Friday, December 6, 2013

The Tomorrow People, Season 1, Episode 8: Thanatos

We start with a flashback to 7 years ago with John being experimented on in Ultra – and Jedikiah being worried about using John for the murder project and John all gung ho to be the best he can be for Jedikiah and Ultra. It’s all very fraught and desperate – and then Jedikiah wakes up.

Oh, is this the humanising episode? I don’t think it’s needed, Stephen forgets that Jedikiah is evil every other week. Jedikiah wakes up next to Morgan and they reminisce on how they met and how Morgan read his mind but was totally intrigued by him being a sadistic murderer.

At the Tomorrow People HQ, John is unsurprisingly unimpressed by Stephen’s big “Thanatos” revelation from a hallucination while drowning. Stephen did research Thanatos at Ultra and found it was a big redacted super-secret file so clearly important – they need to dig in Jedikiah’s head to find out. Which means Cara going to Jedikiah’s home since Ultra offices are shielded – except the gazillion times when they weren’t, including the time Cara actually sat on a bench outside Ultra and read the mind of a guard for a keycode – adherence to canon is such a silly concept (John disagrees and pouts but since everyone else is going along with it he just makes his objections known and goes along).

Cara and Russell hit Jedikiah’s very secure building, using Tim (there convenient and poorly explained super computer that they happen to have) to cut all the power. (Also involves Stephen pretending to be someone else to call and reassure the guard and even the computer mocking his attempt at a regional accent).

Russell’s cat burglary skills helps him and Cara break in (teleportation apparently not being an option for… reasons?). They find Jedikiah laid on the bed (ok I get the whole not killing thing – but since a guy almost drown Stephen last week, I think you could tie him up and then set fire to the place and it technically not count). Cara touches Jedikiah’s head and burrows into his mind – gaining info on Jedikiah and John (seriously Cara – boundaries woman! You’re here to look up a super sekrit project, not do your invasive I-need-to-know-everything on John). Russell, playing his part of inept comic relief, knocks something over for… reasons – and wakes up Jedikia. Cara teleports out, Russell can’t because the alarm has been tripped which also turns off powers, apparently. Why he doesn’t have this power null on his home all the time is a great mystery.

Of course, Russell may be inept and he may be comic relief, but he can fight (everyone on this show knows martial arts.  Just run with it, it’s the least unbelievable thing about the show) and after a scuffle with Jedikiah over the gun, he knocks him out with an ornament. He manages to turn off the alarm and teleport to HQ – with Jedikiah who grabs him at the last second.

And this is a bad thing? Start hitting him with things! One blow may get lucky and accidentally kill him!

Everyone panics about this and John wants to get him out asap (or you could drown him. Or kill him, John can murder! Does “not killing” cover cutting bits off as well?). Cara realises, somewhat belatedly, that this is her chance to go rooting around in Jedikiah’s head for useful information this time.

For some reason they actually decide to question the man. Yes, the mind readers question him. He demands to speak with John, alone. Which they agree to because the whole idea of actually having someone as their prisoner seems to be a bemusing concept to them. Cara tells Russell she needs more time to read his mind – fair enough, you have all the time in the world once you strip search him for GPS devices (no they haven’t done that, because they’re not that bright). Jedikiah threatens to reveal all of John’s deep dark secrets if they don’t let him go. (Or kill him, I’m just saying).

Flashback to Jedikiah taking John to a bound and hooded man who Jedikiah accuses of being a raping murderer to kill him – not to prove that the treatment works but to prove that John is capable of killing mentally (no pointing in giving someone with major issues against killing the power to kill after all). There’s more really heavy handed father-figure building. John points the gun and… pulls the trigger. Nothing happens, it’s not loaded – it was a test and the man on the floor was an actor. Jedikiah then gives him his real assignment.

To the present and John goes to see Cara who twists the knife a little more revealing that Jedikiah loved John like a son.

At Ultra, Stephen is called in for the emergency disappearance of Jedikiah and sees they have the “brain trust” working on it – powerful telepaths plugged into a machine that boosts them further. They then scan every brain looking for the right one – eventually they will find Jedikiah. And who is running things? The mysterious “Founder”, Jedikiah’s boss – and one of the few surviving people who established Ultra (along with Stephen’s father)

He runs to HQ to tell Cara to get rid of Jedikiah but she’s sure she doesn’t need much time; she tells Stephen to distract them and brings up Morgan, a woman he was keeping secret. Stephen heads back to Ultra and tells the Founder that Jedikiah was looking into a breakout on his own – but kept the file in his personal folder; he loads up Morgan’s details.

At HQ, Cara beats up Jedikiah a little and he responds by bringing up her near rape and her father kicking her out. She beats him up a whole lot more and, for reasons unknown, John stops her. John  asks her what’s going on but Cara confronts him that everything Jedikiah is thinking is about John, he’s hiding something else about John and she warns him about keeping secrets again.

Flashback again – John gets his first real mission, to kill the man who trained him.

To the present and Stephen and a team are sent to hunt down Morgan and rescue Jedikiah. She teleports out of the building to where Stephen is waiting outside and he runs after her and cuffs her (why not keep teleporting?) She is shocked that Jedikiah could betray her, she loves him – and Stephen hides her from the team.#

Back at HQ, Jedikiah is being so very smug until Russell Cara and John reveal they know all about Morgan and are happy to share that info with Ultra. The smugness quickly fades. Jedikiah spills – Thanatos is the nickname for a Professor Albus Crick. Time speaks up with a  biography of the man (Jedikiah isn’t impressed, Tim’s obsolete); Crick got his nickname (and the less classical “Dr. Death”) because of his penchant for dangerous experimentation. Time to find Thanatos – with Irene’s help because she’s the only scientist there.

At Ultra, the Founder makes it clear that he’s evil (this show seems to think we have trouble remembering these things) by being very angry about Morgan’s escape and then killing one of the telepaths for being lippy. He takes their place plugged into the machine.

Thanatos turns out to be a rather mild mannered man. He claims he and Stephen’s father kept most of their work secret because Jedikiah was influenced by others (because of his jealousy over not having powers) – the Founder included – to be hostile to paranormals and deviate from their original very positive intent. Also, Stephen’s dad could stop time with the added theory that if you stopped time and teleported at the same time you could shift outside of time into limbo (which Stephen thinks is where he saw his dad) but Dr. Crick and his dad thought it was actually impossible to teleport and stop time at the same time

At HQ Russell is the next one to make the mistake of listening to Jedikiah when he plays his headgames and tries to tell Russell John will never trust him after his kidnapping of Jedikiah. Then Jedikiah starts to choke on his food (yes they’re feeding him. No Russell doesn’t just point and laugh as Jedikiah chokes to death – Russell rushes to help and Jedikiah starts choking him – until Cara teleports in and punches him revealing her powers that were supposed to have been stripped

Why is Jedikiah still alive?

Cara told him they had an antidote to the serum which Jedikiah doesn’t buy. John realises if Jedikiah gets free, Stephen is dead – Cara raises the sensible point of not letting Jedikiah go free.

At Ultra, the Founder’s super skills track down that Jedkiah is underground. Ultra agents start searching the underground. There’s only one thing to do – John collects Jedikiah to a location to hold him a gun point – Jedikiah mentions his brother’s name and John responds “how dare you?”

Flashback: the man John was called to kill was Stephen’s father, planting a bomb in his car – but he teleports clear before it can explode. John points a gun at him – and shoots him.

To the present and John is furious because he has been leading the Tomorrow People on a search for a dead man – for a man he killed. John pulls the trigger multiple times. If he missed at that range I’m going to break something

Yes, he did. Be right back, finding something cheap to break

John has decided that killing their arch nemesis Jedikiah will make him Jedikiah’s creation and his son – so he’s going to let him go instead – because, y’know survival of his species < Daddy issues. Oh and apparently John has teleported Jedikiah to an Ultra safe house – where they promptly use the D-chips and take John prisoner.

I… no, there’s just no words for this. I have seen some blitheringly stupid characters in all my reading and watching but this has to be a new record.

Flashback to John being told by Stephen’s dad to find and protect his son, before dying

No. Just no. Not killing Jedikiah. Not even trying to question him. And then delivering him to an Ultra safe house? No.



Just No.

And you have set the whole goal of your organisation not to escape Ultra, not to build a life separate from Ultra, not to smuggle people out of the country – no, it’s to find a man YOU KNOW YOU MURDERED. WHY?!