Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Week in Book Covers (3rd March - 7th March)

We continue our weekly review of the covers from the books we read last week - the good, the bad and the lethal cleavage!

Apparently Trent looks like Matthew Davis. I cannot unsee what has been seen and my mental image of the whole relationship is now twisted irreparably.

As for Rachel - well, obviously the hair is wrong (Rachel is renowned for her uncontrollable mane of curly, frizzy hair) but let’s look at the clothes. Yes, Rachel likes her leather trousers and is not well known for her appropriate dress sense. But… a leather corset? I can’t even begin to imagine why she would wear those clothes at any point in the series - let alone this book. A definite case of unnecessarily sexy leather with a minor element of hip thrust

This is the first book in this series that actually gives a greater idea of the setting on the cover - which is something rather missing in the previous books; especially for a dystopian series, some sign of that dystopia was really necessary, so I appreciate the wrecked Golden Gate bridge. But that’s where my praise ends - while it’s different from the very common Mantitteh fare, the man looking over his shoulder is cute enough I guess, but it’s neither sexy nor especially intriguing. Nice background… but pretty blah foreground

This again proves my point - why is it that the best covers are nearly always on the worst books? The cover speaks of something quirky and fun - which the book certainly isn’t. There’s a great sense of the location and setting as well as a strong sense of the subject matter. As a bonus, the woman on the cover looks almost exactly as I pictured the protagonist - and she’s fully clothed and in a reasonable pose! All in all, an excellent cover.

Graveyard Child (The Black Sun's Daughter #5) by M.L.N. Hanover

Oh. Dear. Gods. So, the newest fashion in demon hunting is apparently bikinis. Why would you set off to fight the infernal in a bra and little else? To add to that we have some completely out of character sexy leather trousers (sexy leather is a must for tackling Beelzebub apparently) and while the gun and the Bible are appropriate they’re both carefully held to the sides so we can probably focus on her main weapon - the Boobies.

The Business of Death (Death Works #3) by Trent Jamieson

I love this cover. It’s scary, it oozes creepiness and has the perfect corporate and fearful vibe that really suits Orcus. It has the business atmosphere, the menace and just a hint of magic and death. And it’s also really really sexy (or is that just me?). I love it. I really love it. Buuuut, I’m having to stretch to see Steven in that man. Steven, inept, slightly bumbling, kind and maybe a bit weak? Does not fit that man… but maybe the cover brings out something Steven didn’t convey in the text. After all, it’s a good physical match for how I pictured him (albeit with a silly grin) and people are constantly described as being afraid of him… but I still have trouble picturing him like this. Still an awesome cover