Thursday, March 13, 2014

Revolution, Season Two, Episode Sixteen: Exposition Boulevard

This episode opens with Jason, Neville, Rachel and Miles still in a standoff over Monroe. Neville threatens to shoot Rachel, so Miles calls his bluff causing Neville to be surprised at how willing Miles is to sacrifice for Monroe.  Doyle comes out of the bushes with patriot soldiers, so Miles and Rachel take off after killing a few Patriots.

The next day, Neville sits with Doyle and asks for more men to continue his search for Monroe.  When Doyle balks, Neville reminds him that no one asked him to come rushing out of the bushes with soldiers last night.  Neville asserts that he needs to do this his way and reminds Doyle that finding Monroe is important to the president as well.  Doyle dismisses Truman, who is not at all pleased and reminds Doyle that he is sitting in his office.  Doyle talks about how he wanted Rachel and Neville's executied and that when he finds Monroe, he is going to ask the president for their deaths.  Doyle declares that he is not going to help Neville, though he cannot stop them.

A week later, Bass and Charlie are making their way to Willoughby.  Bass questions how Charlie finds the time to have sex with Connor and comments that her choice of lovers is interesting.  They stop when they hear sounds and it turns out to be Rachel and Miles.  Miles says that they could use twice as many guys and Bass says that they were lucky to get them.  Miles expresses surprise that Bass didn't screw them over.

They all head to camp and Gene tells Rachel that Charlie and Conner are sleeping together after watching them together.  Rachel of course quickly denies this but Gene points out that he knows something about having a wild daughter.  Really? They're doing the apple and tree bullshit over the choice of sexual partners and implying slutshaming. Umm no Revolution this is not cool.

Miles and Bass talk about Neville's alliance with the Patriots.  Miles reminds Bass that the Patriots have Neville's wife Julia.  Bass suggests that they put Neville out of his misery because Neville is apparently shadier than Miles.  Mile says that they have other things to take care of.  Miles takes Bass to see a Patriot training camp and Bass realises that all of the new recruits are kids.  Bass points out that most of the kids are from Willoughby.  Miles then points out all of the firepower that the Patriots have stockpiled, saying how much they could use it.  As they leave the area, Miles boasts about how his son behaved in New Vegas.  When Bass. heads in the bushes to use the bathroom, he finds two Patriot soldiers.  Bass of course wants to kill the two prisoners.

That night, two hundred miles away, Aaron and Priscilla have made camp for the night.  Aaron says that they will reach Willoughby in a week or so.  They sit eating apples and when Priscilla enthuses about the apple, Aaron wonders why Priscilla has been so happy since Lubbock. Priscilla points out that they have been through hell and not only did they survive, they're together. Priscilla suggests that this is a good thing and they smile.

In the oval office, the president stands over Ron, who is drawing, when Roger enters to give his report.  The President asks how things are going in Willoughby and how General Carter is doing. Roger calls Carter a silly man but the president reminds him that Carter is the commander of Texas and is not to be underestimated.  The president issues an order for the cadets to be activated by the end of the month.  When Roger assures the president that their plans are moving along well, the president reminds Roger that their plans to take Texas depends on those cadets and from there the rest of the continent.  The president say that Monroe and Miles are still at large around this pivotal camp and questions if he should trust Roger.  The president threatens to shoot Doyle, and Roger, as well as their families, if the cadets don't get onto the field. Well, talk about an imperial presidency.  Things have certainly changed.  I wonder how he gets his mandate to wield so much power.  Roger leaves and the president goes back to watching Ron.

Rachel heads to see Charlie, as Miles and Bass walk their prisoners back to camp.  Gene meets them and says that he delivered those kids.  Gene asks if Kim is okay and neither prisoner answers. Bass assures Gene that the kids are alright, as Charlie and Conner tie the kids up. Charlie asks Kim if she has seen her around town, but Kim does not answer.  Miles points out to Gene that if they hit the munitions pile that it will cause a lot of damage and give them a window to get in. Gene wonders what will happen to the town's kids. Miles says that the boot camp is bad for them but Gene points out that he practically raised those kids.  Rachel asks what the point is of saving Wiloughby, if they have to murder its children.  Bass answers that he is there to win, not save anyone.  Bass walks away and Rachel and Miles share an intense moment.

Eugene and Rachel go to see the kids and offer some food.  After some reluctance, they accept the bread.  Gene comments on Kim's shiner and asks how she ended up in the camp.  Finally, Kim admit that they enlisted, along with all of the other kids. Apparently, this was in response to a speech given by the Patriots about how they needed help.  Kim asserts that they wanted to do it and asks if they are going to be killed.

Miles heads to see Bass, who is not impressed that he cannot interrogate his own prisoners. Miles assures Bass that Gene and Rachel can handle this. Miles asks Bass to give Gene and Rachel a chance because they know these kids.  Bass points out that the Nazi's were someone kids. Thanks for that ridiculous comparison Revolution.  Your silly dystopian world does not equate to the horror of the Nazi's or the holocaust.  Bass tell Miles that if they really want to win, it has to be with the two of them calling the shots. Miles replies that not only do they need Rachel and Eugene, he trusts them more than he trusts Bass.

Eugene and Rachel head outside with the captured Kim and Dillon.  Eugene says that the kids don't know anything and that he is letting them leave.  Bass argues that they will give away their position and that he is not letting them leave.  Rachel reminds Bass that they can get another position and Gene pipes up that Bass can go ahead and shoot.  Bass grabs Gene in anger and Miles has to intervene.  When Bass balks, Miles promises to handle this.  Rachel and Gene begin to lead the kids away and Bass tells Miles to handle it.  

What no one realises, is that Neville and Jason are watching them all from a distance. Neville comments that there is trouble in paradise. Jason pauses when he notices Charlie.  I hope this is not a precursor to a love triangle.

Miles walks with Rachel and she comments that he hasn't tried to stop them.  Miles says that he is not Monroe and that he is not going to sweat tossing back a couple of kids.  Miles tells Rachel that Bass is right and that there is going to be collateral damage if they are going to win this thing. Rachel asks how she is supposed to let Monroe kill someone else's kid, when Danny was collateral damage. Rachel, not everything is about you and there is always collateral damage in war; that's why it's ugly.

They head to a house and Gene knocks on the door.  Grant points a shot gun and asks what is going on when he recognizes, Kim, Porter and Gene.  Gene explains that he is bringing Kim home and will be bringing Dillon home next.  Grant asks if the kids were pulled out of camp and Gene replies that the camp isn't safe and tells Grant that he doesn't know the Patriots. Grant points out that Gene is standing next to a wanted terrorist.  Miles balks at being called a terrorist and Gene tells Grant that the patriots are lying to him.  Grant says that Gene is also wanted as a terrorist and adds that he should shoot him.  Gene asks if Grant believes the Patriots and argues that this isn't like Grant's tour in the Gulf.  Miles adds that he knows what recruits are supposed to look like and this isn't it. Grant tells Miles that he is full of crap and turns to Kim.  Kim says that the are blindfolded every night and taken to a place on base.  The problem is that in the morning, the recruits don't remember what happened. Grant asks about Kim's shiner and all that she can remember is that she got it in camp. Grant puts his gun down and when he looks in Kim's eye, he finds a number tattooed and  read it aloud. Kim says that she doesn't know what Grant is talking about. Grant turns to Gene to ask what they are doing to the kids, and Kim grabs the gun and kills her own father. After discovering that the gun is out of bullets, Kim then grabs a knife and slits her own throat before Miles can get to her. 

Aaron and Priscilla are sleeping on the ground in front of a fire and Priscilla cuddles up to Aaron saying that she is just cold and that she didn't think he would mind.  Priscilla kisses Aaron saying that she doesn't want to lose him ever again.  They kiss again and Priscilla says that they don't have to (read: make love), if he isn't sure, but Aaron is sure. 

Neville goes to see Truman and says that Doyle is sending men out by the dozens looking for Monroe but he knows where Miles is. Truman asks why Neville doesn't tell Doyle and Neville replies for the same reason Truman is staying clear of Doyle.  Neville suggests they work together to get Monroe and that then, Truman can shove it in Doyle's face and prove that he is not just some regional governor who bends over for anyone who happens to roll in from D.C.  Neville adds that this will be a win for the both of them.

In Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, prisoners are being fed and they are loud and angry. It's a flashback and Truman tells Roger that they are insane for giving the "sandrats" their food and water. Roger says that their orders are to keep the prison fully operational.  Truman questions what orders Roger is talking about because they haven't heard from the mainland in months.   Truman points out that everything is dead and questions if there is even a  U.S.A. anymore.  Truman argues that the rations should be for them and that if anybody starves, it should the prisoners.  Roger stands and asks if Truman is proposing treason and suggests throwing him in one of the cells. They hear a bell ringing and head to the window to see ships closing in on their position. Outside, they watch as the U.S government disembarks. 

Rachel, Gene, Miles and Bass surround Dillon and Rachel points out that Dillon has the numbers as well.  Gene suggests that it some kind of post hypnotic suggestion. Dillon says that he wouldn't hurt anyone and Mile says that they need to talk now.  Outside, Gene argues that Dillon is a good kind kid and that they should not kill Dillon. Miles answers that he tried to support Gene in this but now, Grant is dead. Miles believes that they have no choice.  Gene argues that this is not Dillon's fault and that he doesn't even know what's happened to him.  Miles points out that Dillon is still a weapon, whether he knows it or not.  Bass asks why Gene thinks the kids are being turned into Manchurian candidates.  Rachel tries to intervene but Miles says that they have to be smart about this.  Rachel says that she was smart about setting off the nanotech, about leaving her family and going into the tower but smart cost her, her son and her sanity. Rachel says that she is tired of doing the smart thing and asks to do the right thing.  Miles argues that because this is war, there is no right thing.  Rachel again reminds Miles that he is not Bass and tells him not be Bass because they have enough blood on their hands.

The patriots stat to attack the camp, led by Neville and the rebels all have to take cover.  Miles and Rachel fire at the soldiers. Charlie comes face to face with Jason and when he hesitates, Rachel knocks him out.  Conner sees this and asks if Jason is a friend of hers. Neville faces Bass down with a gun but Bass manages to force Neville to drop it.  Rachel finds Dillon who is cowering, as outside the fighting continues.  Bass strangles Tom saying that if it is a choice between himself and Julia, then, "screw the bitch."  Rachel manages to free Dillon and tells him to run. Miles notices Dillon escaping and turn a weapon on him but stops when Rachel begs him. Dillon takes off running.  Bass and Monroe continue to fight.  Jason gets up and starts to fight with Connor. Ed starts to fire at Monroe, so Bass drops Neville and starts running.  Miles grabs Connor and starts to run, as Miles lays down cover fire.  They all manage to escape together, leaving Ed and Neville behind. 

Later, Truman and Neville both stand in front of Doyle, who asks who gave Truman permission to go out there. Truman says that he runs this district and doesn't need permission.  Neville smiles covertly and Doyle calls Truman a feeble minded child and adds that from now on, he gets permission first to even use the bathroom.  Doyle then turns to Neville and adds that if he crosses him again, he will cut things off Julia that won't grow back.  

We get another flash back to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba with Jack Davis, then the secretary of defense giving a speech one year after the blackout.  Davis says that everyone is there because they were vetted and chosen.  Davis says that long before the blackout, the nation was ruined by perverts and parasites.  Davis suggests that the blackout is their punishment and it is an opportunity to atone. Davis proposes a  coup d'├ętat, adding that when airforce one went down, they lost the president, and the senior staff. Now that the vice president is dead, Davis is the next in line.  Well, at least now we know how Davis became the president of the Patriots.  Davis goes on to add that they are going to lose about 75% of all Americans and that this is not a tragedy because it is natural selection. Davis says that they will build a new America for the ages. Davis then hands over the floor to Doyle, who is a consultant with the D.O.D., specializing in interrogation and reeducation. Doyle says that it does't matter if people join willingly or not because they know how to apply pressure in all of the right places.  Davis tells the people gathered that they will be the new founding fathers. 

Ed is being followed Neville, who says that Ed didn't sign on to be a fawning little bitch who cannot seem to stay in his office. Ed tells Neville to watch his mouth and blames him for what happened. Neville turns the tables and replies that this is all about Doyle and suggests that someone should do something about him.  Ed does not answer.

Miles is getting washed up when Rachel enters.  Rachel tells Miles that he did the right thing and Miles replies that he is not sure, before heading outside.  Bass approaches and Miles says, "not now."  Bass is upset that Miles didn't kill Dillon and asks Miles if he really wants to win.  Miles asks Bass why he wants to know and what this means.  Bass answers that he wants revenge because the Patriots destroyed Philadelphia.  Miles points out that Bass said that and then said he didn't care.  Miles goes on to add that Bass then said that all he wanted was Connor and now he has him.  Miles points out that Bass doesn't care about saving the town and only cares about saving himself. Miles asks if Bass wants to get the Republic back and Bass replies that he is wrong. Miles suggests that Bass wants to wipe out the Patriot competition, so that he can set up a father/son kingdom with Connor.  Miles calls it the family and business and Bass concedes that Miles is right but adds that at least he knows what he is fighting for.  Bass asks why Miles is fighting and asks what he thinks is going to happen.  Bass asks if Miles is going to play house with Rachel and Charlie because that is not him. Bass asks what Miles is fighting for but Miles simply walks away.  

Doyle is sitting in his office when Jason knocks and enters.  Two men grab Jason from behind and force him into a chair.  Doyle reads Jason's number in his eye and says that he wants to know what Neville is thinking.

Aaron is now fast asleep and Priscilla gets up and starts walking through the woods.  She is then surrounded by nanites.

What I want to know is how Aaron can be so blind to what is going on.  He was just tricked by the nanites into fixing their problem and still yet he is willing to go along with what is happening to Priscilla.  He can tell that she is behaving weirdly but a little soft talk and some sex makes it all go away?  Tell me why I am supposed to believe Aaron is as smart as Revolution says he is.  I certainly don't see it right.

This week Revolution deal with some interesting subjects.  Is there really a point to winning at all cost?  If this approach is taken, are they any better than the oppressors they are trying to over throw? Can there be balance in war?  It will be interesting to see how they answer these questions, I simply which wish that Rachel had not been the vehicle through which they were posed because it makes it a case of self concern and these questions are too large for that.  
For as much as we are told that the Bass is the Bad guy it seems to me that he is far more honest than Miles about his motivations.  Bass knows what he wants and why whereas; Miles only seems to be motivated by helping Rachel. That certainly is not enough my book.

We finally got a little backstory on the Patriots and it is long over due.  Given their actions I am not surprised by the rhetoric issues by Davis as to the cause of the blackout.  It's typical Republican propaganda and given that it was given to a military audience who is not used to questioning orders, I'm not surprised that it went down so well.  We also had affirmed that Davis is indeed the hell and the high water.  He is a tyrant and does not want the return of the United State but a kingdom which he can rule with impunity.  I would still like to know more about how they formed the Patriot government and more about its power structure. 

I loved watching Neville use his smarts this week.  He knows damn well that Truman is touchy after having been usurped by Doyle.  The problem is that he has been so obvious about it, Doyle is more than on to him.  The oldest trick in the book is to draw dissent between two allies to get your way.  I wish that Neville had been a little more cunning and a little less obvious.  This highlights why he and Julia are such a good team.