Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lost Girl, Season Four, Episode Eleven:

Tamsin and Kenzi are hanging out debating on what movie to watch.  Kenzi says that Bo locked  her out and she wants to forget about it all and watch zombie movies.  Bo shows up saying that she is still Kenzi's BFF and is not brainwashed.  Bo then does twists and turns to justify dumping team love triangle, claiming that she wants the same thing out of life as Rainer does.  Bo finishes by apologizing for locking Kenzi out for a time.  Tamsin interrupts the girl love fest to inform Bo that Hale wants Kenzi to move in with him.  Kenzi quickly denies this saying that Hale said that they need to talk. Kenzi and Bo hug it out and Kenzi sends Bo to fetch some drinks.  As Bo is looking through the fridge, a zombie makes its way in.  Bo stabs the zombie and when it does not die, she finishes it off by chopping off its head. Acacia enters fast on the heels of the zombie.

Tamsin tells Acacia that she is supposed to be dead and checks her hand to see that she has a new one sewn on.  When Bo questions how this happened. Acacia reveals that The Wanderer cut it off when Tamsin didn't deliver Bo as quickly as Hugin and Munin wanted. Bo counters by saying that Hugin and Munin betrayed Rainer and suggests they were acting alone.  Tamsin tells Acacia that Rainer and Bo are dating.  Acacia tries to leave saying that she is a revenant hunter now. Tamsin finds a Wanderer card and demands to talk to Rainer.  Bo says that Rainer is out of town paying respect to the dead but Tamsin suggests that he really went to raise the dead.  Tamsin points out that Bo doesn't know much about Rainer but Bo immediately goes on the defense saying that she broke his curse and that she knows he is a good guy.  Bo states that Rainer does not want to kill her.  Tamsin goes through history books and says that she cannot find a single reference to Rainer.  Finally, Bo agrees to go with Tamsin and Acacia to find out who is really raising the dead, leaving Kenzi to clean up the dead body.

Vex heads to see Trick who talks about how he wasn't a very good king.  Vex relates how Trick bought piece to the land and Trick justifies using his blood to get Rainer's armies to betray him, adding that this was the only way he could win.  Trick says that he should have been a better king and Vex points out that everyone has some regrets. Trick tells Vex that his father was one of the bravest men he'd ever known.  Vex clearly has some daddy issues.  Trick offers to tell Vex about his dad.

Kenzi is cleaning Bo's sword when she hears a knock on the door.  Kenzi opens the door to find her cousin Dimitri and her mother.

Team girl power heads to place where the cult of the dead hang out.  A zombie is walking right in the middle of the street and Acacia snarks that Reiner sent a telegram.  Before anyone can act, Dyson shows up and kills the zombie.

Dimitri is on the phone running scams upsetting Kenzi. Hale shows up and Kenzi rushes over to see him, making an excuse for why they cannot spend time together.  Kenzi declares that she is not like her mother and Hale reveals that he invited Kenzi's family.

Acacia and Bo split off from Dyson and Tamsin to interview Harvey who has a long standing grudge against Tamsin.  Acacia quips that Bo is the one who convinced Tamsin that she could be something more and Bo warns that if Acacia comes on the wrong side of  Tamsin again, there is going to be a problem.  Acacia reminds Bo that all she did was side with The Wanderer because she had no choice.
 They are interrupted by Harvey.  Acacia puts the head of a zombie on a table and demands to know who controls it.  Bo uses her succubus power on Harvey to find out who the owner is, to avoid having Acacia beat it out of him.  Harvey declares that he would do everything for Bo and do everything to her.  Harvey then pours the blood out of the bag into a glass and drinks it. Harvey comments on the flavour of the blood completely disgusting Bo in the process. Harvey declares that the dead is owned by Acacia. Acacia and Bo begin to fight, as Harvey grabs his ancient video camera. Really props department?

Tamsin and Dyson walk through the compound and talk about how Dyson is dealing with Bo's rejection.  A man approaches them saying that there may be help for them.  He tells them the story of a woman who could controls the dead.  He mumbles that the woman is dead and alive repeatedly.

Tamsin heads back to tell Acacia and Bo about the lead they found and finds Bo and Acacia fighting.  Bo breaks the video camera which looks like it's circa 1990 before leaving.

Kenzi is sitting on her bed and her mother tries to make peace with her.  Kenzi tells Laavena that her boyfriend ruined her life.  Lavena says that she should have protected Kenzi but she was just a little girl too. It seems Lavena thought she didn't have the strength to stand on her own.  Kenzi talks about living on the street and how hard she had it before she met Bo.  Lavena reveals that she kicked out her boyfriend six months ago but she didn't know how to find Kenzi until Hale called. The two women embrace and Kenzi admits that she was worried about her mother.  Kenzi assures Lavena that she did the right thing.

Tamsin and Acacia are talking about the Wanderer and Tamsin admits that she is now remembering things.  Tamsin reveals that she gave Rainer's soul to the Blood King, instead of taking him to Valhalla.  Acacia says that they have to take out Rainer because there is no way Rainer is going to let Tamsin go free, even if he is having sex with Bo. Acacia suggests that the revenants are actually after Tamsin and not  Bo.

Bo and Dyson go to see Laveau, who is a voodoo priestess with the most ridiculous accent you have ever heard. If this is Lost Girl's version of the great Marie Laveau, they ought to be ashamed and afraid, cause I wouldn't mess with the memory of that woman for the world.  Laveau says that everyone knows who Bo is and that she has seen into Dyson's animal heart. Bo drops a head in a bag and asks who sent it to kill her.  Laveau decides that she will go one step further and wake up all of the dead. Laveau uses her power to force Acacia to start swinging her sword around.  Bo realises that Laveau is behind the attacks. Laveau reveals that Bo has something she wants - the prize of the five - the seed. Dyson sneaks up behind Laveau and knocks her unconscious.

Hale is having dinner with Kenzi and her family and Lavena declares that Kenzi is going to make a very good wife.  Hale chooses this moment to propose marriage saying that he has asked for Lavena's blessing.  Before Kenzi can answer, they are interrupted when Dimitri's phone rings.  It seems that Kenzi's step father wants to borrow some starter money from Hale. Kenzi loses her shit and demands her family leave and Hale puts away the ring.

They take Laveau to see Harvey and inform him that Laveau was controlling the revenants and now has Acacia doing a zombie routine.  When Harvey awakes Laveau, it quickly becomes clear that the two are working together.  Suddenly zombies starts bashing in the windows and the door to get at Bo, and Dyson, as Harvey and Laveau kiss.  Laveau demands the Unamenz seed as the zombie make their way in. Once Harvey reveals that Laveau is dead, Bo decides that she is the head revenant and cuts off her head.  When the zombies still move forward, Bo sucks blood from the skull and orders the zombies to be at peace.

Kenzi argues with Lavena about the fact that she was not protected as a child. Lavena raises her hand to smack Kenzi, saying that nothing would have happened to her if she wasn't so defiant.  Kenzi snatches Lavena's hand in the air saying that she always thought her mother was a victim. Kenzi calls Lavena a coward who does not value herself or her own children.  Lavena leaves and Dimitri advises Kenzi not to call things off with Hale before Kenzi pushes him out the door.

Dyson is drinking at The Dahl, when Bo approaches asking if he wants to talk about it.  Dyson says that he does not know anything about Rainer and points out that neither does Bo.  Dyson asks how Bo knows Rainer isn't there to get back at Trick for cursing him. Bo tells Dyson that he has a right to be hurt and Dyson declares that he will always be there for Bo but if Rainer turns out to be the bad guy that he doesn't think he can help her with that.  Self absorbed Bo is shocked by this and points out that they were always more than lovers. Dyson reminds Bo that Rainer kidnapped her but Bo declares that it was not like that.  Bo then claims that she would have stood by Dyson when she was still in love with him, as Dyson continues to pound back shots.  Bo leaves Dyson to his booze.

Vex and Trick are getting right drunk, as Trick tells Vex stories about his father.  Trick's books shift and he realises that Rainer is being written back into history.  Vex gets up to leave and Trick tells Vex that the sixth seed is missing. Trick tells Vex that it is not too late and that whoever has the seed, has no idea what kind of power it can unleash.  Vex tells Trick that he is the only one to see good in him before leaving.

Acacia and Tamsin are still on the compound and Tamsin says that she knows no one hired her to take out the revenants.  Tamsin has figured out that it was Acacia who dropped the card, in order to get them to hunt down Rainer. Acacia points out that Rainer is capable of terrible things but Tamsin says that she is not a killer anymore. Acacia warns Tamsin that Massimo is up to something before kissing her good bye. 

Bo is pacing when Tamsin returns.  Bo admits to having questions for Rainer but says that she cannot ignore how she feels.  Suddenly, a book opens up to reveal a picture of Rainer causing Tamsin to ask who that is.  This shocks Bo and she tells Tamsin that this is her boss to which Tamsin replies,"that's not my boss."

Kenzi heads to see Hale who has unbuttoned his shirt.  Kenzi tells Hale that they need to slow down a bit because they have all of the time in the world.  Kenzi is worried about turning into her mother and losing herself.  Hale asks if he is being let down easy and Kenzi assures him that he is the most amazing man she has ever met.

Bo is looking at the picture of Rainer, when Kenzi bursts in and shows Bo her new ring full of excitement.  Bo says that she is going to go out and get snacks and wine.

Dyson is still drowning his sorrows when Tamsin walks up.  Tamsin brings up the first day she met Dyson. Tamsin hops on Dyson's lap and he says that he cannot even think straight right now.  Tamsin starts to kiss Dyson encouraging him on.

Kenzi is getting snacks out of the fridge when Massimo walks into the kitchen.  Massimo starts dragging Kenzi around the room and he kicks her in the stomach.  When Kenzi tries to reach for a sword, Massimo takes it from her.  Kenzi struggles for breath, as Massimo puts his foot on her throat.  Hale comes downstairs and starts to beat on Massimo.  Hale then uses his siren power as Massimo screams in pain.  Hale is weakened by the use of power and when he puts his hand to his ear, he pulls away blood as Kenzi watches.  Kenzi starts to talk but Hale cannot hear her.  Massimo sneaks up behind Hale and stabs him through and through with the sword.  Hale falls, telling Kenzi to run.  It seems that Massimo is still alive because he has a twig which grants immortality.  Massimo tells Kenzi that she can consider her debt paid in full and leaves.  Hale tells Kenzi that he loves her before passing out as Kenzi calls for Bo.

When Bo returns, she finds Kenzi lying on top of Hale.  Kenzi reveals that Massimo killed Hale.  Kenzi explains that he lived because Kenzi gave Massimo a twig for her power.  Kenzi asks Bo to bring Hale back and Bo says that there isn't enough chi.  Kenzi offers herself but Bo says that she cannot take it from her.  Kenzi tells Bo that she will never forgive her if she doesn't do this, so Bo starts but stops.  Bo sadly tells Kenzi that she cannot do it with her chi and that she chooses Kenzi over Hale.  Kenzi starts to scream saying that she was going to say yes to Hale's proposal, so Bo uses her powers to calm Kenzi.  Kenzi once again collapses on Hale as Bo cries.

Wow, is it me or does it feel like the authors aren't even trying this season?  Lost Girl feels muddled with no real antagonist to speak of, or any real direction.  Sure, they kept the Bo is the super special one that everyone must love because of her specialness but that is not enough to hold a show together.

I am desperately hoping that they figure out a way to bring Hale back.  Hale is the only reoccurring POC character on Lost Girl. I haven't looked to see if the actor chose to leave because he is engaged in other work, or if  this was the choice of the writers.  If it was the choice of the writers it is heinous because it wipes out the little representation Lost Girl actually had. What sense does it make to set a how in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in Canada and not have any damn people of colour?

This episode, the writers chose to make a mockery of Marie Laveau.  I don't necessarily agree with the treatment Laveau got in American Horror Story, but it is leaps above the portrayal that Lost Girl gave her.  It shows an absolute disrespect to a woman who is still revered by people today.  Lost Girl has always played with different cultures but this was just wrong on so many levels and to have so easily defeated by Bo completely removes Laveau's power.  She was reduced to a comedic farce. Furthermore, I am sick and tired of the same Voodoo tropes in this genre.