Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lost Girl, Season 5, Episode 4: When God Opens a Window

Let’s open randomly in what I like to think is Bo and Tamsin’s daily life with Tamsin bringing home a hot guy and then sharing with Bo so she’ll share the Chinese take away. Poor Thad seems quite scared by the whole experience (probably because Tamsin just fed him to a Succubus without checking for a second whether he wanted that).

Time for the events of the week – a young man trying to buy a bus ticket with his grandfather’s watch. Despite being super nervous and desperate 5 minutes ago, the guy (Mark) still manages to make a girl on the bus (Maggie) super uncomfortable by sitting next to her (on the entirely empty bus) and asking personal questions that seem geared to finding out if she’s run away and is all alone (he also gets a pitch pipe her uncle gave her). Whatever creepy things he was planning is interrupted by someone shooting/throwing something through the window that hits and kills Maggie. Mark scrabbles away.

Mark manages to stagger his way to Bo and Tamsin’s (and Tamsin continues her snark). He tells Bo and Tamsin he is being followed and he’s done nothing and offers yet another grandfather’s watch to pay for their PI services (granddad was clearly a watch salesman).

Bo is sympathetic, Tamsin is suspicious. They have a little argument with Bo laying down the line of what she actually does in her PI business and how she and Tamsin need to make things work (communication, reliability and helping people). While they argue Mark hears everything and decides to leave – of course this may be due to him ransacking Bo’s room and stealing stuff.

They easily catch him but the menacing has to take a delay to Tamsin and Bo again arguing over how they work together (this time Tamsin objecting to Bo trying to tone down her intimidation). Argument on hole, Mark tries to explain himself (Bo finds multiple grandfather’s watches and a driver’s license in the name “Javier Delgado”) and Bo gets shot with an arrow. Mark runs.

Over to Lauren checking on the now-human Morrigan at her impressive estate and annoying her staff with fake British accents. The Morrigan is still a terrible person but she’s the one bankrolling Lauren’s mysterious medical centre thing which she’s funded to try and re-fae herself. She’s now bankrolling a security system.

Tamsin gets Bo back home and tries for some kiss-healing but the wound re-opens. Lauren shows up for emergency medical care – inside her wound are two living metal parasite thingies that were continually re-opening the wound. The nasty parasite things also are attracted to each other so work as a tracker. Follow this by Lauren being flirty and Tamsin getting jealous.

They track down Mark to the Dal where he’s trying to con people and finally get some answers from him – he’s been hunted since he was a boy and, as an orphan, he doesn’t even know what kind of fae he is. This turns into angst because the deaths he’s left in his wake give him the guilt-weasels.  Of course, guilt-weasels get Bo on side.

Back to Bo’s base and her wound still won’t fully heal so Mark kisses her (which even she briefly objects to since it’s a bit out of nowhere, but that quickly turns into a “wow” and making out). The lots of pulling away and exclaiming “wow” (from Bo? Kissing is wow?) when a man comes in with a knife – completely expected by Bo, Tamsin and Lauren who spring their trap, Lauren filling him full of knock out drugs. Mark objects to locking him up and not killing him so Lauren drugs him too. Lauren loves her tranq gun.

In the lab Lauren geeks out over the amazing weapons and the man wakes up. He says Mark and “all his kind” slaughtered his family and hunted his people down and ate them. Mark himself tore off the man’s ear (which, I assume, regrew?). Bo uses her seduction power to confirm the truth of his story

Bo goes to confront Mark and he says the hunter kills his family and his mother right in front of him when he was 6 – which was when he bit the man’s ear off. Mark also has some more angsty guilt-weasels so Bo goes for comforting rather than confirming. And she makes out with him again (he seems to have some compelling mojo going on). They have sex

When Bo wakes up Mark has vanished, along with a weapon.

At the Dal two humans decide to rob Trick – which seems pretty suicidal. Vex appears (long time no see, and looking sexier than ever) to use his mind-control powers to rescue him (which seems unnecessary). They go to see Dyson who wants to kill Vex for the many evil things he’s done (I’d bring up the last season but that means remembering the last season which is a recipe for headaches). Dyson, surprisingly sensibly, doesn’t buy the idea of Vex saving Trick. But Trick thinks Vex, as a Mesmer, is a useful tool to keep on hand and if he hangs around Dyson they have the reassurance of knowing Dyson is willing to kill him if he is lying or gets out of hand.

Um, point of order Lost Girl, I know continuity isn’t your thing, but Vex’s Mesmer abilities work on anything, including fae. When he was an antagonist in previous seasons the point was that he was dangerous. Or, to put it another way, unless Dyson can actually surprise Vex, wolfy’s going to get his throat cut with his own claws.

Anyway, Trick wants Dyson and Vex to investigate 3 dead humans in the territory and after a token objection (and attempt to challenge Trick’s authority), Dyson gets in line. He studies the files but isn’t happy about taking Vex’s help and manhandles Vex – while Vex tries to justify his actions by explaining what Massimo meant to him, as his son (this is all stuff from the last season so it’s understandable if your brain screams and crawls into a corner). Dyson hits Vex and goes to see Lauren.

Vex follows Dyson trying more excuses and Dyson hits him again. Dyson draws a gun when Vex mentions Hale’s name and Lauren speaks up, since she was with Massimo as he died and understands how beyond any kind of reason he was. She tries to talk Dyson down – telling him Hale and Kenzi dying wasn’t Vex’s fault. She succeeds and Dyson doesn’t shoot Vex in the head (nor does Vex mind control Dyson into shooting himself).

Anyway they suitably calm down so a random comment from Vex leads to Dyson having a sudden revelation about the dead humans (remember them?) one a cop, one a prison guard and the other a Russian snitch – which Dyson decides represents pigs, bulls and goats for pagan sacrifice which matches their wounds (like… a slit throat? They were also hung upside down and branded) Damn, even Haven would call this logic a bit of a stretch. He concludes a fae cult – and links it to the bodies that were missing from Lauren’s lab (not just the woman who got up and walked out – apparently).

They manage to track down the woman’s location (she has just killed someone else) but are distracted because Bo launches the succubus signal to call them back to Lauren’s clinic where Mark has gone to kill the Hunter

They go there and find Mark holding the hunter at knife point and Dyson recognises Mark as a shifter, like him. He also recognises the Hunter as someone who has hunted shifters for centuries and has started again because the Una Mens being destroyed meant that the fae laws no longer applied. Mark is a shifter who hasn’t shifted yet. Mark tries to stab him but Dyson stops him – yes he killed Mark’s family but shifter’s killed his and by not killing him they can end the circle of violence (or, for the sake of argument, you could check if he has any relatives and if the answer’s “no” kill him anyway, rather than having him come back another time). Dyson holds Mark and won’t let him chase the hunter

Epilogue in the Dal and Mark is very unhappy with Dyson letting the hunter go and even Bo finds it bizarre. Dyson is all stroppy and reveals Mark is his son (oh gods, please don’t tell me that this why Bo finds Mark so sexy because NO NO NO. “You are the son of someone I shagged, I now feel compelled to shag you!” is ludicrous). Mark decides to storm off and Dyson tries to invoke Mark’s mother’s name – and revealing that he didn’t know Mark’s mother was pregnant. Dyson wants Mark to stay around because DADDY, Mark is less enthused and leaves.

Now it’s time for all the endless plot-lettes that Lost Girl this season likes to tack on at the end of an episode.

First we have Evony deciding to store something living and scary, confined to a box, in Lauren’s clinic. It’s her not-so-very-subtle threat if Lauren doesn’t come through with a fae serum.

Dyson decides to offer himself to the Hunter in exchange for him not hunting Mark. Unsurprisingly the Hunter says no – so Dyson has Vex disarm him then he murders the Hunter.

Tamsin teases Bo about having sex with Dyson’s son. Which leads to a Tamsin and Bo bonding moment before she goes to see Dyson who is angsting over Mark’s mother, Piper. Dyson asks to be alone rather than have Bo there to offer comfort. He also awkwardly thanks Bo for acting as a big sister for his son (*snerk*).

Dyson returns to the criminal case and realises that when photographs of the brands on the victims are put together they form a triskele.

Yes, I’m going to say it – I know it was supposed to be a fun, sexy throwaway moment in Tamsin and Bo’s life (and it was) but Tamsin throwing Thad to Bo without even a pretence of consulting him is not ok (doubly so because Bo is a Succubus – Tamsin is offering him up for lunch and Bo is a very dangerous being, ESPECIALLY during sex). Thad’s actual fear is not a sexy bonus here.

I honestly can’t begin to get a handle on Tamsin’s character. She has been so reinvented over the last few seasons and now seems to be morphing into wisecracking Kenzi the second.

Curious thing – Mark (or Javier’s) driving license marked him as 23 (which is actually older than the actor, who is 20 – just and probably wasn’t when this episode was filmed). The driving license never came up again (they didn’t even use the name on the license) – did the show expressly show his license because the actor looks young enough that they wanted to make it clear he’s of legal age? Did they make the character older than the actor (usually we see this the other way round – older actors playing younger people) because they didn’t want Bo making out with a 19 year old? And if so, is that because of the whole dubiousness of a succubus preying on a teenager, or our gender roles unwilling to accept a 40 year old Anna Silk with a 19 year old Luke Bilyk? Especially when we consider this genre has a habit of pairing ancient, powerful supernatural men with highschool age women?

I have a strange impression that we have a metaplot – that Lauren is involved in and even Dyson and Vex are now involved in – but we’re ignoring it and focusing on Bo and Tamsin who are doing nothing relevant.

“End the cycle of violence” really Dyson? And after a whole episode of barely restraining yourself from being brutally murdered by Vex? This whole “ending the cycle of violence” only works if both sides are willing to do so – which we had no indication of from the immortal hunter who may come after Mark when he’s not around you. And, in light of this, is Dyson deciding to kill the man supposed to be some kind of moral turning point? Or basic common sense?