Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Originals, Season One, Episode Four: Girl in New Orleans

Davina has Elijah in a church and she pulls out the dagger briefly, as Marcel watches and quickly re-inserts it.

Klaus has taken Camille to a gallery and muses about the nature of evil being a reaction to a cruel world. Camille wonders why he chose to bring her here and Klaus says it's because he enjoys her company.  Naturally, Camille is blonde. He then launches briefly into his reason for being in New Orleans, claiming to want to help Haleigh and free Davina and asks Camille if this sounds evil. Camille launches into diagnosis mode and suggests that Klaus has unstable personal relationships, stress related paranoia,  chronic anger issues, fear of abandonment, and adds the Klaus needs counseling. Ya think?  Klaus replies that he would rather talk to her and offers Camille a job as his stenographer. Apparently, Klaus wants his memories written and adds that it will give them time to discuss Marcel. Camille attempts to tell Klaus that her private life is none of his business but Klaus is having none of it and replies that since Marcel wants her, that this makes Camille important to his plans.  Klaus tells Camille that the French Quarter is on the verge of war - on the one side is him and the other Marcel, with an army of vampires and a witch.  This understandably causes Camille to feel alarmed, so Klaus compels her to be calm and then suggests they talk more about Marcel.

Marcel hunches over Elijah's coffin and says that he is as resilient as a cockroach but adds that it does not matter because it is time to return Elijah to Klaus.  Devina points out that Marcel asked her to learn how to kill an Original but Marcel is steadfast that he owes Klaus one for saving his life. Devina then brings up the annual Dauphne Street Festival and says that she wants to go.  Marcel points out that the entire purpose of her being locked away, is so that no one can see her. Marcel adds that Sophie works in the middle of Dauphne Street and implies that the witches will do something bad to Davina if they see her.  Davina is not convinced and reminds Marcel that he controls the witches and suggests that he makes Sophie go away. Davina pleads that it's just one night and Marcel says no.  Davina points out that she does everything he says but believes that Marcel forgets what she is capable of.  Davina adds that she can make someone's blood boil and Marcel begins to sweat.  Marcel agrees to allow her to go along with an escort and calls it a compromise.

Klaus approaches Camille and she wants to know why is it that when they're alone, she remembers that he is a vampire but when he leaves, all she thinks is that Klaus is some really hot guy with money to spend on a memoir.  Klaus explains that this is how compulsion works.  Camille wonders if her neurons are being shut down somehow, or if Klaus is using a form of hypnosis on her. Klaus calls Camille curious and changes the topic Marcel.  Camille reveals that Marcel is bringing a young girl that he is mentoring to the festival tonight.  Camille adds that the girl is going through a rough time and is rebelling against authority. Camille says that she refused to help but Klaus forces her to say yes and Camille snarks, asking why Klaus bothers with politeness. Klaus says that he likes the way Camille's mind works and adds that Davina is Marcel's secret weapon.

Agnes and Haleigh are chatting and Agnes points out that Haleigh is over due for a check up.  Haleigh reminds Agnes that she is a pregnant werewolf.  Rebekah says that a lot of women would kill to have a child and adds that it's odd that Haleigh doesn't take better care of hers.  Is it me, or is Rebekah channeling Rosalie from Twilight?  Agnes says that she knows a doctor out in the bayou, off the beaten path and has made an appointment for Haleigh. Haleigh agrees to go.

Rebekah goes back to her internet searching and Klaus enters asking how it's going.  Rebekah tells him that someone has to find Elijah, even if she has to search every attic in New Orleans. Klaus says that he prefers actual strategy, as opposed to mind numbing labor. Klaus tells Rebekah that Marcel's delay in returning Elijah suggests that he is no longer in control and wonders if this means that Devina will be interested in a new alliance. Rebekah says that Klaus's desire for power is taking a front seat to finding Elijah.  Klaus replies that it's killing two birds with one stone. 

Diego is feeding, when he is interrupted by Josh, asking if there is a way to fast track getting a daylight ring.  Diego tells Josh that he will get a daylight ring, when he is invited into he inner circle. Josh points out that there is an opening now that Thierry is gone.  Diego tells Josh to shut up about Thierry and adds that Thierry didn't deserve what he got.  Diego says that Marcel was showing off for Klaus. Rebecca enters and tells Diego that she can help him out with his Klaus problem in exchange for a little bit of gossip. Rebekah tells Diego that she and Marcel used to be an item and wants to know who he is with now. Diego turns away saying that Rebekah has seen him with Camille. Rebekah says that she does not believe that Marcel is really interested in Camille and suggests that there must be another girl in Marcel's harem. Rebekah promises to leave New Orleans, taking Klaus with her, if Diego gives her a name.  Diego says that if Marcel is some other "honey", she is probably close by in the Quarter. 

Marcel is walking through the festival grounds followed by his vampires. Marcel orders that the witches be notified that if they show up, they will be killed and adds that he doesn't want any Originals around either. Apparently, Marcel is not impressed by the fact that Rebekah has been sniffing around. 

The festival is now in full swing and Marcel is acting as Devina's escort. Marcel suggests that they should go over the rules and Devina replies that she won't talk to anyone about anything and that includes about witches, vampires, Originals, or him. Devina reminds Marcel that he promised not to hover.

Agnes has driven Haleigh out to the doctor, claiming that the location is so remote because Marcel kept harassing the doctor's patients. As soon as Haleigh gets out of the car, Agnes gets on the phone and orders that people get sent in immediately and to accomplish their task quickly. 

At the bar, Marcel tells Camille that he is relieved to see her after he had his little explosion.  Camille assures him that everything is fine and says that he can leave her and Davina together now.  Devina pipes up that Marcel was supposed to stop hovering ten minutes ago. Marcel smiles saying that Devina has authority issues and excuses himself to go and chat with the mayor. Camille approaches Devina and asks the name of the hot guy with the fiddle that she has been staring out.  Devina says that his name is Tim and that they have known each other since they were ten. 

Rebekah enters a church, where she is told to go away because it is closed.  Rebekah says that she  noticed that the attic has shutters. Rebekah notices the blood on the walls and asks what happened there. Father Kiernan says that St. Anne's used to be the heart of the neighborhood but has been abandoned since the night of the massacre.  We get a quick flash to nine seminary students being killed by one of their own.  Father Kiernan points out that Rebekah is standing on blood but she says that she is not squeamish.  Rebekah compels Kiernan to tell her how to get to the attic and demands that he forget that she was there. Rebekah heads upstairs where she finds Elijah's coffin but cannot enter the room.

Rebekah gets shifted into a memory that both Elijah and she share.  Elijah tells Rebekah that Davina removed the dagger, unaware that doing so even briefly would awaken him. Elijah tells Rebekah that he will be himself in a few hours but is not ready to leave yet because he wants to learn more about Devina. Elijah plans to suggests a truce, which will end the feud between vampires and witches, thus eliminating the threat to Haleigh and her baby. Elijah asks Rebekah to swear to protect Haleigh because she is family now.  Once Rebekah promises, she is shifted out of the dream state. 

Haleigh has just finished with an ultrasound, when she gets a text from Rebekah wondering where she is.  The doctor tells Haleigh that her blood pressure is a bit high and says that she has something for it.  Haleigh texts back that she is with doctor, as in the background a wolf howls.  When the doctor loads up a syringe, Haleigh knocks her unconscious and locks the door before the werewolves can enter. Haleigh manages to get out the window, just as the werewolves break down the door.

Tim is opening the door to his car, when Klaus approaches and uses his compulsion on him. In the bar, Camille and Davina are looking around for Tim. When Davina walks away from frustration, Klaus gives Camille a note and compels Camille to tell Davina that the note is from one of the musicians that she will help her to slip out the back door. Klaus warns Camille not to let Davina out of her sight.

Camille escorts Davina to St.Anne's, where Tim is waiting for her. Tim asks Davina where she has been and why she wanted to meet at St. Anne's. Davina says that she likes it there because it's quiet.  Tim says that Davina stopped coming to school and wants to know what happened.  Davina replies that there was an emergency.  Tim wants to know if Davina is coming back to school and she says no but adds that she misses him.  Tim pulls out his violin and begins to play for Davina.  A distance away, Klaus appears and tells Camille that Tim has a true gift.  Camille says that she knows what Klaus is and switches the topic to the massacre which occurred at St. Anne's.  Camille asks if in Klaus's life, if he has ever heard of a good man just going on a killing spree out of nowhere.  Klaus says that he has seen a lot in his time and that the world is an awful place. Camille disagrees and says that the world is not awful, nor are people.  Camille believes that people want to be good and that something makes them bad, or makes them snap. Camille reveals that it was her twin brother Sean who did the mass murder and that she cannot sleep because she dreams about what happened. Camille is worried that Sean's demons will someday become hers. Klaus says that he needs to leave and compels Camille to leave and put all of this out of her mind. 

Father Kiernan approaches Marcel on the street and they talk about what has been done to his attic. Marcel says that he didn't think Kiernan would mind considering the favours he has done for him.  Kiernan then brings up The Originals and says that Rebekah showed up and asked about the attic, though he didn't know that he is on vervain and could not be compelled. Kiernan tells Marcel that he has a problem on his hands and Marcel asks if Kiernan is there to help or criticize. Kiernan makes it clear that Marcel lives in New Orleans by the grace of those who know his secret and tolerate him. Marcel reminds Kiernan that New Orleans thrives because of him. Their conversation is interrupted by Josh, who informs Marcel that Diego has lost sight of the girls. Marcel excuses himself.

Klaus interrupts Devina and Tim and compels Tim to sit and count to 100,000. Klaus tells Devina that her current dilemma strikes him as someone who makes poor choices. Klaus adds that Devina is loyal to Marcel and yet Marcel keeps her locked away in an attic and suggests that she would like more freedom. Devina says that Marcel keeps her safe but Klaus suggests that he might be a better friend and would allow her, her freedom.  Klaus questions if Marcel can do this and asks about the people who Devina cares about. Devina rises to the challenge and says that if anyone tries to hurt anyone she cares about that she will hurt them. Klaus suggests that this means that she doesn't need Marcel at all, because while Devina rots in an attic,  Tim has moved on with his life. Devina begins to boil Klaus's blood and so Klaus grabs Tim. Klaus tells Devina that he does not want to fight him because innocent people end up dead. Devina marshals her power, knocking out all of the windows and pushes Tim out of Klaus's grasp.

Haleigh is killing her assassins one at a time and Rebekah approaches and kills the last one. Rebekah tells Haleigh that she is impressed and asks who the assassins are. They hear a noise and Rebekah tells Haleigh to run, before she is shot with two arrows.  Haleigh does not make it far, before she is shot with an arrow in the shoulder. 

Marcel finds Camille in the quarter and she tells him that Devina went to meet a boy in St. Anne's church. Marcel instructs Camille to wait there in case Devina returns. 

In the bayou, Rebekah regains consciousness and finds herself surrounded by bodies.  Rebekah calls out for Haleigh but there is no answer.

At St. Anne's, Devina awakes and finds the church empty.  Rebekah calls Klaus to tell him that Haleigh is missing. Klaus tells her to keep looking and cavalierly throws Tim to the ground, saying that he has run out of time to play nice. Devina rushes in and tells Tim that she didn't mean to hurt him.  Klaus tells Devina that this is one of the tragic consequences of war and suggests that Devina will have to live with Tim's blood on her hands.  Devina tells Klaus to get away from Tim and Klaus suggests that Devina should not be so hasty because he can heal Tim. When Devina says please, Klaus feeds Tim his blood and compels him to forget everything that happened after the concert including seeing Devina. When Devina asks why Tim should forget her, Klaus points out that the witches can use Tim as leverage to hurt her. Klaus tells Devina that she now owes him a favor before disappearing.  Marcel appears and wants to know what happened but Devina does not answer him.

Klaus appears at the doctor's office and demands to know who took Haleigh.  Rebekah says that she does not know. They hear wolves in the background and Rebekah suggests that perhaps Haleigh's cousins will know where she is. They head outside and find Haleigh, who says that she cannot remember what happened.  Klaus thinks something is wrong because she has healed so quickly and Rebekah suggests that it is the vampire blood from the baby. Rebekah asks how Haleigh escaped and Haleigh says that she thinks there is a wolf trying to protect her. Klaus points out that the witches were supposed to protect Haleigh and begins to threaten Sophie. Haleigh tells Klaus that it was Agnes but Klaus promises to slaughter all of them.  Rebekah pipes up, not if Elijah gets there first. Rebekah reveals that Elijah has a plan and has asked that they take care of Haleigh. Haleigh asks to go home but when she stands, Haleigh begins to collapse and so Klaus catches her and carries her. 

Marcel confronts his vampires about losing Devina and when Diego speaks up, Marcel snaps his neck. Marcel turns to Josh and says that when Diego awakes, he is to be told that an apology would have gotten him a lot further than his attitude. Rebekah enters and says that it was awful what happened at the church and Marcel replies that Rebekah was quite the woman on a mission today. When Rebekah says that she wants Elijah back, Marcel questions if this is all she wants. Marcel promises to return Elijah but informs Rebekah that she is to stay out of the bar and away from his guys.  When Rebekah questions if Marcel is jealous, Marcel informs her that he has already found his queen. Rebekah brings up Camille and suggests that she is comfort food and that what Marcel really wants his her. 

Klaus shows up at Camille's and she invites him in. Camille wonders if a vampire compelled Sean to kill and Klaus asks if Camille would sacrifice everything to find out the truth. Camille says that this is why she is in New Orleans but Klaus tells her that she must be compelled to forget because the quest for truth will put her in danger.  Camille says that Klaus only wants her for access to Marcel. Klaus says that he is trying to honor his brother and Camille asks about her brother and adds that she needs to make this right. Klaus grabs Camille and compels her to move on and says that he will find out what happened. Klaus tells Camille that she will dream of a world without evil tonight. 

Devina is back in the attic and she caressing Tim's violin.  Devina heads over to the coffin, when Elijah appears saying that it's time for them to talk.

Okay, that's it for The Originals this week.  I think this has been the most angst filled episode to date.  Can we please have Klaus stop going on about the nature of good and evil?  We get that he is supposed to be a complex figure but I don't enjoy getting hit over the head with it repeatedly. Klaus has outsmarted Marcel at every turn, as he rightly should have but it makes no sense to me why Klaus doesn't just kill him and get what he wants, particularly with Rebekah finding Elijah this week.  There is no reason for this ongoing game, if we are to believe all of the cannon about who and what The Originals are.  It's the problem of having a protagonist as powerful as they have created Klaus to be.

As for Devina rebelling against Marcel - that was so clearly coming.  No teenage girl is going to put up with being locked in an attic. I liked her act of resistance against Marcel.  As powerful as Devina is, this week also revealed no good reason for Klaus to keep her alive.  If an Original cannot be killed,  why are they even worried about the witches beyond keeping Haleigh's baby alive?  None of this really makes any sense to me whatsoever. 

Ass kicking Haleigh works for me.  Often, pregnant women are portrayed as frail and Haleigh is presented as the exact opposite this week. I do wonder what is going on with the wolf that is supposedly trying to protect her though.  I was not impressed with Rebekah trying to shame her and wonder how else Haleigh is going to be policed before dropping this kid.

We learned a lot more about Camille this week but to be honest, I DON'T CARE.  She is only loosely relevant because both Marcel and Klaus have a thing for her.  Camille is nothing but a prize to be won or a tool to be used.  Camille did try to struggle against Klaus, which I suppose is something but I want her to be something more than what she is. Something about her feels wooden to me, even though she is being compelled.