Friday, October 24, 2014

The 100: Season Two, Episode One: The 48

Clarke is still in her little cell and she is being watched by camera.  When Clarke looks through the window, she is shocked to someone in hazmat gear staring back at her. Maya walks away, so Clarke begins to bang on the door asking where Monty is.  Maya merely turns and continues to clean down what should be Monty's bed.  In desperation, Clarke grabs her IV pole and smashes the window in her door; however, when Clarke reaches her hand through the window to unlock her door, she manages to slash her arm open.  This does not stop Clark and after she gets the door open, Clarke picks up a shard of glass and attacks Maya, demanding to know what she is doing.  Clarke drags Maya through the compound, forcing Maya to use her keycard to open the door to the elevator, as Clarke continues to hold the glass shard to her throat.  All Maya can do is whimper in fear.  Clarke and Maya make their way to a dining area and when the people finally see Clarke, they scream containment breach and run, as soliders approach Clarke from behind.

Bellamy makes his way through the woods with a spear in his hand.  He runs into a few of The 100 who managed to escape.  Bellamy orders them to follow him and stay low and quiet.  They come across Finn and another member of The 100 being dragged by one of the Grounders.  When one of them falls to the ground unable to keep up, The grounder dismounts and kills him quickly, telling Finn that this is one and he lost 300. Finn quickly tries to struggle to his feet but The Grounder only offers Finn water, saying that he needs to keep one of them alive to talk to the commander.  Bellamy watches, as The Grounder mounts the house and continues to lead Quinn through the woods.

Lincoln is washing up in the woods, as Octavia practices a Grounder language, so that she can travel. Octavia questions why she has to learn this and Lincoln explains that only the warriors speak English, so to blend in, Octavia must learn the language by the time they get to the sea. (Nuclear bomb goes off, but still not enough to kill sexism.  That's good to know The 100)Lincoln pulls the arrow out of Octavia's leg and quickly cauterizes the wound.  Lincoln realises that Octavia has been poisoned and Octavia makes it clear that they cannot return to Lincoln's village because every single member of his village will take a turn at stabbing him. Lincoln gives Octavia a weapon, saying that the antidote comes from beetles and rushes off to get Olivia some beetles.

A grounder approaches the old 100 camp and falls to his knees when he sees the burned remains of one of his tribe.  He comes across Raven, who is playing possum and she wastes no time shooting him.  Raven holds her gun up when she hears a sound and it turns out that it's Murphy returning.  Murphy begs Raven not to shoot but she points out that Murphy shot her and pulls the trigger, only to discover that the gun is empty. An injured but relieved Murphy sits down, telling Raven that he would have shot himself as well.

Clarke is tied to a bed when President Dante Wallace, Maya and a doctor walk in.  Clarke does not immediately answer their questions and Maya explains that Clarke was the next one to have cleared through quarantine. When Maya mentions that it would have been another ten minutes, Wallace cuts her off by clearing his throat. Maya says that she is not pressing charges and is told that she may get her treatment now.  Wallace says that restraints are not necessary and when Clarke shakes Wallaces hands and notices the black marks, he explains them as paint.  It seems that Clarke's fellow 100 who have been captured, have spent their time freely handing out information. Clarke asks about her watch but Wallace says that they cannot allow contaminated items inside. In the background, Maya is hooked up to an IV, which delivers some dark looking medicine, or perhaps blood. Clarke asks how many of them were captured and Wallace reveals that they have 48 of them.  Wallace says that they are not prisoners and that all the people they could find have been gathered up.  Clarke brings up the ark's return to earth and Wallace explains that they are searching for survivors and will bring in anyone they find. Clarke asks to see her people  and a box is wheeled in.  The box contains clothing, as well as jewelery options and Clarke is asked to change and meet them in the hall.  Clarke rips the high heel off of a shoe. It looks like Clarke is losing some of her naivet√©. 

Clarke meets Wallace in the hall, which leads to the area where they get power from a hydro electric dam.  Wallace explains that they get fresh water from their own underground freshwater reservoir and adds that they get fresh food from their hydroponic farm.  Clarke questions why these people are staying in the compound, when they know the ground is survivable.  Wallace explains that the ground is not survivable for them.  Clarke points out that the Grounders have survived but Wallace answers that The Grounders who couldn't survive radiation didn't and those who could, passed on their DNA.  The people in the compound have not gone through that process.  Clarke points out that The 100 didn't go through that process either and then realises that they have been exposed to solar radiation - the same gauntlet as The Grounders.  Apparently, The 100 have a greater ability to survive the radiation on earth than The Grounders.  Wallace leads Clarke into an elevator and asks that Clarke hand over the heel.   When Clarke hands it over, Wallace explains that she is not at war anymore and is safe there.

Wallace enters into what is clearly an orientation meeting. When The 100 realise that Clarke is there, they rush to her side. Clarke asks about Bellamy and Finn and is told by Jasper that they didn't make it. Keenan makes her way through the crowd to introduce herself to Clarke and hand her a map of the compound. 

Murphy is busy undoing his bindings and says that he dying - the same as Raven.  Raven asks how many more Grounders are outside and Murphy seems happy to relate that all of The Grounders are dead and that Raven killed the last one who was left behind to guard Murphy. Raven coughs up blood and Murphy rushes towards her to help her to lie on her side, so that she doesn't die choking on her own blood.  Raven asks Murphy why he is helping her and Murphy explains that he does not want to die alone.

Bellamy continues to follow Finn through the woods  and he instructs his companions how to attack.  Bellamy runs out and gets the Grounders attention but his companions stay in the bushes, even as Finn tells Bellamy to get out of there. The Grounder clocks Bellamy, causing Bellamy to fall to the ground and then dismounts and beats Bellamy, like Bellamy owes him money.

Lincoln is busy trying to get the antidote when he hears Octavia scream.  Lincoln rushes towards Octavia, to find her stumbling on the beach with the knife.  Octavia claims to have seen a man but when Lincoln checks Octavia, he finds that she is running a fever.  Lincoln picks Octavia up and carries her through the woods, saying that he knows what to do. What neither of them realise is that they are being watched by some deformed creature.

In the dining room Jasper and Monty begin a play fight over a piece of cake.  Watching from the head table, Wallace is clearly not amused. Monty and Jasper horse around until Clarke enters and orders them to sit down and pretend they are happy to see her.  Jasper tells Clarke to try the cake because it is amazing but Clarke makes it clear that she has no plans on eating the food.  Clarke opens the map they were given and points out that it has no exists.  Clarke demands that Monty and Jasper tell her everything that they have seen thus far.  Jasper questions why they would want a way out because they are not being hunted and for the first time in their lives they are not hungry. Clarke points out that they have friends on the outside who need their help but Monty says that these people are looking for them and are better equipped than The 100.  Clarke is convinced that this place is too good to be true.  Jasper asks to be counted out and leaves to get more cake.

When Jasper gets to the desert area, all the cake is gone.  Maya offers Jasper her cake and the two start to talk.  Jasper questions the art that surrounds Maya and she explains that there is an entire warehouse of just paintings.  The conversation is interrupted when Clarke walks over to apologise to Maya for this morning. Clarke manages to slip away with Maya's keycard, while Jasper explains that though Clarke is intense, she is the only reason The 100 survived.  Maya goes through her things and quickly realise that her keycard is missing.

Clarke is in the hydro generating area of the compound when an alarm goes off.  When Clarke sees soldiers rushing towards her, she snarks about not being a prisoner and takes off running. Clarke gets to an area which is restricted to authorized personal and using the key card, she gains entry.  It leads to a tunnel, so Clarke breaks the key card machine and starts running.  Clarke moves to open the door to the outside, when Jasper yells for her to stop, adding that the radiation could kill the people in the compound.  In the meantime, Maya grabs a gun and points it at Clarke. Clarke tells Jasper that she does not believe them but Jasper reiterates that they are safe here.  Clarke points out that they aren't all safe.  Clarke lets go of the lever and is then quickly brought down by soldiers.

Murphy is tending to his wounds and when Raven wakes, he apologises for shooting her.  Raven snarks about Murphy's parents not loving him, but when he suggests that the opposite is true, she asks how a kid who is loved by his parents, turns into a murdering psychopath. Murphy gets a troubled look on his face and says that when he was little he got the flu, causing his father to steal medicine that didn't help him but did get his father floated.  As a result, Murphy's mother started drinking regularly and the last words she said before she died in a pool of her own vomit, is that he killed his father. Tears roll down Murphy's face and Raven looks at him with empathy. Let the retconning begin.

Finn and Bellamy are now tied together, as Bellamy's former accomplices finally build the courage to attack.  Before they can get close to the Grounder, two gun shouts sound and the Grounder falls dead to the ground. Marcus makes his way out of the woods, surrounded by his security team, telling the kids that now that the Arc people are here, they are safe. Why in the world would any of The 100 feel safe around Marcus, given all of things he has done?

Marcus turns over the dead Grounder and then gives the all clear sign to the rest of The Arc Survivors.  Abigail rushes out of the woods and asks Bellamy and Finn if Clarke is okay and Finn offers to take Abigail to the drop ship where they last saw Clarke.  Marcus tells St.Clair to continue with the rest of the group to a designated slot, while  he heads with Abigail to try and find Clarke. Marcus asks about Jaha, only to be told that they have had no new contact in the last hour.

Lincoln carries Octavia through the woods, as she practices the new language.  Octavia asks where they are going, so Lincoln questions whether she can smell the sea because they are getting closer.  Octavia realises that she cannot smell anything and tells Lincoln that she is scared.

Bellamy and Finn lead the arc members back to the drop ship and  Bellamy declares that the area is too quiet.  Bellamy moves to take the lead but Marcus immediately takes over, ordering Bellamy to stay where he is, promising to signal when all is clear.  Abigail enters the drop ship area and finds Raven and Murphy, who begs Abigail to help Raven.  Raven tells Abigail that she doesn't know where Clarke is.  When Abigail asks what happened to her, Raven simply reveals that she got shot , without saying who shot her.

Finn and Bellamy make eye contact and then head into the woods to take a short cut into the drop ship area.  There, they find Marcus helping Murphy outside, as Murphy explains that they were attacked by hundreds of Grounders. Bellamy quickly attacks Murphy, calling him a son of a bitch and Marcus orders Bellamy stunned.  When Bellamy drops to the ground in pain, Marcus orders Bellamy taken into custody, as Finn explains that Murphy killed two of their people and tried to hang Bellamy. Marcus is quick to tell Finn that he does not care and asserts that there are rules and that they are not animals.  Marcus tells Bellamy that he is not in control here anymore.  Raven is brought out on a stretcher and Abigail explains that Raven has lost a lot of blood and that it's a miracle that Raven is still alive. Abigail then adds that there is no one else in the drop ship.

Lincoln continues to stagger through he woods with Octavia on his shoulders.  He gently places her on the ground, saying that he will be back with the antidote as soon as he can. When Octavia looks up, she sees a familiar statue and realises that Lincoln brought her to his village.  Octavia is concerned that Lincoln will be killed but Lincoln points out that has to be caught first. Lincoln begs Octavia to stay alive and to stay quiet.

Clarke, surrounded by guards is brought to see Wallace, who orders her handcuffs removed. Wallace offers Clarke a blank canvass to paint and says that he is painting the ground that he remembers from fifty-six years ago.  Wallace adds that he was seven when the first of what they called the Outsiders arrived and that before that, they thought they were alone. Apparently, the last president thought that this meant the earth was survivable again but after he opened the doors, within a week, 54 people were dead from the exposure, including his mother and sister.  Wallace tells Clarke that their patrols have swept the area and found no evidences of survivors from either the drop ship or from the arc.  Clarke questions how Wallace's people can be sure but Wallace says that he cannot and has ordered his men to keep searching. Clarke makes it clear that she needs to see for herself but Wallace is adamant that this is impossible and informs Clarke that this is for her own good.  Wallace tells Clarke that she needs to grieve and that it is not safe outside.  Wallace then orders the soldiers to take Clarke to her room and Clarke asks what happens if she tries to leave.  Wallace asks Clarke not to try them.

Bellamy does not want to leave the drop ship area because he believes that this is where everyone will return to.  Finn suggests that they go along for now to gather weapons and more people before finding their friends. Bellamy questions how many more of them will be dead by then but Finn points out that Raven needs surgery or she is going to die.  Marcus gives the order to move out, just as Abigail finishes carving a message to Clarke, along with the coordinates of where she is going to be.

Wallace says a blessing over the group meal and Clarke takes a seat at the table.  This time, Clarke decides to eat and is quickly overwhelmed by how good it tastes.  Clarke nods at Wallace. Later, in her dormitory, Clarke makes her way over to her bed and finds a present of art supplies from Dante.  Abigail sits and redraws the map she was given, adding notations from the things she has discovered.

The Arc survivors along with Bellamy, Fin and Raven make their way through the forest to their camp. StClair and Marcus shake hands and we see a sign indicating that the new camp is called Camp Jaha. Marcus asks if there has been any word from Jaha and when St.Clair says no, Marcus asks for a briefing.  St. Clair replies, "yes sir, Mr. Chancellor."

On the Arc, Jaha repeatedly tries to get in touch with the people on the ground.  Jaha says that he cannot help his people anymore and that his job is done.  Jaha adds that Cane and Abby  are on their own now and that if they work together, everything will be okay.  Jaha asks that Cane and Abby keep the people safe, before ending his transmission.   Jaha looks at a picture of his son and says, "may we meet again.".Jaha powers down the station and puts his head on the desk but lifts it suddenly when he hears a baby crying.  The camera zooms out and we see what is left of the Arc in the air.

Am I the only one not happy to see Jaha alive?  He is the most ineffectual leader I have seen in a long time.  Unfortunately, now that he is on the Arc with a baby no less, he will have reason to not only survive but try to reach the other with the rest of his people.  I just know that his continued survival is going to make him into a distraction the plot does not need because there is already plenty going on.

Speaking of things the plot does not need, the Romeo and Juliet situation (read Lincoln and Octavia) is already a big enough distraction.  Does anyone really care about these two?  Am I supposed to sigh in romantic bliss that Lincoln is once again risking his life to save a woman he barely knows? The same woman btw that he betrayed his people for after knowing for a New York minute? Yeah, I'm jaded but ridiculous is ridiculous.

I really like that Clarke didn't immediately trust the compound people.  Perhaps this means that she is growing up a little bit and will stop some of her moralizing.  I do however like the point that Jasper and Monty are making about how they feel.  On the Arc, they certainly didn't have the privileges of Clarke.  On the compound, suddenly they have not only food but good food to eat and are surrounded by beauty.  For the first time in a long time, they don't feel in peril. That understandably means something to them.

Speaking of the Arc, did these people really think that after essentially sending these kids to die, as well as leaving them to fight a war on their own that they could simply waltz back in and take charge again? It's clear, Marcus is just that arrogant but I think that he has another thing coming based on how Bellamy reacted.  I am not normally team Bellamy but in this case, he has my full support.

Finally, we got to hear Murphy's back story and this made me a little nervous.  Of course he has a troubled past but to use that as justification for the heinous things he has done to The 100 is not acceptable.  If they retconn Murphy and turn him into a good guy, I am going to spit my dummy out.