Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Being Human, Season Four, Episode Nine: Too Far, Fast-Forward!

Aidan is holding Sally's dead body, as ghost Sally watches saying that she was meant to die with her head bashed in. Sally tells Aidan to let her go because it's not her anymore and Aidan replies that he cannot. Aidan lays Sally down and then covers her with his leather jacket.  Aidan asks if she is going to go through her door now and Sally replies that she doesn't get a door.  Aidan questions what Sally was doing there and Sally replies that she was trying to stop him from venting. Sally tells Aidan that she wishes she could hold him.  A cop car appears and Aidan tells Sally to go because she is not going to want to see what happens next. Sally resists at first but disappears when Aidan yells go.

Bishop gets out of the car saying that this is very West Side Story.  Aidan assures Bishop that he is not coming back but Bishop counters that Aidan is blood drunk with a dead wolf at his feet.  Bishop declares that he is not animal control and turns to leave and Aidan screams that Sally is not an animal  and tells Bishop that he is going to do this for him as a favor.  Bishop points out that Aidan hasn't talked to him for over a year and now intends to treat him like his foul weather friend.  Aidan argues that he has cleaned up far worse messes for him.  Bishop asks who killed his girlfriend and Aidan replies wolves.  Aidan starts to walk away and Bishop promises to make it right but adds that the friends Aidan can call at 2AM are golden.

Ray is trying to make escape plans for him and Josh but Josh is adamant that he has to go back. Ray points out that Aidan didn't lift a finger to stop it because he was drunk off his ass draining live girls.  Ray asks how many people Josh thinks that Aidan has killed.  Aidan and Bishop enter and Aidan says that Ray is the only one who has killed tonight.  Ray tells Josh that they can take Aidan and Bishop because for once it's a fair fight.  Josh yells for Ray to shut up.  Bishop calls dibs and Sally shows up begging Aidan not to do this because Josh is his friend.  Aidan reminds Sally that Josh murdered her, so Sally counters that Aidan cannot go back to being like Bishop and that if he does, everything they have together is over.  Bishop tells Aidan that the friendship was over when the wolves opened Sally's head on the pavement. Josh says that it was an accident and a mistake and that it was never meant to be like this.  Aidan grabs Ray and kills him as Josh begs for him to stop.  Sally calls Aidan a monster and Bishop dispels her.  Aidan tells Josh that when they first met, he should have let Marcus finish him off.  Josh begs for Aidan to stop but Aidan warns Josh that if he ever sees him again that he will kill him. Aidan walks away and Bishop asks if this is what Josh call justice and avenging the one he loves.  Aidan tells Bishop that he doesn't understand how much Josh hates himself and that killing him would be a mercy. Aidan taunts Josh about Nora and then says that he took his one chance to lift his curse because he killed Ray. Josh yells that living together and trying to be human was all Aidan's idea.  Bishop moves forward to kill Josh but Aidan holds him back saying that they should let Josh suffer.  Aidan walks away laughing and Josh falls to his knees crying. Bishop tells Aidan that there is no place  like home and Aidan says that he needs a drink.

One year later, Aidan is pushing a gurney and he delivers the body to Bishop.  When Aidan opens the body bag, it's filled with blood.  Neither Bishop or Aidan realise that Nora is watching.  Aidan comments that blood is getting harder to come by and Bishop suggests that they are going to have to raise the price of healthy blood.  Aidan comments that this reminds him of prohibition but Bishop argues that this is food and that people can go without whiskey but they cannot go without their bread.  Aidan says that the virus is going to make them kings.

Josh is working as a chef and Sally watches as he flirts with a customer.  Josh blows the woman off and Sally follows, questioning why he didn't ask her out on a date.  Josh reminds Sally that he is a werewolf and that no one wants that. Sally suggests that if she could just get to Ilana but Josh makes it clear that he is not going to hunt down a psychic to sling Sally into the future.  Sally says that if she could find Donna then she could get to where she is meant to be, then they could all be together again.  Josh says that he has managed to cobble together an existence and while he is not happy,  Sally keeps trying to blow it up.  Josh adds that her interventions don't help.  Nora makes her way into the restaurant and Josh tells Sally that whatever charmed life they had is over.

Nora is now stealing pills from the hospital and hides what she is doing when Aidan appears.  Aidan tells her that it is not nice to be spied on.  Nora asks what other requests she can grant for him and Aidan reminds her that they have a very simple agreement and that they are turn a blind eye to what each other are doing.  Sally says that Aidan is taking way too much blood and Aidan asks Nora how her back is because it's been months since her surgery.  Aidan spills a bottle of pills on the floor and Nora tells him that one of the nurses found the blood and mixed it in with the general pool.  Aidan tells Nora that she doesn't understand how much he needs the blood, so Nora replies that she is screening new donors as fast as she can.  Nora tells Aidan that if he didn't have to deliver to Bishop, they both would be a lot safer.  Aidan grabs Nora and says, "never threaten Bishop."   Aidan leaves the roomand Nora starts to cry.

At Sapp and Sons, Bishop is surrounded by vampires.  Aidan enters and asks Bishop if he has a minute. Bishop opens his fridge and it is filled with blood.  Aidan snarks about the amount of blood Bishop has stockpiled and Bishop reminds Aidan of the stockpiling they did in the fifties in case the bomb dropped. Aidan tells Bishop that he is going to come up short on the delivery because there was a mix up. They start to argue and Aidan suggests that they borrow a little bit from the bank for now.  Bishop threatens to replace Aidan and they argue again.

Josh is cleaning up when Ilana walks in. Ilana immediately senses something and says that there is an insistant spirit here.  Josh says that Sally doesn't want to be there and instead wants to go back to where she belongs. Ilana asks for information to excise Sally but Josh makes it clear that this is not what he wants. Josh tells Ilana that he just needs to find Donna and Ilana grabs her things saying that he mislead her and wasted her time. Josh begs, saying that there are lives at stake and that Donna is the only one who can help.  Ilana sprinkles salt on the floor saying that it is to help them find Donna and protect them from her.  Ilana drags Josh across the line of salt and tells him that he has been under ghost possession and now Sally cannot cross the line of salt. Josh is angry and yells at Sally for possessing him and screams that she raped his will.  Ilana is shocked that Josh can see Sally.  Josh introduces Ilana to Sally and Ilana walks out pissed off.

Aidan is on a street corner selling blood to the vampires. Bishop as at the mortuary and when he checks his fridge, he finds it empty of blood.  A vampire in Aidan's line asks where Bishop is and if he has his own supply. Aidan replies that he has always had his own supply.  Bishop checks another fridge and finds that empty as well and screams in rage.

The next day, Aidan tells Bishop that he got his money and that he will replace the stash by tomorrow. Bishop punches Aidan and asks if Aidan gave away blood, so the huddled masses would know who to thank. Bishop continues to beat on Aidan and grabs a sharp knife.  Bishop then attacks Wallace, saying that he is skimming off the top. Bishop grabs a butterfly knife and slices Wallace's mouth with the knife.

Back at the restaurant, Sally whines about Josh being mad at her.  Josh tells Sally that she completely betrayed his trust.  Sally argues that in the other life, Josh was happy.  We get flash back to Sally at the table eating waffles.  Josh asks Sally if she just possessed him and explains that he had a memory of him, Nora, and Sally in the kitchen.  Sally explains that a side effect of her possessing him, is that she leaves memories behind. Josh asks how long this sticks around and Sally says that she doesn't know.  Josh is upset that he has tortured memories of Nora.  A vampire walks in and starts attacking Josh.  A fight breaks out and Josh manages to stake her, as Sally reappears.  Josh is excited that he managed to kill a vampire when it is nowhere near a full moon.  Sally points out that the vamp was a teenager and was on her death bed. Sally adds that the vampire had the virus.

That night, Sally goes to see Aidan and Aidan asks what she wants.  Aidan points out that Sally called him a monster. Aidan asks what this is about and Sally says that it is about him and Josh.  Josh enters and Aidan reminds Josh that he promised to kill him the next time he saw him.  Sally tells Aidan that he needs Josh's blood.

The next day at the hospital, Josh goes to see Nora.  Nora is shocked to see him because she thought he moved away from the hospital. Josh says that he is there visiting Aidan.  Noraa asks how Josh can be friends with someone like this and asks if Josh knows what he is. Nora asks Josh if he is one too and Josh replies no and that he didn't mean to upset her.  Josh then asks about Dr. Reid and Nora replies that the divorce goes through next month.  Josh gets a flash to his wedding with Nora and blames his silence on an intense pang of  deja vu. Nora excuses herself and Josh tells her to take care of herself no matter what because she is so awesome.

Bishop finds Aidan loading blood into the fridge and comments that he is glad Aidan figured out his supply chain.  When Bishop comments that he knew Aiddan was good for it, Aidan snarks that maybe he should be thankful that Bishop didn't carve his fangs out of his head.  Bishop hands Aidan some blood and tells him that they should just put this aside. Bishop waits for Aidan to drink first to check if the blood is tainted. Aidan and Bishop proceed to get drunk together.

Aidan then returns to Sally and Josh.  Josh asks how Aidan is feeling and where he has been. Aidan replies that he was tying up loose ends.  Aidan thanks Josh and Josh replies that they are even because Aidan saved him once.  Aidan tells Josh and Sally that they can go now.  Sally says that she thought Aidan was coming with them but he points out that he is about to get everything that he has worked for, for the last 228 years. Aidan says that he is finally free from Bishop and that this makes him king of the hill.  Josh tells Sally that they should go because there is no one there anymore.  Sally tells Aidan that if this is who they came back to save, that he was better off dead.

Aidan walks into the mortuary to find a very sick Bishop.  Aidan asks if there is anything Bishop needs him to take care of and adds that Bishop never once turned his back on him. Bishop tells Aidan that he is there to gloat and questions how Aidan managed to poison him.  Aidan claims that it was a fluke and that some vampires are immune.  Bishop laughs saying that he knows Aidan killed him and that half of Boston knows this.  Aidan asks Bishop if he is afraid of what is on the other side and Bishop replies that he is the other side. Bishop says that he hopes that Aidan doesn't get taken out by someone he nourished for centuries.  Aidan finally admits to poisoning Bishop.  Bishop points out that a year ago, Aidan was blabbering about ghosts and laying with wolves and now he has killed his maker and has banished his friends.  Bishop tells Aidan that he is going to rebuild the vampire race with his blood and that Aidan is his perfect son.

Aidan is driving a car and the windshield is cracked.  Aidan gets flashbacks to Bishop turning him into a vampire and time they spent together.  Aidan then remembers laughing with Josh and Sally.

Sally is front of the pie shop when Aidan walks up.  Sally asks if Aidan is here for another dose and suggests that Aidan roofie a wolf chick because Josh isn't going to put out again.  Aidan tells Sally that when she died, he was the reason why he was there.  Aidan says that he messed things up and that they were happy.  Sally tells Aidan that he is a power crazed tornado of self destruction.  Sally suddenly starts to lift in the air and she is covered in a glow.  Sally ends up with Donna and she explains what happened in the other timeline. Donna uses  iron on Sally and it ends up wounding Donna as well.  Sally tells Donna that she saw her at Andover and that she changes in the future and abstains from magic.

Back at the brownstone, Aidan says that they cannot trust a witch.  Sally assures Josh and Aidan that Donna can reset their lives to how it is supposed to be but they all have to agree. Sally tells Josh that he has the most to lose because he has built a quiet cocoon of a life.  Josh asks if he marries Nora and Sally says yes.  Aidan question if Nora is an addict. Donna explains that this timeline will now disappear and that they won't remember it.  Donna warns that when she sends Sally forward that she might bounce around a little bit in time at first and that she will overshoot before she stops. Aidan tells Sally that if he forgets and is different, to make him remember that he loves her.  Sally tells Aidan that she has loved him for awhile now and just didn't realise it. Donna announces that it's time and starts the spell.  Donna and Sally join hands and several Sally's appear.

Sally finds Aidan crying saying that this was the one thing that gave him any hope.  Josh says that he can explain an Aidan snaps his neck, revealing a bite mark on Josh's neck. Sally screams and multiple versions of her appear.  Sally lands again and when she heads outside, she finds Aidan watching as Robbie is wheeled out.  Josh explains that they called the police for Robbie because she was gone all night and they didn't know what to do.  Aidan asks if they did the right thing and Sally says yes.  Sally asks Aidan if he remembers her and we get a flash to Aidan and Sally together.  Josh asks Sally where she went and Sally tells Josh that she went to the past and then the future.  Josh asks when in the future and Sally replies that it felt really close. The roommates watch as Robbie's body is put in the ambulance.

Okay so they retconned the retcon. Do you get the sense that the entire purpose of that part of the season was to give viewers a chance to say goodbye to characters we have become familiar with in the last four years? I am kind of disappointed with how this worked out but a guess the writers just want to find a way to close up loose threads.  What the reconn did do however is to really explain how Sally, Josh and Aidan really relate to each other.  Sally is essentially the glue that holds them all together and it's nice to see that Sally has often been marginalized story wise relative to Josh and Aidan.

So the leap into the future shows Aidan killing Josh and I think it has something to do with Josh's wolf and Aidan discovering his feelings for Sally.  Of course, Sally will now do her best to prevent the future she saw. Beyond that, I have no idea where this story is going.

We learned in the episode that Josh really needs Nora in his life to keep in living.  He not only loves Nora, she represents hope for him and without that, he has difficulty functioning.  Josh always believed on some level that Nora would be better off without him and as it turns out, not so much.  Yes, she gets scratched and becomes a werewolf but that also means that she doesn't become a drug addict.

In my final thoughts I would like to speak about Being Human and addiction.  From the beginning, Aidan has played the role of addict for his desire for human blood.  This episode they made it absolutely clear that vampires need blood to survive because that constitutes food.  If you need it for subsistence then you cannot possibly be an addict.  Are they saying that the distinction is Aidan's  desire to drink off the hoof so to speak?  I think that Being Human continues to send conflicting messages when it comes to addiction and I am not at all comfortable with it.