Friday, October 24, 2014

#HaleNo Review Black Out Link Round Up

In light of the major issue of Kathleen Hale’s stalking as mentioned in today’s Friday Discussion, many reviewers are having a #HaleNo Review Black Out until October 27th which I initially saw proposed by Jane of Dear Author (I do not know if the idea originated with her, though)

This is something we support, not least of which because this is the result of actions like Ms. Hale’s being accepted will result in: the silence of review blogs and the death of critical, informative reviewing. After all, very few of us are actually making any kind of living at this - and few are willing to engage in an unpaid activity (especially one that can be a lot of work) that will bring obsessive and angry people to their homes and their family.

Of course, Fangs for the Fantasy runs on a schedule - and at present that schedule doesn’t include book reviews on Thursdays or during the weekend - the blackout rather falls in our dark period. So, instead of a book review today we are putting out a link round up of various blogs talking about the Hale stalking because we shouldn’t just chalk this up to another case of author drama and return to business as normal

Dear Author’s On the Importance of Pseudonymous Activity nicely sums up the whole facts of the issue

Love in the Margins also has an excellent Link Roundup

Bookthingo’s excellent Storify: What happens when The Guardian lets an author gloat about stalking a blogger which also captures the reaction to Ms. Hale’s stalking which is, in many ways, as scary as the stalking itself.

Jim. C. Hines: Victim or Perpetrator?

Again from Dear Author - Poisoning the Well. How Ms. Hale’s actions hurt all in the book community, authors as well

We do not know the various writer’s histories nor can we guarantee that other posts on these sites won’t be problematic