Monday, March 10, 2014

Bitten, Season One, Episode Nine: Vengeance

Nick and Jeremy are sparring on the front lawn of Stonehaven and Jeremy tells Nick that they were unprepared when Santos attacked as a way to explain his father's death.  Jeremy keeps getting the upper hand and so he informs Nick that he is allowing his emotions to get the better of him, leaving him open to a counter attack.  They move on to discuss Jimmy Coneg and Jeremy warns that they cannot underestimate Coneg.

We get a flashback to Antonio and and infant Nick waiting to be picked up by Jeremy.  It seems that Antonio had left the pack in an effort to raise Nick with his girlfriend but in the end, decided that sons needed to be raised in the pack. Antonio tells Coneg that if he intends to kill him, to make it quick and give Nick to Jeremy.  Coneg informs Antonio that Dominic ( the pack leader at the time) has a job for him, which is part of the deal to re-enter the pack.  Coneg pulls a few mutt out of the trunck and teaches Nick how to strangle a man, saying that this is the only way back into the pack.  Antonio follows suit and kills the mutt, though he is clearly disturbed.  Coneg then hands Antonio a shovel.  In the present day, Jeremy adds that Antonio never spoke about Nick's mother ever again.  It seems that Dominic didn't order Antonio to kill anyone, and that was Conneg's idea for the sake of a little bit of fun. Jeremy asserts that Conneg is a very strong fighter and again warns Nick not to lose his focus.

Elena and Clay are now sparing on the lawn. When Clay tries to instruct Elena, she informs him that he doesn't have to teach her how to fight.  Clay says that he is showing her everything he was taught about fighting Conneg and then quickly takes Elena out. In frustration, Elena walks away and Clay is joined by Nick.  Nick tells Clay that Jeremy is still recovering but believes he is ready for someone like Conneg.

Santos is on the phone with Conneg, who says that he called Jeremy to settle things the old fashioned way. Coneg promises that he is going to clean up Santos's mess.  Leblanc is not at all happy that Santos has hired Coneg to deal with the pack and snarks about taking care of business himself. Santos tells LeBlanc that Clay skinned a man alive when he challenged the alpha.  Amber asks about Cain and Santos informs her that Cain is probably dead.  LeBlanc asks what he is supposed to do in the meantime and Santos tells him to have patience.  When Santos leaves, Amber cries saying that Cain should have trusted her and given her the strength of the rest of the wolves.  LeBlanc replies that Cain should have been smarter. Amber tell LeBlanc that he is indeed the smart one because it was his idea to poison the knife. LeBlanc turns on her quickly but Amber begins to flirt with him.  LeBlanc says that he can handle Santos, so Amber reminds LeBlanc that Elena humiliated him and suggests that killing Elena will make him the man he really is.

At Stonehaven, Nick questions whether Jeremy is ready for the coming fight, and Jeremy again assures him that he is just fine.  Clay enters asking about Logan and Jeremy replies that they are going to have to do this without Logan, who said that he would be there by nightfall.  Elena asks if this is a trap but Jeremy assures Elena that Coneg would consider an ambush beneath him. Jeremy reminds everyone that they are still a family and that he draws his strength from them

Logan and Rachel are at the OBGYN and learn that the pregnancy is completely healthy.  The doctor then informs them that the baby is a boy.

Philip is again looking at footage from the wolf ad when Diane knocks on the door to say that she has found gallery space for Elena.  Philip questions if Elena will return on time and Diana says that Elena is not returning calls at the moment and that she needs to book the show by this weekend.  Philip shows Diana the wolf footage, and points out the necklace that he gave Elena for their six month anniversary, along with her clothes and shoes. Rachel tells Philip that he sounds crazy and that Elena cannot be sleeping with her cousin.  Diana suggests talking to Logan, if Philip feels he cannot ask Elena directly.

Jeremy awaits, as Coneg arrives commenting about how long it's been since they have seen each other. Coneg says that this is about his shaking off the rust.  Coneg sniffs the air and smells the other wolves, so Jeremy makes it clear that they have been ordered not to get involved.  Coneg comments about the fact that only three wolves showed up, so Jeremy points out that this is just between the two of them.  Coneg promises to kill the other wolves the moment he is done with Jeremy.  The two men begin to fight and when Jeremy goes down, Nick intervenes.  Coneg takes off and Jeremy orders the wolves to split up and find them.

Logan has his bag packed and Rachel talks about how much fun it will be to start decorating the baby's room.  Rachel says that she is happy that the baby will have a father who is a decent man.  Rachel then interprets Logan silence as his fear of being a good role model because his father abandoned him.  Rachel then hands Logan a photo of himself with all of the wolves which she had framed.  Rachel assures Logan that while his father was absent, he was raised right by his family.

Back at the factory  the wolves search the building for Coneg.   LeBlanc sneaks up on Elena and puts a knife to her throat saying that he is doing to enjoy watching her bleed.  Elena elbows LeBlanc and takes off running and he pulls out a gun and starts to follow.  Trying to save an innocent woman, Elena gets shot in the shoulder and so she hides.  The wolves hear the shot and start running but Coneg intercepts Jeremy and the fight starts again.  LeBlanc continues to shoot his weapon but is unable to find Elena.  The human girls runs out and LeBlanc shoots her thinking that he got Elena.  When he rolls the human woman over, he realises his mistake and Elena watches him from a distance.  From a window, Clay witnesses the human being killed and mistakes her for Elena.  Inside, Jeremy and Coneg continue to fightm with Coneg resorting to grabbing a metal pipe. Coneg grabs Jeremy by the throat but before he can kill him, Nick sneaks up and snaps Coneg's neck.  Clay rushes outside, as LeBlanc continues to taunt a wounded Elena. Elena's heart rate increases as the change is being forced upon her and she begs for it to stop.  Clay rushes outside and this catches LeBlanc's attention, giving Elena a chance to calm down and change position. Elena takes off running and runs right into Clay's arms.

Logan puts his bag in the car and he is approached by Philip before he can leave.  Philip explains about the wolves at Cherry beach and Elena's clothing and necklace.  Philip asks about the pile of clothes and asks why his girl was naked at the beach.  Logan explains that he and Elena went for a swim and Philip concedes that he must have misunderstood.  Logan says that their family is going through something harsh right now and that everyone has a different coping mechanism. Logan assures Philip that Elena is anxious to get back to him.  Philip notices the picture of the family and Philip asks about Clay and Jeremy.  Logan walks Philip out and finds a package addressed to him.

Back at the wolf compound, Santos locks up LeBlanc reminding that he was warned to stay out of this and that Elena is off limits.  LeBlanc says no harm and no foul and asks what happened to Coneg.  Santos tells LeBlanc to think about what he has done and to forget about Coneg.  Amber taunts LeBlanc and says that it is a shame the bullet didn't connect.  Amber asks what is in it for her if she lets LeBlanc out and points out that he can make her strong like him.  LeBlanc takes off his glasses and starts unbuttoning his shirt.

Rachel finds Logan sitting in front of a box.  It's a present for the baby that says congratulations.  Logan asks if she told anyone about the pregnancy and Rachel says no.  Logan announces that he is going to push back his trip.

Jeremy is stitching Elena up and he says that he feels responsible for what happened.  Elena talks about how she managed to stop her change by focusing and this shocks Jeremy and Clay because apparently this is not something a wolf she be able  to do.

Amber paces in front of LeBlanc talking about how much she wants revenge.  Amber promises to let out LeBlanc the moment he bites her and adds that he doesn't have to be gentle with her.  Amber puts her arm through the cage and LeBlanc bites her. Amber licks her wound saying that she will make the pack pay in ways they cannot imagine.

Later, at Stonehavn, Jeremy joins Nick in the basement. Nick is looking over the Sorrentino family history. Jeremy assures Nick that he did well today and Nick says that Coneg was distracted. Nick wonders if he was set up to put an end to Coneg. Nick comments that they haven't had a chance to spread Antonio's ashes, so Jeremy suggests that they go and do it now.

Elena is sitting in front of a fire lost in thoughts when Clay walks in.  Clay asks her to stay and Elena replies that she thought he would be with Jeremy and Nick.  Clay tells Elena that she doesn't have to pretend with him. Elena is upset wondering what would have happened if Leblanc had been a better shot, or she hadn't been able to control the change. Clay assures Elena that she is safe there with him and the two start to kiss. Elena and Clay undress and begin making love.

The next morning, Elena wakes next to Clay and quickly grabs her clothes and does the walk of shame.

Amber is still struggling to change and she is only partially transformed. LeBlanc snarks about this not being the experience Amber thought it would be.

Upstairs, Elena checks her phone and she gets a message from Logan saying that they need to talk alone.  She also gets a message from Diane saying that she needs to return for the gallery showing.  Elena runs downstairs and tells Jeremy that she is returning to Toronto.  Jeremy asks Elena to check in with Logan because he is concerned that Logan hasn't checked in.  Jeremy then tells Elena that Clay is coming with her to keep her safe.  When Elena balks, Jeremy makes it clear that this is not a negotiation.

I don't know about you, but I really did want to see Amber become a werewolf.  I know that it would have broken the rules of the world that have been created but I hate the chosen one theme with Elena being super special because she is the only female werewolf.  It is particularly problematic given the differences between Elena and Amber.  Amber clearly does not have the class advantages which Elena has and is what some would consider from the wrong side of the tracks.  What makes Elena worthy of being an anomaly?

I am getting concerned about Logan.  The fact that this child is male is clearly going to be a problem and that is why we got the flashback about Antonio and Nick.  Is this going to be a reason for him to a mutt or even worse killed.  From early on in this series, I have worried that Logan is dead man walking.

Again with Philip and his jealousy.  It's ridiculous.  On a piece of film he just happens to notice a necklace that he gave to Elena.  Is this necklace one of a kind?  I really want him to disappear into the plot box unless Elena is in Toronto.  I found it interesting that last week they were find ignoring Logan for a week but had to include Philip.

On a final note, Bitten needs to do a better job of explaining why the mutts are bad.  In the book we get that they indiscriminately kill someone and though the show did offer this, the story line also adds legitimacy to their claim of being oppressed by the pack. It doesn't help that Jeremy is also a really scary control freak. From the book we know that Jeremy is a mild alpha but you don't get that sense from the book whatsoever. So either they do something about Jeremy the tyrant or show the mutts being more savage.  Making up mutts from a criminal population alone is not going to cut it, particularly because you have wolves like Cain dying to keep the person they love safe.