Friday, December 6, 2013

The Originals, Season One, Episode Nine: Reigning Pain in New Orleans

Klaus is now holding court in his new home.  Even as he gives his speech, the vampires around him clearly give him hateful glances. He has humans slit their wrists and fill goblets with blood.  We then shift to Rebekah and Marcel, where she informs him that because he ambushed Klaus, that Marcel must give Klaus the illusion of his loyalty.  Marcel believes that Klaus won't trust him and Rebekah suggests that if he plays the part, Klaus will forgive and trust.  Back at the diner party, Marcel joins in on the toast, as Diego looks on in disgust. Later, Marcel explains to Diego that though he had the loyalty of his vampires, letting the battle continue against Klaus would have meant that they all would have died.  Marcel tells Diego to follow his lead and promises that this isn't over.  At the party, Klaus tell them that his intentions are to celebrate what they have moving forward.  Diego asks about Haleigh and Klaus tells them that they must respect her because she is carrying his child.  Klaus assures them that he will not use his child's blood to create hybrid and to prove this,  Klaus then announces plans to let the vampires hunt the  werewolves in the bayou. This is to stand as evidence that Klaus plans to create no more hybrids. Haleigh looks on in horror because Klaus is talking about slaughtering her family.

Elijah and Rebekah look on as Klaus has movers taking things out of the house.  Rebekah is not impressed and so Elijah reminds her that they have wounded Klaus deeply.  Elijah leaves saying that he wants to make sure that Haleigh won't suffer for their mistakes.

Klaus is now dictating to Camille what recently happened between him and Elijah.  Camille wants to know why Klaus still needs her because he now has control over the quarter.  Klaus replies that he still needs his memoirs written. Marcel enters and also questions why Camille is there and Klaus informs him that she knows they are vampires and has been compelled to forget when she leaves.  Marcel realises that Klaus compelled Camille to date him.  Camille then shows Klaus the picture she found of him and Marcel and argues that Camille's sanity is not a joke.  Klaus compels Camille once again to forget before dismissing her.

Haleigh wonders through the compound when she is stopped by Diego.  Elijah makes short work of Diego and Rebekah makes her appearance.  Elijah asks Haleigh to leave with him and she informs him that she is safe as per Klaus's orders but the werewolves are in need of help.  Rebekah asks if they look like a vampire rescue squad.  Haleigh pleads because she has always wanted to know who her real family is and begs for Rebekah and Haleigh to help her people.

Marcel and Klaus are talking and Marcel suggests that diplomacy goes a long way with the human faction.  Klaus is looking at Camille's photo and adds that there are things he needs to confess.  Klaus tells the truth about Thierry and says that he can return to the compound at Marcel's discretion.  Klaus then brings up Joshua and admits that he was compelled from the beginning.  It seems that Klaus wants Devina to move to the compound and so he tells Marcel about Devina's deal with Elijah. Marcel leaves reminding Klaus that the meeting is in an hour.

Camille is now back home and finds a note on the mirror saying "believe nothing Klaus tells you." Camille then finds another note telling her to look in her bag.  In the bag she finds a recording device and plays a recording of Klaus dictating his memoirs.

Marcel has gone to see Devina about moving to the compound and she declares that she cannot leave the attic.  Marcel then reveals that he knows about the deal with Elijah.  Marcel says that she is safest with them because the witches are still trying to kill her.  Klaus makes his appearance and Devina asks if this is Klaus's idea.  Klaus makes it clear that while she is devoted to Marcel, Marcel is devoted to him.  Klaus reminds Marcel that they have a meeting to attend downstairs. Marcel asks Devina to trust him before leaving.

Klaus and Marcel meet with Kiernan and the rest of the humans. The mayor tells Klaus that they want to make sure he is aware of how things work in the city. Kiernan clarifies that he wants the city to stay safe. Kiernan then brings up rules like no feeding on the locals and no untoward attention.  One man suggests that if they break the rules, the vampires will answer to him.  Klaus makes it clear that the council will take whatever scraps he offers and be thankful.

In the bayou, Diego is leading the hunt, when Elijah and Rebekah make an appearance. Rebekah threatens to rearrange his face and Elijah makes it clear that this particular clan is not to be touched. Diego agrees to leave saying that there is nothing there.  Rebekah declares their job done but Elijah is not finished.  Elijah finds Eve and declares that they are not there to hurt her.  Eve makes it clear that no one finds them unless they want to be found.

Klaus and Marcel sit down for a drink and Klaus suggests that Marcel is disappointed by his lack of diplomacy then adds more than anyone, Marcel should need no reminder of the human capacity for cruelty.  Klaus's phone rings and he learns that the factions have reached a decision on his terms.  The window explodes exposing the vampires to sun and they burst into flames. Bullets rain down on the restaurant.  Later, we see charred vampire remains and Marcel blames Klaus for what happened. Marcel informs Klaus that the people who died belonged to him and if he is going to run the city, this better mean something to him. Klaus admits that he under estimated  the faction and asks how he should respond.  Marcel suggests that they go kill them all.

Eve shows Rebekah and Elijah a map of the swamp and adds that the werewolves born here will be fine. Eve shows where the newcomers are and adds that the weres might not know where to hide.  Eve argues that they need to live and informs the siblings they need to see for themselves.

Devina finds Josh hiding in the garage and Josh says that he is stuck there until it gets dark.  Josh admits his role in the failed bid to attack Klaus.  Devina promises to hurt Klaus if he hurts Josh. Haleigh appears saying that if Devina could actually stop Klaus, she would have done it already.  Haleigh denies being Klaus's wife and declares herself the pregnant werewolf. Haleigh says that she is just another one of Klaus's prisoners and points out that it would suck if Klaus found out that Josh is still here and suggests that they can all look out for each other.

Kiernan has gone to see Camille and she is upset, and so she plays him the recording she made.  Camille says that Klaus must be erasing her memory.  Kiernan gets a call and leaves saying that they will talk about this later.

Kiernan goes to see the council and is upset that he was not consulted about the attack on the vampires. One of the members makes it clear that he doesn't care who Klaus is or about Klaus's reputation. Kiernan suggests that the council has started a war.  The council member makes it clear that Kiernan is not to call anymore meetings and should send an email next time.  Kiernan replies that he didn't call the meeting and Klaus appears admitting that he made an error in their last conference.  The council member says that he is glad Klaus learned his lesson.  Marcel kills the council member and together they kill everyone except Kiernan.  Klaus snarks that it is a sad day for their city.  Marcel interrupts and says that Kiernan can do more good alive than dead and adds that Kiernan is Camille's uncle. Klaus tells Kiernan to remake his human faction.  Kiernan asks how he is to replace the mayor and Klaus snarks about the deputy mayor and adds that when Kiernan has rebuilt, they can engage in negotiations again.

Elijah and Rebekah are still the bayou and they make their way to the wolf encampment, which they find empty.  Rebekah suggests that they should just leave and when Elijah resists Rebekah suggests that this is all about Haleigh. Elijah denies trying to impress Haleigh, then admits that it's complicated. Diego appears chasing some werewolves and Elijah stops the hunt telling him to go.  Diego stands still and Elijah warns them that they should leave. When Diego stands fast, Elijah reminds that he is also an Original and given his recent luck battling Klaus, leaving is in his best interest. Diego spits and takes off with the rest of the vampires.  The wolf stands and asks who Elijah and Rebekah are.  Elijah notices a ring on the necklace the wolf is wearing and asks who he is.

Back in the quarter, Klaus and drinks to a united front and says that Marcel is playing the role of friend.  Klaus points out that at one time, there was real affinity between them.  Marcel reminds Klaus that he swore loyalty and not friendship.  Klaus admits that his decision was not his own and says that if he didn't agree to usurp Marcel's power that the witches were going to kill his unborn child.  Klaus adds that at first the baby meant nothing to him but when he thought about Michael and how he was hated as a child something changed.  Klaus promises not to do to his child what was done to him.  Marcel questions if Klaus was forced into this, what happens now.  Klaus says that he was jealous when he saw Marcel's empire and wanted it. Marcel admits that he didn't do it on his own and admits that Klaus taught him that a man defines himself. Marcel reminds Klaus that he freed him from his human father.  Klaus tells Marcel that he wants the respect and love of the community. Klaus then suggests that they should rule side by side as equals and brothers. Marcel takes a drink as Klaus smiles.

Klaus is reading when Haleigh enters saying that the werewolves he ordered killed are her family.  Klaus reminds Haleigh that this so-called family have not done her much good. Klaus reminds Haleigh that she was abandoned.  Haleigh argues that they had their reasons and Klaus responds that he is trying to keep her safe.  Haleigh asks what happens when she has the baby but Klaus does not answer. Haleigh tells Klaus that she will pay him back for this because as long as she is pregnant he cannot stop her.

Haleigh then heads to Devina, who is rifling through boxes for her violin.  Devina tells Haleigh that the witches are after her and Haleigh reveals that Agnes is dead.  Devina realises that she is now safe and wonders why Marcel didn't tell her.  Devina believes that Haleigh is lying because she wants something from her. Haleigh admits that she does want something and brings up her cursed werewolf family.  Haleigh says that she wouldn't lie to get what she wants, she would just ask and that this is the difference between her and Marcel, before leaving.

Josh appears with the violin and asks what Haleigh wanted.  Devina reveals the death of Agnes and Josh confirms the story.  Devina is stunned and says that Marcel was just using her.  Devina asks Josh to help her leave because she doesn't want to be their puppet any longer.

Rebekah and Elijah return home to find Klaus waiting.  Klaus is not impressed that they intervened on his werewolf hunt. Elijah throws the ring he found on the werewolf at Klaus saying that it once belonged to their mother. Elijah reveals a legend where a chief of the werewolves had fathered a child to a witch, whose son was transformed into something they had never seen.  It seems that the werewolves Klaus wanted killed are the descendants of his true father. Rebekah pleads adding that they are trying to make amends and says that this is why they saved the wolves. Elijah asks Klaus to come home and Klaus asks what home.  Klaus tells them that he has reclaimed their true home and took back the entire city.  Elijah reminds him that Haleigh, the mother of his child is his prisoner.  Klaus stands holding the ring saying that he has had enough of family to last him a lifetime before leaving.

Kiernan is at the church lighting candles when Klaus appears.  Kiernan says that he is saying prayers for the dead.  Klaus tells Kiernan that he ordered the slaughter of the werewolves but if the vampires find out he now wants them protected, it won't sit well.  Kiernan says that he can arrange something but as a condition, adds that Camille needs to leave town.  Klaus leaves the church.

Camille is listening to the recording again when Klaus finds her.  Klaus tells her that she is looking for truths she doesn't want to find.  Klaus tells her she must leave for her own good and Camille calls him a coward.  Camille believes that Klaus is scared of someone knowing who he really is.  Klaus grabs Camille and shares his memories of shifting into a werewolf for the first time and his struggle with Micheal.  Camille backs away saying that no one should have to experience things like this.  Klaus tells her that knowing what she does will get her killed.  Klaus compels Camille to leave New Orleans and to forget him and everything that she has learned.  Camille repeats that she has no reason to stay.

Marcel meets with Rebekah and tells her that while things are good with Klaus now, if they keep meeting behind his back that they won't survive.  Rebekah tells Marcel that the only reward anyone gets for loving Klaus is suffering and death.  Rebekah asks if Marcel is choosing Klaus over her again.  Marcel argues that he has people to look out for and that Klaus is giving him a chance to do that.  Marcel says that he cannot turn his back on this.  Rebekah reminds Marcel about 1919 and says that she knows the words which will make Klaus hate Marcel forever.

Haleigh is standing on the balcony when Elijah appears and reports that her family is safe.  Haleigh hugs Elijah, thanking him.  Haleigh tells Elijah that what he did means a lot.  Elijah tells her to keep her birthmark covered adding that he should go.  Klaus makes his way onto the compound and stops when he senses Elijah.  Elijah tells Klaus that he was wrong when he made his accusation about what Klaus wanted to do with the child.  Elijah admits that Klaus doesn't make it easy to love him.  Klaus tells Elijah that when he is ready that both he and Rebekah are welcome to join him there because it is their family home.

Camille is packing her bag when there is a knock on the door.  It's Devina and she is asking for help because of Marcel.  Devina realises that Camille has been compelled to forget.  Devina starts taking the compulsion away as Camile screams.

This episode was a bit anticlimactic after the last one.  I suppose business had to be settled after Klaus had that awesome kill last week.

I am really glad that Haleigh is going to use her pregnancy to her advantage.  For most of this season she has been the running scared walking womb.  It will be interesting to see what the writers have laid out for her in the second half of the season.

It seems to me that once again the writers are trying to convince us that Klaus is this poor tortured soul who just wants to be loved. I dislike that Camille immediately felt sympathy for him given that she knows exactly what he has is and the fact that he has been compelling her for months.  I am sick of female character so quickly forgiving the evil that the vampires do.

Listening to Rebekah react to Marcel once again choosing Klaus makes me wonder why she is staying in town.  This is the second time that he has betrayed her.  First, Rebekah should have seen this coming, and second, she never should have trusted Marcel in the first place because he was fine with her being daggered for 50+ years. I want to see Rebekah do something other than pout about her love life, be easily defeated, or cower in fear from Klaus.  Rebekah has always feared the dagger but without it, Klaus cannot really hurt her.  When is she going to get a backbone?  It is telling that of the three Original vampires, Rebekah is the weakest.  It has everything to do with the fact that she is the only woman. 

Once again we were reminded that Marcel was  a slave who was saved by Klaus.  After watching him bend the knee last week, now we have to watch him toss himself at Klaus and agree to be partners. Yes, the uppit  negro has been tamed.This just adds to the racial problems on this show.  The Originals needs to do something about its race portrayal.