Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Being Human UK, Season Five, Episode One: The Trinity

In Northern France 1918, Hal is sleeping, when Lady Catherine tries to stake him, but he awakes and defends himself.  The two being a fight and we learn that Lady Catherine is a werewolf.  As they fight, it becomes clear that not only do these two have a history, there is an ongoing attraction. Hal says that the war which has been going on between their clans for the last seven years is what triggered the war in the human world. He adds that he believes that they are being manipulated and says that they are not at war with each other but the devil.

Back in present time, Alex is trying to smell and consume chocolate, only to discover that as a ghost, these things are denied her. Tom is in the dining room hand feeding Hal mashed banana, much to Hal's disgust. Hal says that this is not about rehabilitation and that this is vindictive.  His issue isn't about being tied up but at looking at the mess the house is in. Alex makes it clear that she spent her whole life picking up after her brothers and does not intend to spend her afterlife doing the same for Hal and Tom. Hal begs for just ten minutes under the observation to run a vacuum and sort out the recycling but Tom is steadfast that Hal must be over his blood lust before being released.When Hal learns that the bathroom is also dirty he calls them animals.

In the kitchen, Tom and Alex discuss whether or not Hal is over the blood lust and they decide to ask him. Hal says that he needs structure and Tom directs Hal to stay away from supernatural nonsense and vampires.  Hal replies that drinking blood will mean that he has become the man that he has feared and he swears on the memory of Eve to abstain.

The humans that cleaned up the mess when Alex died are at another hidden location, where they have locked up the last of the old ones, who is a little girl.  Eddie tells them that there is another old one and that because of him, the vampires plan for world domination was ruined.  Eddie names Hal and they ask to learn more about him and promise that if she complies the humans will return her to Bolivia.

The house is all cleaned up now and Hal is free. Hal has devised a house schedule for the roomates and Alex is not happy that there's one for her because she will be passing over soon. Alex feels that all she needs to do is to find her body and get it to her family. Hal says that this is out of the question because they cannot risk ghosts, werewolves and vampires being revealed to the public. Alex tells Hal that he does not get to dictate what they tell her father and her brothers. "I'm not going to let a good man die in grief just to protect the Twilight franchise," Alex says. Before they can bicker too much, Tom brings up the cleaning schedule.  It seems that Alex has been given the bulk of housework to do because Hal plans for both him and Tom to take on extra shifts at the cafe to cover the rent.  Tom then tells Hal that they have been fired because of all of the time they took off.

At an office a man named Ian is called in and told that his position is up for review.  It turns out that they are trying to make room for someone named Gavin, who is actually photocopying his face.  Ian is told he needs to re-apply for his own job.

Tom and Hal go to a restaurant to look for work.  The woman takes one look at Hal and says, "hot," and then adds, "it's very hot in here"  Tom and Hal sit at a table and when the waitress walks over to hand them applications, Hal becomes distracted by her. Clearly, he's not quite over the blood lust. Tom gets called first, leaving Hal alone. A man sitting behind Hal asks, "when you talk to other vampires, as even you must from time to time,  how do you account for your continued anonymity? Luck? Skill or humanity's stupidity?" Hal turns to see the man and says, "I know you. You were in the basement of that night club a month or so ago. You took my friends body." The man introduces himself as Dominic Brooke and says that his job is to maintain the illusion that man is alone and that this has been the job of people like him for hundreds of years.  Dominic asks Hal to take charge of the vampires and strike an accord between humans and vampires. When Hal says that he cannot do this, Dominic says, "In exchange for a cessation of chaos and violence, we will provide you with per diems, premises and a means to acquire blood consensually." Dominic then places a container of blood on the table and Hal struggles and finally manages to say that he doesn't need blood anymore.  Dominic tells Hal that he is shaking.  Dominic says that he has seen vampires try to live a human life before and that it always ends in tears. Dominic tells him that they have been monitoring this hotel and many people have committed suicide here and they don't know the cause.  Before leaving, Dominic tells Hal that the remaining vampires are leaderless and can be easily molded.

Hal returns with Patsy the manager and she asks Hal if he has any experience. When Hal replies that he stayed at the Savoy, Patsy quickly offers him a job.  Alex suggests that Patsy must have taken a shine to Hal.  Alex and Hal begin to argue about her death again and she tells him that he should be living in a cave.  Hal doesn't say a word, he simply walks out.

Hal bumps into Ian who falls to the ground.  When Hal walks away in a rage, Ian follows him but the blood from Ian's injured nose, causes Hal's eyes to go black and his fangs to descend.  Ian takes off running and Hall follows hoping to explain, but Ian walks into the road and gets hit by a car.  The driver of the car takes off leaving Hal standing over Ian, who is struggling to breathe.  Hal puts his hand to Ian's bloody wound and barely resists tasting the blood, as Ian says, "help me".

We get another flashback to 1918 with Hal meeting with a necromancer and the leader of the werewolves. It turns out that Emil is already dead and so Lady Catherine tells him that they believe that the devil is feeding from the energy created by the vampire/werewolf conflict. Catherine believes that if the power goes unchecked that it will bring about the apocalypse.

Ian sits up suddenly and he is a vampire now, though he does not know it.  He tries to leave but Hal has locked him in the basement.  Alex comes downstairs when she hears the pounding to apologize for blaming Hal for her death. Tom joins them and Alex tells him that Hal is planning on building a sauna.  Tom says that it's ridiculous and so Hal covers by saying that he is building a bomb. When they ask to see it, Hal instead tells them about his encounter with Dominic. Tom and Alex decide to travel to the longitude and latitude that Dominic gave Hal yesterday to look for Alex's body.

Hal goes downstairs to see Ian and Hal tells Ian that he brought him there the night before. Ian says that he feels weird and asks if he has been drugged.  Hal tells him that his body is going through an amazing transformation.  Hal pulls out a photo of Ian's sister and niece and asks Ian what he thinks about when he sees them. Ian responds, "I want to drink them dry," and immediately becomes horrified. Hal tells him that it will fade in time and that he has been made into a vampire.

When Alex and Tom arrive at the location, they find some kind of building.  Tom tells Alex to stay back when she approaches and says that he will have to go back and get his tools.  Alex simply pops inside and opens the door for Tom.

Hal tells Ian that vampires were born out of an agreement with the devil and that to remind them of the agreement devil takes their souls and their reflection. It's called, "old Nick's wink." Ian says that he doesn't believe in the devil, and Hal replies, "I'm not sure I did until I met him."  Hal then grabs a rope to tie Ian's hands saying that he has to find a place to put him for the next few weeks. Ian points out that he has never missed work and Hal tells him he won't be able to manage the cravings.  Ian suggests that he will take blood in a cooler, but Hal says that he is a different species now.  When Ian asks why Hal did this to him, Hal does not answer.

Alex and Tom are in the bunker and Tom suggests that he have a look around, while Alex sits and has a rest. Alex asks him to stop treating her like she is made of glass when she is dead.  Tom asks how he should treat her and Alex responds, "treat me like an equal, treat me like a bloke." Tom says, "you're a lady. My dad taught me how to treat a lady. Always be polite and courteous. If a lady came into a room, you stood up and took off your hat and if it was a vampire, you staked them."  Alex says that she finds this patronizing and then opens up a box and find a paper,, which says that her body has been returned to her family.

Dominic has gone to see the Home Secretary and learns that his department is going to be disbanded and it's responsibilities given to a special branch. When Dominic says that his work is necessary, the Home Secretary counters and says that Dominic's work is clandestine, without oversight and ridiculously expensive. The Home Secretary tells him that he has three months and Dominic argues that his tenants are too dangerous to be released. The home secretary answers, "well what does one do with diseased and dangerous livestock? You and your ilk may have been around since Cromwell but nothing is sacred these days, defense, health education, everyone's felt the swish of the knife. See, it's part of a wider initiative."  Dominic begs but the Home Secretary says that they will find him something. Dominic gets upset and replies that this isn't about his career and that they cannot allow monsters to run freely without supervision and restraint. The secretary tells him to control himself, as Dominic begs and he walks out the door.

Alex and Tom take the file they found back home.  When they read it over they learn that Alex's cover is that she drowned and that she was buried three weeks ago in a private service attended by family and friends.  This of course causes me to wonder why the hell they didn't try google in the first place. Alex says that she thought that they would take her body back to her family and all of this would be over.  Tom tells her that they have them and she is not happy.  Alex starts to cry and Tom tells her, "at least you can have a life."  Tom adds that he is sorry if the way he speaks to her upsets her, it's just that this is how is father would want him to behave and it keeps McNair alive in his mind and makes him feel safe.  Alex tells Tom that he is an excellent person and that she just needs to remember that.

Downstairs, Ian has broken his chair.  The noise alerts Alex and Tom and so they go downstairs where they discover him.  Tom realises that Ian is a vampire.  Ian tells them that Hal attacked him last night and turned him into a vampire. Tom says, "we made a deal. He swore on Eve's bib that this was over"  Ian realises that Tom is not like Hal and asks what he is.  Tom says that he is a werewolf and then goes up the stairs.  Ian asks to be let go and asks what they want from him.  Alex says, "we don't want anything from you, it's just the thing that your are now - you might hurt someone."  Ian replies that he has never hurt anyone in his life and that he has pets.  Alex is not convinced and answers, "Hal says that it twists your mind." Ian asks if Alex is scared of Hal and how long he keeps people in the basement.  Alex replies that she is 65% certain that Hal won't hurt him. Ian freaks out and says that he has friends, family and a job and that they just can't steal that from him.

When next we see Ian, he is back in the office still wearing a shirt covered in blood. His boss tells him that he can't turn up looking like that and thank goodness they have Gavin.  Ian is fired and so he threatens that the rest of the staff will walk out as well and everyone ignores him.  Ian is handed a box with his things but instead of leaving, he locks the door and his eyes go black.

Tom is pacing back and forth when Hal returns home.  Hal doesn't get a chance to say a word before Tom  punches him in the face.

In yet another flashback, Hal and Catherine are performing a ceremony with Emil to summon the devil.

In the present, when Hal awakens, he is tied to a chair. Tom asks for one reason why he shouldn't kill Hal, and so Hal tells him how Ian saw him manifest and then was hit by a car.  Alex asks why Hal turned him into a vampire and Hal replies, "I couldn't stand by and watch another death. I could let what happened to you, happen again." Tom says that he should have told them and Hal says that the best thing to do for Ian is to keep him there. Alex reveals that she released Ian and Tom pipes up to add that Hal is right.

In the past, Emil says that "the devil has no form of his own so he will posses the nearest human." Emil has tied up a man with a chain and calls him "mad". They intend to perform a blood ritual to trap him in the man's body and then kill him.

In the present Hal, Alex and Tom show up at Ian's job to find blood smeared on a door.

In the past, the chained man begins to groan and Emil says, "he's here."

Alex opens the door to the office in the present and finds all the people have been locked in an office, except for Gavin whom Ian is feeding on.  Hal tells Ian that the high won't last and when it's over, he is going to grieve for what he has done. Ian however has other plans and wants to leave a special imprint on the world. When Ian steps forward, Hal tells him that he will have to kill him.

The "mad man's body begins to contort and he begins to take off the restraints. Lady Catherine encourages Emil to complete the ceremony before the devil escapes and so he drinks from that chalice which holds Hal and Catherine's blood.

In the present, Ian starts talking about how he was beaten as a child and that he was picked on and bullied.  "If there's one thing I know about, it's bullies. You took everything you hated and put it in once place. You need someone like me to be the bad man so you don't have to," Ian says to Hal

Emil says that trinity of the blood shall imprison you in that body to the devil. When Catherine starts to grab her throat, Hal asks if she used her own blood.  It turns out that because Hal didn't use his blood that they only weakened the devil and have no chance of killing him. Hal calls out for Emil to do something, as the Devil continues to release himself. Emil disappears saying, "don't let the devil escape"

Hal moves to stab Ian and Tom and Alex stop him saying that they are all equally responsible for this. Dominic shows up and says that they will deal with Ian.  Alex approaches Dominic and says, "you stole my death, you're in my sights now pal and one day, I'm going to watch you die." Every time Dominic turns in her direction Alex pops away. Ian is completely restrained and he tells Hal that he is going to land up on a pile of bodies with a hard on one day.

Dominic sits Ian's boss Martin down and tells him that Ian had taken a cocktail of drugs. Martin says that he is going to the papers and that he is taking it right to the top. Dominic then grabs a pen and stabs Martin in the eye.  Ian is taken back to the bunker and says that his co-workers will dream about him for the rest of their lives.

Hal has gotten ready for his job and Alex says that she is not sure she wants to tell the world that there are monsters after seeing Ian.  Ian says, "like it or not this is my world now." Hal and Tom go on the floor to start their first shift.  One of the waitress leaves and slits her wrists after and older cranky gentleman whispers in her ear, and uses the blood to leave a message.

In the past, we see that the devil has escaped and it turns out he is using the body of a man who is now a regular customer at the restaurant where Hal and Tom work.  The message Sophie has left in blood is, "he will rise."

I really liked this episode, largely due to the world building involved.  An origin story may have been a long time in coming but Being Human UK certainly did not go half way.  The devil is going to make an awesome antagonist this season.  I also wonder if this is going to be a one off for Ian. I think it's telling that he said that Hal put everything bad in him when he was created.

I know that Tom's way have been constructed as antiquated and sweet, since he first became a character on the show but I am relieved that Alex has made it clear that he is being patronizing and sexist.  I also like that Alex make it clear that she would not spend her undead life cleaning up after Tom and Hal.  In this sense, Alex is a breathe of fresh air because this is the first time that Being Human UK has dealt with sexism in anyway. 

Being Human UK has added a round of new characters this year but I am not pleased that no significant character of colour, or GLBT character has been added.  So, even though they are engaging in conversations about gender and sexism, in many ways there is a gaping whole in terms of diverse representation on the show. Annie was an equal with George and Mitchell and now that Lenora Crichlow has left the show, there are no characters of colour period. We don't even have a token.  Now that they have replaced all of the original cast, it would have been a perfect time for Being Human UK to add a GLBT character. So far, all we have gotten in terms of GLBT representation, is a gay vampire who killed his human lover, and a ridiculous gag in which Hal and Tom pretended to be lovers.  This series could certainly do better, and to be frank, I'm disappointed.