Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Originals, Season Two, Episode Three: Every Mother's Son

Esther/Cassie is hard at work on a potion of sorts which she uses to make ink.

Hayley stands before a pretty good spread of food when Klaus enters.  Hayley questions if this is Klaus's doing and when he says no, Hayley assumes that it was Elijah's doing, until he enters and denies responsibility. Hayley questions where the food all came from just before they hear a noise under the hood of the platter. Klaus finds an invitation from Cassie/Esther.

Of course, this calls for a flashback, where we see Esther serving food to the children, only to discover that Klaus is missing.  Elijah reports that Klaus is hiding from his father because they have a hunting trip planned for later and he is not a good hunter. Esther tells Klaus a story to comfort him, saying that whenever he hears a starling, Klaus is to remember that she is with him always.

Later that day, Klaus is expresses his anger that not only do they have to deal with their enemies in New Orleans but their family. Hayley volunteers to add to the body count because Esther and her disciples tried to put a knife through their child's heart.  Elijah interjects that Hayley will do no such thing because Esther is a master in the art of possession. Elijah believes they must find out what Esther is up to before she moves into a new body. Klaus points out that Esther's last invitation was an assassination attempt on her children, thus making any of her intentions foul. Elijah excuses himself, adding that they have this afternoon to prepare for the worse.  Klaus follows, snarking that the bloom is off the rose, in reference to Hayley's interactions with Elijah.

Elijah heads to see Marcel where he declares that Gia is not his burden to bear because Marcel turned her. Marcel questions why Elijah showed up and Elijah explains that he is looking for a cooperative witch. Marcel denies knowing where Davina is and adds, given that Davina has Michael on a leash, she most certainly does not fall into the cooperative category. Elijah says that he is looking for another witch and when Marcel questions why Elijah believes he has another witch, Elijah points out that Gia is already wearing a daylight ring.  Marcel concedes and adds that  he knows someone who can help.  Marcel calls Gia over and asks her to take Elijah to meet Lenore. Elijah is not happy about the supernatural date Marcel is setting him up on and Marcel points out that with everything going on, Marcel can use all of the friends he can get.

Oliver is drinking at Rosseau's, when he is approached by Finn/Vincent.  It seems that Oliver is not impressed because he believed he had a meeting set up with Cassie/Esther. Finn/Vincent introduces himself as Vincent and declares that if Oliver speaks to him, he is in fact speaking to Cassie.  Vincent/Finn hands over a daylight ring as proof of his relationship with Cassie.  Oliver questions what happens if he decides that he does not want to answer to number two in the chain of command and Vincent/Finn replies by rubbing his fingers together, causing Oliver to have difficulty breathing.  Vincent/Finn promises to make an example of Oliver to his pack if he does not listen. Vincent/Finn suggests that they start again and a relieved Oliver nods.  Vincent/Finn informs Oliver that the ring comes at a price and adds that Oliver will begin paying for it today.  Oliver gets on the phone, as Vincent/Finn leaves the bar.

Hayley reports on her phone call with Oliver and questions why it is that Esther hates Klaus so much. Hayley adds that Esther had six kids, which means she must have a maternal gene. That's a big assumption in a world without birth control. Klaus corrects Hayley by saying 7 kids and adds that at one point, Esther loved them very much. Klaus brings up his sibling who died before he was born and his brother Henrique, who was killed by the werewolves in another village, causing Esther to turn them into immortals. This lead to the revelation that Klaus's biological father belonged to pack who murdered his brother, causing Michael to murder Klaus's biological father. Hey, haven't we been through this a few times already? Klaus adds that Esther lost her lover as well as her child and Hayley sees this as an explanation for why Esther is, "crazy." Hayley of course empathises because she was forced to give away her child and cannot imagine how she would feel if her baby had really died.

Klaus reveals that his siblings believed that she didn't hate her children but hated herself for what her children had become. Klaus however simply wants her mother dead and Hayley snarks that every good story needs a wicked witch.

Gia tries to make small talk with Elijah but he is having none of it.  Elijah then stares Gia down, informing her that she should do her best not to waste his time.  They make their way to Lenore's shop. Lenore tells Elijah to ask another witch and snarks that Elijah has crossed the river to bother her.  Elijah then suggests that he can remove some red tape to get her tax incentives on her small business in exchange for the ability to find out the identity of a witch who jumps bodies. Lenore asks for an item spelled by Cassie and a python.  Elijah leaves promising to get the spelled item, adding that Gia will use mind compulsion to get the python.  A stunned Gia asks how to do mind compulsion but Elijah is already out the door. After Gia leaves, Finn/Vincent enters the shop.

Klaus has gone to see Marcel, to ask about a necklace he gave Marcel, on a leather strap with a bird on the end. Marcel shows it to Klaus and questions the request, given everything that is going on.

Time for another flashback and this time it's to Esther giving Klaus the very same necklace, promising to come to his side, if he holds the pendant and thinks of her. Klaus asks if the other children have also received one and Esther explains that though she loves all of her children, Klaus is the most special to her. Esther makes Klaus promise to always wear it.  Later that evening, Esther and Klaus are dancing and she promises to teach him to win the heart of the prettiest girl in the village.  Suddenly, Esther notices that Klaus's necklace is missing and goes into a panic, when (young) Finn makes an appearance and pulls it out of his pocket. Esther tells Klaus that he owes a great debt to his brother.

In present day, Marcel questions why Klaus would want a necklace that Esther gave him but Klaus warns Marcel off, saying that Marcel wants no part in the latest Original family squabble. Klaus takes the necklace and leaves.

Finn/Vincent meets with Cassie/Esther to say that Kol is still looking for Davina.  Esther/Cassie snarks about Kol missing dinner but adds that it is better that his identity remains a mystery. Cassie/Esther then brings up Lenore and Vincent/Finn offers to open up Lenore to new possibilities. Cassie/Esther declines the offer and instead gives the task to Oliver, stating that Vincent/Finns powers of persuasion will be needed for dinner. Cassie/Esther questions if they have gotten an R.S.V.P and Finn/Vincent tells Cassie/Esther that both Elijah and Klaus have been on the move all day.

Vincent/Finn makes his way over to where Lenore has been tied up, to find Oliver staring at her.  Vincent/Finn orders Oliver to persuade Lenore to tell them what Elijah wanted. Vincent/Finn shows Oliver his torture instruments and then turns over an hourglass, ordering Oliver not to waste time.

Hayley, Elijah and Klaus have now gathered and Hayley reports that Oliver is with Lenore, who is now being held captive.  Hayley offers to go and get Lenore to do the spell and when Elijah tries to object, Hayley tells him that he does not get to ignore her for days and then pretend to care.  Hayley demands that she be trusted to get this done. Klaus hands over the necklace and Hayley thanks him and starts to leave.  Elijah tells Hayley that Gia was instructed to find another ingredient.

Gia rants to Marcel about having to get a snake because Elijah didn't even bother to teach her how to compel someone. Gia questions what Marcel wants from Elijah and Marcel explains that he wants Elijah to help build a new community because you cannot make your way in New Orleans without an Original looking out for you. Marcel believes that Klaus is too fixated on the werewolves and Elijah is lost in his family's centuries old feud that neither of them can see that they need to see the vampires as family. Gia reveals that her only family does not care about her and questions how she can possibly win Elijah over.  Marcel agrees that Elijah is cranky and fussy but says that Elijah cannot help trying to fix what is broken and therefore suggests that all Gia needs to be is someone who needs Elijah's help.

Klaus whines about having to wear a suit for dinner but Elijah replies that it's a form of respect, adding that they need every advantage they can get.  Klaus promises to tear Esther's new body to pieces if she tries anything. Vincent/Finn walks into the room laughing, saying that Elijah and Klaus have not changed a bit. Vincent/Finn tells Elijah that linens and silk cannot disguise his self loathing and then tells Klaus that despite his arrogant facade, he is still the same paranoid little boy who is full of hate and fear.  Elijah and Klaus look at each other, before Elijah makes his way over to Vincent/Finn.  Vincent/Finn snarks about the unbreakable bonds of family when Elijah does not immediately recognize him.

Hayley arrives at the place where Lenore is being held to find Lenore badly bruised.  When Hayley starts to release Lenore, Oliver points out that Hayley asked him to infiltrate Cassie's coven and that if Lenore is released, they will know that he did it. Hayley suggests making it look like Oliver got jumped and that Lenore got rescued by her people.  Oliver is not impressed that this means Hayley has to beat him up to make it look convincing and orders Hayley not to hit him in the face.

Esther, Elijah and Vincent/Finn sit together where Vincent/Finn says that they should rejoice about his return, given that he spent 900 years in a box.  Vincent/Finn asks what he missed, particularly the brother's contribution to society, that is if they haven't cut a swathe of violence through time.  Klaus reminds Vincent/Finn that they last time they met, Vincent/Finn was helping Esther to murder all of their siblings. As they sit at the table, Finn says that Esther will sit at the head of the table and that the seat across from him is reserved for another of their clan.  Klaus is quick to say that there is no way that the place setting is for Kol but Finn corrects him, adding that despite being wild, Esther's compelling argument has made Kol see the error of his ways and that he accepted his new form with vigor. Klaus points out that since Finn has dared to face them as mortal that means that the only thing which is inevitable, is Finn's death.

Now that Lenore is released, she questions what Hayley is doing involved with this mess considering that she is not a Mikaelson. Hayley calls herself and unofficial member and asks Lenore if she is going to do the spell.  Lenore replies that after what Cassie did to her, she is willing to do any spell that Hayley would like.

Back at the dinner table, when Klaus gets impatient, Finn says that he had nine hundred years to learn to be patient and questions why Klaus kept him daggered for so long. Klaus calls Finn a simpering sycophant and questions if Esther brought Finn back from the dead to wash her knickers. Vincent goes on a tear about being raised because he was cheated out of all but the smallest portion of his life and turns to Elijah to say that while he can understand this behaviour from Klaus, he cannot understand why Elijah turned his back on him.  Finn then questions if Elijah was afraid of Klaus or was it jealousy that kept him left in a box because he wanted the duties of the oldest brother.  Finn points out that Elijah has had nine centuries to fix the family's issues and that in that time, Elijah has fixed nothing. Elijah tells Finn that  though he now resides in another body, despite nine hundred years, his "tedious sentiments remain quite the same."  Elijah tells Finn that like their father, Finn hated their supernatural existence and has become pretentious and dull. Esther/Cassie makes her appearance telling her sons that she has missed them.

Lenore and Hayley have returned to Lenore's shop, where Lenore tells Hayley that no one should ever have to lose a child.  Hayley hands over the necklace and questions how this works. Lenore says that the next time Cassie/Esther jumps into a body, she will be marked with a distinctive symbol on her hand, thus revealing her identity. Hayley points out that they still don't know why Esther is here and questions if Esther revealed anything when Lenore was held captive. Lenore replies, "love" and questions, "what despite love inspires such hate and cruelty?" Lenore kills the snake and says that Esther's love is very strong.

Esther tells Elijah and Klaus that her every action has been to protect them.  When Klaus snarks, Esther brings up all of the times she mended and healed them. Esther then brings up the day Klaus challenged Michael for a duel and that she said that she would rather die, than watch any of her children suffer.

That's right, flashback time.  This time Klaus has a sword impaled through his shoulder and is screaming.  Esther rushes to his side and Klaus admits to having challenged Michael to a duel. As Ester pulls out the sword, Klaus admits that he thought that if he could just beat Michael once, Michael would believe that Klaus is worthy.  Klaus falls to the ground screaming in pain and Esther tells him everything is going to be fine. Klaus shows the necklace and reveals that he cut his father with the bird pendant in his hand. Klaus reveals that Michael impaled him because he would not release the necklace.

Klaus realises that the necklace wasn't spelled to protect him and that it was made to make him weak. Esther says that she did it to protect Klaus from activating his curse. Klaus screams that Esther left him to suffer at the mercy of a father who valued only strength. Esther implores that she protected Klaus from becoming a beast for as long as she could. Klaus calls Esther a liar, claiming that Esther sought to hide her unfaithfulness and adds that his whole life he sought the approval of the man he believed was their father and that Esther turned him into the weakling Michael hated. Klaus points in rage at Esther, calling her the author of everything he is. Esther collapses and Elijah catches her before she can fall to the ground.

The hour clock is running out as Lenore works on the spell. Elijah realises that Esther/Cassie is dead and Finn/Vincent uses his magic to fling Elijah across the room.  Klaus screams, asking Finn where Esther is and Finn use his magic on Klaus.

The hour glass is out of time and Lenore suddenly pauses.  Hayley questions if Lenore is okay but then she notices the mark on Lenore/Esther's hand and stumbles quickly away. Lenore/Esther gives Hayley a knowing look.

Klaus questions Cassie about where their mother is and Elijah instructs him to leave Cassie alone because it is clear that Cassie has no idea what he is talking about.  Klaus rants about Esther orchestrating this entire evening to torture them and then vanish. Elijah wonders if Esther had plans to poison other minds tonight.

Hayley's phone rings and it's Elijah, who Hayley tells that she is at Lenore's shop. Esther cuts off the phone call and when Hayley says that Elijah and Klaus will come for her, Esther reveals that this has been her plan all along.

Elijah wonders why Esther would want Hayley and a clearly raving Klaus replies to kill her, or for several other reasons but adds that he plans on sending Esther back to hell.

Esther/Lenore tells Hayley that it is lovely to meet her, asking if Elijah and Klaus mention the good Hayley brought into Klaus and Elijah's lives, considering that it was Hayley who gave them hope through the promise of a child.  Lenore/Esther says that children are meant to save their parents from the truth of who they are, which makes her own situation rather tragic. Hayley tells Lenore/Esther that she does not pity them and Esther replies that as Hayley knows, it's a terrible thing for a mother to fail her child.  Lenore/Esther offers Hayley a new body and the freedom from being a hybrid because she has the ability to return to Hayley everything she has lost, including the ability to have children of her own.

They are interrupted when Klaus enters the room but before Klaus can get to Lenore/Esther, she throws what appears to be salt at him.  When Klaus accuses Esther/Lenore of hiding behind her spells, Lenore/Esther claims that she didn't come to wage war. Elijah points out that everything Lenore/Esther does is an act of war and warns Lenore/Esther about hurting Hayley.  Esther/Lenore announces that Hayley is free to go  because she has already told her, her peace.  Esther/Lenore claims that she is there to heal their family and  Klaus sends Hayley on her way.  Esther/Lenore says that her intent was never to harm, only to heal, as she has already healed Finn and Kol. Esther tells Klaus that she will undo everything that has been done, thereby giving him a new life - one without the vampire curse she inflicted upon him.  Klaus tells Lenore/Esther that she is a fool if she thinks that he will accept anything she has to offer. Lenore/Esther raises her arms and starlings come crashing through the window behind her and then she tells Klaus that there will come a time when he will beg for it.

Back at the compound, Klaus is still ranting and Elijah questions Hayley about what Esther had to say. Hayley reveals that Esther blames them for what happened to her and Hope. Klaus questions if Hayley is thinking about taking the offer and Hayley admits that since she has lost her daughter, she is tempted. Hayley thanks Elijah for his help tonight and points out that it takes her being in danger for Elijah to even talk to her, before stomping out of the room. Klaus reminds Elijah that Esther lied to him and made him weak.  Elijah tells Klaus that he is the strongest of them all and that in a thousand years, he has never seen anyone stand against Klaus and that includes Michael.  Elijah declares that Klaus will protect their home, even with an adversary as strong as Esther because that is what Klaus does. Klaus tells Elijah that once again he has given sage advice and adds that the rest of the family could learn something from him before leaving.

Gia sits in a dive bar, when she is joined by Elijah.  Gia says that ever since she was turned, she has not been able to play and doesn't know why.  Elijah tells Gia that cadence and rhythm are different for vampires because they hear things differently and silence becomes more profound. Elijah tells Gia that emotion is extremely heightened for a vampire and sometime difficult to express. Gia agrees that this is exactly it. Elijah suggests that Gia can learn again to experience the joy she once felt when she was playing. Gia wisely asks why and Elijah explains that if someone had done the same for himself and his siblings, that he is certain history would have unfolded differently.

Gia heads to see Marcel and reports that she has now become something Elijah wants to fix. Elijah replies that Elijah is going to help them all.

Vincent/Finn meets with Lenore/Esther and says that Klaus and Elijah are not going to give in without a fight.  Lenore/Esther concedes this fact but points out that tonight was just an invitation to get the brothers thinking. Vincent/Finn questions how Lenore/Esther is going to show his brothers the error of their ways, and Lenore/Esther promises to take everything Klaus and Elijah hold dear, pointing out that she has already taken the wolves from Klaus. Esther/Lenore adds that it is now time to focus on Marcel and his small nest of vampires across the river. Lenore/Esther plans to lay everything to ruin and then when Elijah and Klaus are at their lowest point, they will have no choice but to beg her to release their pain.

Isn't that just the worst family dinner ever?  This btw is why booze as always served at family gathering.  It's almost guaranteed that something is going to wrong LOL.  At the same time the angst was so thick, you could it with a knife.  I wonder if Plec is capable of writing a script which moves the metaplot along without angst because so far, I certainly haven't seen it.  I just want to scream get over your mommy and daddy issues already.  And no, it's not insensitive because they have had 900 years to do.

I had to laugh at Elijah's interactions with Finn.  When Elijah calls someone tedious, that is a real insult.  I do wish however that they had bothered to give us more of Finn's backstory.  He is sort of an empty character who walks around doing Esther's bidding at this point.  The Originals love flashbacks so much, it is surprising that they haven't done this already.

Speaking of flashbacks, I am getting tired of them.  Also did we really need another retelling of how vampires become vampires? This did this ad nauseum on The Vampire Diaries and since The Originals is a spin off, I found this completely unnecessary.  Because much of this episode seemed to be nothing more than giving us information we already knew, it felt angst ridden and tedious.

Okay, so Esther now wants to make her children human.  I suppose this is about her guilt for making them into vampires in the first damn place.  What about a little thing called agency? Aren't her children capable of deciding what they want for themselves?  Esther feels anything but the benevolent matriarch to me at this point.  I am anxious to see what happens however when she and Michael get in the same room.  She has said that she would do anything to protect her children and since Michael plans on killing both Klaus and Elijah, will that put a wrench in her so called benevolent plan for the brothers?

It didn't escape my notice that Cassie the White witch escaped death when Esther left her body.  At this point however, I am calling Lenore dead woman walking.  As a WOC there is no doubt that she will be deemed disposable in this world.  We all know who much respect Plec has for her witches of colour.