Monday, February 17, 2014

Bitten, Season One, Episode Six: Committed

Philip and Elena are in bed and he points out that they have not left the house in two days and that it will be her responsibility to explain to Becky why they showed up at her wedding empty handed.  Philip does however say that Elena has enough going on with her family.  Elena gets out of bed saying that she is starving and Philip suggests that she order some more and points out that Elena has moved into the apartment by stealth.  Elena says that she doesn't cook or clean and Philip points out that cleaning services do exist.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy receives a call from Antonio, who he sent to reach out to the other North American families.  Jeremy tells Clay that Antonio found out that they are the only ones being targeted by the mutts.  Clay believes that the mutts are striking because Stonehaven is the strongest pack.  They talk about another family that Jeremy has arranged for Nick to talk to.  Clay gets upset and Jeremy asks what is really bothering him.  Clay wonders if Elena will come home and if Elena will turn her back on them for good. Jeremy says that they will deal with it but Clay argues that he will have to deal with it because if Elena goes rogue, as a mutt, it will be his job to make her life miserable. Clay says that he won't be able to force Elena to keep moving. Jeremy assures Clay that he won't have to do that.  They are interrupted by a knock on the door. Samuel introduces himself and Jeremy points out that he knew his father.  Samuel brings up the fact that only the pack gets to set up roots and that he wants what they have.  Clay grabs Samuel and drags him in house and tells him that he has one chance to make the right decision as he beats him. Clay then throws Samuel out and he quickly hops on his bike and rides away.

Philip and Elena are walking and she complains about Becky's bridal registry.  Elena suddenly stops and pauses and looks through the crowd when she thinks she spies Santos.  Elena quickly covers for Philip.  Back at the apartment, they sit together and Philip brings up how quiet Elena has been since they came home.  Elena reveals that she thought she saw someone - a neighbour of one her foster families.  She names Victor Olsen and says that he used the rabbits as a lore. Elena says that Victor is locked up but she still thinks she sees him sometimes.  Elena asks Philip to promise not to see her as damaged goods and they hug.

Later, alone with Logan, Elena reveals that she thinks she saw Santos.  Logan points out that Santos loves to play games and Elena adds that Santos had no real interest in rejoining the pack and simply wanted to stir the pot. Logan asks if Elena told Jeremy and Elena reveals that she asked Jeremy not to call her and that she would like to maintain the silence.  Logan advises Elena to keep her eyes open.  Elena then reveals that she lied about Santos to Philip and that she told him about Victor.  Logan believes that this is great progress for Elena because the truth she told Philip levelled a wall.  Elena then tells Logan that Philip asked her to move in with him. Elena asks Logan how he manages so well and asks how long he can keep the news from his girlfriend. Logan reveals that he has shared everything but the fact that he is a werewolf. Logan advises that Elena not allow her past with Clay to colour her future with Philip.

Elena returns home with bottles of booze and tells Philip that she will move in with him. Philip suggests that they go and pack up her stuff.

At Stonehaven, Nick calls and reports to Jeremy and Clay that Dennis Stillwell has been dead for two days.  Clay asks about Joey and Nick says that there is only one body and that Dennis was tortured.  Jeremy orders Nick to clean up the place and make sure that nothing goes back to them.  Clay asks who did it and Nick says that from the smell it seems that it was Cain and the mutt from the motel were there.  Jeremy asks about Marsten and Nick says that his smell is absent.

Becky thanks Elena for hosting the shower.  Olivia snarks about Becky's choice of flowers and she storms out.

Back at Stonehaven, Antonio says that it is only a matter of time until the other families find out about the Stillwills and suggests a truce with the mutts. Clay points out that mutts already think that Jeremy is weak and wonders how long it will be until the next mutt shows up thinking that he can challenge for Alpha. Clay says that they should reinstate the mutt hunts to teach the mutts that Jeremy cannot be pushed around.  Jeremy is not pleased with the suggestion that he is being pushed around and heads to the door when he hears the doorbell  It's Samuel again and he demands the right to challenge for Alpha and Jeremy invites him in.  They begin to fight and Samuel is shocked because he was told that  Jeremy wouldn't fight. Jeremy quickly pins Samuel and he begs to be let go.  Jeremy demands that Clay take Samuel downstairs and learn who sent him and who said the pack was weak.

Becky has locked herself in a room and Elena asks to be allowed to talk to her.  Elena assures Becky that her mother and sister are in the kitchen, so Becky opens the door.  Becky says that she takes antidepressants and that she stopped taking them because she was worried about her emotions bottoming out.  Becky has been stressed out about the wedding and the fact that Olivia does not like her fiancĂ©.  Elena assures Becky that love is messy and that who people fall in love with doesn't always make sense.

Clay drags Samuel downstairs to the cage and he begs to be let out.  Clay looks through Samuel's things and Samuel promises to leave and never come back.  Clay uses saran wrap to strangle Samuel and then asks who told him to come.  Samuel denies being told to come to Stonehaven.

Logan takes dinner out of the oven when Rachel enters.  Rachel is clearly not feeling well and when Logan wonders if she has the flu, Rachel pulls out a home pregnancy test.

Becky's wedding seems to be in full swing and Olivia thanks Elena for her help.  Olivia questions if Becky is off her meds and adds that her children think they should hide things from her.  Becky says that life is full of disappointments and brings up the fact that Elena and Philip have not admitted that they are living together.  Elena claims that she didn't want to ruin Becky's big day.  Elena is distracted when she sees Santos.  Elena then excuses herself and goes to confront Santos.  Santos says that he is worried about Elena and that she has no idea what is really happened back at Stonehaven.  Elena starts to walk away saying that she has had enough of Santos's lies and he stops her and again says that Clay is out of control.  Santos tells Elena that Clay just laid a beating on someone named Samuel Boggs and that the danger is going to land on Elena's doorstep.

At Stonehaven, Clay tells Antonio and Jeremy that Marsten put Boggs up to this.  Jeremy tells Clay that he is not to take any half measures and that he wants to make an example made of Bogs as he hands over a set of pliers.

Santos tells Elena that if it were up to Clay, he would get rid of the mutt population entirely.  Santos admits to having chatted with Marsten about the violence and deaths and Elena does not believe that Santos is innocent.   Elena questions Santos supposed desire to join the pack and Santos tells Elena that as outsiders, they don't have to take part in this war.  Santos promises to protect Elena from what is to come and reminds her that she is a long way from Stonehaven.  Santos tells Elena that she is putting herself at risk for nothing and Elena slams him up against a wall.  Santos again asks Elena to align with him and she says that she would rather die.

Logan waits while Rachel takes the test.  Rachel hands him the positive pregnancy test.

At the wedding, Philip is talking with Olivia about the fact that he moved in with Elena. Elena listens in on the conversation as Philip tells Olivia to let herself love Elena because Elena is not going anywhere anytime soon. Elena gets a call from Jeremy and he asks if she is okay.  Jeremy tells her that Joey is missing and that Denis has been murdered.  Jeremy asks her to stay in touch and Elena assure Jeremy that everything is fine before hanging up and leaving to dance with Philip.

Rachel is flipping out that she is pregnant and she is talking about how busy their lives are.  Rachel isn't sure if she wants a child and Logan admits that he doesn't know either.  They bicker and Rachel storms upstairs.

At the wedding, Philip suggests that they head home together and Elena excuses herself to get her coat. Olivia meets Elena at the coat check and tells Elena that she impressed her today with Becky and the rest of her family. Olivia declares that Philip is lucky to have Elena.  The two women hug and Elena thanks her for acceptance. Olivia walks away and Elena's phone rings and it's Clay. Clay is clearly tortured and he tells Elena that he has done necessary things and that the mutts are coming at them.  Clay says that he feels like he is barely holding his head above water.  Clay claims to want to be a better man and tells Elena that he needs her.  When Clays asks Elena to come home, Elena simply disconnects the call.  When Elena grabs her coat she finds a package with Jeremy's name on it in her pocket.

At Stonehaven, Clay puts Samuel's teeth in a bowl in front of Jeremy.  Clays says that Samuel changed halfway through and that he had to give him morphine to turn him back to human. Jeremy tells Clay to send Samuel on his way when he regains consciousness.

Philip goes in search of Elena and is told by the coat check girl that Elena left a few minutes ago.  Philip is back home and there is a knock on his door.  It's Diane, who is there to pick up her forgotten tote bag. Diane asks about Elena and Philip reveals that Elena took off.  It seems that Elena left an apology via text message.  Philip says that he was starting to believe that Elena was opening up to him.

Logan returns home and finds Rachel in the kitchen. He gives her salt as a peace offering for the way he reacted when he learned about the pregnancy.  Rachel tells Logan that he didn't have to apologise and that she has been thinking about their talk and that making a person with him is amazing.  Rachel says that she doesn't want to make any hasty decisions and that they should think about this for a couple of days.

Nick returns to Stonehaven to find his father waiting for him.  Antonio tells Nick that he should have been with him and the two men hug.  Nick brings up memories of the past and says that he is worried about losing his father.  Antonio admits that no one is safe and that all they have is right now.  Antonio tells Nick that he is proud of him and they decide to go and wake up the others.

Nick reveals that he couldn't find Joey and that he will probably join them when he learns of us father's death.  Jeremy says that they have to find a way to draw out Marsten.  They are interrupted by Elena, who says that Marsten is not the one they should be worried about. Clay is shocked to see Elena.  Elena reveals that Santos found her in Toronto and she hands Jeremy the package that Santos left behind. When Jeremy opens the package it's two eyeballs.

After a really slow start, I am starting to get into Bitten.  I feel for Elena and the fact that she is torn between two worlds;  the love she wants to share with Philip and the reality of her existence as a werewolf.  I do like that, even though she is the super special chosen one - being the only female werewolf, they have made her extremely strong.  Watching Elena throw Santos up against a wall leaves no doubt that she is an asset to her pack.

They have been working hard to make Clay the tortured one.  It's clear that he is Jeremy's enforcer and that he just does what he is told. This is supposed to excuse his behaviour but we all know the, "I was just following orders" excuse is no form of justification for the kind of violence that Clay inflicts.  Each and every time he is ordered to do something heinous, Clay has a choice.  Seeing the way that Jeremy rules, I support Elena wanting to get away from Stonehaven. If anything, Jeremy's orders justifies why the mutts are in rebellion. He is an absolute tyrant.

Well, Rachel is pregnant and we know that wolves take their male children from the mothers and raise them on their own.  This is going to be a massive complication for Logan.  I must admit that every time I see Logan on screen, I worry because he was killed off in the books so quickly.  I like that they seem to be building his character but cannot help but wonder if Logan is dead man walking.

I love the relationship between Antonio and Nick.  It's not often we get to see father son love as deeply as we did in that scene.  It was absolutely beautiful.