Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lost Girl, Season Four, Episode 13: Dark Horse

Rainer and Bo argue and he declares that his intentions were true but that centuries of imprisonment weakened his judgement.  Bo is not impressed and reminds Rainer that she chose her friends over him.  I am glad that she could at least acknowledge that what she did was truly shitty but unfortunately, it took something bad to happen for her to acknowledge this.  Bo says that her father manipulated all of them and Rainer reminds her that they have an advantage because they share something real.  A mark appears on Bo and she realises that this is her father's mark.

Back at the Dahl, Trick finds Rainer standing over a weakened Bo and calls him poisoned.  Rainer snarks back, reminding Trick that as Blood King, he is far from a saint.  Bo says that it's the parapice and she tells Trick about the horse God, who the fighting nuns believe to be Bo's father.  Rainer and Trick go back to arguing about whose responsibility this latest mess is.  Bo tells them to stop because she can feel her father trying to cross the bridge.  Bo says that her father needs the dark queen - her.  Bo asks Trick to tell her everything he knows about her blood.

Lauren is tied to a fence as Massimo digs a whole.  Massimo declares himself a God and Lauren reminds him that his strength is diminishing because he killed Hale, who was the last heir.  Lauren taunts that the only chance that Massimo has of being immortal, is for someone to write a shitty pop song about a villain who cries about his mommy.  Lauren warns that it took a council of 6 fae to control the Unamenz power and that the human brain can only take so much. Massimo declares Lauren wrong and says that he is a man who will make his mother proud.  Massimo decides that he is going to bring Lauren's head to Ebony.

Back at The Dahl, Trick swears that he has no idea who Bo's father is.  Trick does say that the Blood King had no choice but to hand over Aife over to the dark, praying that she would be executed when she broke his laws.  It's interesting that much of the time when Trick brings up the Blood King, he slips into the third person, as though he is not talking about himself. Bo says that Aife was used all of the centuries that she spent in a dark dungeon.  Trick argues back that Aife has his light blood, the blood that drains life for nourishment for self survival but the blood of Bo`s father, allows Bo to draw life from many victims and transfer that life force to someone else.  This means that Bo has inherited her abilities from both her mother and her father. Bo calls it hybrid blood and Trick worries that this blood will help her father escape.  Rainer starts to talk about the potential that Bo's blood holds and Trick points out that Bo can enslave people if coerced by the wrong hand.  Bo suggests that they check out the portal but Trick argues that this is exactly what Bo's father wants her to do.  Massimo makes an appearance and suggests that Bo swing by his place because that is where he has Lauren. Massimo claims that what he really wants is Bo dead at The Morrigan's feet.

Dyson finds Kenzi going through Lauren's things and Kenzi says that not only is Lauren's blood everywhere, she was looking for something in the dark archives.  Ebony walks in and announces that she slept with Lauren and asks how she controls the temperature in the apartment.  Kenzi snarks that Ebony is going through fae menopause and Dyson reveals that Ebony is now human.  Kenzi steps forward and punches Ebony across the face.  Dyson asks how Ebony became human and Ebony snarks about Lauren and her miracle snatch.  Ebony says that she needs Lauren alive to fix this and that Massimo has her.  Kenzi moves to attack again  and Dyson holds her back.  Kenzi tells Dyson that Vex let Massimo out and so Dyson asks where Vex would have taken Massimo. Ebony talks about how Massimo wanted to be a fae when he was a child and that now he wants her.

At the Dahl, Bo tells Massimo that as much as she wants to tear him apart, she is busy dealing with a rising army of the dead.  Massimo asks if Bo has heard of a thunder beast and then sends a blast of power at her.  Bo strikes Massimo but it has no effect, so Massimo grabs her and starts tossing her around the bar.  Massimo grabs Trick next. and Trick realises that Massimo swallowed the seed from his vault.  Rainer attacks next and fails, so Rainer tells Trick to convey to Tamsin that his soul is hers again.  Bo watches in horror as Massimo snaps Rainer's neck.  Now that Massimo has killed someone who Bo loves, let's see if she gets around to actually giving a shit.  Massimo falls to the ground in pain from the backlash and stumbles out of the bar.  Trick declares that Rainer  gone, as Bo cries.

Bo wakes and finds herself back home with Tamsin watching her.  Tamsin says that Trick went to the light fae library to get a text which might contain information on the soldiers.  Bo sits up and says Rainer's name. Tamsin tells Bo that she is pretty beat up with a few broken ribs.  Bo tells Tamsin that Lauren has been taken and Rainer and Hale are now dead.  Bo thinks that she let everyone down (which she most certainly did) and now doesn't know what to do.  Tamsin tells Bo to suck it up and get her shit together and demands that Bo act like the supposed chosen one she is.  Bo draws chi from Tamsin and says that not only does she taste different, she tastes happy.  Bo says that she is not strong enough to defeat Massimo and that he basically won't die.  Dyson and Kenzi enter the room to check on Bo. Yeah, it's awkward because Kenzi has clearly not forgiven Bo.

Tamsin sits down with Kenzi and tells her that she has to forgive Bo.  Kenzi points out that Hale is dead and Tamsin argues back that Rainer is also dead (and why Kenzi should give a shit about that is beyond me). Tamsin says that she has a second chance to deliver Rainer's soul and that this could end her exile from Valhalla. Kenzi looks through Rosette`s notebook and asks Tamsin to translate a part.  It says that the daughter's heart will close the portal and they wonder if this means Bo has to rip her heart out.  Kenzi decides that their first priority should be to get Lauren back.

Bo and Dyson plan and she declares that Lauren come first.  When Dyson asks about her father, Bo says that her father waited 30 years to show up and that he can wait another hour. Bo asks Dyson to help her to get back to herself and she needs a witness.  Bo holds out her dark fae contract and rips it apart claiming that her ties to the dark are now over.  Dyson asks if she is okay and Bo declares that Rainer was a good man who wanted to end the tyranny between the light and the dark.  Dyson says that Hale had a purpose and that all his life he was searching for a king, when he should have been searching for a queen.  Dyson kneels at Bo's feet and declares his blood and body to be hers. Dyson swears fealty and claims that by Bo's side is where he wants to be forever.  Dyson and Bo hug it out and he declares his love for her.  Bo says that is why she needs him to serve with her and not for her.  They are interrupted by Tamsin, who declares that they found more stuff about the portal.  They decide to head back to the spiritual center.

At the center, Bo and Dyson look at the portal and she wonders what is going to come out of it.  Three men in uniform appear and Bo sucks their chi, turning her eyes blue and she declares herself the queen with her true army coming.  Dyson begs Bo to come back, as Bo declares that she will break the power of the precipice.  Dyson kisses Bo and she comes back to herself. Bo tells Dyson that he needs some new moves and they face the uniformed men.

Trick is pacing and Ebony tells him to relax. Ebony asks how come she and Trick have never slept together and he calls her a stone cold bitch.  Ebony says that bitch is just a word men use when they're threatened (after a season steeped in misogynistic language it's nice to finally see some kind of assertion that it's wrong) . Ebony declares that she is not going to apologise for being smart or ambitious. Ebony says that if Bo's father is who Trick is to afraid to say he is, they are all going to die anyway. Trick declares that there has got to be another way and thinks about resurrecting the terra cota army.  Ebony tells Trick to think about how these things usually work.  Ebony declares that if she is going to go out, she is going to go out looking fabulous.

Bo and Dyson are done the battle and Bo is concerned because millions of cursed souls have died on the battle fields. Bo asks about the kiss they shared and she says that she feels awesome.  The ground shakes and Bo declares her father is close and that she feels so powerful.  Dyson tells Bo that she is channelling her father's energy through the portal. Dyson asks Bo to control the energy because Lauren needs her.  Bo says that her father is going to keep sending dead warriors to bait her and so she asks Dyson to try and contain the dead warriors as they appear. Bo instructs Dyson to have Tamsin cast doubt and have the soldier go at each other's throats.  Dyson agrees and brings up Kenzi, so Bo asks that Dyson keep Kenzi close and safe. Dyson and Bo separate and he heads back to the portal.

Bo puts on the necklace Lauren got for her, as Kenzi and Tamsin arrive. Kenzi and Bo hug and Kenzi assures Bo she is going to be fine, as she hands Bo a dagger - the dagger that was used to kill Hale.

Lauren is still tied up as Massimo rants about handing the Wanderer's gift.  Lauren realises that Massimo has Rainer's power.  Bo walks in and Lauren tells her that she shouldn't have come.  Massimo declares that Ebony was hard on him because she wanted him to be the best and now he is.  Massimo reminds Bo that the Unamenz is able to deflect power of any fae and that he has absorbed all of their powers.  Bo declares Massimo a monster and then he uses Hale's power against Bo.  Massimo shoves Bo to the ground and Lauren begs him to let her go.  Massimo doubles over in pain and Lauren tells Bo that in a few minutes, she will be out of the cuffs. (love how they take time out of a supposed life and death fight for a conversation) Bo stands and uses her power to drain chi from Massimo but he manages to stop her and declares that Bo must have something extra in the slutty tank today.  Massimo brings up Bo's origins and says that she is helpless and mortal.  Ebony walks in and Bo holds a knife to her. Bo declares that she chooses who lives and who dies and Massimo starts to scream.

Tamsin and Dyson are fighting off the hell spawn and he is impressed by her abilities.  Trick joins the fray and asks about Kenzi.  Tamsin says that Kenzi is safe for now.

Massimo threatens to blow Bo's brains out if she doesn't release Ebony.  Bo turns Ebony towards her and starts to take her chi and then says that she can taste how Ebony really feels about Massimo.   Massimo starts sucking chi from Ebony but he is unable to stop and Bo tells Massimo that she is the only one able to breathe chi back into Ebony.  Ebony collapses and Bo tells Massimo that she will need his life to be able to breathe life back into Ebony.  Bo sucks chi from Massimo and puts it in Ebony. Lauren has freed herself and in her hands she holds the twig.  Bo starts to beat the crap out of Massimo and then she sticks the dagger into his heart.  Bo and Lauren embrace.

Kenzi makes her way through the condemned souls and walks towards the portal.  Kenzi says that she has a part to play and that they have to close the portal.  Kenzi declares that she is Bo's heart and the only way to close the portal.

Lauren is surprised that Bo wore the necklace and she brings up Rainer.  Bo declares that Lauren was wrong about Rainer and Lauren counters that she was right about Bo since the first moment they met. Bo says that they will be coming for Lauren because she can turn fae mortal.  Lauren answers that she belongs to Bo.  Lauren says that she is going to stay to take care of Ebony, when Bo talks about heading to the portal.  Bo says that she gets Lauren's feeling for Ebony and the two share a kiss.

Kenzi tells Dyson that she is the heart and adds that Rainer knew that this would happen.  Kenzi says Tamsin can take her to Valhalla when this is all over and that is where she will wait. Kenzi declares that if she can go out like a warrior, she might be able to see Hale again. Kenzi again says that this is the only way Bo can save the world.  Bo is making her way towards the portal and stops when she realises what Kenzi has planned.  Trick watches as Kenzi makes her way to the portal. Bo arrives just as Kenzi gets to the portal.  Kenzi turns for one last look and Dyson grabs Bo to keep her back, as Kenzi smiles and walks into the portal causing it to explode in a bright light.  All of the soldiers fall to the ground.  Tamsin rushes forward and finds a dead Kenzi.  Tamsin stands and her wings come out, as Dyson says Valhalla to Bo.  Tamsin wraps her wings around Kenzi as Bo cries. Tamsin and Kenzi disappear in a flash of light, as Bo and Dyson look on.

Outside of a gate, Dyson finds a passed out Tamsin.  Tamsin tells Dyson that he shouldn't be here. Tamsin tells Dyson that Kenzi is gone and that he cannot let Bo find the second hellshoe.  Dyson helps Tamsin to her feet, picks her up and walks away from the gate.

Bo is driving by herself in the beat up yellow convertible and parks at a graveyard.  Bo says that they buried Rainer near a battlefield because he should rest with those who fought and died for him.  Bo says that there has been too much dying already. Though she has lost so much, Bo declares that she has to be strong now more than ever.   Bo places flowers at Kenzi's grave and she says that she needs Kenzi's courage.  Bo says that no one else will die on her watch and that she will get Kenzi back no matter what.

And that was the end of the worst season of Lost Girl to date.  I am quite certain that it will be remembered as the season the writers gave up for some reason.  Season four of Lost Girl had absolutely no direction whatsoever.  Part of the problem is that it didn't have a defined antagonist.  Sure we got more mystery about who Bo's father is but does anyone still give a shit?  Can someone please explain to me the purpose of Rainer?

Team love triangle didn't do well this season at all.  I don't understand why they are so obsessed with Bo. What has she ever done to earn their devotion?  Keep in mind that not only did she drop team love triangle, she dropped Kenzi when Rainer came along.  That's a great way to show the people in your life that you care.  It was however a nice twist that over and above everyone, Kenzi turned out to be Hale's heart.  I do however think that heart is not very loving because when her BFF was grieving, Bo barely had time for her and her hurt.  It is only when Massimo killed Rainer, that Bo decided to give a damn about taking him out.

Speaking of Massimo, where the hell did he come from?  He was always a miner character and now his mommy issues suddenly become a threat?  Please.  Massimo was a ridiculous character who seemed to do nothing more than channel Norman Bates.  Lost Girl has always had an element of cheese but this moves well beyond that into the outright ridiculous.

We also need to talk about Lauren and her poisonous vagina.  Not only is this homophobic, it's absolutely anti-woman.  Lauren is not a threat because she is smart but because of her vagina. Thanks for that Lost Girl. For a show with a supposed strong female protagonist, this season was filled with anti-woman language with the idea being that if a supposed bad character said it, it would convey that this was bad.  That is not the way it works.  If you are going to use this language (something I don't have a problem with if done correctly) there needs to be active refutation of it.  It must be explicitly clear that misogynistic language is wrong and why. Between the slut shaming and active slurs, Lost Girl did nothing but suggest that this language when aimed at women is appropriate.

Then we have the death of Hale to deal with.  I am going to assume that the actor wanted to move onto other things because last season he asked for a reduced role.  There is still the issue that barely anyone bothered to mourn him.  He has had Bo's back from the beginning and yet she reacted like he was a complete stranger.  Kenzi cried over his body not Bo and Bo was dry eyed at his funeral.  Dyson did give the eulogy but it was far from passionate and Trick skipped the funeral altogether.  This is an insult.  Hale was the only reoccurring character of colour in four years and he never rose beyond the level of cheap sidekick to Dyson. Yes, Lost Girl has a race problem.  You cannot set a show in the most multicultural city in Canada and then have one person of colour who is not a developed character.  If the actor did indeed want out, I for one don't blame him because his character was going nowhere.