Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lost Girl, Season Four, Episode 12: Origin

This episode begins with Hale's funeral and Dyson giving a eulogy.  Well that makes it official, Lost Girl has killed off its only reoccurring character of colour. The only one who seems wounded though is Kenzi.  When everyone is gone, Bo sits next to a mourning Kenzi who says that she needed Hale alive.  Bo promises that it will all get better. An armed knight makes its way out of the bushes and pledges her fealty to Bo, who is supposedly her queen.  Kenzi walks off in frustration, as the knight asks for instructions on where to begin.

At the Dahl the knight tells Tamsin and Bo that she is there to protect Bo and fight by her side. Bo says that she is not the queen and the knight warns that there will be more deaths because it was foretold that with the death of the Unamenz the perapice would rise.  The knight hands over a book that of course once again marks Bo as the super special succubus that someone is looking for.  Bo says that she doesn't care and that her family needs her before going to see Kenzi.  Kenzi wants the druid killed and Bo promises that the druid will pay.

Massimo is working on a spell when Dyson, Kenzi and Bo enter.  Massino tells the intrepid crew that for supernatural creatures, they don't know anything about their own lives, including the death of Rainer. Massimo says that when The Wanderer rises (yes, I'm still pissed that Lost Girl hinted at Odin and then went nowhere with it), another curse will befall him and he will expire in seven days, unless the curse is broken.  Kenzi demands the return of the twig and the Massimo taunts her.  Dyson grabs Massimo and demands information on Rainer. Dyson then announces that the cannot kill Massimo yet, even as Kenzi protests because he feels that Massimo must be brought to Trick. Dyson argues that there are larger things at stake than revenge.  Kenzi begins to beg but Bo tells Kenzi that they have to trust Dyson.

Lauren is looking through a fae book of records for Rainer. When she finally comes across a reference, Rainer is called the demon beast and that he shall be unbound.  Rainer will apparently betray the fae and reek torment. Ebony is downstairs and Lauren overhears her talking about how much easier things would be if Bo were dead.  Lauren puts the  book in her hand bag. Trick tells Ebony that she cannot kill Bo. Trick suggests that they put their differences aside to deal with Rainer.

Rosette walks into The Dahl and Rainer greets her.  Bo asks about the possibility of a prophecy regarding Rainer's death.  Rosette says that the alliance between Bo and Rainer would have assured that the earthly curse was broken.. Tamsin reads the curse that Massimo told them about and announces that Rainer has been on earth 6 days.  Tamsin adds that only the blood of the person who has cursed Rainer can lift the curse.

Bo pulls out the tarot card and says that she and Rainer need to form an alliance. Bo grabs matches and lights the card on fire, then quickly blows it out.  MMXIV appears on the card and Bo points out that this same thing happened to Kenzi.  Lauren enters and says that it could be cartography coordinates. Lauren hands Bo the book that she was reading from and assures her that history's memory of Rainer has returned. Apparently, either the warrior or the queen will die. Bo questions why Lauren is doing this and suggests that Lauren is doing this to get back at her.  Lauren says that she stayed with the dark for Bo and that this was all for her.  Lauren adds that she had to make Bo believe this if she was going to make the Morrigan believe it. Bo is not convinced and suggests that Lauren was busy digging up news on the man she loves. Lauren asks if this is it and Bo points out that she chose Lauren, until Lauren broke her heart. Rainer interrupts to say that he has figured something out, so Lauren leaves.

The Morrigan enters her home to find Lauren on her bed with champaign.  Lauren announces that she officially wants to join the dark.  The Morrigan points out that changes of heart don't happen for no reason.  Lauren says that she has felt weak and small but The Morrigan has given her strength and confidence.  Lauren brings up all of the bad things that the light have done to her.  The Morrigan asks what this is really all about and Lauren admits that she has nowhere else to go.  Lauren and The Morrigan start to kiss.

Team investigation head into a spiritual healing center and are greeted by sister Sister Epona.  Rosette immediately attacks saying that Apona attacked her. Bo warns Rosette off and asks about the horse.  Sister Epona tells Bo that the horse is great and all powerful with dominion over life and death.  Sister Epona tells Bo that the perapice is her father.

At the Dahl, Vex approaches Kenzi with a bottle.  Kenzi says that she needs to get revenge and Vex asks on who.  Vex wonders how Massimo managed to kill Hale and Kenzi reveals that she gave Massimo the twig. Vex argues that he is not a good fae and Kenzi begs saying that she needs the real dirty till the end Vex.  Vex agrees to handle Massimo but Kenzi stops him saying that Massimo took her almost future husband and that Massimo is hers.

Rainer and Bo talk about her dawning and the horse that she saw and that she was haunted by visions of a carousel.  Rainer believes that they are all clues and that Bo's father wants to meet her.  Bo wonders if she is evil because her father might be evil.  Rainer argues that the history books painted him terribly.  Rosette informs Bo that her alliance with Rainer will release her father from his prison.  This leaves Bo wondering what to do.

Vex opens Massimo`s cage and Massimo is forced to lean in front of Kenzi.  Kenzi holds a knife to Massimo`s throat and she demands to know where the twig is. Kenzi threatens to cut out Massimo`s tongue and then Vex intervenes and saying that he gave his blood oath to protect Massimo when Massimo was abandoned by his mother. Kenzi grabs something to hit Vex with and he uses his power to push her away. Massimo moves forward to attack and Vex stops him and tells him to leave before he changes his mind. Kenzi jumps up but Vex stops her saying that they all have their burden to bare.

Ebony and Lauren are in bed together and Ebony declares that it`s like being a virgin all over again. Ebony starts to complain about the salt and Lauren assures her that she is just sweating.  Ebony says that she feels so weird and Lauren smugly informs Ebony that she has been transformed into a human. Ebony tries to use her powers but of course they don't work.  Lauren announces that she created a serum to transform Ebony using her own DNA. Wow, humanized by tainted vagina - not cool Lost Girl. Lauren gathers her things and prepares to leave.  Ebony taunts that Bo has a soft spot for humans and that she will grow to like her. Lauren punches Ebony across the face which shocks her.  Lauren then takes a blood sample from Ebony and adds that an experiment of this magnitude can be risky and that Ebony could die within the hour.

Bo is sitting with Dyson saying that she doesn't know what to do.  Dyson tells her that this is her call.  Dyson wonders if they made the right decision with Massimo because Kenzi is hurting so badly.  Tamsin joins them with a couple bottles of booze.  Dyson pulls out Hale's family code and Bo reads it aloud.  Suddenly, the code shifts and includes a line about the queen.  Bo now recognizes the crest and says that it means loyalty to the queen.  Tamsin reveals that she had to memorize every crest that ever was and that the crest represents the Queen B.  Tamsin says that queen doesn't just mean the queen and that it means Bo is the one.

Vex has it out with Massimo and says that it's no wonder that his mother didn't want him.  Vex adds that he feed Massimo and taught him everything he knows.  Vex begs Massimo to come to England with him because he is all Massimo has left.  Massimo shakes his head yes and Vex turns to leave.  Massimo's phone rings and Vex begs him not to answer it but Massimo answers and rushes out of the room.

Ebony is now dressed and Massimo enters the room.  They kiss and he falls to her feet.  Massimo reveals that he knows that Ebony is now human now.  It seems that Massimo and Ebony have been in cahoots. Ebony complains that she is itchy and irritable because she is getting her period for the first time.  Ebony goes through Massimo's bag and is upset that there is no cure in his possession. Massimo claims to have found something powerful that is going to make everything better.  Ebony points out all of the times that Massimo has failed and adds that he is such a disappointment.  It turns out that Ebony is Massimo's mother and Lauren just happens to hear the big revelation.

Rainer, Rosette and Bo have come across a gathering holding some sort of ceremony.  Sister Epona tells Bo that she is interfering with destiny.  Rosette starts to attack, as Bo and Rainer try to figure out the horse statue.  Bo recalls the poem and pulls something out of the horse, as Sister Epona dies.  It seems that Bo has pulled out an implement for handfasting and she is not amused.

Kenzi is still despondent and she is destroying a photo of Hale.  Bo enters and Kenzi asks how she has been. Bo tells Kenzi not to push her away.  Kenzi reads from a fae book and it seems that it's a story about Bo, with everyone being mentioned but Kenzi.  Kenzi asks to be unclaimed and Bo tells her that this is her grief talking.  Rosette interrupts them and Bo says not now.  Kenzi again demands to be let go with tears running down her face.  Bo sets Kenzi free and Kenzi walks out of the room.  Bo writes a note and hands it to Rosette for Rainer.

Massimo is having a fit wondering what will make his mommy love him, as a captive Lauren watches.  Lauren vows not to help a mad man.  Massimo pulls out the origin seed and Lauren begs him not to eat it. Massimo puts the seed in his mouth saying that he will now have the combined power of the Unamenz.  Massimo collapses screaming in front of Lauren.

Rainer and Bo meet up and she promises to bind with him and face her father on her own terms.  Bo makes it clear that this isn't about love but about what is right for her family.  Rainer argues that this their destiny. Rosette officiates the ceremony and then laughs wildly saying that the prophecy has been fulfilled and that together Bo and Rainer will face the lord of darkness. Rainer realises that Rosette betrayed him.  Some kind of invisible power then forces Rosette to walk into the flames and she is burned alive.  In a display of cheap special effects, we see a door a appear.

I am so relived that there is only one more episode this season. It feels that the writers of Lost Girl have simply given up altogether on having any kind of coherent plot.  Let's start with Kenzi, who is supposedly Bo's best friend.  Bo cannot take two seconds to mourn with her when she is clearly in pain. What kind of friend is that exactly?  Bo then compounds this by initially resisting unclaiming Kenzi.  I don't blame Kenzi for wanting away from Bo but I don't agree with her reasons.  Kenzi makes it clear that she doesn't belong because she is a weak human when she should want a separation from Bo because Bo is only concerned with herself.

I know I said it in the write up for episode 11, but I am really not pleased with the death of Hale.  As aforementioned, he has been the only reoccurring character of colour these past four seasons. I am going to give Lost Girl the benefit of the doubt and says that maybe the actor wanted to move on but I think they need a new character of colour who is not a cardboard cut out soon.  This is absolutely ridiculous.

So Lauren and The Morrigan get together and once again we have an interaction between two people of the same sex based on deception.  This is supposed to be LGBT friendly?

Also, has anyone else had enough of Bo the special one, the chosen the whatever the fuck one. This meme is tired and Lost Girl has been employing it for the last four seasons.  It feels like being repeatedly being hit over the head.  Isn't it time we move onto something else?