Sunday, January 26, 2014

Grimm, Season 3, Episode 12: The Wild Hunt

“Come back in the evening,
I’ll have the door locked to keep out
the wild huntsmen.”

A car speeds through the city at night, chased by a police car. The cop finally catches the car outside the city and approaches the car. The car with a Wesen inside. One dead policeman. The wesen then slices off the policeman’s scalp saying “you were worthy.”

Nick and Hank visit the scene and then there’s a whole station meeting about the death lead by Renard. The car’s camera shows nothing useful and Renard has information of 2 other scalpings

A soldier gets off a bus and walks home – followed by a man. The man stalks that soldier then attacks – and gets easily beaten to the floor by the soldier (who did warn him). Then the man declares the soldier worthy, woges… and the soldier is dead and scalped.

More investigation and an emerging pattern with extra victims in Mexico as well – of the dead being uniformed (police, army). All evidence they have is the car the man drives. They get a lead on the car though the man notices the police paying attention so packs up his scalps and steals the motel clerk’s truck. He gets away, leaving then gang to find his nasty, stinking scalp tanning remains in the bathroom. Examining them points to a total of 29 victims. Hank suggests Wesen and Nick agrees. Why? A human could do that

Anyway, to the Grimm Trailer for some research and find the Wildesheer – berserker, warrior Wesen with no fear of death who scalp their enemies and turn their scalps into a cloak to claim their power. Hank warns Nick that if the Wildesheer is hunting warriors then Nick is a prime candidate

Monroe and Rosalie are unbelievably cute, going out to dinner at a posh restaurant and discussing their first woge. They go home, Monroe being cute and geeky about clocks – even the point of Rosalie being bored – when he pulls out a talk clock that proposes to Rosalie. Awwww, so sweet – and kind of disturbing and more than a little obsessed - but still sweet. Of course she says yes. Lots of ultra-cute wedding planning follows; including some foreshadowing difficult: Nick and Juliette obviously have to be there but will all their wesen friends be happy with a Grimm being present? Then there’s Monroe’s parents who he has been putting off Rosalie meeting

He calls them and things seem normal despite Monroe’s levels of dread and his dad’s numerous questions. He thinks he’s dodged the bullet – right until his mum calls him to let him know they’re flying over for a visit to meet Rosalie. Monroe is not thrilled. Nor is Rosalie when she realises that they’re going to stay at their house and don’t even know Rosalie and Monroe are living together.

Next storyline! Juliette, worried about Nick’s long silent mother, decides to send Kelley and email. She emails back – she’s hidden the coins but couldn’t get rid of them – and someone’s on to her. She’s joining, presumably, the Laufer (the resistance)

And in Vienna, Sebastian warns Adalind about Danilov being in town – the head of the Verrat. He’s arguing with his boss, Viktor about the growing power of the Resistance and Renard still being alive (he’s Renard’s cousin – for those who don’t have a chart to keep track. And no, I’m not sure why he has such an English accent). They show Adalind pictures of resistance members and she mentions recognising Meisner, but not knowing them – she also denies meeting Renard in Vienna, but admits to the note; claiming that Renard thinks he knows who killed Adalind’s mother – the Grimm, Nick (actually it was Kelly, Nick’s mother).

When Adalind is gone, they wonder at Renard contacting Adalind which leads to speculation that Renard knows she’s pregnant and maybe Eric isn’t the father of Adalind’s baby, as they imagined, but Renard is.

Sebastian tells all this to Renard who tells Sebastian to tell Meisner because they can’t let Viktor have Adalind.

Adalind herself continues to have a painful and difficult pregnancy, with lots of bulging and spooky baby faces pressing into her stomach. She checks with Stefania who confirms that the child moving around means it will soon be born even if it is only 6 months along

Back to Monroe and Rosalie - they prepare dinner, stress about the parents visiting – and face the horror of parents arriving early! Lots of stress and panic before hugging, hellos and wogeing – Mornoe’s parents are not happy that Rosalie is a Fuchsbau and not a Blutbad. As they continue to rant, Rosalie refuses to listen and leaves – Monroe following, firmly on Rosalie’s side (though she’s not happy with him for not telling his parents all this before). She tells him to stay and figure things out with his parents.

Then Nick visits. In time to see Monroe’s dad ranting away, Monroe showing his parents the door, Monroe’s dad Wogeing – then realising Nick is a Grimm his parents attack…

The episode actually ends not only with a “to be continued” but with an oh #*A%!!!. No, really.

I’ve split the recap into sections because, sadly, that was the episode. We had three storylines that never really touched. Worse, I think the whole hunt storyline was unnecessary: events in Vienna are growing complex enough to need more time and attention while Monroe and Rosalie are important enough characters that their betrothal and family matters can merit an episode of its own. Of course that would sideline the protagonist – but it left his monster-of-the-week storyline a little stranded and in the way.

Speaking of, that creaking sound you hear is Grimm’s world straining under the weight of all this information and cannon without any development – how long has the Resistance been known about but undeveloped (and we’re confirming the Laufer is the resistance now?) the Verrat hangs around with little actual definition – we still don’t actually know what the Royals are, or why a royal baby is precious, the Coins of Zakynthos are still in the picture and does anyone else remember Nick’s key to a special treasure. And where does the Wesen Council fit into all this? And do the Grimm have a governing body since they can sign treaties – if so does that serve the Royals (as has been implied in the past) or not (evidenced by the Grimms we know apparently not being fans)? So many questions – we have information but little connecting it all.

The dominant storyline in this episode – and presumably the next one – is Monroe, Rosalie and their parents. Maybe throw in Juliette and Vienna to keep the meta moving – but the scalping didn’t add to anything