Parish that she wants to be with Cameron.  He says that she deserves to be happy and to be careful.  In the office, the crew is altogether except for Nina. Rosen enters saying that what happened last night was really wrong.  Rosen tells them that the FBI will no longer be privy to the inner workings in the office.  Rosen believes that Parish is connected to Eli's death and that the only people they can trust are sitting in the room.

At the bedside of his dying granddaughter, Parish euthanizes her.  That same night, Nina is having a drink when Rosen enters the bar.  Nina tells him that she heard he killed another alpha.  Rosen wants to know why she hasn't returned any of their calls, and Nina stands up saying that she is done and that Rachel can have the Van Gogh. Before she leaves the bar, she says that Hicks is having sex with Dani.  When Rosen tries to reach out saying that it's important for her not to feel alone when she feels like this, Nina pushes him saying, "get this through your head, it's over."  When Rosen finally comes to, the bar is empty and closing for the night.