Sunday, May 26, 2013


'Question!' photo (c) 2007, Stefan Baudy - license:
As we move into the summer schedule, shows are disappearing and new ones are beginning to appear on our radar for the summer and the autumn. We’ve also got our massive to-read list that keeps on growing – but we could always use more.

So, readers – what book series do we really need to check out? What genre staple have we passed over? What do you want us to cast our eye over? What new series should be pinging our radar?

And what old classics do you want us to revisit? Any old shows in our genre that was cancelled before their time? Any which we really need to give a good re-watch to? Any excellent classics that could use some analysis? Anything so utterly awful we simply must see it?

Suggestions and recommendations in the comments! (If any are trainwrecks you want us to watch anywhere, let us know so I can foist them on Renee)

I can’t say we’ll get to everything – but we’ll certainly try. Books, TV series, films, games – you name it, we can try it.