Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Revolution, Season One, Episode Nine: Kashmir

At the West Chester Rebel camp, twenty miles outside of Philadelphia, Nora is arguing with a rebel leader but he is not buying it because she walked in the door with Miles.  Miles is handcuffed to a chair and being beaten.  Col. Starkey and Sergent Wheatley enter the room and Miles says that it is cute that the rebels use military titles.  Miles reminds them that he is a retired general and that he is there to hand them Monroe's head on a plate.  Miles says that Monroe is holding his nephew prisoner and that there are only a handful of places they could be keeping him. Miles points out that he needs help and the rebels are the only help around.  Col. Starkey asks what Miles' plans are and Miles says that he knows everything about Monroe.  Starkey asks why he should believe him and Miles asks how he can pass up this offer.

Miles is released and he tells Charlie and Nora that they are in and will be leaving tomorrow night.  That night they are at the camp and Miles is drinking.  Charlie suggests that he should go easy because tomorrow is a big day.  Miles tells Charlie to be realistic because the odds are that they are going to die tomorrow. Charlie is certain that Miles knows what he is doing and will figure it out.  Miles asks what happens if he has to go face to face with Monroe, but Charlie asks in return what he means. Instead of answering, Miles simply walks away.

Aaron asks Miles if this is the only way and Miles assures him that they have no other choice. They seem to be entering some underground railway station. Nora tells the group to watch their step because the Militia has the tunnels rigged with traps. Miles thanks Sergent Wheatley because he is the one who talked the Col. into doing this. It seems that Wheatley is a gambler and feels that the best case scenario Miles will give them Monroe and at worst case, Wheatley will put a bullet in his brain.

Charlie and Nora are talking and Nora says that Miles and Monroe were best friends and grew up together. Charlie asks why Miles left the militia and Nora responds that Miles tried to assassinate Monroe but he couldn't pull the trigger. Charlie steps on a landmine and the group is forced to stop.

 Rachel is still working on the device that Monroe asked her to build, while Led Zeppelin is playing in the background.  Neville walks in and asks Rachel to explain to Burke what the gadget she is building does. Rachel grabs the pendant and says that it powers up everything within its very limited range of nine or ten feet.  Apparently, for weapons and vehicles, you need a booster - an amplifier. The amplifier increases the range to within half mile.  Neville asks when it will be ready and Rachel says soon.  Rachel dismisses them saying that she would like to get back to work.

In the tunnel, Nora is working on the landmine.  I for one am hoping that it goes off because Charlie irritates me.  Nora clears a path for people to walk and sends the rebels on ahead.  Charlie tries to send Miles and Nora ahead but Miles insists that he is not going anywhere.  Charlie steps off  the mine and Aaron, Nora and Miles takes off running.  Unfortunately, the mine explodes blocking any chance of an exit. This means that there is no going back.

The group continues to walk through the tunnels and Aaron introduces himself to Ashley.  Aaron asks if Ashley remembers the United States because she is only 19.  Ashely admits that she does not remember, but she remembers what her father, who was from Syria told her because he didn't want his children to grow up scared in their own country. Ashley asks why Aaron is fighting Monroe and Aaron says that until this second, it never occurred to him that he was.

Up ahead, Miles sees a figure in the tunnels and takes off running. When they enter the area where Miles saw the scout, there is no one there.  This causes Charlie to ask if he is okay.  The group continues to make their way through the tunnels, even though it has been flooded and they are now chest deep in water. Nora senses something moving in the water and starts to look around frantically.  Suddenly, Nora is dragged under and the water turns red.  They rush over to Nora but when they reach her, there is nothing wrong with her leg.  Aaron says that this makes sense and that they are hallucinating because they are all running out of air.  Aaron says that they are suffocating and that hallucinations are the last thing that are going to happen before they die.  Miles says that their exit is Gerrard station and that it is ten minutes away. The group continues on, until they come to a set of stairs to find that the militia has sealed off the exit.  Charlie asks what they should do now and the sergeant says that they need to keep moving.  Charlie says that they have to try and the Sergent concurs that they are dead if they just sit there.

The group starts walking again and Miles spots a door that is partially open.  When he walks through it, he is an office and Kashmir by Led Zeppelin is playing.  Clearly, Miles is hallucinating again.  He comes face to face with Monroe, who smiles and embraces him. Miles asks if he is hallucinating and Monroe says that he is and that he looks like hell warmed over.  Monroe walks over to the bar and pours two drinks, one of which he hands to Miles.  Miles says that things have not been so easy.  Monroe tells Miles that he looks tired and Miles admits that he is tired. Monroe asks if it was worth it leaving the militia and trying to kill him and why he did this. Miles tells Monroe that it went too far and that it got to be too much blood.  Monroe says that there is a part of Miles which wishes he could take it all back.  When Miles says no, Monroe reminds him that this is not real and that he knows his dirty little secret. Monroe suggests that if he were to take him back, that Miles might just sell out his friends and fall right back into line next to him. Monroe tells Miles that he is scared that this is going to happen.  Charlie interrupts his hallucination and asks if he was seeing things and Miles denies it.  Charlie says that Miles was talking to Monroe because she heard him.  Charlie tells Miles that he cannot fall apart because they will never get out alive. "I"m sorry, I know you didn't ask for this but I'm counting on you, so pull it together," Charlie adds.

Aaron and Nora are walking together and he starts to hallucinate that Nora is his wife Priscilla.  Priscilla starts asking why Aaron won't look at her, or talk to her and wants to know why he left her.  Priscilla claims that Aaron weak, and a coward.  Priscilla then points out that Aaron has been strong for Charlie, but was not strong for her.  Priscilla goes on to say that this broke her heart and suggests that Aaron doesn't care and never really loved her.  Aaron tells Priscilla that this is not true, but keeps walking as Priscilla calls out to him.

The group continues to walk and the sergeant realises that the torch is burning again, which means that there has to be fresh air somewhere.  The sergeant sees a door and suggests that it is a service tunnel to the outside.  Miles says that he thought the doors were all sealed off.  Miles manages to break down the door and the sergeant turns and starts shooting his own people. Wheatley forces Miles through the door at gunpoint and closes it.  Wheatley tells Miles that Monroe is going to want him alive and that he is taking him home.  Charlie continues to bang on the door, as Miles is being led through the tunnel at gun point.  Wheatley says that he knew Miles was worth blowing his cover for.  Aaron manages to get the door open and the rest begin to follow.  Ashely tries to shoot Wheatley with her bow and arrow and misses. For her trouble, Wheatley shoots Ashley. Charlie then shoots the Wheatley with a bow and arrow, but before he goes down, he shoots her. 

When Charlie awakens, she sees her father and realises that she is dreaming and that this isn't real. Ben pinches her and tells her that she looks awake to him.  Charlie tells Ben that the militia killed him, took Danny and that Maggie died.  Ben says that this is all over and that she never has to leave again.  When Charlie says that her head hurts, Ben tells Charlie to lie down and close her eyes.  Miles is trying frantically to get Charlie to open her eyes.

Miles says that he doesn't understand because the bullet just grazed Charlie's head. Miles promises that Charlie can count on him and that he is going to get Danny back.  Still in the hallucination, Charlie opens her eyes and asks Ben, if he heard Miles' voice.  Ben asks why Charlie is thinking of Miles, because she has not seen him since she was a kid.  Charlie says that this is not true because she went to Chicago to get Miles, to get Danny get back.  Charlie realises that she is dreaming and says that she has to go and get Danny.  Charlie hugs Ben and tells him that she loves him and thinks about him everyday. Ben begs her not to go but Charlie says that she has to.

Charlie wakes up and everyone is clearly relieved.  Charlie is now sitting up and says that she is fine. Miles suggests that they stay the night to allow Charlie to get back on her feet. Charlie says that they have been sitting for three hours and that Miles saved her.  Charlie tell miles that she heard him calling for her and that she was somewhere that was really hard to leave and thanks him. It's now only the four of them left.

Rachel is continuing to work on the device when Monroe stops by.  Monroe asks if the machine amplifies the range of the pendant. Monroe points out that Neville is an invaluable member of his team and that Neville's instinct are almost never wrong.  Neville apparently had a hunch about what Rachel is doing, so they brought in Dr. Jaffey for a second opinion.  Jaffey looks at the machine, as Rachel explains that she is building an amplifier. Jaffey tells Monroe that Rachel is actually building a time bomb and that Rachel probably set it to go off when Monroe is there and Rachel isn't. Monroe immediately grabs Rachel and points out that they had a deal.  Rachel promises to build another amplifier, but Monroe says that Danny is dead.  Rachel pleads that Monroe needs her, but Monroe says that he doesn't because he has the pendant and Jaffey, who has been a lot more cooperative.  In desperation, Rachel stabs Jaffey and cries that she is sorry. Rachel turns to Monroe and says, "now you need me."

I was not happy with how easily Ashley was killed.  No one should the slightest respect for her passing because of course the real threat was the loss of the White, innocent Charlie.  Everything always seems to be about Charlie and yet she is the most irritating character on the show.  Week after week, I find myself hoping that the writers will take pity on the viewers and simply kill Charlie off. I like that Priscilla pointed out that Aaron has gone out of his way to brave for Charlie and yet he left her behind. 

I enjoyed learning more about the relationship between Monroe and Miles.  I always knew that there had to be something between them because they started the militia together but this confirmed it.  I hope that the writers use flashbacks to give us more information.

Rachel continues to be one of my favourite characters in this story.  I like that she is always thinking on her feet and has out played Monroe for years. 

Things are coming to a head because next episode is the big fall finale.  I look forward to the long awaited confrontation.