Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Resurrection, Season One, Episode One: Resurrection

The pilot opens with a little boy who appears to be dead floating in a rice field.  He sits up suddenly grasping for breath.  In the distance, there is a bison, which  looks incongruous given the setting. He stands and starts walking and makes his way to a dirt road, which leads him to what looks like a makeshift market. The market is filled with Chinese people who try and talk to him but the boy does not understand. The boy suddenly collapses and the people surround him.

Martin bounce a tennis ball against the wall of his office door and accidentally breaks a framed photograph then Dr. Catherine Willis walks in.  In a pause for a geek moment, fans of Teen Wolf will recognize the good doctor as Tamlyn Tomita, who plays Mrs. Yukimura.  Catherine comments about another love affair ending for Martin and he replies that she wanted someone with more ambition.  Catherine clarifies and says money. Catherine asks for Kessler and Martin points out that normal people don't work on Sundays.  It seems that Catherine has a subject over at the airport who needs a ride and Martin agrees to do it.  Catherine points out that it's a child but Martin is fine with this.

At the airport, the boy the child from the rice fields waits watching the planes come in. In the background we hear that the child was found in China with no idea or passport. The attache tells Martin that the kid must be traumatized because he hasn't spoken a word.  The attache suggests that something violent must have happened to him. The attache says that the name Jacob is written on the inside of his shirt and that he appears to be American but there are no missing person's cases which match him.   Martin wonders if the child has parents who care for him. The attache reports that they checked visas going into China for a year and there is no record of the boy.

Martin introduces himself to Jacob but he still does not say a word.  Martin asks if Jacob is hungry but the child does not respond.  He takes Jacob for burgers and fries and tries to engage the child with games on his cell phone.  Martin hands over his phone and watches as Jason plays still not saying a word.  Martin asks how Jacob ended up in China and Jacob has the phone write the word Arcadia.  Martin takes the phone and asks if Jacob means Arcadia Missouri, and Jacob nods his head.  Back in the office, Martin calls the sheriff's office looking for information on Jacob and is informed that there are no missing kids named Jacob who belong there.  The sheriff is quick to hang up on Martin.

In the car, Martin calls adoption services and puts his gun in the glove box. The adoption services offices are closed.  Martin asks Jacob if he has a home and people who look after him and Jacob nods his head yes. Adoption Services finally answers and Martin disconnects the phone. Martin asks if he took Jacob to Arcadia, if he could show him the way to get to his house and Jacob nods yes.  Martin starts driving telling Jacob that he owes him.

Harold and his wife seem to spending a lazy Sunday working on word definitions.  Martin and Jacob pull into the Langston driveway and Martin tells him to stay in the car.  Harold answers the door and asks if he is the only Mr. Langston who lives there.  Martin asks if he is the father of Jacob and if his son went missing. Langston says that his son died 32 years ago.  Martin apologises saying that there has obviously been a mistake.  Jacob gets out of the car and runs and hugs Harold calling him daddy.  His wife comes to the door and his shocked to see Jacob.

Later, on the porch, Harold tells Martin that his son was eight when he died and fell into the river while playing down by the woods.  His Aunt Barbara tried to save him but neither made it.  Martin asks what all of this has to do with the boy inside and Harold concedes that he doesn't know.  In the house, Jacob is playing Donkey Kong on Martin's phone.  Jacob's mother approaches him slowly afraid to touch him.  Jacob tells Lucille that she looks different and she finally touches his face.  Mother and son hug and she cries.

Martin calls Catherine to report that he is in Missouri and that State had no idea what they were dealing with. Catherine says that he needs to bring the kid back before he is arrested for kidnapping because Jacob doesn't belong to the Langston's who are in their sixties. Martin says that they are suffering a mutual delusion or, but he ends the call when he sees an older photo of Jacob and his family. Sheriff  Fred Garland approaches the house in a rage and demands to know why Martin is harassing his brother's family.  Harold intervenes and begs his brother to listen to him.  Fred asks why a federal agency would issue a report for a boy who died 32 years ago and asks if it's a sick joke.  Jacob comes to the doorway and says, "hi uncle Fred."  Jacob then falls to the ground and has a seizure.

They rush Jacob to the hospital and Martin asks the doctor to examine Jacob to make sure that there are no signs of abuse or coercion.  Martin says that the Jacob believes that the older couple are his parents, or he is just pretending. Maggie heads to see Jacob, introduces herself and begins the examination.  When Maggie checks, she cannot find a heartbeat at first.  Maggie starts to ask how Jacob ended up in China and his heart rate increases.  Jacob asks about his aunt Barbara and says that he tried to help her but he slipped and fell in. Maggie asks if he went in first and she tried to help him.  Maggie asks if someone told him this story and Jacob says that there was a man there who was holding his arm.  Maggie asks if Jacob is afraid of something or someone.

We get a flash to two men in a car with one saying he has to head to Arcadia because he has a kid there.

Catherine is on the phone with Martin and is worried because Jacob is a ward of the federal government. Catherine asks what happens if  Jacob's real parents come looking for him. Martin replies that he is keeping a close eye on him but needs more time.  Catherine suggests a DNA test and adds when it comes back negative, that he needs to remove the boy.  Martin agrees and hangs up.

Lucille heads to see Tom the preacher and adds that there is a miracle.  Maggie talks to Fred and wonders how Jacob could know about Barbara and the drowning.  Fred says that there was no other man and that Jacob fell in and that Barbara went after him. Martin interrupts to see how Jacob is doing and Maggie reports that other than being a bit sleep deprived, Jacob is a normal healthy boy.  Maggie says that she took blood and plans to run a few tests and do a DNA test. Martin says that he will call the bureau to put a rush on the test.  Martin asks if Fred and Maggie have any idea who Jacob is and Maggie reports that she has heard of cases where parents will believe almost anything and that Jacob could have been coached.  Fred asks if there is anything that Martin hasn't told him.  Martin assures them both that he just as in the dark and asks to see the autopsy and anything else relevant to Jacob's death. Fred promises to open the county records office in the morning and adds that he will make sure that the DNA records get to the lab.  It seems that there is no trust between Martin and Fred.

Harold is getting his cheek swabbed and Lucille tells Tom that he hasn't seen Jacob.  Tom tells Lucille that she shouldn't jump to conclusions because sometimes things happen in the world that are meant to test their faith.  Lucille opens her mouth to get swabbed by Maggie and when finished, she asks when they can see Jacob.  Maggie replies that Jacob needs rest and that they will have to keep him there for awhile.  Lucille answers that she and Harold will stay, so Maggie clarifies that she meant over night.  When Harold and Tom stand, Lucille reiterates that they will stay.

Jacob is out of his hospital bed and he finds Tom at the water cooler.  Jacob asks who he is and Tom introduces himself.  Jacob tells Tom that this is not his name because that is his best friend's name and that they like to play war together.  We get a flash to two little boys playing with action figures. Jacob asks if he died and if they all died.  A nurse finds Jacob out of bed before Tom can answer and takes him back to his room.

Maggie heads to see Elaine.  The door is answered by Ray and the two banter for awhile as Maggie heads out back.  Elaine says that this is not possible and Maggie replies that this wasn't exactly in her medical books. Maggie says that she cannot stop thinking about what happened about her mother and wonders if there was more to it. Elaine replies that when her father died, she kept hoping that there was a bigger reason. Maggie answers that this is different because Elaine had 19 years with her father and that she never even knew her mother.  Elaine replies that it doesn't make it any easier.  Maggie says that she was talking with Jacob and she imagined herself in the carriage by the river and that a part of her has always felt guilt.  Maggie adds that maybe if Barbara had never taken her for a walk that day, maybe she wouldn't have fallen in. Maggie adds that Fred looks at her like he blames her for what happened.

Martin is walking through the hospital hallway and heads to Jacob's room to find him sleeping.  Martin compares the photo he took of Jacob from the house to the sleeping Jacob and it's identical. He covers Jacob with a blanket and leaves.  When Martin leaves, Jacob gets up, pushes a chair to window and stands on it, looking outside.

The next morning Martin arrives at the courthouse but it's still closed.  Maggie tells him that the town has a distrust of outsiders and Martin says that's fine, as long as he doesn't get lynched.  Maggie asks what they are looking for and Martin replies anything strange about the accident which would suggest that someone else was at the scene.  Maggie pauses when they come to Barbara's autopsy report and says that she has never seen it before.

Tom is sitting in an empty church with Gail and he tells her that in his heart he knows who Jacob is.  Gail tells him that everyone has doubts. Tom points out that he has been preaching the miracles of God for ten years and now that there is one right in front of him, he cannot believe. Tom asks how he is going to minister to his parishioners and Gail assures him that he doesn't need to have all the answers, just comfort those who have questions.

Martin is looking through old newspaper clipping through micro film and finds an article along with a picture of Jacob talking about his death.  Maggie comments that Martin is quiet and asks about his theories. Martin replies that he still gathering the facts.  Maggie then asks how he came to be working with the government and he replies that he was a cop who got caught up in a human trafficking case.  Martin looks at Barbara's autopsy photos and notices the violent contusions but Maggie explains that Barbara would have been battered against rocks and branches in the water.   Martin notices half moons on Barbara's wrist and Maggie suggests that they could be fingernail abrasions from someone holding Barbara's arm.

Lucille heads into Jacob's room to find it empty, so she assumes that he is in the bathroom.  She tries the bathroom door and finds it locked and when she doesn't get an answer, leaves to find Harold and the nurse. When they get the bathroom door open, they find it empty and the window open.

Jacob is standing outside of the Langston house just staring at it. A man walks by slowly whistling, wearing a hoodie.  Harold pulls up in a cop car and Jacob takes off.  The cop reports that they have found Jacob and Harold yells that Jacob is headed for the river. Harold continues to struggle and has a flash to a younger version of himself chasing Jacob.  He has to stop running because he is completely winded but the young cop keeps up the chase.  Harold gets moving again but loses sight of Jacob when the boy hides in a pile of leaves. Jacob and Harold call out his name and finally find him digging in the hollow of a tree.  Jacob pulls out a G.I. Joe doll.  We get a flashback to Jacob running to show Lucille the doll saying that his father bought it for him.

Back in the house, Jacob is playing with the doll, while Lucille makes grill cheese sandwiches.  Jacob asks Harold to play but Harold simply stares into space.  Lucille tells Jacob that his father is tired and adds that he can have whatever he wants, as long as he doesn't run away again.  Harold gets up and leaves the room saying that he is going for a walk. Lucille catches up with Harold and says that though he is having trouble accepting it, Jacob is theirs.  Harold replies that their son died 32 years ago.  When Harold steps outside, he finds Martin who asks if everything is okay now. Lucille replies that everything is okay and that Jacob will be staying with them now.  Martin asks to talk to Jacob and Lucille agrees to go get him. Harold tries to leave but Martin grabs his arm and says that he is still responsible for Jacob and if he is not wanted there, Jacob can be removed.  Harold tells him to do what he has to do and leaves.

Inside the house, Martin brings up the day Jacob fell in the river and asks him to tell him about that day.  We get a flashback to Jacob down by the river looking for arrowheads.  In the present, Jacob says that he heard something.  In the past, we see Jacob find his cousin Maggie in her pram and his aunt Barbara in the water holding onto a tree limb screaming for help.  Jacob fell into the water trying to save his aunt and when he surfaced, he saw a man but is swept downriver by the fast moving water.  Jacob then drowned.  In the present, Maggie asks if Jacob is okay. Jacob says that he doesn't remember anything after that and that he woke up in China.  Martin asks if he has ever seen the man before and Jacob replies that he is in the picture by the piano.  Jacob asks if he is sick and if Martin is going to take him away. Martin replies that he is going to do what's best for Jacob.  Lucille enters and assures Jacob that there is nothing wrong with him.  Jacob asks why he cannot go outside and see people. Lucille assures Jacob that they will think of something for him to do.  The two leave the room and Martin gets a call saying that the test results are ready.

Martin finds Harold sitting at the cemetery in front of the Langston family tomb.  Martin sits and tells Harold that the DNA test came back and somehow, biologically speaking, Jacob is his son.  Martin adds that this isn't just about DNA and that Jacob knew things about that day at the river and talked about a bald man who was there with Barbara.  Martin points out that Harold believed when he first saw Jacob. Harold questions if Jacob is in the vault where he was laid to rest 32 years ago and that this is impossible. Martin suggests that Harold is missing the real question - if he wants to believe.

The church bell rings and Tom is giving a sermon about doubt.  Lucille and Jacob enter the church hand in hand and make their way up the aisle slowly together.  Tom finds himself at a loss for words, as Lucille and Jacob take a seat.  Tom restarts his sermon and says that humans were given the tools to ask the questions, not know the answers.

That night Fred pulls up to the house and finds Harold on the porch.  Harold tells Fred that he has something he needs to tell him about Barbara.  Harold says that there was a man who worked at the company and that Jacob said that the man was at the accident.  Fred asks why and Harold reveals that the man was sleeping with Barbara.  Fred heads into the house.

Later, Maggie knocks on his door but Fred is at the cemetery  drinking.  At the Langston house, Lucille and Jacob play the piano together. Martin is at a bar talking to Catherine about the fact that the DNA results matched and that they are still waiting on the return of the test results. Elaine is also there and she gets an angry call from Ray who is "talking crazy" and has a gun.  On her way out, Maggie is stopped by Martin, so she says that Elaine's brother is not right and has a gun.

Ray is yelling with a shot gun in his hands saying that he has a demon trapped inside the shed.  The dog is barking wildly.  When the door opens, it's the man from earlier with the hoodie.  He takes off his hat and says that everything is okay and Elaine looks at him in shock.  It seems that the man is Elaine and Ray's father.  Elaine reaches out and touches him and the two then embrace.

Well that was the pilot of Resurrection.  They seemed to focus on character development which is fine but it felt overwhelmed because of the number of characters.  We could have done without Fred, Elaine, Ray and the return of Elaine's father. It really was a bit much to absorb all at once.  I did however find it interesting that though we have a case were people are coming back from the dead, Resurrection is far more character driven than a focus on the paranormal.

I was moved by the questioning minister.  I like that this through his belief system into a whirl and it will be interesting to see how he deals with the crises of faith.

As for Lucille and Harold, I found myself  feeling for them.  It's a terrible thing to lose a child and for his part, Harold cannot explain what is going on and finds it to painful to even hope that Jacob is really his son despite all of the evidence.  Lucille however is holding tight and not letting go as though she can keep Jacob safe if only she doesn't lose sight of him again.

So far, we have two characters of colour, Martin and Catherine.  I highly suspect Catherine is going to remain a side character while Martin will remain a main character.  The rest of the cast is all White and straight thus far.  This of course is par for the course but I cannot help wondering what would have been so hard to have a GLBT character. It's early yet, so I won't judge to harshly but the casting thus far is following an all to familiar pattern.