Saturday, February 9, 2013

Beauty and the Beast: Season 1, Episode 12: Cold Turkey

It’s a bar, Heather is singing karaoke (badly) while Catherine and Tess drink. Since Tess is talking, the subject is, of course, men (Tess has no concept of the Bechdel test). Catherine is venting over Vincent choosing the other woman – or, rather, the stuff she brings with her based on her ignorance of what he is. Of course she can’t say this and instead says Vincent has issues – PTSD that gives him a temper (ugh, no, do not drag mentally ill people into this and certainly not like this – as if PSTD means he is dangerous and violent and shouldn’t be in a relationship). Heather and Tess become concerned when Catherine talks warningly about his “temper.” Tess hits on the idea that he’s abusive, which Catherine denies and then has a second plan of telling Alex all about his issues. Catherine rejects this as well. The conclusion is Catherine is still hanging on and we finish with “I am woman hear me drink!”

 This whole scene was to recap last week and remind us that Heather and Tess exist.

Homeward, to Catherine eating ice cream and watching a scary movie when Alex drops by! It’s the middle of the night and she looked up Catherine’s address from her medical file – and this is totally not creepy guys! She’s here to ask if she can take Vincent to her family’s cabin for the weekend – since she thinks Catherine is Vincent’s handler she wants to check it with her first. And she knows about Vincent – or thinks she does; she knows he worked for special ops, people are trying to kill him and pretends to be dead. So… she doesn’t really. The conversation is the most awkward thing ever with both sides trying to be polite while Alex is tense about “sharing” Vincent with Catherine since he tells her so much and Catherine just wants Alex to take this whole thing to Vincent rather than dragging her into this.

Jogging the next day, Catherine is joined by Vincent apologising for Alex coming round and sensing she’s mad (awesome super hero powers). He assures her it’s not about choosing Alex other Catherine (reaaaaly? Because it looks a lot like it), it’s about choosing a future (one where he faces reality or one where he dances in la-la land). He also gets huffy when Catherine points out that Alex doesn’t know who he is (Catherine backs down, why, it’s the truth?) and he just wants to make sure she’s all ok with it. Catherine announces she’s cold turkey and doesn’t want to be involved in any of it. He huffs off, apparently not realising how tacky it is to try and drag your recently dumped ex into your current relationship issues.

To work – with Tess where Catherine worries she has been too harsh and driven Vincent away (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh). Tess, who may be getting as sick of Catherine’s relationship woes as I am, insists they focus on work (Tess’s second topic of conversation). But work gives her chance to investigate a narcotics ring at New York general. They have warrants for several nurses, including Alex – the raids go at noon and Catherine wants to raid Alex. Hold it! NOT for petty revenge reasons – but so she can rush out and warn JT that Alex is going to get raided. But they’re already at the cabin where there’s no signal. Catherine worries that the raid may find Vincent’s finger prints – and decides to go over and remove the memorabilia and wipe everything down.

Catherine, you need to get off the floor and wipe off that “Welcome” written across your back.

Tess calls Catherine while she’s busy destroying evidence (interrupting her distraction over a romantic gift) but it’s only because she suspects Catherine went to see her guy. They raid Alex’s and find nothing – except the sexy lingerie. Tess realises that that means Alex has a boyfriend (going by the receipt, apparently) and she could be stashing drugs at his place – deflecting Catherine’s attempted deflections. And Catherine finds something – a bug.

She takes the bug to JT (has she just ran out on work? Again?) and they conclude that Muirfield is onto Alex, possibly due to the DNA found on Alex’s stalker. JT realises he has to stop Evan presenting his evidence – which he is doing today – about Vincent. So that leaves Catherine to go to the cabin and talk to Vincent and Alex. Catherine really doesn’t love this idea, especially with her plan to move on and JT is at least a little sympathetic.

Vincent and Alex are driving away and she’s making big big plans about leaving the country and being doctors in a poverty struck nation (she’s not mad fussed on which one – any poor country will do) while Vincent realises he’ll need a passport, get through airport security – the whole deal.

They arrive at the cabin and Alex has fixated on them moving to Mexico (how long has he been back? And she’s constantly talking about moving to a foreign country and living the rest of their life together after, at most, a couple of weeks’ re-acquaintance? Y’know, Alex really is kinda creepy). He starts to tell the big secret and dismally fails to do so.

When a man knocks at the door – he’s broken down and there’s no phone service. Or so he says – Vincent sees him sweating but agrees to go with him. Which leaves Alex alone when Catherine arrives. Catherine has no time for Alex’s worry about any relationship between her and Vincent, nor does she more than ruefully laugh at Vincent implying he had PTSD – she tells Alex about the bug and that the man Vincent left with could be a trap. Shelve the issues, she has to find him.

Vincent isn’t a fool and pulls off the road and starts menacing the lying guy. He keeps lying but Vincent points out he has a garage t-shirt and grease under his nails – he can fix his own truck without Vincent. When Vincent grabs him by the neck he confesses that 3 guys paid him $1,000 to lure Vincent out. He tells the man to run

Catherine goes into the woods and finds Vincent (her random direction picking worked!) And they bicker. No, really, they bicker. 3 people out there trying to kill or kidnap them and they have a tiff. In the middle of the woods, with her gun drawn. Thankfully the bad guys are as embarrassed by this as I am and start making noise, distracting their attention. Vincent uses he new nifty night vision to see them, confirming 3. They have a firefight in the dark (none of them have night vision goggles of any kind so that’s fun and effective) until 1 throws a grenade (or possibly a flashbang). Catherine falls over all woozy and fuzzy, but Vincent goes all bestial. Catherine’s only out for a second and quickly joins the fight, shooting one guy to save Vincent and knocking another down. When he manages to trip her, Vincent grabs him and something cracks, probably a neck. They have a little make up moment, Catherine understanding why Vincent wants a new life, but he doesn’t want her to have to hide from Murifield and her.

And he doesn’t have to – because Alex has followed Catherine and seen it all. She doesn’t take it well. Catherine manages to talk her out of shooting Vincent and Vincent explains the whole secret. Alex leaves and it looks like their relationship is dead. Yay.

Vincent returns to JT who is surprised he just let Alex go (what was the alterative), warned him the police have noticed her stealing drugs and tells him what Catherine did for him with the raid.

Catherine goes back to Heather to discuss relationship woes and her guy needing her – and it seems Tess has been stood up by her guy as well. Vincent goes to see Catherine but she isn’t just going back to a relationship – she’s not happy being second choice, if Alex accepted him he’d be with her now. He returns with it not being about her – it was about a better future and he knows now (when he has no other options) that this is with Catherine, not Alex and he intends to make it right. Catherine makes it clear she will help Vincent but not a relationship – she needs to protect herself. And she also has to be there for Tessa (who, she says, has always been there for her.)

To the karaoke bar, where Catherine and Heather comfort Tess and drag her on stage to sing. Ok, that scene is awesome, yes it is.

Meanwhile through all this, JT tries to convince Evan to back off on his grant proposal, but talk of mysterious shadowy organisations don’t do a lot to convince him. He tries a second track of blackmail, bringing up Evan’s past when he was a surgeon in England and a patient died on the operating table. Though cleared, he couldn’t take the guilt and moved to the US and changed specialty. Evan won’t be blackmailed either and just ratchets up more contempt for JT.

At the end Evan calls JT – because he found a bug in his office, a bug with prints on it that were classified (what, someone with sufficient security expertise and oomph to have their prints classified, but not the expertise not to leave prints?) We also learn that Evan sends a cheque to the family of the woman who died on his operating table every month – he wasn’t found guilty but he feels it.

I’m actually in the rare position of being totally team Catherine here, bad enough Vincent chooses to dump her for Alex because Alex isn’t embroiled in his big bad secrets that he already said would ruin or at least risk her life – but then his lies and cover story to Alex mean that Catherine gets dragged into Alex and Vincent’s relationship – without Alex even knowing they were an item? Vinnie, if I were Catherine a swift kick to the manimal yin-yangs would be forthcoming.

And this whole “it’s not about Alex over Catherine, it’s about the future I get” is such reductive bullshit. So it’s all about whether Vincent gets a future where he practices medicine and pretends he’s not manimal, or whether he lives in the real world. The woman doesn’t matter? She’s interchangeable, irrelevant, it’s just about the future? One of which is bought by lying to Alex?

Also – this Vincent being offended when Catherine says “who you are.” Screw that. Alex DOESN’T know who he is, she’s basing her emotions on a man who has changed rapidly in a few short years. She doesn’t know who he is and he’s deliberately keeping it that way while pursuing a long term relationship. And Catherine has every right to be concerned – Vincent is a killer. A serial killer in fact – how many people has he killed? Evan mentioned his DNA being found in 6 cases which seemed to have been murders – is that including the guy he killed who was attacking Evan? Or the person he killed/injured while he was having blackouts? And what about when he wasn’t just having blackouts but going into violent rages in which he attacked JT and Catherine and had to be sedated and caged? Oh and his DNA is evolving in new and unknown, random ways that are completely unpredictable and could cause any kind of side effects (like the previously seen animalistic violent rage?) Yet he’s touchy about her worrying about him being alone in the middle of nowhere with Alex? Not Impressed

I am overwhelmingly glad that Catherine didn’t settle back into a relationship with Vincent after Alex left the picture – that would have annoyed me immensely. I am glad to see Catherine fighting her corner at least to some degree.

Is Joe ever going to come back or develop that story with Tess or is he going to stand in the background and be irregularly occurring token? And can Tess PLEASE develop a character – or a topic of conversation or a life that isn’t about men or work. In fact, even the work seems to be a grudging aside for her. And Heather isn’t much better. I do like that Catherine realised Tess needed her and had always been there for her. Too many programmes have friends who are little more than servants to the protagonist, I love to see the reciprocation.

And Alex is creepy.