Monday, November 19, 2012

Misfits Season Two, Episode Seven

As you know, the current season is airing but because we have not completely caught up, every Monday we are publishing a backlogged episode with the more current episode review and recap being published every Wednesday.

It's been three months since the last episode and it is now clearly Christmas time.  Nathan is dressed up as Santa and is handing out fliers.  Curtis and Nikki are having sex in a bathroom (Can Curtis ever do it on a bed like everyone else?), when Nikki disappears just as she is orgasming. Simon has his mask on, and is busy trying to gain the skills of future Simon but failing spectacularly. Alisah walks by a sign offering cash for powers.

Someone has vandalized a nativity scene and emptied a donation box in a mock church set up at the community center.  Simon and Alisha are in a bar and she gathers some ice to treat his wounds.  Alisha tells Simon that she is worried about him breaking his neck but Simon says that he has to learn somehow. Nathan interrupts to ask Simon how things worked out so well for him - a cool flat and an amazing girlfriend. Alisha puts down the beers and Curtis enters, telling her not to give them any more free drinks but Nathan and Kelly start guzzling the booze.

At the community center, Nathan meets Marny, who is a very pregnant teen.  He tells her not to smoke because apparently that's how babies become dwarves. Marny says she won't know who the father is until she sees the race of the baby.  There seems to be instant chemistry between Nathan and Marny and they end up having sex against the lockers.

Alisha has tracked down Seth to sell her power.  Alisha says that she has the ability to turn anyone on and Seth asks her how much she wants for her it.  Alisha says that she just wants it gone and asks him not to use it on anyone.  Seth says that he can't use the powers while he is holding it and that he can give Alisha her life back.  Alisha holds out her hand, Seth grasps it and takes her power, as lights flash throughout the room. As Alisha is leaving, the minister from earlier enters. We watch as Seth transfers a power to the minister.

Alisha finds Simon and touches him.  Simon is shocked and Alisha tells him that she went to see Seth who took her power.  Simon is worried about what Seth is going to do with it, but Alisha says that it it doesn't matter and what matters, is that her power is gone. Alisha tells Simon that she wants to be able to touch him and that she wants it to be like it was because they had great sex.  Alisha tells Simon that she misses having sex with him.  With sex on table, Simon quickly puts his reservations behind and kisses Alisha.

A little while later, Simon is sitting up in the bed with Alisha telling him that it doesn't matter. Simon asks if future him was much better than him and Alisha assures Simon that it was different. Simon admits that he hates thinking of Alisha being with him, and Alisha has to remind Simon that she was with him, just a future him. Simon cannot let go of the idea that the future him is better and says, you'll always love him more than you love me before turning invisible.  Okay, I would remiss if I didn't thank the director for that awesome nude shot of Iwan Rheon. That man is all kinds of hotness.

The man who bought Alisha's power, is now actually walking on water.  A woman sees him and asks how he is doing it, so he turns and says that he is Jesus Christ and has been reborn, then continues to walk on water.

Nathan wakes up to see Marny getting dressed.  Nathan tells Marny that he wants to be there for her and the baby and Marny sensibly asks if he has any money because he looks poor.  Nathan counts his money and says that he has one pound sixty-eight and puts it in Marny's hand.  Marny pees herself and gets upset but Nathan says that he has pissed and shit himself more than he can remember.  Simon enters the room and Marny walks off.  Simon takes Nathan aside and tells him that Alisha sold her powers and Nathan asks if the goods weren't as advertised. "Is she one of those girls with really long pubes?" Nathan asks, followed by, "has she got an extrovert vagina?" Simon admits that he was shit.  Nathan tells Simon to put a few fisherman's friend in his mouth and then pleasure Alisha orally.  (All of this is  said with Nathans tongue sticking out, something I never ever want to see again.) Simon looks doubtful but takes the fisherman's friend.

Nathan goes to see Seth to sell his immortality.  When Seth asks how much he wants, Nathan says one million pounds.  Nathan returns to the community center and hands Marnie two grand for her and the baby.  Nathan says that it should have been more, but he got beaten down on the price. Marnie asks if Nathan, "sucked off some fat German tourist?"

The minister is giving a speech in front of the community center.  During his speech, a man in the background attempts to mug a woman and when he points a gun at the minister, the minister uses some kind of power to take the gun away.  The minister tells the would be robber, "you need to do some serious repenting, if you want to enter the kingdom of heaven, you must give generously."

Alisha is showing everyone that her power is gone.  Nikki suggests that this is something that they should all do.  Nikki asks what they have achieved from their powers and Curtis asks, "you mean apart form saving all of our lives?"  Alisha believes that they wouldn't need saving, if they didn't have powers in the first place. Nikki suggests that they should all see Seth to learn how much he offers them.  Reluctantly, Curtis agrees, after Nikki says that it is worth having a conversation.

When they get to Seth's, the misfits run into Simon, who was watching Seth to see what he did with the powers he bought. Simon points out that in Superman 2, when superman gave up his powers, so that he could be with Lois Lane, General Zod took over the world.  Curtis waves money at Simon and says, "that's totally relevant, except there ain't no general Zod." Curtis is more than happy with the twenty thousand pounds.  Alisha tells Simon that she just wants them to be a normal couple and that Simon does not need to be invisible anymore.  Simon asserts that this is part of who he is and so Alisha lies and tells Simon that future Simon said that they are supposed to do this.  Simon enters the room with Seth and Seth asks, "you buying or selling?"

Back at his flat, Simon is looking at future Simon's pictures, when Alisha asks him if he is coming to bed.  When Simon does not answer, Alisha tells him that if it is about the sex, that he just needs some practice.This time around, it seems that Simon is more successful. In the meantime, the preacher has returned to see Seth to buy more powers.

In the morning, Nathan wakes up to people singing Oh Happy Day in the community center.  The man who tried to steal at the ministers earlier sermon, is surprised that man he now calls Jesus, has been having sex. The new Jesus tells him to go forth into the world and bring him more money. It makes no sense to me that the faux Jesus is being followed since the real Jesus consistently advocated for the poor. What happened to it's easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than for a camel to enter the kingdom of heaven?

The misfits are all at the bar and drinking.  Kelly walks in wearing a mink coat and her hair is down for a change. Curtis has made plans to travel and says that he is going to Thailand.  Nathan of course wants to know if Curtis has plans to do it with a ladyboy while he is there. A man comes in and robs  the bar and when he demands Nathan hand over his money, Nathan refuses and says that the money is for Marnie and the baby. Nathan claims to be immortal, Simon yells, "no you're not," and as Nathan waves his hands, the gunman shoots Nikki, as she is entering the room. Curtis rushes to Nikki, but she dies in his arms.

Curtis says that he is going to get his power back so that he can save Nikki.  Curtis leaves the bar and Kelly says that having a power could have stopped the robber.  Nathan follows adding that if he dies, he can't be there for Marnie and the baby.  This leaves Simon and Alisha and Alisha says that she can't go back to the way it was.  Simon kisses Alisha and walks out of the bar.

The misfits go to see Seth and he says that he doesn't have Curtis' power because he sold it to an old Jewish guy, who said he wanted to rewind time and kill Hitler.  Curtis screams that his girlfriend is dead and needs his power. Simon asks about the rest of their powers and Seth says that they are all still available for forty thousand each.  Kelly yells, "you only paid us twenty grand."  This shocks Nathan because of course he only got two grand for his.  Kelly threatens to kick Seth in the balls if he doesn't hand over his power.  A small man enters the room and tosses them all out bodily into the street.

Alisha is walking and is being followed by the man who claims to be Jesus reborn.  Alisha recognizes him from the community center.  He then touches Alisah and it is clear that the man now has Alisha's old power.   Jesus' helper shows up and says that he shot and killed someone, causing the faux Jesus to push Alisha to the ground and then run away.  The faux Jesus tells the man that he is forgiven for all of the stealing, drugs and masturbating and sends him off.

Alisha is in the flat crying, when Simon returns. Alisha tells him that she lied and that she just wanted them to be normal.  Simon tells her, "you shouldn't have done that."  Alisha then tells Simon that her power was used against her and that the man who robbed the bar was there as well.  Simon gets up and says, "I'm gonna kill Jesus."

When all of the misfits arrive at the community center, Simon says, "the guy who killed Nikki, he was doing it for Jesus.  The Misfits find him in the locker room and he says that he went without money and sex, and no one gave a shit. Faux Jesus claims that he has given people meaning and then the Misfits give a list of all of his wrongs. When Curtis moves to attack him, Jesus shifts to stand in front of the congregation and pauses to pull up his zipper.  In the lockeroom, Nathan says that when they had their powers, they never hurt anyone, but Curtis points out that Alisha raped him and they murdered someone.  I am so glad to see what happened between Curtis and Alisha acknowledged as rape.  Simon decides to take all of the money that faux Jesus has accumulated to buy their powers back. Faux Jesus appears and says that the locker belongs to him.  Faux Jesus uses his powers to draw the locker back to him, but he looses control and gets killed by the locker.

Marnie's water suddenly breaks and Kelly calls for an ambulance.  As Marnie is in labour, Nathan tells the Misfits that he and Marnie talked about it and they want all of them to be the baby's Godparents.  A little while later, Marie is holding the baby and Nathan announces that the baby looks like him. Nathan starts to sing to the crying baby and all of the Misfits surround them and start to sing with him. Curtis stands up and tells Nathan that he has lost his cool. Suddenly, Marnie says that she thinks that she is having another one.  Nathan reaches down, pulls out the afterbirth and then starts stomping on it. Covered in blood, Kelly yells, "it's after birth you dick head."  Nathan says, "happy Christmas one and all."

The Misfits go back to see Seth with the money from the locker. Kelly asks if there is any reason they have to have the same powers as they had before.  Simon says, "he said if we had the money, we could take our pick." Kelly steps forward and offers her hand to Seth and the power transfer begins.

Though Nathan continued to be an ass, it really did not make sense that he was more than willing to get into a relationship with Marnie.  He has made it clear on more than one occasion that he has no interest in children.  The child Marnie is pregnant with isn't even his.  I think that this is a horrible way to write Nathan out of the show.  I am not sad to see Nathan go, but the circumstances behind him leaving do not fit the character they spent two seasons building up.