Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Under the Dome, Season 1, Episode 9: The Red Door

Barbie is imprisoned by nefarious people who do not care about law, justice or rights. They want to know how he got out, but far far more they want the egg which he calls a “power source.”

I am just having images of mercenaries going to battle against a backdrop of pink stars. The sparkliest military ever!

Barbie refuses to co-operate and the smacking starts.  Barbie’s dad, Don, arrives to reveal that the nefarious people are actually private contractors and therefore his limited influence means little. Of course Barbie doesn’t believe his dad any more – and his Don pushes him to get the egg -  saying it’s the only way the nefarious people will let him go. He’s still maintaining he has little control over the situation.

And, yes, Don dearest leaves and the nefarious men are now calling him “sir” and he’s yelling at them. There’s a reason for speed as well – Don wants to get the egg before the actual military learns about it.

Inside the Dome Jim is being all creepy trying to get Julia to tell him about Barbie escaping. Julia, Junior, Norrie, Joe, Melanie all decide to keep everything secret from Jim. They also decide that the people who got Barbie clearly want the egg and must be prevented from getting it for REASONS.

This lasts for five seconds before Junior spills all to his dad. They go looking at the chasm with extra edges of chosen-one nonsense for Jim. Jim decides they need the egg and he goes to Rebecca, assuming she’s in on the big secret and filling her in when she isn’t. She decides to try and manipulate Joe

Don gets minion Hunter to send another email to Julia, but Joe is getting suspicious at the timing of the emails – guessing that the person sending them is somehow controlling the availability of wifi too. It’s a video from Don asking Julia to bring the egg or evil people will do evil things to Barbie (but he’s totally a good guy honest). Time for a big argument about leaving the Dome, with Melanie stepping in as supreme champion for the egg who will protect it from everything

Rebecca arrives not to spy but to warn them that Jim knows all – apparently this is one person in Chester’s Mill with a memory who doesn’t completely forget the bad things someone’s done every 5 seconds.

Meanwhile the brutal beating of Barbie by said bad people goes awry because, for reasons unknown, they’ve decided to chain him up with like 11 feet of useful loose chain. He escapes!

In Zenith Lyle, Sam and Pauline brainstorm about the red door. To the playground (and Pauline talking about how much Junior liked Angie for extra guilt for Sam) where they see a red door on a shed – there’s also two very unsubtle men scoping out the place; still after some shenanigans it’s clear this isn’t the right door (you’d have kids dropping in on Chester’s Mill every 5 seconds if it were).

Pauline also gets the looming feeling of new visions – a spiral this time that scares her. Lyle seems to be crushing hard on Pauline too. She takes them to see Hunter (yes, Dome minion hunter) and Trevor who run the Hounds of Diana website which is kind of a shadowy expose of bad dome stuff. They have a brief scare when a shadowy figure approaches – it’s Barbie disguised as a Nefarious Guard and holding everyone at gun point (Hunter: “it’s ok, it’s his way of saying hello”). Barbie recognises Lyle and Sam – and is not happy to see either.

Barbie tells them that Sam killed Angie – Sam doesn’t deny it. He does protest he thought he was acting on Pauline’s rather cryptic journals. Now Pauline thinks they both have to go back to Chester’s Mill to atone for their sins. Consulting with Barbie – he recognises Pauline’s rather awful vision

Since the door is on his dad’s land, Barbie goes there (interrupting Don berating his minion about failing to follow Barbie) – but it’s just a sacrificial Trevor pretending to be Barbie as a distraction (he doesn’t mind throwing himself to the wolves for this? Really? Luckily for him they believe him when he says he was paid to do it).

The gang finds the red door and heads down into the old root cellar – but Pauline has a sense of the dreads but has little choice than to go down. In the cellar they find a long tunnel, one Barbie was sure wasn’t there before.

They go through the tunnel and Sam has a weird vortex-flashback to when Pauline was supposed to have died and a young Junior begging him not to leave him with Jim sine Pauline had told Junior that Sam would save him.

Barbie’s vortex flashback is when he put a handprint on the red door as a child – guided by Melanie (who was older than him). Apparently it was important to Melanie’s mother for her to meet Barbie.

Pauline doesn’t go back in time but does see the egg in its crater – and Melanie ominously saying “this is where it began, this is where it ends.”

They emerge in the lake near Chester’s Mill, under the Dome. Lyle isn’t with them and Hunter had no visions.

At the Dome, Jim communicates with the Nefarious Guards outside, offering to get them the egg if they deal only with him and if they get everyone out (refused) or him and his son out (accepted). They show him where the egg is – Angie’s place.

Junior, however, has already moved it, confessing to Melanie that he told his dad despite his dad being evil. He is now having the doubts. Melanie is also having the doubts about Julia because she may care more about Barbie than the egg… she says that like caring for a person more than a glowing rock is somehow a bad thing. She considers it a reckless act of love, I consider is common sense and a decent sense of priorities.

Julia confronts Jim about the egg being missing and they snipe back and forth. Jim again tries to play saviour but absolutely no-one has a reason to believe this.

Junior and Melanie hide the egg in the Rennie bomb shelter before snuggling together on one of the bunks.

Pauline goes to the Rennie house and Big Jim is… rather surprised.

We’re now deep in conspiracy land, ineffective conspiracy land. Odd conspiracy land but at least now it’s fairly justified. Barbie escaped the Dome and was super suspicious for absolutely no reason. But by separating Don from the actual military it gives a reason  for secrecy and dubious tactics because otherwise the actual powers that be have no reason not to co-operate with, well, anyone..

Hey remember when Julia was taking over the town? No? Hey remember when Jim was evil and had lots of enemies and is grossly unsuitable to be sheriff? How come no-one is challenging him on his assumption of the role? Hey, remember when Junior assaulted and kidnapped Angie rather than her murder being considered some kind of loss to him? No? The writers certainly don’t!

Pauline keeps talking about going to Chester’s Mill but never about what she actually intends to do or how she intends to help when she actually gets there. They get in and… then…?

It’d also help if the person with the prophetic vision was a bit of a better artist.

I’d comment on all the revelations and woo-woo but we still don’t have the slightest clue what’s going on.