Friday, April 26, 2013

Hemlock Grove, Season One, Episode Six: The Crucible

Olivia is at the Godfrey steel mill, where she coughs up some chunky blood, Olivia calls the sheriff and tells him that someone has trespassed in the building.

Peter and Roman drive out to Penrose Pennsylvania. They are parked and Roman asks, "what if Destiny is wrong and the invitation was in Lisa's car or her purse?"  He then asks what if it was an e-vite and Peter replies that the order of the dragon will have to find a new adventure. Roman, full of maturity as always, tells Peter to suck a dick because he never called them the Order of the Dragon. An old man walks toward them using a walker and Peter dismisses him as just old and continuing with his show of maturity, Roman calls the man gross. Well, I suppose ageism is a new ism for this horrendous show. Peter asks how old Olivia is and Roman tells him to ask her that.  Still nervous, Roman asks about the people in the house leaving and Peter tells him to stop beginning sentences with the words "what if."  In frustration, Roman hops out of the car, marches up the driveway and knocks on the side door.  When Mr. Willoby answers the door, Roman tells him that they are there about Lisa.  Willoby tells him that it's not a good time, so Roman compels him to take a nap, as Peter stands guard.  Wiloby lies down in the entrance way, and Peter says, "cops call this kind of thing breaking and entering and there's a right way and there's a foolish way." Peter then instructs Roman to never do it this way again, as Roman makes his way into the house.

In the kitchen, Roman's nose starts to bleed and when Peter asks if it hurts, Roman tells Peter that he wouldn't notice if a bus hit him.  They head upstairs to Lisa's bedroom and start to search it.  Roman goes straight for the underwear drawer and sniffs a pair and puts it in his pocket. Peter searches through her drawings. They are interrupted by Lisa's sister and Peter says that they are looking for some mail that might have come for Lisa. When she asks why, Roman says we think someone like you.  She turns the tables and replies, "someone like you?", and asks "are you the ones who dug up my sister?| I don't care, like that's so much worse than already happens to you when you die." She tells them that her parents are talking putting the dog  down because neither of her parents can handle keeping it around.  The sister pulls out the invitation  and tells them about a confrontation she had with Lisa and her parents about the party and then hands it over to Roman. The invitation is to castle Godfrey, which is what people call the old steel mill.  Before they can leave, she asks why they care who did this and why they are looking for the murderer.  Roman tells her that when they find the culprit, he is going to be joining the dog. Oh how gallant of him, as if this isn't at all about him trying desperately to somehow feel relevant.

Outside, Peter tells Roman that he needs to know that he is taking it seriously and Roman replies that his name is on the invitation. Peter says that it's his family's name, so Roman confirms that it matters to him -- just as much as it matters to Peter -- then jokes about Peter needing to reconsider his hair, if he ends up in jail. Peter jokes back that he will just point up towards Roman's lips.  Roman then asks if Peter believes that everything happens for a reason and Peter replies that he tries not to think about it. Peter gets a text which says, "I have some thing for you" and when Roman asks what's up, he lies and says that Lynda needs some help back home.

The twins are shopping with Christina, trying to convince her to change her look for her date.  Jenny intervenes and tells Christina that she is beautiful the way that she is. (say aww everyone) When the twins roll their eyes in disagreement, Jenny points out that the world already has two of them and doesn't need a third. The twins call Jenny a bitch and as she walks away, under her breath, Jenny asks "do their tramp stamps match two." The twins then ask each other if "that cunt said that?"  More needless misogyny but why not, it's not like Hemlock Grove is interested in making any of the female characters more than cardboard cutouts who hate each other just because.

Olivia and Shelly visit the library and stop in front of a  librarian who is reading to a group of kids.  One look at Shelly and the kids become terrified and one of the little boy even wets his pants. A mother with a child in a stroller, quickly pulls the baby away.  Olivia walks over to Shelly and tells her to remember that the cruelty of children is easily ignored. They head to the reference desk to pick up a book about the Romani and the librarian quips that it's racist to call them gypsies and finishes with "what isn't these days." Really? So they have Roman, who uses the derogatory term "you people" and the rest of the town magically believing that Peter is a werewolf because he's Romani but it's a throw away character of colour, who makes the statement about the term "gypsy" being offensive.  They then double down on that horror by having her imply that POC are too sensitive because everything is deemed racist these days.  Olivia quickly flips through the book and hands it back to the librarian, thanking her for her efforts.

Letha and Peter are eating and she brings up Dorian Grey in reference to Olivia.  When Peter makes a face, Letha asks him if he thinks that Olivia is hot and Peter replies that she is not his type. Letha then reveals that Olivia used to be Norman's patient and adds that Olivia had some real problems, before Roman was born, after the first baby.  Apparently, Olivia and J.R.'s first child was a girl named Juliet, who died as an infant. Letha says that it was J.R. who lost his grip and made some wild accusations about her.  When Peter asks for more, she tells him that Norman wouldn't say more and that "it was some serious crazy person stuff."  Well, that adds ableism to list of  isms this episode.  It's great to be marginalized isn't it? Apparently, there was a suicide letter which they found the next day. Peter asks what the letter said but Letha tells him that Norman made it clear that it was time to change the subject.  Peter asks how much Roman knows about where Olivia came from and Letha suggests that this is a question that he should be asking Roman.

Christina is still shopping with the twins, when they look over and notice Letha and Peter.  They call them baby bump and teen wolf and joke about sending the fetus for Lyme ticks tests. Christina says that she has to meet her grandmother across the road and leaves. Peter notices the quick exit and he comments, they must think I'm a werewolf to.

Olivia and Shelly are still in the library when Christina walks in with her grandmother.  Shelly turns to wave and Olivia is clearly not impressed at the sight of Christina. When Christina and her grandmother keep walking, Olivia then fixates on a child bouncing his leg and passes out as Shelly catches her.

Norman is in his office with Francis and asks if he poses a risk to himself or others and says that he's asking because he is thinking of releasing him. Francis asks if he being sent back to them (read: Price), so Norman asks if he doesn't want to go.  Francis replies, "today I've seen the dragon."   When Norman says that he has seen it, Francis replies, "like fuck you have," so Peter asks him to tell him more. Norman says that there are things which aren't right: "the river going red, the baby in the blood patch, a dog hatching out of a big black egg, a demon with a crown of light and a needle the size of a sword." Norman latches onto his comment about the needle and bring up drugs but Francis makes it clear that this isn't about drugs and that "this is about some evil unnatural shit that has no business happening. This isn't about some junkie bullshit, ask one of the other guys and see how they're sleeping."  Norman then mentions the name H. Varga, a name he saw on a chart next to his and suggests that Norman seek answers from this person.  Francis then says that it would be nice for Norman to get rid of him but Norman replies that he is a doctor and just wants to help someone.  Francis suggests that Norman should make it go away. They are interrupted and Norman learns he has an urgent phone call.

When next we see Norman, he is meeting up with Olivia and Shelly.  Olivia asks Shelly to give her and Norman a moment alone. Norman gives her a drink and says that she is probably just dehydrated and Olivia says that she is still feeling a little light headed.  When Norman suggests the hospital, Olivia emphatically says no and that she will be as healthy as a horse after her nap. Norman asks why she didn't call Roman and Olivia simply says, "because I called you, is that such a crime?"  Norman reaches in and puts on her seat belt and they have a moment as Shelly looks on.  Olivia says that when she fell, she had a vision of Norman striking Theo. Norman says that he is going to drive her and Shelly back and makes it clear that he has to go.  Olivia tells him that no one is expecting more.

When they return to the house, Shelly goes straight upstairs and Olivia tells him to wipe his feet and stay a moment.  Norman reminds her that he has just cancelled two patients but Olivia says that somehow the hospital survived without him.  Peter says that he is going to call a cab and wait at the corner but Olivia is adamant that he will do no such thing and asks what is the worst thing that could happen from waiting inside. Peter again says that he has to go and asks Olivia if she staged this. Olivia is not impressed with this question and says that she wouldn't leverage her health and her daughter's safe keeping as a snare for his attention.  Norman asks if she has been taking the pills and Olivia asks "what bloody business is that of yours." Norman replies that it is his bloody business, if she makes it. Olivia smiles and calls Norman the stubbornest man that she knows and again asks him to come inside but suggests that it's not because she wants him to.  Roman comes downstairs breaking up their little moment and Norman tells him that Olivia fainted at the library.  Olivia heads upstairs and asks Roman to take Norman back. 

Upstairs after Norman leaves, Shelly has on he headphones and rips apart a book in anger.  In the car, Roman asks if his mother is really okay and Norman replies, "how would you say she's doing?"  Roman answers "psychotic" and the two share a laugh. Roman asks how he is doing and in response Norman asks if he has any idea who might have impregnated Letha.  Roman tells Norman that if he did, the man would be at the bottom of a river by now.  Awww isn't that sweet. Norman asks if he would tell him if he did and Roman says yes. Norman asks if Letha seems happy and Roman replies as happy as he has ever seen her and wants to know if this is some sort of red flag. Norman replies that "it's probably just hormonal euphoria." When they reach the institute, Roman assures Norman that he is watching out for Letha and always will.

Instead of heading back home, Roman drives to Peter's where he finds Letha and Peter arriving.  Letha gives Roman a hug and Peter tells him that they ran into each other in town.  Letha explains that she had another sick craving. Letha tells them that she has to get going and instructs them to stay out of trouble. Peter assures Roman again that it was just a ride home.

Christina is coming back from the movies with her date Tyler. They are laughing about the foreign film they just saw.  They bicker about who choose the movie and she calls Tyler a dork.  Tyler points out that she is on a date with a dork and asks what that makes her.  Christina says that she will get back to him.

Peter is at his desk and he is replaying his conversation about a firm wanting to buy his shares.  He looks Lod up on the internet but he find Lod, Israel instead. He then looks up H. Varga, the name Francis gave him and finds that there was a body pulled out of the river by that name and that suicide has not been ruled out.  In the article we again see the phrase, "I have seen the dragon."  He then gets a message saying that the ordered the wrong paint and is instructed to pick up the right one on his way home.

Tyler and Christina pull up to a place by the river and he leaves her in the car t pick up a Cherry coke.  Christina pulls down the visor to look at herself in the mirror.  She tells herself that she is safe and Tyler gets into the car and hands her, her drink. 

Roman and Peter head to the Godfrey steel mill and Peter asks him how it feels to have his name on everything.  Peter replies, "like a fucking pimp."  When Roman stops the car, Peter asks about parking the car around back but Roman says that no one gives a shit about what happens around there.  Roman and Peter get out of the car, and Roman unlocks the gate.  They enter the mill and Peter asks if he ever saw the mill when it was running and Roman tells him that J.R. closed it before he was born.  Roman says that lots of workers died there as they continue through with flashlights.  Roman asks if Peter has any idea of what they might be looking for and Peter replies, drivers license, social security card,  dream journal. They decide to split up but find nothing and decide to leave.

Tyler and Christina are sitting by the lake looking at the Godrey Steel Mill and Tyler says that when the mill was up and running they couldn't hang their sheets outside because everything would go all black.  Christina says that she went in there once with her friends. Tyler asks what it was like and she tells him that "it's pretty much just big, empty, and gross, except for these bid black giant cauldron like things they used to make steel in, they call it a vessimar." Christina says that it's still there and cursed because it crushed someone and his guts and intestines poured out of his mouth while he was still alive.  Christina adds that she wanted to check it out so she stuck her head inside and when Tyler questions this, Christina says that she was gathering material.  Tyler tells her that she is really brave and going to be an amazing writer.  When he grabs the strand of her hair that turned grey, she flinches until he tells her that he thinks it's cool.

Olivia arrives in Norman's office after being summoned there.  Norman asks what Price is up to and Olivia tells him that she concerns herself as little as possible with what Price does.  Norman tells her that Letha has expressed interest in getting treatment at the institute. Norman says that it won't happen while he's alive.  Olivia tells Norman that he is looking at her like she is going to argue about something that is none of her business, but Norman points out that someone had to order the new obstetrics wing. Olivia calls it an option so that Letha does not have to give birth in a manger. Norman then asks about LOD and points out that the attempt to buy him out is her business.  Olivia claims that this is the first she has heard about it as she takes off her clubs.  Peter asks Olivia what he is supposed to think when she lies to him.  Olivia points out that they have exhausted the reasons he can legitimately pretend that he called her there to deal with. Peter undoes her belt and says, "this isn't what you think it is," and the two have sex on the desk.

Christina and Tyler are in the.  car and he asks if it's okay to kiss her. When Tyler pulls away, Christina asks her what's wrong.  Instead of seeing Tyler's face she sees Lisa's.  Christina screams and then starts clawing Tyler's face and he tells her to stop.  She keeps seeing visions of blood and maggots and he continues to yell stop.  The cops arrive.

Norman and Olivia are lying on the floor of his office and laughing about the paint he has to pick up for the nursery. Olivia asks him why he is telling him this, and Norman says he doesn't know

In the steel mill, Peter says that he is done because they haven't found anything but Roman says they should keep looking.  When they hear a sound and smell something foul, Peter picks up a long metal pole. They then come across rats eating the remains of a body. Peter says that it's Lisa and Roman says that he wants to go. As they move away from the body, Roman asks, 'who the fuck comes in here," and Peter replies, "I don't know it's your fucking mill."  Roman asks if they should tell someone and Peter answers, "tell them what?" They jump when they hear a siren outside and Roman says that he will deal with it.  Peter tells him, "just do it, don't fuck around."   Roman answers that Peter has made his point and then asks where he ran into Letha and wants to know if she is helping him out as well.  Peter is agitated and points out that the police are going to find Roman's car. Roman says, "you should have told me into the pregnant thing. I could have hooked you up."  Peter says that Letha is Roman's cousin but Roman is not pacified and says that he doesn't like secrets.  Outside the police get of the car calls that Roman should get his tight ass out there and wont be pleased if they have go in and get him. Peter begs him to get out there and Roman walks out saying that Peter said the magic word.

When Roman gets outside, Peter is looking through the window saying that he should just do the creepy thing.  Roman points to the sign and asks them what it says when they question what he is doing there. They tell him they know what it says and Roman snarkily replies that he was jacking off to French postcards of their mothers. One of the cops handcuffs Roman and he looks towards the building and so they ask if he had a friend in their.  The other cop tells him that at the request of Olivia Godrey that they are placing him under arrest for trespassing on private property. Inside the building, Peter is in a panic.

Olivia gets a call and screams, "he what?" into the phone.  Peter heads to Roman's car but there are no keys there and so he flips out. He looks up at the moon and calls Roman an asshole.  Peter then heads back inside the mill and sees the massive dried blood stains.

Okay, so clearly The Order of the Dragon is a thing.  We now have two characters talking about it as well as Francis and Shelly saying who they have seen the dragon.  I am not sure what they are alluding to though Roman has said that its an ancient order.

We had another episode riff with anti-woman slurs.  Other than the twins and Christina the overly dramatic and annoying, women only speak to each other to attack essentially.  I am tired of the ridiculous bickering, the slurs, and the horrible female representation.  We have had every slur imaginable thus far and some good ole' fashioned slut shaming for seasoning.

The conversation between Norman and Roman in the car about Letha was absolutely gross. I get that they both want to protect her but the threats towards the one who impregnated her suggest far more than that.  To me, Letha is not a person to them but a possession.  Roman's jealousy when finding out that Peter spent some time with her speaks volumes.  When Peter reminded Roman that Letha is his cousin, that heavily implies that he wouldn't make any move on her without Roman's express permission.  I do believe the person who would have to give permission should be Letha and not any of her male relatives.

Okay, we have the haunted and emo Christina out on a date with Tyler.  Their scenes were cute until she decided to claw out his face.  Clearly, she is suffering from PTSD after kissing Lisa's dead body. The problem is that the character is so preposterous, I don't give a damn what happens to her.

I know that I mentioned it in the recap, but the scene in the library is so racist.  All season we have had characters showing Anti-Romani prejudice and so they bring in a random character of colour to backhandedly attack it, while claiming that everything is deemed racist these days.  To make matters worse, she said this to a White woman. Damn it, they should have just erased characters of colour if this is the best they can do. 

Hemlock Grove is not only poorly acted, badly written but offensive in every manner possible. It's racist, sexist, ableist and has complete erasure of GLBT characters.  I actually think that GLBT people got of lucky on this one because given Hemlock Grove's track record, I am certain that their portrayal would have been fucked up as well.