Monday, May 27, 2013

Orphan Black, Season One, Episode Nine: Unconscious Selection

Kira is being rushed to the hospital and Sarah and Mrs. S are at her side.  In the waiting room, Sarah says that she should have known that Helena was going to find them and that she should have done something to stop her.  Mrs. S tells her not to blame herself and Felix assures her that Kira is going to be just fine because she has to be.  Allison shows up at the hospital and Felix pulls her aside saying that she is in the way.  Allison replies that she cannot help but feel that it's her daughter in there.  Felix suggests that Allison head home but Allison says that she cannot go home because she assaulted her monitor and is afraid she will be carted away.  Felix hands her his keys and promises to call if he hears anything.

The doctors are still working on Kira when someone notices something strange on the ultra sound. A doctor comes out to see Sarah and tells her that Kira is going to be okay and that there are no internal injuries or head trauma.  Sarah is shocked because Kira was run right over and the doctor simply says that Kira is a very lucky girl.

Kira is back in her room and she tells Sarah that Helena looks like her. Sarah tells her to rest and promises to keep Kira safe from her.  Helena is back on the ship and is beside herself that Kira got injured. Tomas tells her to pull herself together. Helena tells him that Sarah is Kira's mother and Tomas says that it's ridiculous but Helena insists that Kira was hit by a car because of her.

Sarah comes downstairs and tells Mrs. S and Felix that Kira is asleep.  When Mrs. S suggests that Sarah should thank her lucky stars, Sarah replies that she does not believe in miracles. Felix again suggests that Kira got lucky but Sarah tells Felix that he didn't see it.  Mrs. S again suggests that Sarah count her blessings and move onto her problems and Sarah replies that Helena has got to go.

At the station, Angela and Art are talking about the probability of bringing Beth in. Art points out that she has no charge which is going to stick and Angela suggests obstruction, saying that it's all connected to the civilian shooting. Hardcastle joins them and asks how it's going and suggests that they both need a fresh pair of eyes on their case. Angela says that they are good and Art asks to be given to the end of the day.  Art then turns to Angela and asks her if she wants him to throw his ex partner under the bus and adds that if he is wrong about this that Angela will be the last partner he ever has. Angela says that she is starting to wonder if Beth has something on him and he simply replies, "end of day."

Tomas is looking at Kira's letter and asks Helena how she could possibly have let Kira go. Helena says that Kira is innocent and that she did what she was told and used Sarah to get to the others.  Tomas gets angry and asks where the others are and why Sarah is still alive.  Helena says that she took of Olivier's tale for him and Tomas says that it was to get Dr. Leekie's attention and adds that Kira will be valuable to them.  Helena's phone goes off and Tomas grabs it and instructs Helena to tell Sarah to come there.  Helena asks if Kira is all right but Sarah refuses to answer, so Helena says that it was an accident.  Tomas again demands that Helena tell Sarah to meet up and slaps Helena across the face.  The phone flies out of her hand and Sarah hangs up.

Leekie and Paul are at the apartment and Leekie says that it's a nice place for two young people. Leekie holds a picture of Paul and Beth together and says that it looks very convincing but adds that he knows about the lie Olivier told about last night.  Paul asks what he means and Leekie says that someone tampered with the security footage and that he knows there were two clones there.  Leekie says that he has searched for Helena for quite some time now and that she is his white whale. Leekie adds that Helena is pale but feral and suggests that Helena could not pretend to be Beth but that Sarah Manning could.

At Felix's, Allison has got her domestic goddess on the go and is busy scrubbing and cleaning Felix's apartment. When he returns home, she asks if Kira is going to be okay and Felix says that it was a miraculous recovery.  Allison tells him that his drug paraphernalia is in a drawer along with the paraphernalia that was by his bed.  Felix asks if she washed that as well and Allison does not answer.  Allison instead says that her children are at her mother's right now and believes that she can use Felix's apartment as a base while she apartment hunts. Felix says no but Allison says that Donny is staying clear of the house right now and that she needs to go home and get a few things.  Felix gives in and gives her permission to stay one night and tells her not to wake him when she returns.  Allison replies that she is a pariah and therefore does not believe she can return alone and asks Felix to be her wingman.  Felix asks if she is serious, so Allison takes his hand and says please.  Felix replies that he needs to change and asks Allison to fetch him something gay.

Sarah is on the phone with Cossima and Sarah asks if Kira is different because she is her daughter. Cossima clarifies and asks if this is because Kira is uninjured. Cossima replies that since they are genetically modified that Sarah could have passed something down to Kira and Sarah asks like what.  Cossima says that she doesn't know because lizards regrow limbs. When Sarah comments that Kira is not a lizard, Cossima says that it's not magic but stem cells.  Cossima adds that she has a guy who is comparing her DNA with that of the German's to see if the illness she had was genetic and suggests giving him samples of Sarah and Kira to compare.  Sarah replies that she is not giving Cossima material for fear that she would hand it over to Delphine.  Cossima replies that she is doing what they agreed, which is to follow the science.  Sarah is not convinced and says that she worries more about the scientists than the science.  The doorbell rings and Sarah disconnects.

Sarah heads downstairs and beats Mrs. S to the door and it's Paul.  Sarah introduces Paul to Mrs.S and says that Mrs. S knows everything.  Paul then tells Sarah that Dr. Leekie knows who she is.  On the ship, Helena is trying to fight back but Tomas locks her in a cage and says that he gave her everything and  that if she protects the clones, she is no better than they are.

Paul tells Sarah that Leekie wants to meet and Sarah asks if Cossima gave her up. Paul tells her that this is an opportunity but Sarah says that he sounds exactly like Cossima.  Paul adds that he does not trust Leekie either but points out that the genie is out of the bottle for Leekie's group as well.  Paul says that their intrests have aligned and that means that Sarah can get answers. Sarah believes that she will be black bagged and kidnapped, so Paul asks what if there were a way for them to meet safely on her terms.

Cossima is back in her lab and Scott tells her that the samples are different and asks what she is really looking for.  Delphine enters the lab and asks if she can come over later, then kisses Cossima goodbye, as Scott watches.

Sarah is back in Kira's room as Mrs. S looks on.  Sarah tells Mrs. S that if Kira wakes up that she is to tell her that she will be right back. Mrs. S asks if she means it and Sarah says yes.  Sarah then asks if they are going to be okay there and Mrs.S pulls out a shot gun. Mrs. S says that one of the great things about this country is that weapons aren't just for the rich.  Sarah heads downstairs when Art calls and says that they need to talk.  Sarah says that they already did that, so Art replies off the record and points out that this is her last chance. Sarah asks where he is.

Felix and Allison head back to her home and when she walks in, she finds an intervention waiting for her.  Allison says that this is bullshit and Felix introduces himself as her gay friend.  The minister says that her friends have shown great courage in setting aside their pain and hurt to talk  with her today and instructs Donnie to start.  Donnie tells Allison that the pills and drinking has to stop and that he doesn't believe she knows how hard it has been for him with the abuse and criticism.  The minister tells Donnie to be specific, so he brings up being hit with a golf club and having his chest burned with hot glue. When Allison starts to speak, the minister cuts her off saying that it is important for her to just listen.  Aynesley then says that Allison took advantage of her husband, may have ruined her marriage, and threatened and assaulted her but what hurts, is that Allison turned her back on their friendship.  Donnie adds that it's not just about the two of them and asks Allison if she really wants to break up their family.  Allison runs upstairs and Felix follows her.

Sarah drives out to meet Art and she says that she has two minutes.  Art asks if this is all he gets for two years by her side and then holds up a picture of Felix.  Sarah asks who that is and Art still believing he is talking to Beth, says that Felix is her look a likes foster brother and that she visited his place a few weeks back with 25K in her trunk, the day he stopped her from leaving town.  Art adds that it's all coming back to the Maggie Chen shooting. Sarah tells Art that he doesn't want to go there and reminds Art that he put the phone in Maggie Chen's hand.  Art says that he was trying to help his partner and tells Sarah that this is her last chance to come clean with him. Sarah tells him that they do what they have to do before driving off.

Helena is still trying to break out of her cage.  She takes off her belt and tries to grab the keys.  Cossima calls Sarah and says that there is a synthetic sequence which makes them not identical.  Sarah says that this explains how they knew she wasn't Beth but does not explain how they got all of this information on her and asks Cossima if she told Delphine. Cossima says no and Sarah adds that they are one step closer to Kira.  Cossima assures Sarah that she would never say anything about her or Kira and that Sarah is the first one of them to have a child.  Cossima adds that there isn't even taxonomy for the offspring of a clone.  Sarah tells Cossima that she is going to meet Leekie, so Cossima tells Sarah to give Leekie a chance because she believes his group really cares about them. Sarah says that is thinking about putting a gun to his head before hanging up.

Paul leads Leekie in and Leekie is wearing a blindfold. Leekie tells Sarah that there are many questions he can't answer because he over sees data collection and quantifies their well being.  When Leekie reaches out to touch Sarah, she knocks his hand away. Leekie says that he looks after them and Sarah replies, "not me."  Leekie agrees and adds that somehow, Sarah got away. Sarah asks him what this is all about and Leekie says that they can go further but they need to come to an agreement on Helena. Paul interjects that Helena brought up Tomas to Olivier and Leekie says that Tomas opposes science in general and is a part of a group of religious extremists group called the Prelethians. Olivier goes on to add that years ago, one of the Prelethians infiltrated Neolutions and Sarah guesses that Leekie is referring to Maggie Chen - the woman that Beth shot. Leekie tells them that years ago, Tomas found Helena in a convent and then trained her to kill clones. Sarah asks Leekie if he wants Helena dead and Leekie says that he wants Helena brought in so that she can be re-programmed and receive the help that she needs. Leekie adds that Sarah and her fellow clones will be free to live their lives as they choose without monitors. Sarah says that they are going to be allowed freedom and Leekie counters that they have always had it.  Since Helena has been under the care of the Prelethians, Leekie  promises to get her the help she needs.

Delphine enters Cossima's room and greats her with a kiss.  Delphine says that she has the truffles that she promised and Cossima pulls out a picture of Delphine with Leekie and a group of neologists.  She points out that Delphine's last name is really Cormier and already has her doctorate in immunology.  Delphine says that she is sorry and Cossima says that she is so stupid.  Delphine replies that she knew this all along and Cossima brings up the transcript that she accidentally left behind and the fake boyfriend in Paris. Delphine adds that she knew it was bullshit and that she wanted to trust her.  Delphine says that she can trust her but Cossima counters that she knows the rest of the clones. Delphine gets on her knees and tells Cossima that Leekie says that she is in danger.  When Delphine admits that she doesn't know from what, Cossima replies that Delphine is the real danger.

Aynesley knocks on Allison's bathroom door and says that she is making things worse.  Allison replies that she only wants to talk to Felix. Felix enters the room with a smug smile on his face and Allison tells him that this is all Aynesley's doing and that this is all a part of an experiment. Felix replies, "yes, how do clones react when ritually humiliated by friends and loved ones. Fascinating." Allison grabs some pills and Felix asks her to share. Allison suggests that they are all monitors and Felix replies that the minister seems alright and is kind of sexy, being a man of the cloth and all of that. Allison asks Felix what she should do and he takes her hand and tells her to pull her chin up and be a woman because this is backstabbing 101. Allison says that she cannot go back out there and Felix says that of course she can and that she is going to face the music, hug it out and Aynesley is going to think she's won, leaving Allison free to fight another day.  Allison checks out her reflection in the mirror and asks Felix to help her get her face on.

Art is at the subway station where Beth died and he notices the CCTV.  Helena's phone rings and she uses her belt to try and get it.  Sarah tells Mrs. S that Helena still won't answer and Mrs. S asks Sarah if she intends to turn Helena over to Leekie.  Sarah replies that she doesn't know because she doesn't really know what Leekie is going to do to Helena.  Mrs. S asks if this matters and reminds Sarah that Helena came after Kira. Sarah says that her gut says to put a bullet into Helena but when she looks at Helena she sees herself. Mrs. S tells Sarah that she doesn't owe Helena anything. Mrs. S adds that she got in touch with her people back in England and they're scared, as if something is really going on over there to.

Cosima is packing her bag and Delphine asks her where she is going. Cossima asks if she wants to know so that she can tell Leekie and asks what else Delphine told him.  Delphine says just the seven names and nothing about Kira because she is an anomaly. Cossima tells Delphine that she can use her and warns her to stay away from Kira.  Delphine promises that she wouldn't and Cossima screams for her to get out. Delphine begs for Cossima to listen and says that she didn't want to fall for her and that she has. Cossima asks how she can believe it and Delphine tells her that this is not a lie and that she must be able to fell it.  Delphine admits that she has never been with a woman before and Cossima replies that it showed.  Delphine grabs her things and leaves as Cossima breaks down.

Art is looking at the footage from Beth's suicide and realises that Beth is the one who jumped. Helena manages to get a hold of her phone and calls Sarah.   Helena tells her that she is the only she can turn to.

Paul loads his weapon, as Mrs. S asks Sarah how she knows this is not a trap.  Sarah assures Mrs. S that Helena was convincing. Paul suggests that Sarah hand over Helena to Leekie but Sarah does not agree and suggests that this would make them partners with him.  She is also worried about Leekie discovering about the existence of Kira.  Sarah says that doesn't know how she is going to play this and asks for a minute.  Sarah then heads to see Kira, who says that she is tired.  Sarah assures her that she is going to be just fine and Kira says that it wasn't Helena's fault and that she went to her on her own.  Sarah tells Kira that Helena is dangerous and sick in the head but Kira counters saying that Helena just needs Sarah's help.  Sarah says that she is sorry and does not believe that anyone can help Helena now. Sarah sneaks downstairs and steals Paul's gun.

Back at the intervention, Allison learns that she was seen in the van with Chad. Aynesley adds that she wishes Allison could realise how much damage she has caused.  Allison asks if Aynesley got everyone together today and Aynesley replies that she cares about Allison. Allison asks Aynesley if she told everyone everything and Aynesley replies that she did all of this to help Allison.  Allison then thanks her for scrutinizing every detail of her life since the day she moved into the neighbourhood and adds that Aynesley has pried, snooped and gossiped about her like she was Aynesley's personal laboratory subject. Allison asks how Aynesley would like it if she turned her life inside out and mentioned that Chad slept with his spin class instructor long before her and that maybe Chad acts that way because Aynesley blew the roofer at the cabin. The minister calls for a break and Allison says no more, so Donnie asks everyone to leave.  Aynesley stands up and tells Allison that this was her olive branch and that it was a huge mistake to torch it before walking out.  Allison then turns to Felix and says that it went very well.

Sarah is on the ship Helena's is trapped on and she pulls out her gun. Sarah finds Helena in the cage and Helena asks how Kira is doing.  Sarah tells Helena that she is never going to see her again and Helena swears that she would never hurt Kira.  Sarah tells her that she wishes she could believe her and then she points the gun at Helena.  Helena tells her to do it and Sarah starts to shake but cannot kill her.  Sarah grabs the key and tells Helena not to try any shit before freeing her from the cage.  Helena gets out of the cage and tells Sarah that she is all she has now.  Helena hugs Sarah  and says that she loves her. When Tomas returns, Helena grabs Sarah's gun and tells Tomas that he cannot harm Kira.  Tomas says that the child is innocent and reminds Helena that she is the original therefore making Helena her daughter. Sarah says that Tomas is lying and that neither of them is the original.  Tomas orders Helena to put Sarah down and says that they will bring Kira home to her real mother. Sarah tells that Helena that she feels the connection between them as well and Tomas suggests that Sarah will say anything to save herself. Sarah yells that Tomas locked Helena in a cage and lied to her, her entire life and that he will do that to Kira.  Sarah adds that Tomas is going to hurt Kira like he hurt Helena.  Helena then hands the gun to Sarah and attacks Tomas. 

When Tomas wakes, he finds that Sarah has locked him in the cage. Sarah then threatens to give the keys to Dr. Leekie.  Sarah and Helena make it outside and she puts Helena in the trunk. Mrs. S calls and Sarah says that she is going to give Helena to Leekie because Leekie knows who she is and is going to find out about Kira eventually.  Mrs.S tells Sarah that she cannot and that she needs to get there immediately with Helena.  When Sarah asks why, Mrs. S says that she will explain when she gets there. 

Allison has all the evidence assembled and tells Hardcastle that she wants to talk to him about Beth.  Leekie and Paul arrive at the place where they last met with Sarah, but of course, she is not there. Paul apologizes and says that Sarah said that she would be there. Leekie gets on the phone and calls someone.  Hardcastle asks how long Art has been sitting on this and Angela says by a couple of days.  Art announces that they are getting an arrest warrant for Beth and Art informs them that Beth is dead and that they need an arrest warning for Sarah.

Sarah returns to Mrs. S' and says that Helena is tied up in the trunk. Sarah asks what is going on and Mrs. S introduces her to Amelia - a Black woman who claims to be Sarah's birth mother.  Amelia says that she knows that she is not what Sarah expected and apologizes for arriving like this and that she had to leave Capetown in a hurry because she was being watched.  Amelia says that she was only 22 when a wealthy couple asked her to be their invitro surrogate and paid her but something was off because the medical test were numerous. Amelia adds that she heard the couple talking about a child unfettered by tradition - an advanced evolution. Sarah asks if she means neoloution. Amelia replies yes and that she realized that she wasn't dealing with a couple at all and that the life inside of her was in danger, so she ran, hide and gave birth to twins in secret.  Amelia says that she knew that she couldn't keep them and hide them away by giving one to the state and one to the church.

Alright now that we have two confirmed GLBT characters, the portrayal of Felix has not gotten any better.  First off what the hell are gay clothes?  That had me rolling my eyes.  Then to have actively introducing himself as Allison's gay friend didn't help either.  I suppose they deserve a small cookie for acknowledging the trope they are engaging in but I seriously could have done without that.  It's bad enough we have Felix playing gay BFF for straight women, but does he really have to do their makeup on top of it all?  I'm starting to cringe whenever he appears on the screen because I know that something problematic is going to happen.

We got a new Black character in Amelia and I must say that I am worried that they are going to turn her into a Mammy figure for Sarah.  I know that it has become a trend for White people to rent the wombs of WOC to reproduce but I think that Orphan Black needs to delve into how problematic this is.  They better cast Amelia as the victim that she is or I think I might have a fit.

Even though Cossima knew that Delphine was duplicitous it did make me kind of sad that they broke up.  I also did not enjoy the kiss in front of Scott because that played as titillation rather than the meeting of a couple.  I certainly have seen worse when it comes to lesbian portrayals in the media but it is still concerning. Still, if these two could work things out, I think I would enjoy seeing their relationship play out.

Things are heating up as it's now clear that Leekie is just another cog in the machine.  In the advance from next week they showed a woman in the background who is either yet another clone or the original.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  One of the things I like about Orphan Black is how it draws out the mystery, even as it is answering questions.