Sunday, October 20, 2013

Revolution Season Two, Episode Four: Patriot Games

This episode begins in Pottsboro, North Texas, with Charlie eating in a dive surrounded by men.  When she tries to leave, she finds the door padlocked and so informs the men that they should let her go. One of them attacks and Charlie fights back but is clearly feeling dizzy.  Charlie realises that her drink was drugged, just as Monroe bursts through the door with his sword.  Charlie struggles to maintain consciousness, as Monroe fights with the men.

In Willoughby, Rachel has regained consciousness after the battle at the end of last episode.  Rachel calls out for Miles and when she gets no answer, heads outside to see kids dressed in costume.  Rachel walks through the town and sees Patriots everywhere and a U.S. flag boldly flying.  Rachel waves to Ken and is then approached from behind by Miles.  They embrace and Rachel learns that she has been out for a few days.  Rachel asks why everyone is back in Willoughby and where Titus is. Ed Truman of the U.S. government walks over and Miles introduces him to Rachel. Truman says that they are just trying to restore order and are happy that they got there when they did. Miles says that Rachel needs to rest and Rachel and Miles leave.

Neville is walking when he sees a fight.  He quickly breaks it up and arrests one of them.  When he is chastised for not being at the dock, Neville learns that no matter what Allenford said, Lt. Vincent Cooke is not a fan of his. Cooke tells Neville that when he screws up, he will be there to put a bullet behind his ear. Yep, Cooke is dead man walking.

Miles, Rachel and Aaron are gathered and Miles informs Rachel that the Patriots are claiming that Monroe and Foster launched the nukes. When Rachel learns that they are calling themselves Patriots, Rachel points out that, that was Randall's exit line. Rachel says that this is what they were waiting for and adds that she knew something was bigger coming.  Miles says that they should all calm down because they would be dead already, if the Patriots wanted them dead. The Patriots are telling everyone that Titus's guys are still out there, so the town is on lockdown.  Rachel guesses that something else is going down outside the walls. Miles plans to go and check out Titus's camp and when Rachel suggests coming with him, Miles says that Rachel is to lay low and stay off the radar of the Patriots.

That night, Rachel walks through town but keeps thinking about Randall  The Patriot men are everywhere as Ed looks on, Ken approaches Rachel and says that they are trying to give the kids a little normal after last week.  Rachel very quickly excuses herself and breaks into an office.  She pulls out a file with the familiar triangle symbol and is caught by Ed.  Rachel is escorted out of the office and her father apologises for her.  Ed heads back to his office undecided as to whether or not Rachel is going to be a problem. Outside the walls, a man is caught.  A Patriot takes a sword and kills him.

Rachel argues with Gene about how dangerous the Patriots are but he is not pacified and tells Rachel that she needs to rest. Rachel suggests that the Patriots were working with Randall and swears that she is not crazy.  Gene wonders why this has to be her fight and Rachel says that she has got to do something and if it isn't her then who?  Gene tells Rachel that she scares him and brings up her suicide attempt when she first arrived.  Gene tells Rachel that she puts blinders on and then charges ahead.  Gene adds that Rachel cannot fix everything and that a lot of people died and now she wants to suit up and fix something else.  Gene wonders what happens if Rachel doesn't come back from this one.  The argument is interrupted by a Patriot man delivering the body of the man they killed. The Patriot soldier of course blames Titus's group and suggests that everyone should stay behind the wall.

Charlie regains her consciousness and finds herself at a campsite with Monroe. Monroe tosses her some water to drink and suggests that Charlie needs to flush the drugs out of her system.  Charlie asks how he found her and Monroe tells her that she is not as hard to track as she thinks. Charlie learns that she was out for a full day and Monroe swears that he was a full gentleman.  Charlie then asks why he is doing this and Monroe says that he needs Charlie to take him to Miles and Rachel though he can never make for what he has done.  Charlie asks if he makes his eyes water at will and says that the poor wounded Monroe thing is pathetic.  Charlie calls Monroe a sociopath and adds that behind his mask he is a cold killer.  Charlie tries to grab a knife and Monroe admits that he is good at killing and adds that for the time being, they are all on the same team. Monroe adds that the U.S. guys are going to be a problem.  Charlie asks what happens if she tells him to go to hell and Monroe asks her what makes her think that she has a choice.

Neville notices some scaring on Lt. Vincent Cooke body.

Aaron looks out the window at the kids but feels dizzy and pauses out.  In his dream state, Aaron sees Miles walk through a red door.  Cynthia wakes Aaron and he assures her that he is okay.  When Miles hears a sound, he pauses and looks around.  When Miles enters the red door, Titus pulls a gun on him, so Miles drops his sword.  Miles asks Titus if they can talk but Titus blames Miles for the death of his wife. Titus says that he was betrayed by the Patriots, who packed him and his children onto trains.  It seems that Titus escaped but everyone else is still there. Titus says that he was a loving father but the Patriots are inhuman.  Titus adds that he lost everything including the only person he ever loved because of Miles.  When Titus pulls the trigger, the gun does not fire and so he and Miles fight over it, with Miles quickly managing to stab Titus.

Rachel is having a drink in a bar when she is joined by Ken.  Ken asks her what is going on with her and Rachel quickly says that she doesn't want him involved. Ken tells her not to forget who is she talking to and reminds Rachel about how she was there for him when his father died. Ken asks to help.

Neville is out walking, when he comes to a house which has been turned into a seedy bar.  He hands over a few diamonds to a woman and he leads him to a room.  Neville tells her that for the next two hours, no one is to come in or out.  When Neville walks into the room, Lt. Vincent Cooke is passed out on a bed. Neville puts a chair against the door, smiles, and pulls out his knife.

Rachel has told Ken everything and he says that the story sounds more than crazy.  Rachel tells him that it's all true.  Ken asks Rachel what she needs him to do and Rachel replies that people in town look up to Ken and that they have to be careful. Rachel and Ken head into the cellar to get more wine and he uses a key to unlock a door.  As he is opening the door, Rachel notices the triangle symbol and tells Ken that she needs to go.  Ken says that they had a lot to talk about and Rachel answers that she will come by first thing.  Rachel grabs her torch and tries to flee but Ken grabs her and drags her into the room. 

Rachel awakes to find herself tied up and Ken digging a grave.  Ken tells Rachel that he is a Patriot and Rachel asks for how long.  Ken admits to being a Patriot for seven years and says that they have been working on this a long time. Ken adds that a man approached him to make a better, cleaner America.  When Rachel asks about Willoughby, Ken informs Rachel that the Patriots have plans for everywhere and want the whole U.S.  Ken reveals that they didn't want him to hurt Rachel as he plays with a knife and adds that they will understand because she can't be allowed to stroll around and tell everybody about the nukes. Rachel says that no one will believe her and promises to leave town but Ken is not pacified because once Rachel starts, she never stops. Ken tells Rachel that he wishes that this had turned out another way and admits that he has always had a crush on her.  Ken apologises and raises the knife but Rachel manages to head butt him and knock Ken out briefly.  Rachel breaks her hand to get out of the manacles and grabs the knife before Ken can.  Rachel quickly stabs Ken in the chest.

When Lt. Vincent Cooke awakes,  he finds himself tied to the bed.  Cooke tells Neville to walk out the door and promises that they will be good. Neville asks what happens when Allenford hears about Cooke's drug usage.  Neville tells Cooke that he is going to take him off the crap details, put him in for promotion and tell him where Jason is.  Cooke replies that he will kill Neville for this but Neville points out that Cooke is not good at getting the drop on people.  Neville asks for Jason and Cooke says that they don't tell him and will get him a promotion.  Neville again asks for Jason and Cooke cries saying that he doesn't know.  Neville injects Cooke twice and he passes out again.  As Neville unties Cooke, Rachel is busy burying Ken.  Neville then takes care to wipe the room down for prints before leaving, as Rachel leaves the bar.

Aaron asks Cynthia if she is watching him sleep and then tells her that he got light hided. Cynthia informs him that he is seeing Dr. Porter first thing in the morning.  Aaron tells her that it is going to be hard for him to fall asleep if Cynthia keeps giving him the creepy eye.

Miles hustles over a chain link fence.  He sees trains loaded up with people like human cattle.  One man is thrown off and shot in the back.  Miles recognizes one of the men as working with Titus.  A gun is pointed at his head and Miles manages to kill the Patriot and takes off.  Before Miles can get away he is surrounded by more Patriots.  Aaron is dreaming again and the nuclear insects start to gather.  Suddenly, the Patriots bursts into flames as Miles watches.  Miles takes off running, as more patriots appear and Aaron wakes violently.

Neville is busy handing out assignments, when Allenford approaches asking what is going on.  Neville says that Cooke didn't show and that someone had to get the day started. Allenford says that Cooke was transferred to another camp and Neville replies that he is happy to step aside and let someone else run point.  Allenford tells Neville that he is doing fine and should continue.

Miles and Rachel are together and he tells her what happened.  Rachel hands Miles the letter she found last night and points out that if the Patriots got to Ken, they can get to anyone. Miles tries to assure Rachel that she didn't know and Rachel admits that she just charged right in and that she could have seen something in Ken's face. Miles says that whatever is going here, they can fix it.  Rachel points out that the last time she tried to fix something, she broke everything and wonders if it can happen again. Miles promises that he won't let it. Rachel asks what they should do and Miles says that every good occupation deserves a resistance.

Charlie is traveling with Monroe and they pass a sign which reads Willoughby ten miles.

So far, every character of colour who has been given speaking lines this season has quickly been killed off.  I wasn't surprised but disappointed to see Ken, who was played by Richard T. Jones die.  This is once again another great actor of colour which Revolution has chosen to throw away.  I suppose given the fact that he was probably destined to be a side kick to Rachel, this death is marginally better.  Revolution seems like White men save the world, just like every other dystopian.

This week, we were very forcefully reminded that the two leading women - Rachel and Charlie are not to be trusted because they will invariably make bad decisions and need rescuing.  They rush into situations without thinking and are not nearly as powerful, or wise as they think they are.  Rachel needs constant reassurance that she is not "crazy," as though what she is suggesting is so out there.  Charlie in need of rescuing is particularly specious because one cannot know that one is in the presence of a rapist. Sure, she could have walked away from the seedy place but isn't the world all seedy now?

I didn't like the humans being transported in the trains and summarily shot.  For me, it had strong undertones of what the Nazi's did during WWII.  I think that we are meant to see the analogy and see the Patriots as horribly but they need not go that far. There are other ways of going about this to make their point and more important how could we not already see them as evil, after they released two nuclear bombs in the continental U.S.?

As for Neville, the minute Cooke stupidly challenged him, I knew the man was dead man walking.  Neville continues to be irredeemable and I love that about him, though, he is at times, very predictable.

Finally, as for the nuclear green insects - I want to know more!