Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Being Human, Season Four, Episode Six: Cheater of the Pack

Josh and Wendy wake up naked in a field together and Josh wonders where everyone is and what happened last night.  Wendy explains that their animals must have taken over and that she doesn't remember everything. When Wendy moves to touch Josh, he quickly backs away, jumps up and covers himself.  Wendy says that wolves are wolves.  Josh gets up saying that they have to find everyone else, as Wendy lies down contentedly.  The wolves are gathered together in a field when Josh finds Nora.  Josh says that his wolf was tracking something to explain his earlier absence to Nora.  Nora questions this because she thought that Josh was more aware of his wolf.  The wolves chat about breakfast and Josh makes an excuse saying that he and Nora have a thing today.

Aidan is looking for blood and is shocked to find out that he is all out.  Sally questions if Aidan is okay and points out that he doesn't really need that much blood.  Sally suggests that Aidan should just look at this as a detox.  I really cannot stand the constant comparison of a vampire's need for blood to substance addiction. The two are not even closely related. Aidan says that he will think of something and Sally is concerned that it be something safe.  Nora and Aidan arrive and Nora is trying to understand how it is that Josh can change with the other wolves but refuses to share a meal with them.  Josh says that he just wanted to come home.

The doorbell rings and it's Robbie, Sally's brother.  Sally is shocked to see her brother.  Robbie says that he is helping his father out with the house and informs them that they have 30 days to either buy it or vacate. Robbie points out that 30 days is the law, when Aidan complains about how little time they are being given. In the background, Sally says that she doesn't believe that her father would actually want to sell the house now and wonders if this sudden change had to do with drugs. Robbie admits that he has advised his father to sell the house and that the place is depressing for his father. Robbie asks Aidan, Nora and Josh to tells Sally what is going on and adds that he would like them to clean up the house. When Aidan points out that plumbing is sub par, Robbie says that he will be fixing the house up over the next couple of days and leaves adding that he will take 300,000$ for the house as is.

Josh and Nora are at a takeaway and Nora tells Josh she knows he is not ready to leave the house.  Josh admits he wants to stay but adds that none of them can actually afford to buy it.  Nora says that part of her isn't ready to leave either. Nora tells Josh that she wishes he didn't have to deal with so much change right now and Josh questions if they do indeed have a choice.  Nora is quick to say that they are not ready and assures Josh that Sally and Aidan are their family but she has seen couples in the pack who are making it work and she wants that for them someday.  Josh questions if they should move out on their own and adds that they shouldn't have to put their lives on hold after everything he has put Nora through.

Back at the house, Sally suggests that Aidan eat everyone who comes to see the house, which causes Aidan to tell Sally that suggesting he eat people is not a good diea.  Sally then says that she could bust all of the pipes.  When Nora and Josh return, Sally explains her plans to make the house appear haunted.  Aidan brings up the fact that there have been a couple of fires in the house they can tell the realtor about and asks what plans Josh and Nora have come up with.  Josh admits that there might not be a plan that works for all of them and says  that the reason he and Aidan moved into the house was to find a place where they could be normal. Josh adds that he has done that and is now a married man thus making it a logical step for him and Nora to move and find a place of their own.

Aidan follows arrows and Suzanna stops him saying that he is better than black market blood.  Aidan reminds Suzanna that he told her to get the hell out of town and Suzanna snarks that he is no longer her lord and master. Aidan reminds Suzanna that she is not safe but Suzanna is not ready to leave Boston yet. They bicker lightly for a few minutes about Aidan's heartbreak and Aidan wonders how Suzanna knows about Cat.

Robbie is brings a couple to see the house and Sally gets up and throws something on the ground.  Robbie picks it up, as the couple start to wonder if the seller would be flexible on his thirty day waiting period for possession of the house. Robbie promises the couple that he is sure he can work something out and suggests they should talk numbers.  Sally starts to do a spell which causes the house to stink and the couple rushes out of the house.  Sally follows the couple out of the house and finds herself in 2009 with Robbie and Danny talking about the house.  Danny asks Robbie if he wants Sally to mooch off their family the way he does.  A live Sally pops outside and Danny heads in the house.  Robbie asserts that Danny is a creep and Sally tells him not to piss on her excitement.

Suzanna and Aidan are walking and she says that she is sorry about Cat.  Aidan tells Suzanna about Josh and Nora moving out and that living with them helped him want to be something better.  Suzanna suggests that Aidan is afraid to be alone.  Aidan bends over in pain and says that he needs to eat something.

Josh meets with Wendy and mentions that he and Nora are moving.  Wendy tells Josh that he made her feel like a whore in a Russian spy love and that she doesn't understand why he is upset because they didn't do anything wrong.  Josh points out that they're both married to other people and Wendy argues back that they're animals.  Wendy says that during the change she feels more connected with herself and that it is a sensual experience.  Wendy wonders if Josh is open to new possibilities and Josh asks if she and Mark are swingers. Wendy reveals that she hasn't told Mark yet and adds that they are a new kind kind of pack - forward thinkers.  Josh argues that they are accountable for what their wolves do and adds that what happened was wrong.  Wendy says that her relationship with Mark is built on honesty.  Josh begs Wendy not to say anything and Wendy suggests that Mark and Nora could find out from their wolves.  Wendy tells Josh that he has to make peace with what his wolf wants before it eats him alive.

Robbie has a young family in to see the house and they have a son named Jackson.  Jackson heads upstairs, as downstairs, Robbie is trying valiantly to sell the house.  Upstairs a ghost calls to Jackson from the closet. Jackson suddenly screams and come rushing downstairs.  His parents notice that Jackson's forehead is bleeding and decide to leave, as Robbie again tries to sell the house.  Robbie has his hand down the drain when Nora and Josh return to find the house stinking.  Josh reminds Robbie that he warned him about the plumbing.  When Robbie leaves to get tools after managing to pull his hand out of the drain before the garbage disposal could shred it, Josh says that Sally is pissed.  Nora replies that they should have talked about their decision more because it uproots everyone's lives. Josh suggests that Sally and Aidan will come around and points out that they haven't even found a place yet.  Josh asks about leaving Boston entirely and this shocks Nora. Josh argues that this would be a fresh start and Nora questions where this is coming from. When Nora baulks, Josh says that he is just throwing out options. Nora says that all she wants is to get the old Josh back and that leaving Boston is not a good idea for them right now with the way things are going with him.  Josh heads to the door saying that he is going for a run.

Suzanna and Aidan are at a bar and she says that everywhere she goes bars tend to be the perfect place for her to work.  Aidan then tells Suzanna that this is smart and suggests she not waste it all be declaring war on her own kind.  Josh joins Aidan at the bar and tells him about the fight he and Nora had.  Josh notices the chemistry between Suzanna and Aidan, so Aidan explains his relationship with Suzanna.  Aidan tells Josh that he remembers what it's like to be married and suggests that telling Nora might relieve his guilt but it won't do anything but hurt her.  At the bar, Suzanna has a flashback to killing her own son and screaming.  Aidan tells Josh that this is one the things he has to keep from the person he loves to protect them. Wow, I so do not agree with this advice.  It's better to get ahead of the bad news if you have no control.

Sally is still in 2009 and she watches Danny and Robbie talk in the kitchen.  Robbie tells Danny that he wins and asks him to be good to his sister.  Danny points out that he doesn't have to fight Robbie to win because Sally is fed up with his drama. Robbie tells Danny to make Sally happy and promises to kill Danny if he hurts Sally. Danny gets up and tells Robbie to leave and save them all some trouble.  Live Sally comes down the stairs and wraps her arms around Danny.

Josh has left the bar and Aidan tells Suzanna that she has some bad stragglers.  When the guys hit on her, Suzanna says that she is with Aidan.  Suzanna uses compulsion to get the guys to leave the bar, as Aidan watches and laughs.  Suzanna turns out the lights and locks up the bar.  Suzanna and Aidan start to make out and she stops him from biting her saying that he knows better than that.

Josh returns home to find Nora waiting for him on the couch.  Josh apologises for being all over the place and Nora says that this is why he is not ready to leave what they have here.  Nora asks what is going on and Josh says that he is alright.  Robbie interrupts saying that there is a couple who might stop by.  When  Robbie leaves, Nora says that she wants the truth but before Josh can answer, the doorbell rings.  Mark bursts through the door and punches Josh.  Wendy yells that she is sorry and that she was wrong, as Mark continues to beat Josh. Nora tries to pull Mark off of Josh, as Mark tells Nora about the wolf affair.  In frustration, Mark pushes Nora away and Josh begins to change.  Josh accomplishes a partial change and starts to go after Mark but Nora begs for him to stop.

Aidan and Suzanna are ending their sexy times and Suzanna says that Aidan needed a distraction.  Aidan starts to kiss Suzanna's neck and she tells him that she wouldn't give him any more blood even if she had it. Suzanna promise Aidan that she can help him through this and Aidan snarks that he can end up like her killing her own kind.  Aidan justifies this by saying that killing a human being is awful but at least humans get a door but when vampires die, there is nothing. Aidan tells Suzanna that if he is going to quit blood, he wants her to quit killing vampires.  Suzanna says that she is doing work that needs to be done and cannot change every vampire.  Aidan argues that he has been clinging to the shred of humanity he lost and that he is ready to this. Suzanna tells Aidan that if he slips she will be ruthless and Aidan argues that if Suzanna kills, he won't protect her anymore.

Robbie and Sally are in the basement and she asks him why he feels the need to constantly cut her down and he replies that he is the only one who sees this place for what it really is.  Ghost Sally watches the conversation and live Sally tells her brother that she has never been more sure of anything in her life. Robbie says that he is going to get going.

In the house, Josh tells Nora that he is sorry and that he wasn't going to tell her because he knew it would only hurt her.  Nora snarks that being lied to feels great. Josh says that he screwed up during a turn and that he didn't want it to happen.  Nora argues back that on some level Josh did because he said he is more connected to his wolf now. Nora wonders if Josh made a choice and Josh yells that none of what he is, is a choice. Nora says that his desire to leave Boston was just a cover.  Josh argues that he is not that kind of guy and Nora replies that he is that kind of wolf and that maybe the wolf has already won.  Nora then tells Josh that he would have killed Mark and she is horrified that Josh liked it.  Nora tells Josh that she cannot do this anymore and heads upstairs.

Downstairs, Robbie is working on the plumbing and when he puts his hand in the pipe it cuts his finger. Water starts to pour across the floor and the power tool turns off, falling in the water, electrocuting him.  The electrical cord slips out of the wall and Robbie collapses with his eyes wide open appearing very dead.

Josh is sleeping on the couch when Nora comes downstairs.  Josh asks about talking and Nora says that she doesn't want to say or do something that she cannot take back. Nora tells Josh to get some sleep and heads upstairs.

Aidan is walking and when a group of young women walk by him, he is clearly tempted. Suzanna is walking down an alley by herself and is tempted when a vampire walks in front of her.  Aidan is now in a room with a dead girl covered in blood and he calls the mortuary looking for help.

In the past, Robbie tears up a picture of him and Sally saying that he is better off without her.  Sally then flashes forward and tells Robbie that she is going to make it up him.  Robbie turns, surprised that he can now see Sally. Robbie asks what is going on and they both turn to see his body on the floor.

There is no way that sleeping with Wendy wasn't going to come back to Josh and I am actually very surprised that he didn't tell Nora because he always prides himself on being so moral, even when he is anything but.  Nora is right in that Josh cannot have it both ways.  He either is closer to his wolf and really wanted to sleep with Wendy or has no idea what is going on with him.

I find Sally's relationship to Robbie very telling.  He is clearly the family screw up and Danny even used this against him but what is obvious is that he cares very deeply about Sally, despite his sometimes selfish ways. There is something very bad in the house and I desperately want to know where it came from all of a sudden and what its objective is.

Once again we have the comparison to vampires drinking blood with substance addiction.  This has long been a theme in Being Human as vampires don't necessarily need blood to survive.  When Aidan says that he is hungry what he really means is that he is feeling withdrawal.  On one hand, Aidan argues that it is the nature of the vampire to consume human blood and it seems to be to be a complete opposite of the addiction hand that the show is trying to suggest.  They need to make up their mind on that one and I for one would much prefer them move aside from the addiction parallel.

I find Suzanna to be a very interesting character.  She hates what she is just as much as Aidan but reacts to it far differently.  Clearly everything about Suzanna is predicated on the slaughter of her own child and her inability to deal with the guilt of this action.  This is why she was so tirggered by the conversation between Josh and Aidan.  I really want to see them explore vampireism and motherhood much deeper than they have in past seasons.  I think that there is this a link to the guilt mothers often feel about doing things for themselves and the roles that we are expected to play to Suzanna's guilt over the murder of her child.  This could be an interesting and nuanced perspective but I doubt Being Human will go down that road.