Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sleepy Hollow, Season Two, Episode Eight: Heartless

Katrina and Ichabod wax prophetic about love, as they watch the Bachelor of all things. Ichabod however is not bowled over by the reality television show.  It's not long before Katrina and Ichabod start talking about their love for each other and the nausea hits me like a strong wave.  Katrina brings up the lies she told, claiming that who she was has never changed and that the secrets she kept were of things she had done.  Ichabod says that secrecy is a hard habit to break and Katrina apologises adding that they need each other.  Yes, more gagging noises from. Yep, this show has been #cranewrecked

Ichabod and Katrina are interrupted by Abby, (thank goodness) who has put a trace on all of Henry's computer activities. Abby doesn't even get to finish sharing the information she has gathered because she realises that she may have caught the Cranes sharing a moment.  While Ichabod calls Abby's interruption a relief, Katrina is interested in learning more about reality television.  Once again, it's up to Abby to get the Cranes on point by reminding them both that they have a serious issue to deal with.(yep, #cranewrecked)

Henry reaches into a container and pulls out a bloodless beating heart.  Henry says a spell and the heart turns read and throbs faster.  A naked woman appears in front of Henry and he welcomes her saying that they have much to do.

Later, the succubus shows up at a very busy dance club.  We see a painfully shy man staring at a woman.  The succubus created by Henry approaches the very shy man and comes onto him. Later, we see the couple in the back of the car, with the man commenting that he doesn't know the name of said temptress.  It's isn't long before the succubus reveals her demon nature  and sucks the energy from the poor shy man.

Later, Abby and Ichabod show up at the crime scene.  Ichabod talks about the outrageous dances he used to do with Katrina (the Viennese Waltz no less).  They then examine the car where the man died and Abby declares the death supernatural, taunting Ichabod about Henry's supposed goodness.  Ichabod talks about having faith, pointing out that both Abby and Katrina were returned to him.   It seems that Ichabod is still determined to give the Horse Man of war (yes, that's who Henry is) a chance. 

Abraham is in an absolute rage that he has been denied Katrina.  Henry informs Abraham that though Katrina was promised to him (cause she is not actually a person but property), it can only happen if it suits Moloch's purposes.  Abraham points out that Katrina was starting to come around and see the truth, but Henry orders Abraham not to go after Katrina because they have a new plan.  The succubus Henry created enters and delivers the soul/energy she stole from the shy man.  Henry congratulates her but says that their lord needs more sustenance.

Back at the archives, Abby and Crane examine the evidence they have gathered from the crime scene. Katrina looks at the pictures and says that the victim was attacked at the place where a lifeforce can be withdrawn.

Suddenly it's vision time, there is a crib in a room and a baby cries.

A weakened Katrina, is forced to sit and the dutiful Ichabod runs to her side, upset that he may have pushed poor Katrina to hard after her ideal. ( are they really going to go the wilting flower routine?) Abby suggests an aspirin, causing Ichabod to go on about modern restoratives but Katrina simply wants a quince tea.  Abby tells Katrina that this tea has not caught on yet and Katrina looks deeply into Ichabod's eyes, saying that Ichabod brought her some when she was sick and it calmed her nerves. ( Can you say manipulation?) Abby agrees to pick up some tea after she grabs some take out.  Abby suggests szechuan chicken, because that is Ichabod's favourite and they have a lot of work to do but Ichabod declines, in favour of taking Katrina back to the cabin to rest.  Ichabod escorts Katrina out while Abby looks on with her mouth gaping open.  The delicate flower needs rest so of course Abby who has been turned into the sidekick and servant must work on her own. 

A group of young people enter a diner.  When Melissa heads off to the bathroom, Duncan tells Becky that he has noticed the time she is spending with him and feels the need to clear the air.  Duncan asserts that he is with Melissa and a shocked Becky tells Duncan that he has it all wrong, before running out of the diner. The succubus approaches Becky looking like Melissa.  The succubus says that guys always get it wrong and that women always know what another woman wants.  That's right Becky was hanging around because she is interested in Melissa and not Duncan.  The succubus then caresses Becky, before stealing her life energy. The real Melissa comes running out and finds Becky dead on the ground next to her car.

At the station, Abby calls Ichabod to report that another body has been found, and Ichabod reveals that Katrina has suggested they examine mystical artifacts, as well as people.  In Franklin's journal Ichabod has been reviewing a few artifacts which have been cataloged and unaccounted for.  Abby hangs up saying that they need to consult an expert. 

Abby heads off to see Hawley at a local bar and makes it clear that she is not there for a date.  Abby shows Hawley the pictures of the corpses and Hawley replies that the last time he helped Abby, he nearly got mauled by a wendigo. Abby asks Hawley to look into it, saying that the sheriff's department would consider it a favor.  Hawley looks and says that he has seen nothing like it.  Hawley asks Abby for a drink and she says that she is sorry to disappoint him.  Hawley then catches the eye of two women sitting at the end of the bar and leaves, saying that he is going to salvage this night.

Abby then heads to see Ichabod to report that Hawley was a dead end.  Abby then points out that the first victim was found in the back seat of their own car and the only reason to get in the back seat of your car, is if you think you are going to get lucky. Abby however does have to explain to Crane the meaning of the term, "get lucky".  Katrina enters saying that the signs are classic and that the people were attacked by a woman.  Abby says that what Katrina means is a succubus and admits to having done some research.  Katrina adds that succubi are drawn to desire, like moths to a flame. It seems that the more secret the desire, the more it attracts the succubus. 

At the bar, the succubus sends Hawley a drink but he declines saying that he won't be much company.  We hear Katrina talking in the background about how a succubus can mimic the desired person, as in the bar, the succubus does an impression of Abby.  Hawley then indicates to the bartender that he would like two drinks.

At the cabin, Katrina suggests that she might be able to track the mystical energy of the succubus and asks Abby for a map.  Katrina lights a candle using magic and says a spell over top of the map, dropping wax.  The wax flows to the harbor and Abby says that she knows that location.

The succubus and Hawley have arrived at his boat.

Abby and Ichabod arrive at the harbor to see the succubus attacking Hawley.  She is sucking out Hawley's life force and so Hawley pulls something out of pocket and touches it to her cheek, causing the succubus to disengage.  Abby pulls her gun and the succubus leaves.  Abby helps Hawley off the ground and Ichabod tells him that he was fortunate to have survived the attack.  Hawley shows Ichabod the crystal and says that he was not fortunate.  Abby leaves to talk to Katrina and Ichabod helps to steady Hawley.  Ichabod tells Hawley that the creature is drawn to those who hold desire in their heart.  Hawley explains that he is grateful that Abby saved his life and Ichabod comments that this makes them even and now Abby is no longer in Hawley's debt.  Hawley is quick to say that not everything is about a balance sheet.  Abby returns and says that Katrina is having trouble tracking the succubus.  Abby heads to her car, suggesting that Hawley stay in tonight and read a book.

In the car, Abby tells Crane that Henry's moves are very calculated and questions why Henry would release a succubus. Crane admits that he cannot see a pattern and that he has been distracted lately.  Crane says that so much has happened to them both and that they are not the people they once were. Abby points out that people change, especially during a war adding that his relationship with Katrina needs to evolve.  Crane then admits that his opinion of Hawley must grow as well because Hawley has his charms.  Then Crane goes on to give his permission for Abby and Hawley to date but Abby makes it clear that there is no room in their lives for complications.

Katrina has a nightmare of Henry standing over the crib of a crying baby.  Ichabod wakes Katrina to calm her, explaining that her mind is grappling with what she lost. Ichabod comments that Henry was still attached to her but Katrina says that what she feels defies logic because a part of her is else were.  Abby interrupts to bring up the research she gathered on succubi.  It seems that one feeding is normally enough to last a succubus for weeks, so Ichabod questions why the succubus is feeding so much.

Katrina gets caught up in the vision of Henry once again, and Ichabod rushes forward.  Katrina tells Ichabod and Abby about the vision and they realise she is having a vision of the manner as it is today and not a memory of the past.  Ichabod asks Katrina to focus these visions and she sees the succubus offering up the life energy she stole to Henry, who then pours it over an infant in a crib.  Katrina explains what she saw to Ichabod and admits that the child in the crib is the creature who was in side of her (Moloch). The group realises that not only is Moloch alive, he is there in their world.  Ichabod suggests that Henry must have summoned the succubus to continue what happened in Katrina's body.  Abby reminds the Cranes what she told them about Henry but Katrina argues that Henry is under Moloch's sway.  Katrina believes that if they cut Henry's ties with Moloch, they will see that the soul of their son is still inside Henry. Abby questions how they are supposed to do this and Katrina makes it clear that what matters is that she believes this.  Abby does not go down easy and reminds Katrina that she is a witness, thus making Henry her problem.  Abby even points out that they have been fighting against apocalypse long before Katrina got there.  Katrina begins to answer but Ichabod cuts her off, telling them both that the enemy fears two united witnesses aligned with a powerful witch.  Ichabod says that they cannot jeopardize their relationship because so much still has to be done.  Both women leave to take care of separate tasks.

Researching once again, Abby learns that the demon they are looking for is call an Incordata - a creature who feels no desires of it's own and therefore hunts the desires of other.  Ichabod looks up the Incordata and says that it literally has no heart and to destroy the creature, one must extinguish the heart and then kill the body.  Katrina explains that the heart would have to be on consecrated ground. Abby then reveals that Parish applied for a permit for Shady Hills cemetery, a good place to put the vital heart of a demon.  Ichabod tells Abby to go with Katrina and protect her, while he tracks down the succubus so that he can strike.  At the order to protect Katrina, Abby rightfully roles her eyes.  Abby points out that Ichabod has no idea what the succubus looks like but Hawley does.

Hawley and Ichabod enter a night club and Ichabod informs Hawley that they are not to engage until they get the signal that the succubus's heart is destroyed.  Ichabod explains that this is where the succubus will return because she has already had one successful kill here. Ichabod is distracted by the music, so Hawley sits at the bar.  Ichabod asks Hawley his intentions towards Abby and Hawley tells Ichabod that this is none of his business.  A frustrated Ichabod starts to walk away and Hawley asks Ichabod if Abby asked about him.

The succubus has entered the club and is in the middle of the floor with a smile on her face.

Abby and Katrina make their way through the graveyard and Katrina says that much of what she knew is slipping away, so she holds onto what in her heart she knows to be true.  Is this an attempt to make Katrina sympathetic? Well, it's not working.  Abby says being able to call someone family is not just biology and that it has to be earned.  Katrina questions Abby about Henry being deserving of her love.  Abby says that there are things even a mother's love cannot overcome.  Abby tells the story of her mother briefly.  Abby then sees a protective hex on the wall and the two women heads towards  it. 

Ichabod and Hawley are in the center of the dance floor and Hawley explains that all he can remember is a feeling.  In the corner, Hawley spies the succubus but when he gets Crane's attention, the succubus is gone.  The men decide to go their separate ways and Hawley hands Crane a weapon.  Hawley calls Abby to say that they spotted the succubus and Abby reveals that she and Katrina are close to the heart.  The succubus heads into a darkened room with Ichabod on her heels.  What Ichabod does not know, is that the succubus has locked the door, trapping him inside with her.

Abby finds a container filled with maggots and Katrina gets squeamish.  Abby suggests just tipping the container over but Katrina is worried that they will run everywhere. Abby tells Katrina that maggots cannot run anywhere and Katrina asks if the maggots are underneath the rats.  It's clear that the women are seeing two different things.  Katrina realises that a perception spell is at play to play upon their fears.  Abby says that there could be nothing in there and she reaches in and grabs the heart.  Katrina says that she is going to start the spell.

The succubus confronts Ichabod, saying that she can sense his desire, which burns strong, though he tries to hide it.  The succubus adds that the emotion in Ichabod's heart has soured.  The succubus tells Ichabod that she tastes doubt.

At the cemetery, Katrina works on the spell, as Abby calls Hawley, who admits that he has lost sight of Ichabod. The heart begins to beat and smoke.

The succubus tells Ichabod that he doesn't have to be scared or pretend that he isn't terrified of losing all that he loves.  Ichabod is not swayed and uses the knife.  In the cemetery, Katrina falls flat on her back and Abby pulls her gun shooting the vessel that the heart was in.  The succubus throws the knife aside and heads towards Ichabod.   Abby sees the beating heart on the table.

The succubus now has a hold of Ichabod but she is shot by Hawley.  The succubus then attacks Hawley. With Katrina out for the count, Abby starts to say the spell and the heart begins to burst into flames.  Ichabod struggles to his feet and throws the knife in the succubus's back.  The succubus then charges Ichabod, so he shoots her with Hawley's gun and she disappears. Ichabod rushes to Hawley's side and comments that he was given a blade, while Hawley kept the gun for himself.  Hawley explains that he didn't think Ichabod could handle the fire power.  Ichabod snarks that it is good he could handle it.

Abby helps Katrina out of the crypt and Katrina says that she will be fine because her head is almost as hard as Ichabod's.  Abby says that the team will be stronger with Katrina and though it took her some time, she sees it now. Katrina says that Henry will devise a new plan, causing Abby to ask if Katrina agrees that Henry needs to be stopped.  Katrina simply replies that she agrees that this evil has to come to an end and for that to happen, she must destroy Moloch.  Katrina explains that she can sense Moloch's power but that he is still vulnerable for now.  Abby points out that the horsemen are guarding Moloch but Katrina says that she can get close because Abraham is still in love with her.  Katrina's plan is to tell Abraham that Ichabod has moved on and has found a life with Abby by his side.  Abby tells Katrina that Ichabod will not agree to this plan, so Katrina asks Abby to tell Ichabod for her.  Abby points out that Katrina is betting a lot on Ichabod and Abraham's love for her but Katrina says that love can be a dangerous weapon.

Abby heads to see Hawley, who is bandaging his wounds.  Abby offers to help and asks about Ichabod.  Hawley says that Crane is inside.  Abby hands Hawley what is left of the heart saying that he might have customers who want it.  They are interrupted by Ichabod, who is bringing medicines for Hawley.  Ichabod notices immediately that Katrina is gone.  Abby takes Ichabod aside and tells him what is going on.  Ichabod says that a relationship must evolve and follow its natural course.  Ichabod calls Katrina the love of his life and a highly skilled operative. 

We move  to see Katrina taking Abraham's hand. Abraham reports to Henry that Katrina has returned and that she is not playing on his affections.  Henry asks to see Katrina, saying that he is glad Katrina has finally come around.  Henry questions if Katrina is still wearing her necklace and Abraham says yes.  Abraham brings Katrina in to see Henry.

Ichabod tells Abby that he must trust in Katrina's skill and experiences, as Katrina walks to the crib to see baby demon Moloch. Moloch now looks like a human baby and Katrina smiles down at him.  In the background, we hear Crane say that he must trust Katrina.

Okay this was another eye rolling episode of Sleepy Hollow.  I am sick to death of Katrina being made into the damsel forever in need of saving.  We are told that she is a powerful witch and yet she fainted TWICE this episode.  Someone needs to loosen her corset, if she cannot stay up right.  It pissed me off because this fainting routine left poor Abby to finish Katrina's work.  Though Abby stood up for herself, she has clearly been turned into a servant for the Cranes.

Sleepy Hollow is developing the attraction between Hawley and Abby and I for one don't like it for one minute.  Hawley is going to be a wedge between Jenny and Abby if they ever get around to letting Jenny have air time again.  It's absolutely unnecessary.  Further, to have Ichabod ask about Hawley's intentions while he hasn't shown that he gives a damn about Abby's feelings recently is an absolute insult.  It's not quaint; it's sexist as fuck.

So once again, we have Katrina returning to Abraham to play upon his love for her.  I don't see how she can be such a great operative because this last time she was in this position she sent Crane a love letter and managed to get herself impregnated with Moloch.  Further, the way she is smiling at baby Moloch is suspicious.  I do have to admit that I would prefer to find out that Katrina was working for the other side as it would explain her outright incompetence.

Finally, this episode we had the introduction of a lesbian only to see her killed moments later.  It was a horrible portrayal and when we juxtapose it to Sleepy Hollow's virtually non existent history of inclusion, it is further problematic. Not only did we have gay death, we had a lesbian creepily stalking a straight woman. Yeah, thanks for that Sleepy Hollow.